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Alright, so I know there are a bunch of Season 0 scenarios that have been retired from Organized play...

But I also know that over the past few Paizocons, they've had a special lottery event, where they took one of these retired scenarios, revamped it to upgrade to the PF1 edition, and played those for credit at said conventions.

So my question is, since someone went through the effort to revamp them, and PF1 is going on the backburner... is there any chance those affected retired scenarios might get officially updated and unretired?

You have all been assigned to travel to the city of Nerosyan, in distant country of Mendev. Known as the Diamond City, Nerosyan sits right on the border to the demon-infested Worldwound to the northwest, and the barren, savage lands of Numeria to the south.

As far as you know, many resources, and Pathfinder agents (yourself included), from all across the Inner Sea are being directed there. You're not entirely certain what the occasion is, though rumor seems to hint at something to do with dwarves and some agents supposedly finding the location of one of the lost Sky Citadels! If so, it would appear the Society is going all-in on the discovery, and you are going to be part of it!

It's a little exciting... if somewhat worrying that it seems to be so close to the Worldwound.

You all are starting in different locations, some reassigned directly from the Grand Lodge in Absalom, but others from other locations, from Magnimar to Katapesh. Some travel alone, others in small groups, be they fellow Pathfinders, merchant caravans, or just random travelers going the same direction.

It is thousands of miles, and well over a month travel, from Absalom to Mendev, worse if you're starting further out... you will no doubt have many different traveling companions over the next few weeks. Probably best that you are getting a start now, if you wish to get there in time.

I had to actually post some text to start the Gameplay thread... so this will do. =)

A six scenario run based out of Nerosyan.

The intention is to start with the Siege of the Diamond City multi-table special being run for RetroCon, starting on January 14th 2019. So lots of time yet.

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OK... so this is far earlier than I'd planned to do this... but with the announcement of RetroCon in mid January, they've forced my hand!

So... as some are, but most probably not, aware, I've made an effort each of the past 3 years to run a series of PFS scenarios back to back, with the same group of PC's... in an attempt to make it feel like a small little mini-campaign of sorts. I've tried to make the scenarios all linked geographically and as thematically as possible. It has worked fairly well. The first was in and around Irrisen, then we went to the Mwangi Expanse, and currently I have one going in Taldor (set to end early(ish) in the new year)

I had an idea to try doing one in the Worldwound area, and had this idea to start with the Siege of the Diamond City special and then explore the fallout from that... And, it turns out, that special is being offered at RetroCon! So if I want to catch that boat, I need to start recruiting a bit early.

This will be a little different than my prior runs, which tended to go lower level, to encourage new players, and focus more on the story than power levels. But there really aren't enough scenarios in the low tiers in the area for me to go that way this time. So I'll be starting a little further in (though not terribly)

So, what I am looking for are 6 dedicated players, looking to play and RP with a static group and able and willing to run through the following 6 scenarios, all from season five!

  • 5.00 Siege of the Diamond City special (in the 3-4 tier) (multi-table special during RetroCon)
  • 5.22 Scars of the Third Crusade
  • 5.02 The Wardstone Patrol
  • 5.09 The Traitor's Lodge
  • 5.13 Weapon in the Rift
  • 5.24 Vengeance at Sundered Crag

Unfortunately, that doesn't leave me with a lot of wiggle room on level ranges. In order for this to work, the PC must have a minimum of 8 xp, and no more than 11 xp
(So basically, level 4... or one xp short of it).

But since we are two and a half months out, that gives folks a little time to work their way in range, if short.

No pregens.
And though I am ok with folks using replays, they will have lower priority than those playing for the first time.

This is not first come first serve, or lottery, or the like. Due to the longer duration, and the fact everyone has to put up with each other for it, I will be selecting the PC's I think will work best (with preferences to newer players, ones I haven't GM'd for before, and lively posters!)

Anyway, if you think this is something you might be interested in, and can have (and keep) a PC in the narrow range required until mid January (when we are expected to start), let me know!

