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I asked back in August for my subscription to be cancelled, and I only just noticed that it hasn't yet. Please cancel this, as I no longer play PFS, and can't afford this expense.

Please cancel my Pathfinder Society subscription. I've taken a step away from the format due to life issues. I'll be watching the story unfold from the sidelines!

Is there any way to remove AP #145 from my order? I was planning to cancel my Adventure Path subscription after Tyrant's Grasp finished, as my group won't be switching to 2nd edition at this time.

Hey there, could someone tell me why my last order (#4613972) is still pending with a hold on my account, when I now have order #7499967 pending as well? Am I going to be charged twice for shipping? Is the fact that I ordered dice holding up my books? What's going on?

EDIT: Apologies for the tone. Not angry; just slightly miffed and rather confused.

I currently have three addresses listed in my account, at numbers 10, 19, and 45 of three different streets in three different suburbs. I'm trying to set up an AP subscription to be shipped to my current address, at 45, but the shipping section of the checkout still shows my address at 10 as the default, even after I go in and change it to my current one. What's more, I seem to be unable to delete the two old addresses (10 and 19). What can I do to make sure my sub is sent to my current address? Thanks in advance, and I'm greatly looking forward to Return of the Runelords!

I received my pending email a few days ago, but due to unforeseen financial commitments, I'll be unable to afford the payment of my Pathfinder RPG subscription. I'd greatly prefer it be cancelled before I get the charge! Thank you in advance, and I hope to be back as soon as money permits.

It's been great, and I've loved Strange Aeons (seriously, Paizo knocked it right out of the park with this campaign), but it's no longer financially viable for me to keep my sub. I'll try to come back for Ruins of Azlant!

I've recently moved out of home, and can't afford my subscriptions at this time. It's been great, but it's time to cut back on RPG spendings!

As the title says,I'd like to cancel my subscription to the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. I can't afford to continue it at this point in time.

You are the brute squad!

Hey there, I was wondering what might be holding up order #3455655, as it's been pending since the 6th. I'd like to know when I can expect to be charged for it, at least.

I'd also like to cancel my adventure card game subscription to avoid the international shipping charge on the Wrath of the Righteous base set. I'll resubscribe beginning with the add-on deck.

Thanks in advance!

~Desnus 9th~

As the sun rises over the plains, Banith wakes the party, one by one, before tending to the horses. Grigori snorts and jerks his head away from the elf, while Susan playfully nudges the back of his knees with his nose. Perlivash sneezes, a small cloud of fuchsia dust flying from his nostrils, and kicks Djedefre in the shoulder as he wakes, unfurling, cat-like, from his stupor. Tyg-Titter-Tut yawns and stretches, hopping down from her perch on Quill's head.

If I put up a spoiler tag like this, you can look inside only if you make the skill check required.

DC 10 Knowledge (nature):
Today's weather will be normal - a high of eleven degrees, winds of 5 kph.

DC 15:
As above - however, there are signs of rain tomorrow.

Camp is broken, breakfast is eaten, and the group is faced with the decision of where to go next.

What do?

I make my way to the great unknown
Land by the river and a new-built home
I am the land and the land is me
Freedom is everything and we are free

     -Sonata Arctica

Well, it took me a while, but I finally got around to it. This will be a temporary home for our Kingmaker campaign, until such time as we have a new place to play weekly. So everyone please go ahead and make an alias for your characters!

My own little rules for PBP:

  • One post a day minimum. If we can get more than that, we can move quicker.
  • I'll be using Google Drive for maps, and have a link to the current map under my name.
  • Please post speech in bold, character thoughts in italics, and out of character speech in blue. All dice are to be handled via the forum dice-rolling function. Please state clearly what each roll is for. Instructions on all of these can be found underneath the little box where you under your text - just click the button next to "How to format your text".
  • No peeking behind the GM Spoiler Screen.
  • Large amounts of OOC discussion are to be handled here, in the discussion thread.
  • Whatever other rules I can think of, in accordance with my whimsy.

I need to go through the notes Matt's sent me, then I'll have a good summary up of where you're at right now. In the meantime, mingle!

