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Hi, I purchased the current Humble Bundle that includes a large number of books and scenarios as PDFs. Thing is, I own most of the books as PDFs already. I would like to give my "duplicates" to friends, is that possible?

I have all my codes still and have not redeemed them as yet.

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In the Weapon Master's Handbook is the Weapon Trick feat that lets you select a weapon option and any trick within that option that you meet the qualifications for you can do. One of those tricks under the Polearm Tricks is Choke UP, which despite the sound of it, is not a feat designed to let you attack close up with a reach weapon, but instead wield it one handed.

Choke Up:
(Acrobatics 1 rank, Climb 1 rank): You can take a –2 penalty on attack rolls and damage rolls until the beginning of your next turn in order to choke up on and wield a two-handed polearm sized for you in one hand, as long as you do not make attacks with your other hand.

So, does this mean I can essentially continuously wield the weapon in one hand as long as I do not make attacks with my other hand and just take a -2 to all my attack rolls with no other penalty?

I have need of "Holding" an item in one hand to gain benefit from it but still want to wield my Naginata with Reach.

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I'm going to start by saying I expect the answer to be no, but I thought I'd ask anyway, mostly because I think it would be funny to do.

If I have a character cast Planar Inquiry, can I summon one of my other characters to answer a question if said character is an Aasimar, or Tiefling, or any other kind of Outsider that is technically a valid "target" for the spell. The only effect I see this having on the spell is being able to use that character's skill bonus for the knowledge check.

The spell specifically states that you can call a specific type, or even individual if called by Name. Also keep in mind, you can't summon an outsider who's hit dice exceed your caster level. This means the caster must be the same level or higher then the one they are summoning.

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This post is an attempt to get this question answered with a FAQ.

The question:

Does a feat have to say you can take it more then once in order to take it more then once, even knowing that taking it a second time will not grant any added benefit?

Reasons for this clarification may not be obvious, after all, why would you take a feat if you aren't going to get anything from it?

So, here is a potential scenarios where you may want to do just that.

A fighter selects a feat that is a prerequisite for another feat but uses a "normal" feat to take it, even though it qualifies to be taken as one of his bonus feats. He gains a level and decides he wants a non-combat feat but this level only gives him a combat feat. If he can take that previous feat a second time using his fighter bonus feat for this level, then he can retrain the bonus feat into whatever he wants without having to pay for multiple retraining just to change one feat.

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In a couple threads in the Rules forum there is a question about being able to take Magical Tails if you have Racial Heritage: Kitsune.

The Prerequisite is Kitsune, no other requirements.

Full Feat:

ARG: Magical Tail:

You grow an extra tail that represents your growing
magical powers.
Prerequisite: Kitsune.
Benefit: You gain a new spell-like ability, each usable
twice per day, from the following list, in order: disguise self,
charm person, misdirection, invisibility, suggestion, displacement,
confusion, dominate person. For example, the first time you
select this feat, you gain disguise self 2/day; the second time
you select this feat, you gain charm person 2/day. Your caster
level for these spells is equal to your Hit Dice. The DCs for
these abilities are Charisma-based.
Special: You may select this feat up to eight times.
Each time you take it, you gain an additional ability as
described above.

There are two questions.

1. Do you grow a Tail?
2. Do you gain the SLAs?

Some people are arguing because you don't have a Kitsune's magic trait you don't gain the SLAs

Some people are arguing because you don't have a tail you can't grow an extra.

To me, this is clear cut, you grow a tail and you gain an SLA each time you take the feat, up to 8 times.

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Can you take Racial Heritage Twice and have mixed ancestry that includes two different Humanoid races besides Human? For example Gnome and Dwarf?

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So, if I put the Sharding weapon property on an Amulet of Mighty fists would it apply to every Natural Weapon I have, for example 2 claws and a bite?

Would it work with a Monk's flurry of blows?

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The Weapon Master's Handbook details Divine Fighting Techniques and specifies

A cleric, inquisitor, or warpriest who worships a deity can always choose to give up either the first power of one of her domains or a minor blessing benefit to gain access to that god’s divine fighting technique without having to meet the Divine Fighting Techniques technique’s prerequisites (including the Divine Fighting Technique feat).

It then goes on to specify:

In addition, a warpriest can always give up a major blessing to gain the advanced benefit without meeting its prerequisite. In a few cases, other classes can gain the benefits by sacrificing class features, as noted in the appropriate divine fighting techniques.

So, the question is, if a Cleric opts to give up the first power of one of their domains for this, do they get the Advanced benefit if they meet the Advanced Prerequisites without taking the Divine Fighting Feat?

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I have seen far too many FAQs that aren't FAQs but rather Errata at best. FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. It can include clarifications of rules, abilities and items (you know, things that answer questions), but not changes.

One example is the "FAQ" in the Pathfinder Ultimate Equipment for the Courageous weapon enhancement.

To quote the FAQ: "A courageous weapon was meant to help only on saves against fear (either adding its enhancement bonus as a morale bonus on saves against fear, or adding half its enhancement bonus to your existing morale bonus on saves against fear, whichever is best for you). However, the wording is in error. The last sentence should say “on saves against fear” after “any morale bonus.” This change will be reflected in the next errata."