You have been sent, by ship, to Taldor, on long-term assignment to Venture-Captain Hestia Themis in Cassomir. The reason for the assignment was a little vague... but apparently whatever was mentioned in some of her more recent reports, has raised some concern at the Grand Lodge, though apparently not in any major way and certainly not enough to let you in on what those concerns were.

Whatever the case, you were quickly assembled to provide support for Themis, with the expectation you would be working for her out of the Cassomir lodge for the immediate future, once you arrived.

It wasn't until you were preparing to board the ship to the mainland, that you learned that you were not going directly to Cassomir but instead were being dropped off in the small port town of Golsifar, south of the Taldan capital of Oppara, near the Qadiran border.

That news came on the wings of one of the Lodge's more enigmatic members, the druid agent known only as Osprey.

"Since Hestia doesn't need you straight away, you will be pulling a little double duty to start off." He told you, though it was hard to read whether he was amused or indifferent to the news.

"As some of you know, we have many allies outside of the Society, and do, on occasion, look to help them out should they ask." He nodded towards Marcus, "Baron Jacquo Dalsine, I believe you know him, has asked we check in on the son of a former Pathfinder... and so you shall."

"Iodan Railford was an agent in good standing before he retired to start a winery. When he died, his son inherited the property and the business. Hopefully, if Iodan's son has gotten himself into trouble somehow, helping him out will not only have Jacquo owing us a favor, but might make the kid open to another proposition of our own." A small smile worked its way onto his face, though you got the sense his concern was not for the son, but the proposition.

"So we're sending you to Railford first, a small hamlet just a few miles outside of Golsifar, named after Ioford himself." Osprey's head tilted slightly, as if listening to something only he could hear, before continuing. "Its location near the Qadiran border would make it a convenient place to set up a lodge of our own, without having to run all the way from Oppara. Muesello's been busy enough locally, so a waypoint lodge would be helpful for our operations. The winery will likely already have the buildings and infrastructure to make it a quick transition, should you be able to convince the son to agree. We can offer him protection and financing... and of course honor the work of his father, if nothing else... for the use of part of his winery as a lodge."

"You'll have to make your way to Cassomir from there, once you're done." He added, without any further instruction on how to do go about it. "Its beautiful Taldan wine country! Quite pleasant this time of year. Should be easy! Enjoy the walk and the weather!"

Before you could ask any more questions, his form shifted to that of a large sharp-eyed hawk, that took wing and flew off leaving you on the docks to board the ship to Taldor.

You know that Jacquo Dalsine is the head of the Taldor faction. You've probably interacted a few times.

Note: Since these scenarios are from 8 years ago or so, Jacquo is not the head in more current seasons, but he was back then =) We're going all retro here!

You also know that is probably well over two hundred miles from Golsifar to Cassomir... a bit more than a 'quick walk'.

Knowledge (local) DC 12:
The one name he mentioned, Muesello, is the name of the Venture-Captain in the Opparan Lodge.

For those that care about such things! =)

All you could do was board the ship, sailing east... where you find yourselves now. The crew seem to believe you are near Golsifar, but despite Osprey's assurances, the weather has been cloudy and dark for the past couple of days, and you can barely see past the gunwales, much less make out any sight of land to confirm the sailor's assertions. The crew seem to believe this is quite normal for spring in Taldor.

Alrighty then! Game on!

You all find yourselves heading to Eleder, the colonial capital of Sargava. You had not managed to get quite that far south your last trip to southern Garund, only hitting the northern border during your visit to the Kaava lands and the grippli of Kihirik Village.

You're not sure why you're being sent back to the jungle, just that you were selected specifically for this particular mission and are to meet up with Venture-Captain Finze Bellaugh in Eleder for the specifics. Though it has been stressed that you need to arrive before a very specific date... which is why most of you find yourselves en route now, for it is not a quick journey, as you are all well aware.

Just a placeholder, until August!

The goal will be to start as soon as we've sorted out our players... and finish the first scenario before Gameday VII, with scenarios 2 and 3 falling inside said pbp convention.

The first scenario will be Decline of Glory ... sort of a apropos title for Taldor as a whole!

