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Current Campaigns

Doug's King in Thorns (Tier 7-8; Outpost VI)

GameMaster GM Doug H

Doug's Strength of Thousands Campaign

GameMaster Character Turn Emulation DroneGM Doug H

SoT (Semester 1-4 Year 4): Map & Reference, Quest Board, Handouts, Macros | Loot

Dungeon Master S's "Shadows at Sundown"

Character Turn Emulation DroneGM Doug HSadlark

Tactical Map | Strategic Maps | Korvosa | NPCs | Handouts | Campaign Tracker

Default Exploration:

Initiative assumes xxx is Scouting
[dice=Black Dhougal]d20+17[/dice] (Detect Magic)
[dice=Crowley]d20+18+2[/dice] (Search)
[dice=Esme]d20+20[/dice] (E, Search)
[dice=Sadlark]d20+20[/dice] (Investigate, Trapspotter (M))

Party Perception:

[dice=Black Dhougal]d20+17[/dice] (DV)
[dice=Crowley]d20+18[/dice] (M)
[dice=Esme]d20+20[/dice] (E)
[dice=Sadlark]d20+19[/dice] (E)


GM Blake's Fist of the Ruby Phoenix Campaign

GM Doug HProfit Humble Measure

Character Macros | Loot
Qualifier Rules | Hexploration Activities
Map of Bonmu | Artwork
Battle Map
Phoenix Necklace Obtained
Silver Feathers: 6

GM Blake's PF2 Extinction Curse Campaign

Character Turn Emulation DroneEphraim CritchlowGM Doug HMr. Splinters

GM Tyranius (PF2) Dark Archive Case Files

Character Turn Emulation DroneGM Doug HToadclobber Pust

GM Tyranius (PF2) Gatewalkers

EzgaraGM Doug H

JChapman's Signal from the Electric Laboratory (Closed)

Dr Talos

Kobolds of the Crowned King

GameMaster Character Turn Emulation DroneGM Doug H

Pirate Vaults

Character Turn Emulation DroneYan Tovis

[Outpost VI] The King in Thorns - GM Thread

GM Doug H

[PF 2e] GM Ladile's A Fistful of Flowers

Chef PopcornGM Doug H

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