The original text: "This special ability can only be added to a melee weapon. A courageous weapon fortifies the wielder’s courage and morale in battle. The wielder gains a morale bonus on saving throws against fear equal to the weapon’s enhancement bonus. In addition, any morale bonus the wielder gains from any other source is increased by half the weapon’s enhancement bonus (minimum 1)."

And crafting requirements: "Craft Magic Arms and Armor, heroism, remove fear"

If the ability was intended to only apply to saves against fear then it could have been worded far better. Additionally, there would be no need for Heroism being a requirement to craft in addition to remove fear.

I'm fine with changes being made when it is found an ability is more powerful then intended or its cost would dictate, just don't lie about it. This is a good way to piss off customers.

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A Kineticist has to have all hands (and prehensile appendages) free to gather power, and requires at least one free to use a blast. So, how exactly does one use a Vril Staff? This also means they cannot gather power when using a Hollow Rod, and definitely not a Vril Staff.

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The Kineticist infusion Thundering says it Deafens, but doesn't say for how long. Would it be one round? Permanent?

This came up in a game last night, the first time I played my Aerokineticist after the release of the book, and I Deafened a Div. Fortunately the GM just said it was probably Deafened for the rest of it's life. (It died the next round.)

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If you meet all the other requirements for the feat Awesome Blow except the Size Large requirement, can you use Enlarge Person to temporarily meet it for the purposes of selecting it with Martial Flexibility?

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So, for a while it confused me exactly how the coordinates worked on the numbered Hex Grid map on the GW website. ( https://www.goblinworks.com/blog/a-more-detailed-map/ )

On this map the NW hex of Thornkeep is 00,00.

So I finally got around to looking up hex map coordinate systems and found they are using an "Odd Column" Coordinate system. IMO this system can be very confusing and I would like to suggest a change to Cube Grid Axial coordinates.

What does this mean?

Well, to put it simply, there are two axis we care about, the North/South Axis and the North West/South East axis. We only count out in those directions, just ignore the NE/SW axis.

Keeping with the current "theme" where the numbers go up in the South and East directions we would shift it so numbers go up to the South and South East on their respective Axis. I would suggest also changing the order the coordinates are in, currently the first number is East West and the second number is North South. I would suggest using the North South as the first number, with the NW/SE as the second.

Here are just a few examples of where things are using this coordinate system.

Thornkeep (NW hex) = 0,0
Thornkeep (SW hex) = 1,0
Thornkeep (East hex) = 0,1
Golgotha = 9,-6 (First, go 9 Hexes South of the N/S axis, then 6 NW on the NW/SE axis)
Keeper's Pass = 14,1 (First go 14 hexes South on the N/S axis, then 1 hex SE on the NW/SE axis)

Using this system it would be much easier tell where you are just by counting hexes along the two axis.

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So, I am thinking of getting a second account and have some questions.

Would I be able to log both accounts in at the same time on the same computer? (Two monitors and switching between the two windows control wise.)

Is it planned to allow multiple characters from the same account to be logged in at the same time? (Probably with the limitation of no DTs at the same time.)

If yes to the above, is there a plan to allow us to merge accounts so we don't have to deal with multiple logins?

And finally, to make a second account, would I be correct in assuming I have to create a new GW account to go with it?

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My Areokineticist, Winddancer, started at level 2 (2 GM Credit and 1 pregen.)

Here is my build:

At Level 2

Human Kineticist (air)

Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Traits: Blood of Dragons (Low Light Vision), Fortunes Favored

Abilities: Electric Blast, Air's Reach, Air Cushion, Enveloping Winds

Stats - STR: 10, DEX: 14, CON: 20, INT: 10, WIS: 10, CHA: 8

HP: 25

Equipment - Pathfinder's Kit with a MW backpack, Light Crossbow, Cestus, Lamellar Cuirass, Wand of Cure Light Wounds, Sleeves of Many Garments, Pink and Green Cracked Sphere Ioun Stone (for +1 to UMD).

Scenario 1


Murder on the Silken Caravan

First encounter went fairly smooth, though I kept rolling so low that I still missed against touch. I had to deal with cover issues due to cramped space so that was part of it.

Second encounter had a bit more maneuvering space and was killing the mobs usually in one shot thanks to so many 6's that the GM would have asked to see my dice had I not been using different ones each time.

Third encounter (I think it was 3rd anyway, might have forgot one) was a lot more fun as I got fascinated and was secretly hoping to get picked up by the enemy, flown really high and dropped. Unfortunately our Cleric cast Protection from Evil on me and I made my new save. (Ok, in reality it was fortunate for the group, but I really wanted dropped!) As the group ran up and dealt with that first enemy, a second one made an appearance so I moved out away from the group to make myself a target and readied to blast it when it got within 30 feet. The blast staggered it and it dropped unconscious as it finished it's attack. The rest of the group dealt with the first one. I then felt compelled to jump off the 180 foot statue anyway.

Final Encounter, being out in the open I just maneuvered around to get shots off without cover and within 30 feet for the extra damage from point blank shot.