And, because everyone needs an earworm...

Because once just wasn't enough!

Just in time for Gameday VII (aka Aug 13)

OK, it is once again that time!

In and around Gameday, for the past two years, I've started small 6 scenario runs, with the same group of PC's for each.

The 2016 version was in and around Irrisen, 2017 took us to the Mwangi Expanse.

Now for this year's version!

The 2018 iteration shall be in the glorious country of Taldor, pulling on a few entries from years past.

So, am looking for 5 (possibly 6) people interested in RP and interaction with a static group, and willing and able to play all of the following scenarios

0.24 Decline of Glory
0.29 The Devil We Know, Part I - Shipyard Rats
0.30 The Devil We Know, Part II - Cassomir's Locker
0.41 The Devil We Know, Part III - Crypt of Fools
0.48 The Devil We Know, Part IV - Rules of the Swift
2.21 The Dalsine Affair

Obviously, it will run past Gameday, by a fair bit... but the intention is that those scenarios that happen during the Gameday window will be reported as such, the remainder reported normally. From the prior two goes, it should take about 6 or 7 months to finish them all.

Though all 6 are tier 1-7, I am hoping to run them all in the 3-4 tier (or higher)... though will depend on interest.

My intention is to start as soon as I can get a group that will work, so the first scenario will probably occur before Gameday starts, with the 2nd and 3rd falling within Gameday, and the remainder outside again.

This is not a first come first serve, or any kind of lottery, recruitment. Due to the longer duration, I will try to select a group that will work over long run, as well as to ensure the game falls in the desired tiers without overpowering everything and sucking the fun out of it all! 1 post a day, minimum... more frequent even better!

Newer players and RPers encouraged! Fun has been had by all!

So a mount and its rider are considered to be sharing their space.

A tiny sized foe needs to move into its opponents space to attack (provoking for doing so).

If said tiny sized foe attacks the rider... does the mount also get an attack of opportunity, since its space and the riders space are considered the same?

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Alright, after the initial shock of the web site has died down, and some of the more egregious problems have been fixed...

I find myself still irritated by two things. Both of which are related to going to the forums.

There is no longer a direct link to the main forums from the Campaign page (or any of the profile pages) ...
There used to be a breadcrumb type of entry at the top of the page when looking at those pages, which it turns out, I used to click on *all* the time.... and notice now, that its not longer there.

After some looking about, I see I can get to the forums from there still, but I have to click the Community menu item up top...

An extra click, but I suppose I can learn to live with it (grumpily) ...

But that brings me to item two... please, if it is at all possible, can you make the 'Forums' list item on the 'Community' drop down a clickable link to the base Community/Forums!

I have never, in many years of visiting these forums, had a desire to go to any of the subforums directly. I (and I suspect many others) like to start at the root of those subforums, as many probably follow many of the groups in multiple forums.

Just making that one menu item clickable would help. The menu item header is already there on the Community menu, though not the Forums menu that shows up on other pages (so that might be an additional change)... its just not clickable!

It has been a long trip, getting to Almas. Some of you have come by ship, a few overland, but all eventually arriving at the capital city of the Free Nation of Andoran. It is a sprawling city, one of the largest in all of the Inner Sea, its buildings and streets covering multiple hills where the waters of not one, but three, tributaries spill into the Andoshan river before it empties into the Inner Sea. Massive bridges span the rivers at multiple points, connecting the various elevations that the city inhabits creating islands of little communities and districts throughout the city.

You are not entirely sure why you've been summoned here, just that you are to meet with Venture-Captain Brackett at the lodge in Almas in a few days, once your new team has arrived.

Just a starting post to create the Gameplay thread! Game doesn't start until March 5! So feel free to chill your heals 'til then.

Feel free to post intros or dot-and-delete, or what have you, so you can follow the thread proper!

Welcome to The Beggar's Pearl, a PFS oldie from Season 1!

Scheduled to begin on March 5th! for the Outpost PbP convention

(Some good background stuff, if you're a dwarf, in this one... if you care about such things!)

