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Punniculus wrote:
Two new bears?! Where's an owl when I need one?

*looks at bears, looks at Pun-god, shakes head emphatically.*

Ooohhh no.
I'm too old for stuff like this ya whipper-snapper.

Eh!? SHUT UP AND STOP RUNNING THROUGH MY YARD... Youngen's these days, I swear! No respect... ZZZzzz...

Think again ye olde Scoundrel!!

Hmm, Ah, yes... The ol' Rapscallion, Commodore Rubber Ducky and I used to have such Grand adventures you know lass. Ah, the places we went, the people we saw! I can tell you want to hear all about it...*proceeds to lengthily take about their twenty three years of service together, never missing a single detail or event.*...And I told that ol' 'coot, thee can take it or leave it, but you won't get a single pence more than that!.*promptly falls asleep*

The next poster went insane (well, more than usual) listening to every bit of that story.

EH!? What's that!? Yon Sinister Stan be a plottin' again!?
*flies up, slowly of course, he is old after all, and pecks sinister stan on the head*

Thy incandescent, iridescent tentacles are foolish, and inadvisable.
As was thy post!!

Lo! My fake rubber weapons have struck once again!!
Sinister Stan, thou hast been out-schemed!!