Second Scenario


The Night March of Kalkamedes

Up till the last fight things were very strait forward. There was one location where the NPC was about to fall, I jumped down one round ahead of him and attempted to catch him in mid air (70 feet down, I fall 60' a round) but missed by 1. Fortunately, I was then at the bottom and able to heal him with my wand of CLW.

For the final encounter I had to deal with cover and never hit anything but fortunately the rest of the group could hit.

Third Scenario


Other then the lack of skills to help with any skill checks this was fairly easy. For the second to last fight I used my superior range to blast enemies while the rest of the group was primarily melee, but melee that knew to move out of my firing lanes. The final fight was once again dealing with cover.

At this point I gained a level, took Deadly Aim (which after Scenario 4 got changed to Toughness as I was told Deadly Aim doesn't actually work with Electric Blast) Now having Feel the Burn, I start my day taking 1 burn boosting my Enveloping Winds to a 25% miss chance.

Forth Scenario


The Midnight Mauler

Biggest Issues of the scenario were the low strength and lack of skill points, because of the chase scene. Not being able to do Non-Lethal damage was a small issue as well. Oh, and I ran into a single monster that was Immune to Electricity.

Fifth Scenario


The Silver Mount Collection

Here is a true test of my character, I'm level 3 playing High Tier (6-7). Everyone else in the group is level 5 or 6. First thing in my favor for surviving, I had more HP then most of the party.

Enemies all have high AC... but Touch AC isn't that bad so I can hit. To make it more fun, a large number of enemies had Vulnerability to Electricity. The end boss on the other hand, I couldn't do anything about because silly me, I didn't have anything to deal with swarms. The high Fort Save also was good because failing that could have been bad. I spent most of my time using my CLW wand on our Hydrokineticist as he used his Torrent infusion to damage the swarm.

After this, I purchased a Handy Haversack and a cloak of resistance +1.

Sixth Scenario


Cypermage Dilemma

Despite the sound of it, it is a combat focused scenario and I did very will with my 2d6 +3 blasts playing low tier. As you can imagine, I one shotting a lot, but I was rolling low so I kept staggering them instead of flat out dropping them. The end boss didn't live long enough to act as we had a surprise round to get into position and everyone did fairly well on initiative. The entire combat didn't last the entire first normal round.

To wrap things up, here are some issues I ran into and suggestions I have.

Cover, but that isn't surprising, it is the bane of every ranged class.

Electricity Immunity, Rare, but it does exist.

Hardness, kind of a season 6 exclusive problem really, and the electricity vulnerability made up for it for me, but for any other element it would have sucked more.

Lack of Skills, and I'm glad to hear you already know this is a problem that will be fixed.

Lack of Versatility, All I could do was blast, this is in part related to the above mentioned Lack of Skills, but I truly wish for more utility out of my element, this is compounded with the low number of Wild Talents I had at my level which currently is the only way to get utility out of my element.

One type of damage, This goes with the Immunity issue, and for that matter Resistance which would be a lot more common. If each element got two different blasts at level 1 it would improve this a lot. Possibly have it cost 0 burn for your "primary" and 1 burn for your "secondary" to allow different characters to focus differently.

Damage is a bit low, and I understand you are looking into improving this.

Feat application, I think Deadly Aim needs the same text applied for Blasts as there is for Gunslingers for the Touch Attacks. Also, more feats that can apply to blasts would be very welcome as well.

Interaction with elemental racial traits. Things like a Gnomes Pyromaniac trait and the Ifrit, Oread, Sylph and Undine Affinities. Something along the lines of counting as one level higher for determining damage dice of a related blast I think would be appropriate.

Over all, I like the concept of the class, but will probably wait for the book to be released before continuing to play with this character.

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Pathfinder Society Experience, first time playing Kineticest.

Because of Playing a pregen only scenario (Silver Hex) and GMing two 1-5 scenarios before having a chance to play my Kineticest, I started at level 2.

I had the following

Str = 10, Dex = 14, Con = 20, Wis = 10, Int = 10, Cha = 8
HP = 25 (Favored Class bonus going to HP)

Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Wild Talents: Air Cushion, Air's Reach
Blast: Electric Blast (1d6 + 3) Ranged Touch, 60'
Defense: Enveloping Winds (20% miss chance vs physical ranged other then massive objects.)

Equipment: Pathfinder Kit, Light armor (not worn due to scenario) Sleeves of Many Garments (acting as Hot Weather Gear), Light Crossbow, 20 Bolts, Ioun Stone granting a +1 to UMD (I also had 2 ranks for a total +5 despite my -1 from Cha) and a Cestus.

The Scenario took place in a Desert so I didn't wear my Armor due to the Heat.

The Party A level 1 Paladin, a Level 2 Cleric, a Level 2 (I think) that was some kind of Bard/Drunken Master, a level 2 Verminus Hunter and my Level 2 Aerokineticest.

Below contains some spoilers so I will tag as such even without specifying the scenario


Encounter 1
We were facing v3.5 Hobgoblins, I think they had 8hp, and goblins, don't know their hp but I'm sure it was less then the Hobgoblins.

We had to deal with cover/difficult terrain from the camels we had been riding but our fighter types engaged.

Surprise Round, none of us were surprised, I attempted to snipe a Hobgoblin but missed (rolled a 1 I think.)