Not sure exactly how to ask this question... so forgive me if I'm using odd terms here, or overdescribing.

So I have purchased many scenario pdf's ... and have GM'd a few of them via pbp... When doing so, I tend to copy the maps directly from the pdf and paste them into whatever map tool is appropriate at the time.

In most cases, this works just fine, and conveniently strips off the text and other GM-only indicators that might be on the map as it appears in the scenario.

The problem I'm having comes with pages where the map is not very tall and formatted to print at the top of the page.

(A perfect example of this is scenario 4-15 The Cyphermage Dillema ... the map of the Lionfish on page 12)

For some reason, whatever technique is used to create the pdf's has the background image (sort of a brown paper texture) layered over top of the top part of every page, so for small maps, I can't select the map, as I get the background image instead. For larger maps, its not an issue, as I can select the bottom of the map, and avoid the background.

Is there a way I can select the map instead of the background in these cases?

(And no, clipping tools et al, are not the answer, as I'm trying to not get the text and such along with)

I can do this for 90% of everything else, just not maps in this very specific formatting/size interaction.

In fact, if I use the earlier released 'Special' version of my example scenario above (the EXE version that comes in the same download) I can select the image just fine, as it does not have the same background image (it's a green pattern across the top, instead of the brown one across the top and down the left)


Some spoilery stuff ahead!

OK, so I'm not as conversant with season 7 and on scenarios to know if there is an answer to this, so figured I'd ask here.

As many are aware, the Lodge in the Mwangi city of Nantambu was left without a Venture-Captain in charge during season 6 when Nieford Sharrowsmith goes awol... and alot of stuff went on down that way at that time, most of those having Nieford's business partner, Aya Allahe, acting as fill in for the usual VC duties (mission briefings and such)

But Aya is not a Pathfinder, and has her own business to run.

Did the society ever find a fill in for Sharrowsmith?
Not sure if there are any scenarios down that way after season 6 that address this issue... though I know Aya is still holding down the fort in Season 7.

I'm starting a new thread on this, just in case you guys track these things by thread.

I'd piggybacked onto a previous thread with this same issue... and while the original poster of that thread had his issue resolved, mine was not!

So perhaps I need my own thread. =)

As mentioned there... created a new campaign some time back... added the first post to the gameplay thread... then deleted it... and now can't post in that thread at all.

The post count goes up... but no posts show up.

Would appreciate it if someone could just Delete this Gameplay thread... and I can start a new one, and avoid doing whatever I did to mess up the first. =)


OK, has something changed with the functionality of the Search function on the web site?

I used to, quite frequently, search on my main posting alias, to see if there are any threads I've lost track of, that I posted in.

But for the past month or so, that hasn't returned anything at all that was posted since July some time.

And, while I'm in there... is there any chance we can change the default sorting option for searches?
It defaults to 'Relevance'... but whatever criteria it uses to define relevance is absurd some times.


Would there be any issues buying this particular item, off of the chronicle, more then once?

And if so, would the Pleasure Doing Business boon apply to both?

Alright then, everyone seems to have given the OK for a reunion tour!

Creating a discussion thread to allow for everyone to ponder what to play and when to start.

You have been called to the Grand Lodge of Absalom for a briefing, nothing unusual for Pathfinders relatively new to the scene, and soon find yourselves seated in the somewhat austere but cramped office of Venture-Captain Adril Hestram.

You are seated around a darkwood table, looking up at various trophies adorning the walls, gathered from across the face of Golorion. A monkey-shaped mask with a serpent’s tongue glares out from the center of one wall, a strange halberd with gold rings piercing its thick blade and dragons carved along its haft hanging on the wall opposite. You are, unfortunately, alone save your fellow Pathfinders, who apparently have been called here for the same purpose.

Adril himself is nowhere to be seen at the moment.

Am not officially starting just yet, this was more an introductory post to open up the Gameplay thread with. =) But will give folks a moment to get acquainted if they wish.

Will start in a few days... or once Adril shows up, whichever comes first!

