GM Bret’s Outpost II Doom comes to Dustpawn! (Inactive)

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Doom Comes to Dustpawn
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Outpost II
Module: Doom comes to Dustpawn!

Player Notes

Invaders from Space!

When the iron mines that made Dustpawn so prosperous played out not long after the Goblinblood Wars of Isger ended, the city shifted its focus from mining to goat herding with quite a bit of success. Things have, as a result, been quiet and calm in Dustpawn for the past several years, but that quiet is shattered the night a strange falling star roars across the sky above town to crash somewhere in the hills several miles to the south.

When several locals eager to find the fallen star and strip it of its ore go missing, it becomes apparent that whatever has fallen from the sky is much more than a mere meteorite. There are those in town who claim the falling star was in fact a ship, and now a strange malady is creeping through the townsfolk.

Can you discover the truth behind the falling star before doom comes to Dustpawn?