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F~&! cats, man!


Begins chewing on a slipper while staring at the window suspiciously, waiting.

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Our dog has recently discovered he farts.

He'll be laying down looking out the window, suddenly a little toot emerges from the other end. His ears perk up, and he looks around sniffing before casting a suspicious eye at his backside before giving it a confirmatory sniff and another suspicious glance before returning to squirrel duty.

I recently found out that sometimes when I sit down on the same couch as my dog, he’ll lift his chin up and refuse to put it down until I stick my feet under him.

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I got a new puppy (7 months old) about 10 days ago. He thinks cuddling is a combat sport.

He also thinks me putting on socks is an invitation to play, and that both the socks and my feet are chew toys.

Also, any time I'm on the floor, for anything, is an invitation for play.

Basically he just wants to play all the time. And by play I mean "chew on me".

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