Alright, the intent will be to start next week (or possibly sooner if Sedoriku gets her PC clear before then. They appear to be almost done).

First scenario of course: Mists of Mwangi from season 0!

As far as PC's, looks like

Dale - alchemist 1 or slayer 2
Froggie - cleric 1 (and hopefully a new name!)
Sedoriku - Medium 1
Mun - Oracle 3 or brawler 1
Erhun - Fighter 2, Cavalier 1, or Investigator 3
Matthais - unknown 1 (will have to use replays to play all 6, less you want to sub out for one)

Or some close approximation of that.

tier-wise, we'll be firmly low to start out though might shift into a higher tier on the 3rd or 4th... and low tier again on the last one.

Alrighty then.

So last year, for Gameday, I started a 6 scenario run with the same group of folks (2 of which occurred during Gameday, then continuing on afterwards normally) chaining them all together thematically to create a little mini-campaign. I thought it went really well, so am looking to try it again!

Last time, I did the frozen north of Avistan... this time, I shall flip things and go for the humid jungles of southern Garund... aka the Mwangi Expanse. Though starting in Absalom...

So, what I'm after are 6 folks interested in RP and interaction with a static group and willing and able to play all of the following scenarios.

0.05 Mists of Mwangi
2.01 Before the Dawn, Part I - The Bloodcove Disguise
2.02 Before the Dawn, Part II - Rescue at Azlant Ridge
?6.06 Hall of the Flesh Eaters/6.14 Scions of the Sky Key, Part II - Kaava Quarry
7.24 Dead Man's Debt
7.27 Beyond Azlant Ridge

(The fourth one there I'm still waffling on some... One of those anyway. Might also switch the 4th and 5th in order too.)

In order to qualify to play them all, you must have between 1 and 7 XP to start (So you'll be high enough to play the 3-7 at the end, and not outlevel the 1-5's in between) Also looking to keep the pace relatively brisk, so folks with good response times a must. Once per day minimum, preferably more!

I might try to start early, but whichever scenarios fall during Gameday will be reported as such (at least 2 of them).

You have been called to the Grand Lodge of Absalom for a briefing. Seated in a small chamber around a darkwood table, various trophies gathered from across the face of Golarion hang from the walls. A monkey-shaped mask with a serpent’s tongue glares out from the center of one wall, a strange halberd with gold rings piercing its thick blade and dragons carved along its haft hangs opposite the monkey mask. You are alone save your fellow Pathfinders, who apparently have been called here for the same purpose.

Feel free to hang out... but its still over 3 weeks til we start... and that mask is a little creepy...
This will not advance beyond basic introductions until then!

Welcome folks!

This will not start until Gameday V gets underway, so a bit of time.

We will be in the low tier... Penelope, that means you will end up out of tier for most of this... not sure if that's an issue for you or not.

We are of course starting with Frozen Fingers of Midnight (from season 0)!

If you want, and are sure you'll be in come the 27th, fill in some basic info for me, starting with:

Your Name:
Character Name:

I'd appreciate it if everyone can put a basic character sheet in their profile alias for easy reference to things. If you need help with this, let me know.

Since we've lots of times, I will take a moment to check them all over, see if there are any obvious hiccups that jump out at me.

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OK, gameday 5 is on!

Would like to run a series of PFS scenarios and attempt to connect them up... at least by geography and personnel. (thus encouraging RP and griping about the weather!)
All are aimed at putting the players in icy northern climes, in or around Irrisen and the Land of the Linorm Kings (though starting in Absalom)

Of course, there's only 90 days to work with... and I've got 5 scenarios in mind (possibly 6)... so unlikely to make it through them all... but the idea will be to continue on afterwards normally if we need/want to.

So, looking for players who would like to, and can, run through the following 5 (or 6) scenarios (1-5's all)
(The first 2, at the very least for GamedayV)

0.04, The Frozen Fingers of Midnight
3.01, The Frostfur Captives
2.15, Shades of Ice - Part I: Written in Blood
2.17, Shades of Ice - Part II: Exiles of Winter
2.19, Shades of Ice - Part III: Keep of the Huscarl King
And, as a bonus, possibly
6.18, From Under Ice

I realize its a bit much to try to find a full group who've not done any of these... so will remain flexible, but will see how it goes for now.
Please note: as they're all 1-5's... if you plan to stay the course, your PC will probably need to be level 3 or less to start off, so as not to outlevel things.