Hey, customer service peoples,

I cancelled my Pathfinder Adventure Card Game subscription to avoid the large international shipping costs on the Skull & Shackles base set, and resubscribed to begin with the character add-on deck. With the setbacks in the subscription, I've noticed that I'm set to have the base set shipped to me next month. Is there any way to remove that item from my order, or will I have to cancel and resubscribe again?

Also, I've been waiting for my last subscriptions (order #3219717) to ship for a few weeks now. I'm sure it's a Gen Con related setback, but an estimate on a shipping time would be fantastic. Iron Gods is too much to wait for!

- Veronica

I would like to (temporarily) cancel my subscription to the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. As with many others, the shipping costs for the Skull & Shackles base set are too far outside my budget, and I'll be buying it locally (most likely resubscribing to begin with the character add-on deck).

Many thanks,

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As the title says, this is likely to contain all sorts of spoilery goodness. You have been warned.

Also as it says (more or less), I'm in the final stages of prep for Kingmaker, and want to make it awesome. My Legacy of Fire game ended not with a bang, but with a whimper, because frankly, I was a lousy DM, only stayed one step ahead of my players, and wasn't too great at making things up when they wanted to wander off the beaten path.

So I've taken a few months' break from GMing to make Kingmaker, like, at least twice as good. And I need your help.

I've done a good amount of research and such myself, so here's what I've got:


First, the nitty-gritty: I have a party of six, and it looks like we'll be playing for a few hours at my place, once a fortnight. So far, the locked-in characters are an aasimar bard going for battle herald, a half-elf cleric of Desna, a dhampir sorcerer, and a human tetori monk. It looks like the last two, at this stage, will be a fighter and a ranger/rogue type. So with that out of the way...

  • I've been making my own pawns using Photoshop and a sheet of foamboard, hoping to have visual representations of everything my party is likely to encounter. (This is more for my sake - my players are fine with stand-ins and imagination, but I struggle without strong visual aids.)
  • DM_aka_Dudemeister's "Kingmaker expansion packs" are amazing and I will be shamelessly pillaging them.
  • I'll also be using the community-created 6-player conversions.
  • A local at my FLGS gave me the advice of encouraging my players to clear the map before beginning to build a kingdom.
  • A REALLY common piece of advice seems to be attempting to weave in the characters' backstories. A couple of my players have already provided me with some great plot hooks - the cleric's player has given me a four-generation family tree, including nieces and nephews, and the dhampir's vampire father could well show up at some point...
  • I'm already starting to gather ideas for kingdom events - am I the only one who wants a riverside settlement to be plagued with mortasheen? (Maybe it's because the nuckelavee in Fey Revisited gave me nightmares, and I want to inflict that terror on my vic- I mean, players.)
  • I'm also slowly working my way through the multitude of links presented here. There's a lot of community support for Kingmaker, it seems.


What other recommendations do people have? Some specific things I'd like help with are:

  • How should I handle XP? Particularly if I want to add new content?
  • How can I better foreshadow the events of the later books, major enemies, and the sinister First World influence? I'm considering starting early, with the Stag Lord's green herbal liquor - that sounds a lot like absinthe, AKA the 'green fairy'... For extra points, perhaps it was even made at Whiterose Abbey... or would that not work with the timeline?
  • How can I keep the kingdom-building fresh and interesting? From what I hear, entire sessions can go by of micromanagement. Not a single one of my players wants to run the "kingdom in the background" option, and they're all enthusiastic about the nitty-gritty at this stage. How can I keep that interest high?
  • A more general question - as I'm sure my party will be selling a lot of loot at Oleg's, what items get sold at full price, and what gets sold at half price?
  • How much should I increase loot for 6 PCs instead of 4? The community conversions handily provide updated gear for important NPCs, but how should I handle the rest?
  • What third-party products can I look into to pilfer ideas? I don't have a lot of disposable income (most of it goes to my subs, because I have a problem), but I'd be willing to buy inexpensive products to improve the campaign.

I want to make this something my players will be talking about for years (because we could well be playing the damn thing for years), and I don't think I can do it alone. So show me what you've got - throw me links, advice, and constructive criticism, and help me go the extra mile. Or 12-mile hex, as the case may be.

Hello forumites! I'mn seeking the opinions of those more experienced than myself on a matter that has me scratching my head.