Rest of surprise round mostly consisted of the rest of the party dismounting.

The rest of combat consisted of our melee combatants engaging the goblins and hobgoblins that approached while our hunter maneuvered around to protect the NPCs with arrows and his Scorpion. I used my time maneuvering away from melee to hit the Hobgoblins that where shooting from range before turning to the goblins. I practically 1 shotted everything because of the number of 6's I ended up rolling with something like bard song active from our Monk and point blank shot I was doing the 1d6 + 5. As the combat came to an end and we killed the last Hobgoblin, the goblins attempted to flee. I chased one and got off a crit, killing it. We cleaned up the battle site and moved on.

Encounter 2

Big Statue, over 180 feet high, was going to attempt 2 will saves but failed the first. (The first was apparently vs. a harpy, the second was against my characters own desire to climb the statue and jump off.)

The rest of the party made their saves, though their mounts did not. I willingly led and in fact spurred my mount on (flavor, but we decided it meant I ended up in front) while the rest of the party tried in vain to stop their mounts.

Sadly, the Harpy failed its fly check when it tried to snatch me up, I so wanted it to pick me up and fly me back to it's nest LOL. Our Cleric had actually prepared Protection from Evil and cast it on me the very next round.

I dismounted on the other side of my mount from the harpy and the group dealt with that one. A Second harpy appeared and I purposefully moved out into the open and readied an action to blast when it got within 30 feet. It took the bait and blasted it full in the face staggering it, causing it to drop when it attempted to attack me at the end of it's dive.

We climbed the statue, looted the nest and I jumped off.

*Journal Entry, jumped off a 180 or so foot tall statue of Irori, must find something taller.*

Encounter 3

We faced 5 Hobgoblins and a moron human in half plate suffering from the heat of the desert.

Due to my somewhat short range, a mere 60 feet, and my desire to get off Point Blank Shot anyway I ended up surrounded at one point by 3 of them, though they weren't all concentrating on me, I had two allies in the area, the scorpion and my Drunken Bodyguard.

I kept trying to maneuver out of melee range with 5 foot steps so I could get off my blasts without provoking while rolling so low I kept missing against touch! (I couldn't roll better then a 5 on the die)

Things started to progress quickly however when a Hobgoblin attempted to move in to attack our cleric... holding a Longspear. the Hobgoblin skewered itself as the cleric scored a critical hit on the AOO.

Right after that, I managed to escape from melee again and shot at their boss, who had already dropped our Paladin unconscious and almost dead, with another max damage blast and he falls unconscious. The rest of the enemies fled.

I'll admit my getting into Melee range was partly my fault, but once there it became a pain to attack. I could have used my Cestus but with a 10 strength thought it wasn't worth it, I mostly took it so I threatened. I may want to pick up Kinetic Blade so I can attack in Melee if that happens again. Fortunately, I had more HP then anyone else in the party and the Drunken Bodyguard (Drunken Master with the Bodyguard feat) made up for my not wearing my armor. I will be picking up a wand of Mage Armor in the future as well as a bunch of other wands.

Things I have noticed.

Precise Shot is basically a Must Have, even against touch. Cramped areas become an issue, but most casters suffer that same problem.

My lack of strength is affecting my ability to carry gear, but that should be solved when I can buy a Handy Haversack, or perhaps I should hire a porter LOL. Even then though, Combat Gear pushes me near medium load. I picked the armor I did specifically because it was lighter (Lamellar Cuirass).

Party Reaction: Nobody seemed to think I was dominating the encounters, everyone had something to do and had fun. Our cleric even said it was the first time he felt his character was useful in a fight, but that might be because of his crit, though we all loved his blessings and I know the Paladin loved getting stabilized :P

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Do Spell Like Abilities count as Casting a spell for things like the Trait Volatile Conduit?

Volatile Conduit

Once per day as a free action, when you cast a spell that deals acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage, you can enhance that spell with volatile energy. When you do, it deals 1d4 points of extra damage of the same energy type.

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Well, first, here is my current System.

VGA SAPPHIRE 100259-1GL HD4870 1G R
MEM 2Gx2|GSK F3-10666CL9D-4GBNQ R

This is directly off my invoice from when I built my current system back in 2009. Tom's lists my CPU as a 3rd tier gaming CPU on their Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart with nothing from AMD in their first Tier.

Should I upgrade just my Graphics Card and perhaps system memory?

I was looking at getting something that can handle the newer FM2/FM2+ CPUs but if they aren't on the list (from last month) I'm guessing they aren't intended for gaming.

This is my biggest problem with building systems only every 5 years or so, I don't keep up with the current tech and don't know what to get!

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So, I was thinking of doing some sniping... from the back of my Animal Companion.

So, here is the Situation

A Hunter is skilled in Stealth and has an Animal Companion, specifically a Giant Wasp, that is also skilled in Stealth, has the full Combat Training package to work as a Mount and has the Sneak Trick as well. (It is an Int 2 Wasp at this point, so not mindless and can have that many tricks.)

What does it take to do some sniping? I was thinking I'd need to move from cover and back into cover by the end of my turn. Fortunately with the wording of Mounted Combat with a Bow my attacks automatically occur at the halfway point of the movement.