Would also like folks with reasonably quick post-checking rates... in hopes of as much progress as possible in the time alloted.

I've played in many pbp... so now its time to give back!

Starting August 27th with Frozen Fingers.


Quick question:

The chronicle for Year of the Shadow Lodge Special (and this will be true for some other years as well, now that I think of it) has a boon listed separately at each tier group. The boon has the same name and the same benefits (just can be used more times in the higher tiers)

But typically when you play in a higher tier, you get all things in the lower tiers as well.

So if you played this special in Tier 8-9 say... can you select one of that boon, you can use twice, and also select one of the lower tier boon (of the same name) which you can just use once?

I notice that the Blood Under Absalom special had the same sort of chronicle setup, but my GM for that one crossed out all the lower tier boons. Was that a mistake?

The other specials I've done do not have this format, listing just a single boon.

Disclaimer: This is for PFS, so keep that in mind... I'm casting the net wider, however, for information's sake.

I have a large sized mount, with the Narrow Frame feat... which is nice to get him into tight spaces... but alas, it does not remove the movement penalty for moving through those spaces.
Which puts the kibosh on options for charging, et al (PC is a cavalier)

So I'm wondering if there are options for removing this penalty for the mount. Traits, Feats, Magic Items, etc

To date i've been able to find a trait (Suck In Your Gut in Kobolds of Golarian... which is not PFS legal (I don't think))

A magic item (the Corset of the Vishkanya... which requires activating to use, which is not permitted by animal companions in PFS)

Is there anything else?

Being able to ignore difficult terrain does not seem to do it.
Would Freedom of Movement?

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This is in regards to the Multiattack feat that druids gain at level 9 for their animal companions.

"An animal companion gains Multiattack as a bonus feat if it has three or more natural attacks and does not already have that feat. If it does not have the requisite three or more natural attacks, the animal companion instead gains a second attack with one of its natural weapons, albeit at a –5 penalty."

Which, makes it sound like if you have an animal companion with 3 or more attacks, who has no secondary attacks (which is most of them) that gaining this ability does absolutely nothing.

So, is this a thing? Officially?

Based on the developer post linked, in response to that official blog post, animal companions with 3 (or more) natural attacks, are supposed to get an iterative attack once they get Multiattack at (druid)level 9 if they have no secondary attacks.

This seems contradictory to the wording of course... but if you look at any and all of the animal companions listed in the NPC Codex Appendix from Druid level 9 and up, that have 3 or more attacks (small/large cats, badgers, dinosaurs, etc). All of them gained an iterative on their main attack.

So it seems like this is actually an official thing... and there's some language missing from the ability description.

I'm asking from a PFS perspective of course...

OK, so the text for the Grab evolution for eidolons states that they can only use it on creatures one size smaller then themselves.

This has always been the case, and was not updated with the bestiary ability of the same name... nor was it changed in the Unchained version.

But, looking at the Iconic unchained summoner's eidolon (Padrig) included with the Fane of Fangs quest (@ level 5)...

The text for it's Grab ability does not match the Grab ability in the Unchained book, instead following the bestiary language.

Is this an error in Padrag or an error in the Unchained/APG?

Some clarification from the powers that be would be nice.

I know I've avoided this evolution for some time due to the size limitation.


As the subject states...

is this Quest replayable?

The fact its for level 5 pregens seems to make me think no.
But various language on the nature of Quests in PFS seem to indicate yes.

So in the end I am unsure.


So a question for those in the know:

On the session reporting section of the web site on the MyPathfinderSociety page, the GM/Event Coordinator tab where it shows the Events you have registered, I have two events.

One of them, I created for home games some time ago. For that event there is an additional link that says 'Download session sheets' which creates a handy pdf file with session reporting sheets, with the event code and name prefilled in. 3 such sheets to a page.

