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I, for one, will not be ordering anything more from Paizo until the compromise of cost vs. ecological harm is clearly shifted the other direction. There is another solution, but it will probably cost more. I'd definitely pay more for the improvement.

Styrofoam peanuts are a blight on rural communities that have no option for recycling or reuse locally. I appreciate that these are made from recycled material, but that does not change the outcome of their use. They are still going to last nearly forever in the landfills, highway medians, gardens, city parks, rivers, and such of the world.

By "clearly," above, I mean I'd like to see a verbal description of how materials are packaged at a shipping information link that appears when placing an order. Then casual shoppers don't have to hunt all over the place for the information and can choose whether they want to continue with their order or buy elsewhere, which I will be doing until I can clearly recognize a positive change.

I love your products, but not your packaging.

I was expecting the Paper-minis to be included in this PDF sale, but upon looking, it appears not. Is this an error?


Michael Brock wrote:

Please join me in welcoming James Van Horn as the new Venture-Captain assigned to western Montana. His region will initially consist of Missoula, MT, to Idaho. He is looking to eventually expand to Bozeman as well.

I will let him introduce himself, advise websites he is using to coordinate game days, etc...

Welcome to the team!

I'll share that playing with James and his crew this past spring as a guest GM was a pleasure. His HQ is up north in Kalispell, and the game shop there, Heroic Realms, is a sweet spot for PFS gaming!


Is anybody planning to run either PF or PFACG Society games during the week of Thanksgiving in or near Camarillo? I'll be in town for the week and would love to catch a game with new folks!

Odd web-geek question: why does the top of the news post (just below the golem) have the date Nov 25, 2008, 04:00 PM?

Thanks for clarifying, Vic.

Does the "human trait = difficulty +2" power come into play if the character encountering the card in non-human, but a human at the location attempts one of the combat checks?

Mike Selinker wrote:
This playtest broke 100 today. That's pretty sweet.

But, but, but...you cheated! There's at least one duplicate link in there around #45. No Soup for YOU! ;-)

More sincerely: I've watched about 1/3 of these! I'm sure it'll go way over 100 before Skull&Shackles takes the world by storm. Great game, great experiences, stellar designers!

I think this subject deserves FAQ attention:


For the Speed spell, the FAQ entry that adds Divine elements to the powers has inconsistent language. Specifically the word "either" is missing.

FAQ wrote:
The last sentence in the Powers section should read "If you do not have the Arcane or Divine skill, banish this card."

On all other spells with both Arcane and Divine traits, this power reads: "If you do not have either the Arcane or Divine skill, banish this card."

Yes. Yes.



Welcome to the game and to the forums. Tons of questions have been asked before, so be sure to check out the FAQ and download the revised rulebook to help with lots of stuff that might come up.

Not that you're looking for this, but I like to think of encountering the henchmen and villains in terms of RP:

After defeating henchman..."This place is hereby declared off limits by yours truly. You want to challenge this, first have a look at this dead low-life/sinister trap at the end of my sword / melting in a pool before me/in pieces at my feet, and consider the risks." Charisma check (bluff, intimidate, &/or diplomacy) now occurs to convince others (allies or baddies) to leave and take their crap with them. On success they leave <location closed>, on failure you must continue to wade through the unimpressed locals to clear the place out.

On defeating villain..."GAAH, DIE YOU BASTARD!!!"; everyone else is auto-intimidated and leaves, taking their crap, for fear that your battle rage will engulf them. If there are open locations, the villain slinks away taking all the crap with him/her to help with recovery from the beating she/he has just endured.

In both cases:
On failing, everyone continues going about the business they were about before you arrived, while you hang your head in defeat.

You are correct. Your friends...not so much. They are interpreting based on RPG-knowledge, which is not really a good idea. It has led to loads of erroneous conclusions in the several months since this game went live. Refer to the second item here with the ALL CAPS heading to see how this was addressed.

Welcome to the game! It's a ton of fun!

corgrath wrote:

When playing a new hero from beginning, how many Adventure Decks can be included into the decks?

Is there a page where I can read which decks should be included/exluded for the different character levels?

Any advice is appreciated!

Read the power on the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path card. For further clarification, see links posted above.