I'm DMing Legacy of Fire for two barbarians, a universalist wizard, a cleric of Sarenrae, and a fighter. The wizard joined the party at 6th level to replace a druid who dropped out - he was being held captive by gnolls in the House of the Beast, was rescued by the party, and is travelling with them because the Scroll of Kakishon is too much for his curiosity to bear. The party will be heading back to Kelmarane at my game tomorrow night, and (I imagine) departing for Katapesh shortly after.

Now. The player of our wizard doesn't quite know how to make the most of the class yet (and to be perfectly honest, nor do I). His go-to spells are fly, levitate, and invisibility, but he doesn't know how to make himself more useful. A couple of players have complained that he's "useless in combat", and he says he's trying to make himself useful outside of combat (as opposed to the barbarians and fighter, who kill everything before he and the cleric usually get to move), but since he's a wizard, I think it would be relatively easy an inoffensive to introduce a friendly mentor with a bulging spellbook, or a couple of enticing scrolls once he gets to Katapesh. I think he wants to actually kill things instead of distracting them, if he even gets a chance with three heavy hitters in the party.

Obviously Rayhan is a great candidate for this. He'd be an excellent source of divination spells our wizard could probably copy without much trouble. But what else should I nudge him towards? What other spells will be useful in the campaign? I've included his current spell list for reference.


4th - Leomund's secure shelter, rainbow pattern
3rd - invisibility sphere, suggestion, fly, water breathing
2nd - levitate, Tenser's floating disk, invisibility, spectral hand
1st - mage armour, colour spray, shield, feather fall, silent image, shocking grasp, unseen servant, endure elements, magic missile
0 - all cantrips in the Player's Handbook

*To reiterate, I'm running this in 3.5, not PF.

There's also the matter of what magic items to drop in for my players once they get to Katapesh. Sure, I could just drop them my two copies of the Dungeon Master's Guise and tell them to go nuts, but they all enjoy role-playing too much. We have a greatsword-wielding barbarian, a glaive-wielding barbarian (the Moldspeaker, so she doesn't need a new weapon), a cleric of Sarenrae who seems to use a crossbow more than her spells, and a dwarf fighter who alternates between Kardswann's greataxe, and TWF with dwarven waraxes. I'd like to avoid the "gloves of dexterity, belt of giant's strength, etc, etc," approach, and go for more evocative items, but I'd love some input on what can be fun and, again, useful for this campaign.

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!

See the end of the post for the TL;DR version; continue reading for the full description of my conundrum.

For context, I run a Legacy of Fire game (original 3.5) every Tuesday night, in my own home (not my house; I live with my mother, her fiance, and his two daughters, both around my age).

One of my players, one of the aforementioned fiance's daughters, has a habit of being late for the game - which is weird, since it's in our home. We both live here. Yet she has a habit of going out, and not telling anyone where she is or how long she's going to be. She has a mobile phone, but she doesn't text anyone, leave a note on the fridge, let anyone else who's home know where she's going - if we ask as she's leaving, she just says she's going "out". "Oh, when will you be back?" "Don't know."

Several times, she's been late for the game without prior notice, or just plain not shown up at all. She's walked in halfway through the game, or come home halfway through and just gone straight to her room, or she's just not been home at all for the four hours it's on. Sometimes she's at work, sometimes she's at her mother's, sometimes she has no reason for being out. Again - this is always, without exception, entirely without notice.

Last week, when she was an hour late to the game, I asked her afterwards if she could please give me prior notice if she was going to be absent or late - the more the better, as I sometimes need time to make sure the encounters are balanced. She said she would, but I didn't fully believe her, as we'd had that conversation half a dozen times before that point.

Today - the day of the game - I go to the shops for a few things. When I get back home, this player is gone. I ask her sister where she is, sister doesn't know. When will she be home, no idea. Does she know it's D&D night, I guess so.

So I send her a text message. "Hey, will you still be home in time for the game tonight?" I fully expect her to ignore me, as she has a tendency (on top of all this) to get snarky when I ask her such things.

She calls me. "Yes, as far as I know, I WILL be home in time, since I haven't CALLED OR TEXTED YOU. F****** calm down, it's not even one o'clock." It's hard to convey the tone over text, but she was practically shouting at me, and then hunbg up before I could get another word in.

Being an extraordinarily sensitive person, it reduced me to tears, and now that I've calmed down, I'm wondering if I even want to continue playing with this person. It's not like the party will suffer for losing one of its two barbarians. The only in-game complication I can see is that she's the moldspeaker. The out-of-game complications are far more severe.