The other event, however, does not have this link, or any obvious alternate way to create these session sheets. I recently created this event (after the recent changes to the site), which might be relevant.

Anyone know why it exists for one event, but not the other? One is private, while the other is not... other than that, and when they were created, they don't seem different.


Can you utilize the Paths We Choose chronicle sheet awarded to a Non-Core PC to give the bonus to a new Core-Only PC?

So I know most spells that offer elemental resistance specifically state that that resistance is extended to any equipment the target might have.

But does this apply to racial resistances in general that don't specifically have that language?

Would an Erinyes devil's fire immunity apply to her bow?
A salamanders immunity apply to their spear?
A marilith's fire resistance and their swords?

Does an aasimar's PC's acid resistance apply to their weapons?
Or a tiefling's fire resistance?

Etc, etc.

The reason I ask of course, is if a fire elemental risks destroying anything it possesses due to its general nature.

If I want to have my bonded item to be a quarterstaff with one silver end. (I'm picturing a silver tip on a regular wooden shaft)

Is this doable, and how does one get there?

The quarterstaff, being a double weapon, would require both ends to be masterwork... does the basic level 1 arcane bond cover that, or is just one end of it masterwork?

Making one end alchemical silver of course is not possible at level 1 as the arcane bond description states no special materials at level 1.

But that seems to imply that special materials would be possible later.... how does one go about that?

Can one have a quarterstaff where one end is wood, and the other metal?

Could I just get the masterwork quarterstaff (for free) via the class feature, and then pay the extra 90 gp to have one end silvered?

Other then Magical Knack, what other ways are there to get a +1 caster level for an entire class?

Am making a mystic theurge, and would really like the caster level on both the arcane and divine sides to be equal so I don't have to worry about making math errors! =)

Are there an archetype or the like that replaces the channel energy class feature for clerics?

I know about the Forgemaster dwarf-only archetype does so. Are there any others?

Would a wind wall spell block firearm bullets, as it does arrows and bolts?

This is for PFS!

I'm trying to build an undead animating necromancer Mystic Theurge, using the spell-like ability early entry stuff. And could really use some advice. There's a lot of complicated necromancer stuff happening later on that will be affected by the lack of class levels that I'm not too sure how to judge early on.

Only level 1 now, so lots of time for rebuilding as needed...

Sadly, needing Wis, Int, and Charisma is a bit MAD. I had starting stats of: 10, 10, 10, 16, 16, 16 (peri-blooded aasimar)

My intention was to do cleric and wizard (necromancer) before jumping into Mystic Theurge full on from level 4 onwards. This will have me one level behind in casting for one class, and 2 levels behind in the other (though full caster level for one of them)

Would it be better for 2 levels of cleric and one level of wizard, or visa versa? (leaning cleric for earlier animate dead access)

Given the above choice, would it be better to apply the Magical Knack trait to bring the cleric or wizard spells up to full caster level? (leaning wizard here). Is there another trait that could give a +1 or the like to CL, so I could bring both up to full, to avoid math errors?

My god of choice was Anubis (LN), as non-evil gods with the Death domain are few and far between.

I chose the Death domain and Fate inquisition as my starting domains. In PFS, is the Fate inquisition legal for clerics of Anubis? If not, can I get around this using the Separatist archetype? If I don't have to take the Separatist archetype, then I was pondering taking the new Ecclesitheurge archetype from the ACG ... can I make the Fate inquisition my 'secondary' domain as defined by that archetype? (it had no spells associated with it anyway)

The Command Undead feat (that comes as a bonus for the necromancer) only works when channeling negative energy, which the necromancer gets a pool of. Should I keep the clerics channeling pool positive? or have both sides negative? (Versatile Channel is out, since I won't have enough channel dice to qualify).
The power and DC of the channels is never going to be that good (as there will only be 1 or 2 class levels due to Mystic Theurge) so not really a focus... and since this is for PFS not sure how many of these low power channels I'll even need to use.