Reign of Winter and Legacy of FIRE!!! Let's get exotic.

One comment on the current version (0.7a):

There is a "When resetting your hand window" in the Turn sequence table, but there is no supplemental paragraph at the end of the table as for the other turn windows. I'm not sure one is needed, but since I went looking for it, I guess my subconscious brain was expecting it and that might be enough of a reason to include it.

It's good that you found this post, but I think your rulebook suggestion has already been covered with the additions now in the FAQ. In particular, look to the first question I'm just generally unclear about a lot of things. Can you help? and the one a bit further down about Encountering Cards. Less generally, there is also the question about when to apply the 'banish this spell' rule if you don't have the arcane or divine skill.

AFOdom wrote:

This post answered a *ton* of questions for me as well, regarding who could use cards when and how -- just helped me connections in a bunch of fuzzy areas. In absence of more specifics in the game instructions, we were falling back on RPG assumptions like most others here. Blargh.

A paragraph in the "Attempting a Check" section covering "Determining Whether To Acquire a Boon" might cover it. Something like:

"All characters may acquire any boon they encounter. All characters can use that boon at least once, depending on their character's traits. Use instructions on the boon and on the character's card to determine how the boon may be used with that specific character."

Like Ogee, we were banishing all the spells that came up, because we read the card as something you couldn't acquire if you didn't have the arcane trait. A paragraph like the one above might have cleared that up for us.

We are really loving the game -- even got my mom playing it, who says "I've never seen dice like these before!" She's been visiting for a week, and we've played almost every day. :)


Massive thread hijack in progress...please take the 'non-retired' MFGT discussion to another thread so as not to waste other's time checking and rechecking this thread for on topic discussion.

Thank you.

Let's hear more about the Mwangi ape culture. Eating humans, worshipping giant gorillas...


I'm running behind on the roll call, I guess:

I'm actually in the middle of Wyoming (Lander) and have played once in the Front Range area at a store a bit north of Denver somewhere. Not sure if I'm eligible to be a member of the RM Lodge, but I'm more in the Rockies than I presume most of you are -- 8 miles from my doorstep to a wilderness boundary at ~7500 ft elevation -- so I guess that it's the right lodge for me.

Personally, I've been playing PFS since the first year (season 0) and have 4 or 5 characters with chronicles and about 20 unassigned GM chronicles. My characters have not advanced very far...max lvl 7, I think...but they've all been fun! I spent my first few years playing at the SF Bay Area Lodge (aka BAPS), where there are loads of players.

Mike asked me if I'd take up the reins as a VC or VL here in Wyoming, but I'm just not interested in driving all over the place to encourage play and keep tabs on game stores all over the state. Cody is pretty friggin' far from Cheyenne and Sheridan is ridiculously far from Evanston, never mind the road conditions in winter.

So, I'm a bit of a man on an island, with 5-10 others here in Lander who I've convinced to play once in a while. I don't think any of them are "excited" about PFS because we don't have a great game store / gamer presence here to provide a gathering spot and a good source of players and game supplies.

Cheers, Eelario

I just read through the example of play in the rule book and think there is an error in the last paragraph. It claims that Edward has gained 2 cards and played 1, forcing him to discard down to finish his turn. This is true enough: he gained the Acid Arrow Spell from the location deck, then played the Acid Arrow Spell, followed by acquiring the Levitate Spell from his deck. However, Edward also had to recharge a card (his Standard Bearer ally) before facing the Bandit. I think this means Edward is already at 6 cards (2 gained, 2 lost) and can end the turn without being forced to do anything.


Just give them a "reserved" PFS number (download cards with these from the GM resources page), make them write it on their character sheet(s) in case the little card goes missing, and report that number with a -1 for char #1, -2 for #2, etc. when you report sessions. If they choose never to register their characters, it's their loss. They will have no way to rebuild their character if they lose chronicle sheets or whatever and they lose the opportunity to track their progress online.

I have seen this happen a lot with casual or new players. I can still report sessions with no hassle and if they choose to register at some later date, their records will automatically populate for them like magic! If they don't, no harm done and Paizo still gets the data they want about participation.

Of course, they still need to be legal PFS builds regardless. Otherwise, they are not playing by the rules, which is unfair to all players in the society both at large and in your local area.


