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Is anybody planning to run either PF or PFACG Society games during the week of Thanksgiving in or near Camarillo? I'll be in town for the week and would love to catch a game with new folks!

Does the "human trait = difficulty +2" power come into play if the character encountering the card in non-human, but a human at the location attempts one of the combat checks?


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Any chance someone is already working on updating the PFS graphic used for the sheets of reserved PFS IDs? The old logo was great, but...


Given the FAQ list of "always" available poisons for poison use classes, one of my players wants to buy poisons. The list of poisons in the core rules has only "cost" rather than price.

Does this mean that poisons can only be crafted, and not purchased, with all the risks inherent to crating?

Scarab Sages

Rong was here...FIRST!


"Lone Wolf" here, way out in Wyoming as far from VCs, VLs, and regional lodges as is possible in the lower 48.

On Monday, a new FLGS opened up directly across the street from my office in the center of town (Lander, WY).


Not sure if they are keen to host PFS, but I'm sure ready support them if they can pull in the players!

Is it really possible that there will be a local gaming presence in my town? I must be dreaming.

Cheers, Eelario


Been looking here and there for a game I can join on Wednesday (or Tuesday, maybe) this week with little success. I'll be near enough to all points between the WY-CO border and Denver that all options along the I-25 corridor are worth considering.

Please point me to the right contacts in this thread or by PM if you have a game in mind and be honest about the likelihood of being turned away due to too few GMs, table limits, etc. Wasting time driving to a game I can't join is MUCH, MUCH worse than not making the attempt and not playing.

Thanks! E
ericconcannon at yahoo dot com


I read somewhere that all the non-retired mods are up for revision to PFRPG in the near future. Is there a schedule of any sort that might give us some sense of which ones will be coming first? and when?

In addition to real info on this from the Paizo folks, let's just have discussion of which ones most need it and which ones folks would most like to see get the PF treatment.

Cheers, Eelario

I did.


Well, I'm just about 2 months into PFS play (6 sessions) and am starting to get not-so-gentle pressure to help with GMing. This is my first experience with Pathfinder. I've never GM'd and only RP'd for about 4 months (including the current stint) in my life, even though I've tinkered with D&D stuff consistently for about 25 years.

Suffice it to say I get the general scope of the rules, but I DO NOT know them in detail. Skills for example: I know what all of them are, but not really how and when people should be using them (making skill checks); never mind figuring out DCs and other details. There's tons of examples like this bubbling up in my mind...

My point of writing is to seek some advice about how to keep from going mad trying to prepare and still have fun with this. First, I simply don't have time in my life outside of my normal gaming nights to cram in the rules I don't know (skills, magic, etc). Second, I don't have the table experience to feel remotely like GM'ing will be fun for ME. I might be able to make the session fun for others (although, I doubt that, too), but this is a game that I play for me. If I'm not having fun, I know I'll just stop playing, which just sucks. However, I think I need to find a way to contribute. It just needs to be fun for me rather than stressful.

Anyone have advice for an aspiring PFS GM?

Thanks! Eelario


Can't find this addressed in print or on the boards. If an item appears on my chronicle sheet(s), for example:

Potion of Haste (Cost: 750 gp)

Can I buy more than one?

What about a +2 throwing dagger? If I lose one, can I buy another?

I recognize that an animal trained to attack can be directed to attack with a DC 10 handle animal check. Simple enough. However...

1) Does this training imply that the animal has been trained to know how to attack strategically? For example: if it incapacitates an opponent with one attack on its first action in a round, will it then engage another adjacent opponent with its other attacks or move up to its speed toward another opponent WITHOUT needing another handle animal check?

2) Can the animal be commanded to preform a bull-rush, over-run or some other combat maneuver? Or would these be additional tricks? Which maneuvers are part of the "attack" training, if any?

3) Can the animal be directed to charge? This is neither a trick, combat maneuver, nor run-of-the-mill attack.

4) Related to items 2 & 3, if mounted, can you direct a mount to perform a combat maneuver or charge (I recognize that charge seems to be a yes, given the mounted combat rules which address this explicitly)? If the answers to 2 & 3 are "No," why would an animal know these attack modes when you are on it's back, but not otherwise?

Thanks for any discussion and clarifications!

I have just begun reading the newest pdf version of the Pathfinder RPG core rules and am finding grammatical errors. I have seen the most recent official errata document and confirmed that that all of these problems have already been corrected in my pdf.

I imagine that most grammatical errors are just as important to the Paizo team as the numerical or rules-specific errors. But, I could be wrong.

If nothing else, please point me to an existing thread where someone is keeping tabs on all the identified and still unresolved errors. If this thread is not in existence, I may consider creating one.

Cheers, Eric