My question to you, fellow forumites, is this: what should I do in this situation? The game starts in three hours. I want to tell her not to bother sitting at the table, but I don't know how to say it without being just as snarky and horrible as her. Even my boyfriend (the party's other barbarian) is saying he doesn't want to continue playing with someone so hostile. What would you do in this situation, and how would you suggest I deal with this?

The TL;DR version:
-Player lives with me.
-Player has a history of nonattendance/tardiness without notice.
-I ask the player if she'll be here for the game; she responds in a hostile fashion.
-Myself (DM) and at least one other player have been affected and offended by this behaviour.
-How do I tell her not to bother showing up without lasting repercussions?

I'm pretty new to the world of tabletop gaming, and jumping straight in the deep end by DMing a Legacy of Fire campaign (3.5). I'm loving the game, I'm putting heaps of effort into preparing maps and spell cards, making tokens to represent everything on the board, and I've run into a problem:

My players can't seem to be bothered with even the simplest things.

The players are my boyfriend, my sister, my step-sister, a friend of mine from high school, and his friend and co-worker. They're fun to play with, and I love them all, but here's just a few things that frustrate me about my group:

-Interrupting me out of character when I'm monologuing in-character.
-Not bothering to read up on their class features.
-The cleric and druid almost never cast spells, turning every battle into a melee slug-fest, which gets particularly frustrating when the druid whines about not being able to hit anything with her sickle and 12 STR.
-Not even knowing what half their spells do - I don't expect them to keep track of every spell, but I kid you not, the druid ground combat to a halt because I had to point out to her that the spell lists don't contain all the information about the spell, and she had to flip to the full spell description about 20 pages in, and she complained because she couldn't find flame blade in an alphabetical list.
-I provide dinner, and nobody contributes to the cost, despite the fact that I'm the only one who's unemployed.
-Half the players don't assist in the cleanup after the session, leaving me and my boyfriend to clear up rubbish, wipe off the map, wash dishes, etc.
-Not adding things up properly on their character sheets, even when I'm sitting right next to them, walking them through the process.
-Getting dice confused - I kid you not, after three months of weekly gaming, two of them can't even tell the difference between a d8 and a d12.
-Being glued to mobile phones throughout the session.

It frustrates me that I've spent so much time and money on visual aids, spell cards, maps, dinner, the adventure path, etc, etc, and they can't even be bothered to read the bleedin' Player's Handbook. My boyfriend (an aspiring DM) has read his own copy almost cover-to-cover, and my friend's coworker has downloaded it and is slowly learning. But my sister and stepsister live with me and can't be bothered borrowing it. I've tried telling them outright to read it, and they haven't. The barbarian doesn't know what her rage does. The druid doesn't use spells at all. The cleric thought that once he hit 3rd level, he could use 3rd-level spells - and he only just learned what his domain spells were.

To further complicate things, they all seem to be loving the adventure so far - we've just finished Howl of the Carrion King, and everybody loves it. They're creative and wacky, and there are plenty of laughs. But the sheer apathy they seem to have for game mechanics makes me want to tear my hair out.

So, question time: Am I being an uptight b****? Am I expecting too much of my players? Can anyone help me out with this huge dilemma I have, or is it not even a dilemma at all and they'll learn eventually?

I'm running LoF for a group of six totally new players, and the game so far is pretty much the scope of my own experience - I'm learning more or less as I go along.

The PCs are in Kelmarane, almost ready to take on the Battle Market. Last session, half the players were no-shows, so I ran the set-piece adventure for those who did show up, to give them a bit more experience and make sure the others didn't miss out on too much. Long story short, during the fight with Haidar, the half-elf druid failed a Fortitude save and was thus afflicted with lycanthropy.

Now I'm wondering what on earth I can do. It's too late for wolfsbane, and none of the characters are capable of casting the necessary spells to remove the curse. Should I let her just become a wereleopard, should I hand-wave it and say she never failed that save, or is there a feasible way to cure her?