Spectacular, Andi! I'm now looking up from so far down that I'm feeling quite small. Rare moment. Keep rockin' it! You provide inspiration for me to come back to Cali for a con some day soon.


I have one other suggestion about faction missions. As many folks have pointed out, some of the missives come from faction heads who seem have foreknowledge of things that the main story line precludes. I'd exclude these or alter either the message or delivery for these to make them not break the suspension of disbelief. Otherwise, using faction missions for hooks and encouragement of exploration and roleplaying is great!


Feral wrote:

I actually like this part of the change. The gamer mentality of 'we need to check every room for loot' always felt super meta-gamey to me.

Now players focus on the story and the mission. There's no more searching random rooms for their faction mission after finding the stair leading down to the BBEG.

I agree with this line of logic on the surface, but for the part that ignores every Pathfinder's charter: they are to EXPLORE, report and cooperate. The society is a band of explorers, not assassins or hired mercenaries...they are essentially paid to rummage around and look in all the dusty, dark corners, in addition to fulfilling their overarching objective in a specific mission.

I like the new secondary mission structure because is puts the focus on both parts of every Pathfinder's job - complete the core mission (PP #1) and be a Pathfinder (PP #2).

I think that should've said realunched in August 2012


Someone, like the OP, please spoiler this thread...


Hope Kubla is a blast! I enjoyed last year, but am unable to attend this year! Post LOTS of photos and updates.


Dragnmoon wrote:
Looks like Gen Con got first dibs on showing the world Season 5 Pathfinder Society Logo.

Oh, how demonic. Bring it, demon-folk. My characters are fully prepared to banish and destroy you!




Robert Duncan wrote:
Maybe some spoiler tags, guys..?

And maybe move this thread to the GM discussion section?


Another option is to contact Paizo and ask to combine both numbers into one number (your choice) and delete the other.


Found some problems with the new guide:

Michael Brock wrote:
• Page 24: Under Purchasing Equipment and Spells, added a paragraph about item usage frequency.

However, it appears that there is no new paragraph when compaing guide v4.2 with v4.3. Were the noted changes to this section accidentally omitted?

Michael Brock wrote:
• Page 26: Added “(or 1/2 point if using the slow track)” to the final sentence of the Earning Prestige section.

I believe the new parenthetical is placed incorrectly within the sentence. The single point that the "or 1/2 point..." modifies is already the number of PP possible for slow track. I get the point, but I suspect others without the back-story will not understand this new language.

Finally, the link to additional resources within the Pathfinder Tales Novels section on page 28 is incorrect and merely lands at the PFS home page.


I have just discovered an apparent minor error with L1 Merisiel and would like to request that someone confirm my findings:

I think her total skill bonuses for Disable Device and Sleight of Hand should be +8 and +7 respectively, but the Pre-gen sheet has them reversed.

Anyone agree or disagree?

Seraphimpunk wrote:

the 7th level samurai mount is still built at 4th level, and doesn't take into effect the existing rules for bite/hoof/hoof all being primary, it still has the multiattack feat. it doesn't have light armor proficiency bonus feat and doesn't take the -1 size penalty on its attacks into consideration. 7th level samurai has the greater weapon focus instead of probably weapon specialization which it actually can qualify for. at 7th his skills don't match up. 1st he's taken linguistics to speak Common and Tien. really he wouldn't start with those already? and ranks in perform , but the mwk bonus from his music instrument isn't listed in with his skills at 7th. His ride skill is listed with the AC penalty even though he doesn't take a penalty to ride his chosen mount. And all his melee weapons are two handed weapons, but the power attack description only lists it as -2 to attack/+4 to damage instead of +6 to damage. The mount is also wrong at 4th. at 1st its just missing light armor proficiency. and his katana is listed as wielded 1 handed, should have str+.5 as he doesn't wield a shield.

7th level cleric has the bonus from a phylactery of channelling included in her stats without actually having the equipment.

all 4th and 7th level versions are calculated with NPC hp instead of full hp at first level. missing 2 hp at 4th, and 3 hp at 7th level.