This should allow me to go from being in Stealth, shoot and go back to using Stealth correct?

Would this count as Sniping and suffer the -20? I don't think it should because I am not ending where I shot from.

Would I need to use a Move Action to use Stealth again? Again, I don't think it should because it isn't exactly like normal Sniping as I'm moving out of cover and back in, even if I am using my Mounts movement not my own. I may not even be ending in the same cover as I started.

Lastly, would I suffer the -5 to stealth for the movement that normally occurs for moving greater then half speed if the AC moves greater then half it's speed with me on it's back? If yes, does the answer change if the AC does not get the penalty?

Keep in mind, commanding my AC to use stealth is a Free Action because it is a trained Trick and it is an Animal Companion.

Is there anything I am forgetting about?

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With this feat you get access to one of your deities 1st level domain powers.

It Says "Once Per Day"

So, on domain powers like Liberties Blessing (Liberation: Freedom Subdomain) I'm assuming you can only use it once, no matter your Wisdom Modifier.

What about continuous effect ones like "Eyes of the Hawk" (Animal: Feather Subdomain) or "Guarded Mind" (Void Domain)? How long do they last, or does it stay continuous?

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In Animal Archive there is a level 1 spell (for EVERY casting class that gets an AC.) called Shield Companion, which behaves exactly like Shield Other except it can only be cast on your Animal Companion.

In the Advanced Class Guide there is a NEW spell with the same name and a slightly different effect and it is level 2. Not every class that can get an AC has access to it. (For example, Clerics with the Animal domain don't get it.)

So, are both just different spells with the same name and anyone with access to both of them treats them as different spells?

Does the new spell replace the old one? (Which would suck because the old one is a level 1 spell.)

It really looks like they forget they already had a spell by that name when they made this one as the effects, while similar, are different.

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Hopefully others will do similar for other classes, but here is the simple transition for Hunters from the Playtest version to the Final version.

Stats: The only stat based ability is Spellcasting and the Casting Stat does not change, so no stat Re-Rolls needed or allowed.
Skills: +2 Skill Points Per level (went from 4+int to 6+int) Class Skills stay the same.
BAB: No Change
Saves: No Change
Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: No Change

Class Special Abilities:

Animal Focus: Looks the same, some wording on specific ones may have changed.

Precise Companion: You can now select either Precise Shot or Outflank (the later is also granted to your AC if you select it.)

Improved Empathic Link: New ability at level 4!

Everything else appears the same.

Now, for the BIG change.


Hunters are now Spontaneous Casters drawing from the Druid and Ranger lists using the lower spell level where they overlap. The Spells per Day do not change, but there is now a Spells Known table that works like a Sorcerer's. Additionally, they get all Summon Nature's Ally spells for free (does not cost Spell's known slots.)

Casting is Wisdom Based just like in the Playtest.

I don't see any other changes to the base Hunter. If I missed something please speak up!

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While I only played for a few hours.. it could be more then that I may have lost track of time :P I tested a few features.

COMBAT (I only did PvE, no PvP)


Powerful, especially in that you can kill things at range and if you are shooting at a Melee fighter you can frequently kill them before they reach you. I've heard from the Devs that Magic Staves are actually more effective at ranged attacks. (Right now anyway, always subject to change.)

Bugs: The Monster AI is still a little stupid, you can take a large group of melee monsters easily by moving to max range with your bow (This also works with any long ranged attacks.) and concentrating fire on one monster. All of them will come, but have no fear, once the first one is dead all the others loose interest and return to their positions. You can then heal up and target the next one. Repeat till they are all dead.

Melee: I've used a Mace and a Greatsword during my time testing.

I was effective, but not as effective as I could have been, there are some features that aren't in yet that I'm sure will improve Melee fighting.

Bugs: Facing doesn't matter, as long as you are next to your target you can be facing away from them and still hit them. Cleave does not work as intended, they said they are working on it.

Other Bugs, all combat:

You can equip two weapons... any two weapons it seems. I successfully equipped combinations such as a Bow with wands, maces and shields. I even managed to equip the bow in my Offhand with the Mace in my main hand. Now I wish I tried to equip a Greatsword with the bow using the same bug :P

How to duplicate the Bow in Offhand bug (because it really tries to not let you and I'm sure the Devs want to know how to stop it.) First, equip the bow in your main hand. Next equip an offhand weapon in your offhand. Now drag the offhand Weapon to your Main Hand, they swap places, you are now wielding the Bow in your offhand.

Magical Combat:

In order to use combat "spells" you have to equip the right kind of "weapon" such as a Wand. You then select which abilities to have on your hot bar, you do the same with regular weapon abilities. I didn't extensively test these but one thing I know is the bug about Power not regenerating... ever. Fortunately power is only used for a few things, unfortunately one of those things is the Heal Spell. And yes, they are working on that bug too.


It takes a LONG time to gather from a node, though I'm told training the appropriate skill decreases the time I wasn't able to train my skill very high during my testing to see it for myself. There is currently no Animation or Progress Bar for gathering, I think they said that is a high priority to add considering I think it takes 15 seconds at base skill to harvest a node. Harvesting is very much like WoW in regards to clicking the node, but there are no tool requirements and you don't know what you are going to get. All "ore" nodes are "Shiny Rocks" or something like that. You don't know if it is going to give you Coal, Cinnabar, Iron or Gems just by looking at it.


