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My top choice in the sandbox style is The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment.


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Holy crap...and to think I GM'd your first PFS game way back in the iron age. Woohooo! Congrats, Andi.


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Wyoming PFS is alive and kicking. Game 1 was on Free RPG day last weekend and was a blast. Players wanted us to continue with play every week! Since I'm the only GM at this stage, I opted for the more sane every 2 weeks. AND, I already have two players who are keen to get behind the GM screen once they've had some playing time.


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Everyone is welcome if they are in the vicinity!

Cheers! Eelario


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Dragnmoon wrote:
Get rid of the Exclusive Scenario idea and make Cyphermage Dilemma to everyone.

Yeah...NO. Don't do this. I think it's fantastic that Paizo has found yet another way to entice folks to GM. Coordinators have a tough enough time with this (see other recent threads; Painlord's and at least one other).

Of all the other Paizo GM enticements (pride from stars by your forum name, etc.), this one is the one that most makes me think "Hmmm, I wanna be a 4-star GM. Perhaps I'll try to GM every other time I make it to the table, rather than once every 4 or 5 times." This from someone who now lives in Wyoming {place with the LEAST Pathfinder action in the entire lower 48}, in a small town {located more than 300 miles from the nearest VC's home area} and who only gets to play when he travels back to VC Azmyth and Painlord's turf {about 1 week every two months} for work. Doing some back-of-the-envelope math...it'll take me about 8 years of GMing EVERY time I travel to SF to get to 4 stars. NOTE: I have no stars at the time of writing this. Still, I feel inspired to GM by this little exclusive scenario perk.



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Janet Brock wrote:
Tim Statler wrote:
I want a plushie of that goblin!
Me too!!!! I'm loving the Red Drablin. :-)

Pretty sure it's a Koblin or Gobold, aka a Goblin in a Kobold costume.

Next, I want to see the Drabold (a Kobold in a Dragon costume)...those little guys are always aspiring to be so much more.