Ezren is listed has having a +5 attack bonus with hand of the apprentice in the text(+4 int, +1 mwk at 1st), but a +7 to hit in the stat block. the +5 is correct it shouldn't be +7. at 4th level it should be +7, and at 7th level it should be +9. its +2 higher that it should be at all levels, they seem to count his bab + his dex + his int, instead of bab + int.

the 7th level gunslinger has a mwk pistol whose damage is listed as 1d6 instead of 1d8. She's listed as having a +2 reliable pistol, should be a +1 reliable pistol. and her pistol whip entry doesn't include str bonus to damage.

Valeros at 7th has an extra off hand attack with his shortsword without...


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Any chance someone is already working on updating the PFS graphic used for the sheets of reserved PFS IDs? The old logo was great, but...


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My top choice in the sandbox style is The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment.


Kristina Wang wrote:
There was also that Paizo Blog post awhile back about survival in PFS..it's not listed by level but has a lot of really useful items. The link is here.

That October blog post had me thinking about this thread even more (it's the same one I referenced earlier upthread).

PathfinderWiki entry on the Red Mantis

refer to the references cited therein...


Look up Painlord's profile...he has a link to a list of this sort that he prepared and posted a few years ago.


One place you might look for additional discussion on the GMing PFS topic is Painlord's thread on the subject. You'll find a link on his Paizo profile page: http://paizo.com/people/Painlord


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Holy crap...and to think I GM'd your first PFS game way back in the iron age. Woohooo! Congrats, Andi.


To find the missing "announcement," I recommend looking up the threads from Mike asking for our opinions about ideas for improving the society from several months ago. I think there was on thread about the idea of boons for completing a series in order and there was loads of discussion on the topic.

I don't have time to search for it; perhaps someone else can tackle that.



Can you post a new blank "scroll" with the new PFS logo? I'm not too savvy with modifying the .jpg images you have now to remove the old logo without leaving a messy white splotch behind the newly inserted one.

Thanks! Eelario


Nebten wrote:
Eelario wrote:

NEW QUESTION: How many doses of poison in a purchased vial? We can assume 1, but is there a reference anywhere that makes this explicit?


Your question should be "We can assume 1, but is there any reference anywhere that says that it isn't?"

There is only one dose in any potion, oil, alchemical item, etc unless stated otherwise.

And if you are thinking about it, half a dose doesn't do half damage. It's all or nothing. Much like drinking only half the potion won't heal 1d4 hp (yes some players still try to use this AD&D/house rule).

Hmmm. So, coating a bolt head with poison uses an entire vial? How does this same size vial do anything meaningful to coat the blade of a greatsword?

Thinking of this in reverse, if one vial could adequately coat the blade of a greatsword, wouldn't there be plenty of said poison to cover numerous bolt heads or shuriken?

I'm not so keen to assume 1 vial will work for a massive weapon, but couldn't cover several very small weapons.


None of these responses addressed my question: Is the "cost" on the table of poisons in the CRB

1) the cost in GP to buy a poison, or
2) the cost for the materials req'd to craft the poison with craft (alchemy)?

This may be because my framing of the question was not clear enough.

So, I did some digging and have the answer: it's the cost to buy a poison. The rules for cost to make the poison are as described under the craft skill and in PFS, only poisoner archetype rouges and alchemists can craft poisons.

End result for my situation: My player's ninja can only BUY the five poisons listed in the FAQ and at the costs shown in the CRB poisons table.

NEW QUESTION: How many doses of poison in a purchased vial? We can assume 1, but is there a reference anywhere that makes this explicit?



Given the FAQ list of "always" available poisons for poison use classes, one of my players wants to buy poisons. The list of poisons in the core rules has only "cost" rather than price.

Does this mean that poisons can only be crafted, and not purchased, with all the risks inherent to crating?


Never hurts to have minis to represent that are close enough to accurate that you don't have to describe. These are not as simple to come by as it might sound however.

I use the paper minis which have a huge variety and can almost always find something VERY close to what is presented in the module.

Can anyone confirm if the soulbound dolls are tiny? If not what size are they?


I'm a fan. Thanks for the improvements.


Are the Haunt rules REALLY found in the APG? If so, please provide page ref. If not, where are they in print (I found the PRD version already)?

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