I managed to collect enough Iron Ore and Coal to craft some Steel Ingots, this is the extent of crafting that I managed to do because of a lack of XP, if I just had another 3-4h worth of xp I was told I'd have enough for the training in Weapon smithing to have some recipes. It took a little over 7 minutes to refine the ore into ingots with the skill level I had. I stuck around and waited but you don't have to.

One last bug, though I know they know about it considering I heard coming from behind me a "Is he hovering?" and I got to explain that it was a trick of the lighting and shadows because my Hair was fully visible to at least me while stealthed, don't know if others could see it, and it cast a shadow while the rest of the character didn't cast a shadow while stealthed.

That is pretty much the extent of my testing in that short of time. Graphics looked fairly good and I can't wait to play some more.

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I just got the Shipping Confirmation on this and it lists the WRONG address. I changed it over two weeks ago and deleted the address it is sending to.

If this has not been picked up please fix it ASAP!

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Ok, assume the following

I have
A Necklace of Adaptation
A Clear Spindle Ioun Stone
A Ring of Feather Fall
The ability to cast both Keep Watch and Endure Elements daily.

And finally, a Decanter of Endless Water.

Assuming I can get into Orbit, say via a Teleport Spell and I use the Decanter of Endless Water for Thrust how long would the trip between the planets take?

The time it takes to get from Akiton's orbit around the sun to Golarion's orbit is sufficient as it would take less then a year additional by back tracing the orbit to meet up with Golorian.

Please note, this is only a semi-serious question, I have no intention of having my character actually do this.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

As the subject says, is there any chance we can get our Physical Rewards delivered at PaizoCon since it will be shortly after things are currently scheduled to ship? It should save some money on shipping that can go to make the game better :)

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

The recent E-mail about the kickstarter suggested we could still add the Print Pack Add-On, however going to my pledge management on this site I can't add anything. I was really hoping I could get the print pack Add-On.

Is there a way to still get it?

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Is there an available Community Use or Fane Site Package for Images and Icons that we can download and use for Fan Site and Guild Site Use?

Grand Lodge

Ok, now that anyone who knows what those feats do has a headache, I'd like to know when, or to be more specific, where are the AoOs granted for Greater Trip when I throw an enemy from say 15' in front of me to 10 feet behind me.

And yes, RAW I can do that.

If I have an Ally next to the enemy when I trip him can they take an AoO against him?

If I have an Ally next to where the enemy lands can they take an AoO against him?

I assume only one of the above can be true.

Can I take an AoO against him? (I assume no if the first question is a yes and yes if the second question is yes.)

Now, if he only provokes in the square he started in, which makes sense with AoO temporal physics, can I use my AoO to Disarm him and his weapon stays there while he flies a total of 25 feet away from it? (Assuming he was 10 feet away when I did it instead of 15 due to the threat range of the whip.)

On a last note, yes I know the movement caused by Ki Throw does not cause them to provoke, it is Greater Trip that is causing them to Provoke.

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So Good aligned Warpriests have the cleric ability to spontaneously cast Cure spells. Additionally Warpriests with the Healing Blessing have the ability to cast Prepared Cure Spells on themselves as a swift action.

So, can a Good aligned Warpriest spontaneously cast a Cure spell as a swift action by converting say Bless into Cure Light Wounds?

Grand Lodge

Lets say two level 20 Lore Warden's (Fighter Archetype) are fighting each other.

If Lore Warden 1 rolls a Natural 20 and uses their level 19 ability to auto confirm, can Lore Warden 2 force them to roll it anyway by apposing it with an Acrobatics Check (Level 11 ability Hair's Breadth) or does their need to be a confirmation roll to start with to use that ability?

I think it's the later, no roll to counter so you can't negate it that way, but am curious on others opinions.

On another note, lets say some character attacks a Lore Warden with Hair's Breadth and rolls two natural 20's, one to hit, one to confirm. Lets also say they have a +10 to their confirmation roll and the Lore Warden has a +20 to their Acrobatics skill checks. Can the Lore Warden roll an 11 or higher on the die for Acrobatics (31 total) to beat the total 30 confirmation roll and reduce the critical hit to a normal hit?

I read it as the later on this one as well because the roll is to beat the confirmation roll, not to "set" a target AC for the confirmation roll.

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Amulet of Mighty Fists wrote:

This amulet grants an enhancement bonus of +1 to +5 on attack

and damage rolls with unarmed attacks and natural weapons. Alternatively, this amulet can grant melee weapon
special abilities, so long as they can be applied to unarmed

Now I ask the questions about various specific special abilities.

Grayflame: Do I spend 1 channeling use and all my natural weapons gain the bonus?

Furryborn: Does each hit even with different natural weapons add to the bonus for all natural weapons or do they each count their own.

Finally, the one that will throw off people who will say the first two are over powered if they are counted the same weapon.

Spell Storing: Can I store a different spell in each of my natural weapons?

There are other enhancements that have similar questions for them, I picked these three because they encompass most of the issues that would come up.