I'm playing a 7th-level Gunslinger (Musket Master) in a friend's homebrew campaign, and I'm wondering how to get reloading down to a free action. I have Musket Mastery and Rapid Reload (Musket), and I'm using paper cartridges, but after discussion, the group has decided that that gets reloading down to a swift action. Is this correct, and if so, how can I get reloading as a free action? Whether I'm right or wrong, I'd also like someone to explain to me clearly how it all works (I'm new to all of this).

Also, my character build, in case anyone thinks seeing it would help:


Captain Aramia
F human gunslinger 7 (musket master)
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Aquan

Str 12, Dex 22, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 15, Cha 13
AC 20, touch 18, flat-footed 14
Init +6 (+8 if 1 grit remaining), max HP 70
Fort +7, Ref +11, Will +4
BAB +7/+2
CMB/CMD: 7/22

Melee: +1 rapier +14/+9, 1d6+2, 18-20/x2
Ranged: +1 grand dislocator musket +14/+9, 1d12+6, x4
Ammo: Paper catridges

Skills: Acrobatics +15, Bluff +5, Climb +7, Craft (alchemy) +6, Intimidate +7, Knowledge (engineering) +8, Knowledge (local) +8, Perception +11, Profession (Pirate) +9, Sleight of Hand +15, Survival +11, Swim +11

Feats: Gunsmithing, Rapid reload (musket), Point-blank shot, Precise shot, Rapid shot, Snap shot, Weapon focus (musket), Weapon finesse

Class features: Grit (2 points), Deeds (steady aim, fast musket, deadeye, quick clear, gunslinger initiative, pistol-whip, dead shot, startling shot, targeting)

Gear: +1 grand dislocator musket, +1 rapier, mithral chain shirt, gunsmith's kit, paper cartridges x30, gloves of dexterity +2, 23,165 gp

Any and all help would be much appreciated.

Before you click out of this, hear me out:

The members of my party HATE pugwampis. A few hours into Legacy of Fire, they've just beaten King Mokknokk in the old monastery, during which the ranger was knocked unconscious and didn't get a single hit in, and the barbarian's glaive was turned into a stick. The dwarf fighter, Timberlain, managed to get his dwarven waraxe stuck in a rafter, and after several natural fumbles, he declared that he was the unluckiest dwarf in the world, and that he was changing his name to Timberlame.

In short, they hate pugwampis with a burning passion, and I love the little blighters specifically because they caused so much grief for my players. I want to include these things everywhere. Keep my players on their toes.

But that would be mean. So, as easy as it would be to make a pugwampi into a recurring NPC that everyone hates, I want to make one that everyone loves.

The idea: a pugwampi with class levels. Specifically, bard. With a tiny violin, or maybe a lute. I don't know, I just love this idea of a pugwampi following the dwarf everywhere, singing songs about how great he is. Ideally, he'd accompany them through the adventure as long as he survived, and serve as a source of comic relief. Of course, the PCs would never willingly allow a pugwampi to join them, so I'd need to think of a way to a) introduce him, and b) encourage the PCs to let him join them. Maybe he can help them become immune to the unluck aura through a wacky sidequest, I don't know. I'm really not sure how it would work mechanically.

That's why I'm here, I guess. Any suggestions?

Hey all. So I'm new to the forums, new to D&D, new to DMing... new to pretty much everything. But I finally bought myself a set of 3.5 core books for Christmas. And because I like a challenge, I've decided to jump straight in and run Legacy of Fire for a group of five players.

I've read the first half of the adventure path (which I have in print) and I'm pretty confident I can make it a fun experience. However, all but one of the people I'm DMing for have little to no D&D experience, and the last one has several years' worth, both as a player and a DM himself, so I have a couple of questions.

My biggest (and most important) question is this: what do you recommend I do about visual aids, particularly maps? Should I buy the map folio? Find the images elsewhere and print them to scale? Or should I draw them on a battlemat as we go? (Our experienced player has one, so it's not an expense, and we have a big enough table for it) Should I buy the bestiary box, so I have some pawns (and use a wonderful DIY guide I found to make more), or just use scraps of paper with "Pugwampi 3", "Gnoll 5", etc. written on them?

Two of the people in the group have absolutely no experience (and I have trouble keeping track of visuals in my head), so I definitely want to have visual aids so they can see where they are in any given room (particularly when we get to the House of the Beast), but I'd appreciate some input on a good way to go about it. So what do you experinced folks do, and what advice can you give to a newbie like me?