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NobodysHome wrote:

One of NobodysHome's Major Pet Peeves: People who use tried-and-true phrases incorrectly to the point that they no longer serve the purpose they're supposed to.

Today's Example: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

This is a short sentence that uses every letter of the alphabet: A 35-letter sentence that uses all 26 letters. (And yes, I've even read up on attempts at other sentences that try to do it in fewer letters, but this one is still the most memorable.)

The sheer number of times this is put in the past tense ("The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog") drives me to distraction. Not only is it one letter longer, but WHERE'S THE S?!?!?!?!?!

There are others that annoy me ("I could care less." "Oh, really? So you do care?"), but this one is a simple check of all the letters in the alphabet (really important when buying an old-school typewriter) that people have started misusing so that it no longer serves its original purpose.



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See Dan.

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Tacticslion wrote:
Tin Foil Yamakah wrote:
Good evening all



(Also, if you're interested, I can send you a Discord invite for DaWtL, if you do that sort of thing.)


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Scintillae wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

Don't forget that this is the exact same mom who came with us on the choir trip a couple of years ago to keep her son safe from his depressive periods, and proceeded to sleep through my phone calls when he finally locked himself in a hotel room while having suicidal thoughts.

Oh, THAT I will never forgive her for.

Obviously I made the right choices and he survived, but having an unprepared, untrained chaperone deal with that ****? For that, I will never forgive her.

......I have no words.

I do! But the website will just censor them anyway.

So, I'm just going to bark at shadows and then spend a good ten minutes vigorously licking my balls.

B#!~!! Cunt! F@$~er!

Man, so many words I've learned today!

Peace out, b$%#%es!

F*%# cats, man!


Begins chewing on a slipper while staring at the window suspiciously, waiting.

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Freehold DM wrote:
lynora wrote:

Ugh, Pixar. I loathe Pixar. I don't care for the animation style, and I really don't care for the storytelling. It's sloppy and relies too much on manipulating the audience's emotions. People keep telling me how wonderful their films are and I'm like, are we even watching the same movie? Because that totally sucked and I want my time back!

Tl;dr: I feel about Pixar much like Freehold feels about Whedon

even...even Up?


Miss Kitty wrote:
The Mad Comrade wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:
What if they were goblin kittens from the Elemental Plane of Fire?
Step up your game to cone of cold. ;)
decanter cardboard box of endless kittens?

Oh come on!

I'm pretty sure i saw a couple of those f%#$ers go through twice.

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lynora wrote:

Hah. Okay, now I feel better for having vented about that. And I even edited out all of the curse words! ^.^

Why'd you f+**ing do that, those are the best f~#@ing parts. :-)

There's a such thing as a "dry rub"

brushes sandstone out of fur.

But it's not as fun as it sounds.

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starts humping Kjeldorn's leg instead.

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Limeylongears wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:
Captain Kiani the Blue wrote:
Yes! No Grave but the Sea (Alestorm) is out!! Grrreat!

Just arrived Wednesday and Impus Major (of course) had to put on, "No Grave but the Sea for Dogs".

Which is an even better album, because it contains an "explicit lyrics" warning.

Darn those dirty dogs!

(For those who don't know, as a joke, Alestorm put out "No Grave but the Sea" as a two-CD set: One CD is the album, and the other CD is the "for dogs" version where all lyrics have been replaced by dogs barking. So somehow, some of those dog barks contain 'explicit lyrics'. No, I cannot explain.)

Have you tried playing it to a dog?

F++#ing A man, that's some f~#&ed up shit! Goddamn f&+#ing A! where did those a+*+&!!s learn to motherf!$&ing bark like that.

Edit: F#%! yeah! Naked dog b$%%~es, and there isn't a goddamn f$!$ing thing you can do about it!

Begins humping the throw pillows on the FaWtL couch.

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What a maroon!

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Oh good, is today my birthday! I am so very excited for my birthday! It will be a very good birthday, oh yes it will.

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#6 Aloha!

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F!!#ing A right!

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Tangent101 wrote:

*eyes his own puppy*

Given the farts he occasionally lets out, I'm not sure how delicious he would be....

Oh sure, blame the dog!


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Emperor Floyd wrote:

Cats or dogs?


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I should probably get some therapy.

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I was owned by George Carlin, do you really want me to f@+!ing repeat them.