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Fly Skill wrote:
You cannot take this skill without a natural means of flight or gliding. Creatures can also take ranks in Fly if they possess a reliable means of flying every day (either through a spell or other magical manner, such as a druid’s wild shape ability).

So, if I buy a Glider (Ultimate Combat p187) would I then be allowed to take ranks in fly?

It is really annoying having the restriction on a low Int character that won't be getting wings until level 10 or 11. I can't exactly start dumping all my skill points in fly just as soon as I get the wings to get it up quickly when I'm only getting 1 or 2 points a level.

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I swear I've read it somewhere but can't find it now. Can you ready an action to attack the Weapon of some one attacking you with reach? If they are using a Natural weapon with Reach can you attack them?

I'm now being told it requires a feat (Strike Back), but from what I understood that feat relates to attacking a creature hitting you with a reach weapon as opposed to only being able to attack the weapon.

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Using Liberty's Blessing from the Freedom Subdomain

Liberty's Blessing wrote:
A creature with this boon can, as a swift action, make a saving throw against a single spell or effect it is suffering from that grants a save. The DC of the saving throw is equal to the original DC of the spell or effect. If the saving throw is successful, the effect ends.

Can you remove Blindness inflicted by the Blindness/Deafness spell?

Relevant points of the spell are: It is a level 2 (or 3 for Clerics and Oracles) spell with a duration of Permanent (Dismissible) and allows for a Fort save to negate.

It seems Liberty's Blessing has two requirements to function.

1. The target must be suffering from a spell or effect.
2. The Spell or Effect must grant a save.

The duration of Blindness/Deafness is Permanent, NOT Instantaneous so it is still a spell in effect and can even be dispelled. This suggest it meets the first requirement.

The spell also grants a save, therefore it meets Liberty's Blessing's second requirement, as it says "Grants a Save" not "That a Save can Remove"

So if I am reading this correctly RAW (Please note this is for PFS so RAW is Law unless otherwise noted.) I could use Liberty's Blessing to give 10 attempts (1 per turn for a minute) per use of the ability for the subject to succeed at the save and remove the condition.

Has there already been a Paizo ruling on this already?
Is my interpretation correct?
If not, why?

Please note, this is asking about how the ability works, not if it is over powered because quite frankly it probably is OP.

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Leaf armor is always Masterwork and is identical to Studded Leather armor except it contains no metal. Listed price is 500g

Darkleaf can be used in place of leather and costs +750g for light armor and is always masterwork, with the masterwork price included in the listing.

So, would Darkleaf Leaf armor cost 1100g (500 + (750 - 150)) or 1250g (500 + 750)

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So, I have a character who played in

Quest for Perfection 1-3

and got a boon allowing them to add an animal to their list of animals they can choose for an animal companion, but it says if they have the class feature.

So, does the Feat Animal Ally give the Animal Companion class feature for this purpose?

Grand Lodge

I am playing a Whip Master and have two whips that do different things. One is better with damage, the other causes sickening when it hits but has no bonus damage. I do not have Two Weapon Fighting, but I do get 2 attacks per round from my BAB and when I trip things it causes whoever I tripped to provoke an Attack of Opportunity.

1. Can I trip some one with one of my whips, then take the AoO to attack with the other whip without incurring TWF penalties?

2. Can I attack with one whip in my first attack of a full attack, and with the other one on my iterative attack without TWF Penalties?

3. Would I take TWF penalties if I attack with one whip but take all my AoOs throughout the round with the other one? (I have 5 AoOs a round.)

4. Can I switch which whip I use for AoOs throughout the round without penalty?

Please note, in all instances I am NOT taking any extra attacks by virtue of having two weapons in my hands, just changing which whip I am using for each attack I would normally get.

Grand Lodge

I've got a bit of an odd question.

So I have a Fighter Feat I decided I no longer want and a Non-Fighter Feat I decided I want instead.

Basically my list looks like this (in the order of selection)

No Restriction Feat: Feat A
Fighter Bonus Feat: Feat B
No Restriction Feat: Feat C
Fighter Bonus Feat: Feat D

We will call the Feat I want to replace Feat D with Feat E

Feat A could qualify to be a Fighter Bonus Feat and is a Pre-Requisite for Feat D

Feat B is not a pre-requisite for anything but I want to keep it.

Feat C: a pre-requisite for my desired Feat E

Feat D: The Feat I want to remove

How can I do this?

I am assuming it will take retraining a minimum of twice. Once to replace A with E while at the same time replacing D with A.

If I can't replace at the same time, the only other option I see is to retrain 3 times:

First, replace D with any other fighter feat (Feat F)

Replace A with E

Replace Feat F with Feat A.

Would this be the only way.


In the process of looking up my feats and when I took them, I just noticed I have A and B swapped, I receive them both at the same level due to one level of Cleric and looking at my original feat plan it lists Feat A as being selected as the Bonus Fighter Feat and Feat B as being the Non-Restricted Feat selection that could be a Fighter Feat.

This means I can retrain twice, First replacing B with E then D with B.

I would still like to hear what options I have in the first instance despite finding it isn't my current situation as such a situation is bound to come up.

Am I reading the rules correctly?