Any advice or insights would be welcome!

PFS: necromancer to mystic theurge build advice wanted

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So am I missing it somewhere, or was this indeed the design decision to not allow investigators to use spell-trigger items for spells on their formula list?

The Alchemist parent class has specific language under their Alchemy class feature that allows them to use them...

The investigator's Alchemy class feature does not contain this language.


So I've recently started some friends of mine playing through various scenarios using PFS rules, me as GM.

But to make it more interesting, I'm trying to string the scenarios together to tell a story, or at the very least, not seem so disjointed going from one to the next.

So far, so good.

Recently, I ran them through Frozen Fingers of Midnight

but they used up too much of the lamp oil, and once Natalya returned home, she couldn't send them back, so they were unfortunately stuck in Irrisen

Which then lead well into The Frostfur Captives

as the local undercover pathfinders used the recently arrived folks to escort the prisoners safely out of Irrisen to Trollheim (and got themselves safely out as well)

This then will lead them into Shades of Ice, Part I

having the prisoner pickup team from the previous scenario give them the chest to deliver for this one

Which of course will lead to Shades of Ice, Part II

Not sure how they'll feel about having to go back to Whitethrone

And eventually to Shades of Ice, Part III.

What I would like, however is another scenario to introduce between parts 2 and 3 above. Mostly to bump them up to level 4 before they go into part III, but also to break up the railroad just a bit.

So are there any other lower level scenarios (1-5, 1-7, 3-7) that take place in or around Irrisen (or perhaps in the Land of the Linorm Kings, or Realm of the Mammoth Lords) other then the ones mentioned above that I could insert?

from a PFS perspective...

If one has a serpentine eidolon, would it be able to manipulate objects with its tail? (For purposes of things like sleight of hand, or disable device, for instance. Or just picking things up in general.)

I realize from a descriptive pov, its easy to say that its tail is prehensile enough to do such things, but from a rules perspective, I'm not sure if its allowed.

If its not, what would be required to allow it to use skills like those mentioned above? A tentacle? Limbs (arms)?

And if it has arms (and the hands that go with it) is it ok to describe them as a prehensile tail? Or is that the bad type of reskinning, and if it has hands we have to describe hands for the outside world to know about?


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So I've been working on stringing together a bunch of scenarios that sort of follow a storyline of sorts to a conclusion.

In this case, the whole Shadow Lodge stuff from Season 1/2.

As such have been making attempts to introduce the PC's to some of the major players, ie: Torch.

And this scenario seemed to be one to add in as it even has his name in it.

Noticed at the end that there's a 'boon' of sorts on the chronicle that states 'You owe Torch a favor' ... is this ever utilized in a later scenario at all?

Was thinking of doing Delirium's Tangle at a later date, and thought I could flavor that mission as the 'favor', but don't want to do so if said favor is used somewhere else.

Optimally, I'd cash in on that 'favor' on an individual PC basis, rather then all of them...

hmm.. actually I suppose I could flavor some of the old more nefarious/distasteful faction missions as torch calling in a favor... that might work too! Though for that I'd have to actually read ahead on the scenarios, which I've been avoiding. Bah.


Is there a PFS legal source for 'candy' in Golorian?

Hard candy, soft candy, taffy, any old type of sweets.

So a question regarding the racial trait Adoptive Parentage from the Advanced Race Guide.

The trait says it replaces the human bonus feat... but does not mention replacing the human language, just that you gain the other race's languages.

So is this adding the adoptive races languages to the common humans normally get? Or replacing it?

ie: would a human (who normally starts with just common as a language), adopted by a strix (who normally only get strix as a language)... know common and strix, or just strix? (same for any other adoptive race that does not start knowing common).

Additionally, from a PFS point of view, assuming the adoptive race does not have racial weapon familiarity, how does one adjudicate what is or is not an appropriate skill/weapon for the Skill Focus/Weapon Focus feat?

Other then Dungeon Dweller, are there any other traits that give a bonus language?

More specifically, looking for a way for a goblin to know common (taldane) outside of linguistics or 12+ int.

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