On a side note, for me it is important to know how many times I have to retrain as this is for PFS, gold isn't an issue but Days translate to the much more limited Prestige at one per day of training.

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So, there are a bunch of nifty magic items out there intended for Animal Companions or just Animals that travel/fight with you without being bonded.

Vermin however are not "Animals" their type is "Vermin"

Can a Vermin use an item such as a War Saddle, or Bridle of Tricks on their Vermin Companion? (Assuming it has the slots for such items.)

If not, what if their Int is increased to 1+ do they then count as Animals?

Grand Lodge

This is a question about the Arcanist Class in the upcoming Advanced Class Guide. I have the final playtest documents and was reading the different Arcanist Exploits. This is specifically a question about Bloodline Development.

Can I select the Sylvan Bloodline to acquire an Animal Companion? (The Exploit does grant the Bloodline Arcana and 1st level Power, which is what that Bloodline power "replaces" for the Fay Bloodline.)

If yes, how does spending a point from my Arcane Reservoir work? (Or would it not work for this Bloodline?)

Grand Lodge

Ok, this really needs an errata or FAQ or something before some one actually does this... I know, I'm going to say it and some one will say HAY, I should do that. Please don't. :P

Now, I did mention the Hunter in the title, that is just because it is easiest for them to do it, in reality anyone with an Animal Companion can.

If I take the Teamwork Feat Escape Route, and my Animal Companion gets it (hunters at level 3 grant all teamwork feats they have to their ACs without the AC needing to qualify)

Now, lets say my AC can be a mount, and I'm riding said mount. Technically RAW this means that none of my movement ever provokes AOOs as I am only moving through the same square/adjacent squares as my AC who is my teammate for the Escape Route feat.

If this is as intended, then Fine, but I seriously doubt it is as intended.

Grand Lodge

So, what tricks are absolutely required for an Animal Companion to be considered a Combat Trained Mount?

I ask this because not all Animal Companions have the ability to learn 6 tricks. Specifically, I want a Giant Wasp Animal Companion which only gets bonus tricks, but at level 4 I can increase its Int to 1 which will allow a total of 5 tricks including the 2 bonus ones.

The Combat Training purpose requires 6 tricks, so do I need all 6, or can I skip one?

On a related note, can I give my Animal Companion a Headband of Vast Intellect +2 and train it 6 more tricks? (Yes, Wasps have a Headband Slot)

If yes can I select Linguistics for the headbands one skill and teach it languages? (To understand, not speak, just like you can do with an AC that already has an Int of 3 or higher that you have learn the linguistics skill.)

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According to the rules 30% of magic weapons shed light.

For PFS, with the general lack of rolling for such things does the player get to choose? Do they all not shed light, do they all shed light?

Grand Lodge

I got to talking with a local PFS coordinator about the Titanic ability for Armor and he mentioned about how Intimidate receives Bonuses or penalties for size differences. (Bonuses for being bigger then your target, penalties for being smaller.)

Now, I know RAW Titanic Armor would not effect Intimidate (unless you use the once daily ability to become larger) because it says "Special Attacks" but would this be considered a valid use (aka RAI) to use it for Intimidate.

It is generally considered RAI for combat maneuvers such as Trip, but those are attacks and Intimidate is a Skill.

Considering it is a +3 ability I don't think it would be overpowered.


Titanic Special Property

Bonus Equivalent = +3

A suit of armor with the titanic ability is almost comically oversized, though the effect is superficial and the interior fits a creature normally, with no adjustments necessary. A creature wearing titanic armor is considered one size category larger for the purpose of using or being affected by special attacks that depend on size, such as swallow whole and trample. Once per day on command, the wearer can increase her size as if using enlarge person (even if the wearer is not humanoid) for 1 minute. In addition, once per minute as a free action the wearer can add the armor's enhancement bonus to a single Strength check or combat maneuver check, or to her CMD against a single combat maneuver. Because of its great bulk, the armor check penalty of titanic armor is increased by an amount equal to its enhancement bonus.

Grand Lodge

Any idea when we might see at least a preliminary list of Favored Class Bonuses for these classes?

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I have a boon that gives me a discount on magic items that have a spell with the Good Descriptor as a prerequisite.

How do I use this exactly?

Must I buy a NEW items or can I Upgrade existing items and get the discount.

If I can Upgrade an existing item, do I pay the price of the discounted item minus how much I paid for the original item?

If I Upgrade the item in the future, do I continue to get the discount. (The Boon is unlimited use.)

The Wording

You gain a 10% discount on any magical items that requires a spell with the Good descriptor as a spell prerequisite. This discount does not stack with other discounts.

Where the Boon comes from

Season 5 Special

Grand Lodge

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I was reading the description of how the Synthesist Summoner works. I had heard that people had been abusing it with multi-classing monk to get the monks Wisdom Bonus to AC and dumping all other stats to max out Wisdom.

From what I read, this shouldn't work, they would lose the AC bonus AND flurry of Blows when in Eidolon form.

Synthesist wrote:
The Synthesist wears the eidolon like translucent, living armor.
Monk wrote:
When wearing armor, using a shield, or carrying a medium or heavy load, a monk loses his AC bonus, as well as his fast movement and flurry of blows abilities.

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