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Clagnar is Correct. Get double slice early. Then get power attack, you want to have both by 7th level if not 5th.

With a Ranger of this type at high levels there is no need to ever have a dex over 15 unless you want more AC. Your stat bumps should go to strength as a strength based Ranger. Strength will improve your to hit and damage, and allowing you to power attack more often and improve the value of double slice.

The builds that rank double slice low are for 14 strength or less. AS soon as you are at 18+ strength Double slice is a high priority. When you wear a belt of strength the value only greatly increases.

Don't worry too much about ranged feats. If you have to use as a back up you are likely talking about flying creatures so you wont need point blank (not close enough), wont need precise (not in melee) etc... just get a composite longbow with +4 strength and you'll be doing enough damage and enough to hit to be fine. It is a backup weapon. Double Slice and Power attack are more important to your core build.

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Jiggy wrote:

How about a table full of melee types with Outflank, Combat Reflexes, Gang Up, and some keen weapons?

Our PFS group of Hellknights does this but with Fauchards and paired opportunist as well ... plus some shared teamwork feats to complicate things further. We have fun but I think we hurt judges brains... it gets too complicated.

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I looked at the how to upgrade items and how to upgraded a bonded item FAQ and I get it for the most part, until you get to a Signifier's Mask.

The Mask itself is not a magic item. So it is not covered by named magic item. Also the Hellknight signifier class says it stacks with the class that gives you the bonded item to figure out what it can be upgraded into it. so obviously it is intended to be upgraded in some fashion.

Now if it was a Ring... it could be "upgraded" to function as a ring of protection or as a ring of freedom of movement or any other type of magic ring. But it is still your original bonded ring.

As a Mask which takes up the helm slot; Can it then be upgraded to function as a helm slot item? Such as a circlet of persuasion? Does it work just like the ring, amulet, wand or staff would but as a Helm slot?


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Michael Brock wrote:

1) Make 7 player tables illegal. This is the single biggest complaint I had as a Venture-Captain in Atlanta. It almost always make for a poorer experience at the table for both GMs and players. That one extra player at a table really does drag the game down.


Please do not do this. While large tables are not ideal, and are generally avoided they are occasionally necessary. Conventions often have difficulty finding enough judges or players of the correct levels to balance well into tables of 6 or less. So occasionally they have a 7 person table. Without that then someone would have to sit out. It is no fun to be the person at a convention with nothing to play.

7 is the odd number. If there were 8 people then you could easily make two 4 person tables and work things out that way. But with 7 you cannot split things well (if there is a judge available) I'm not sure a table of 3 is legal or not I forget but it shouldn't be if it is.

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I do have a 12th level Barbarian named Witch-Hunter he got to 12th level from Gencon to Gencon so 1 year. He retired during this year's special.

He has been raised only once thanks to Breath of life and cocoon. But I have had breath of life cast on me at least 3 times and cocoon too many to count.

Dr. Smite has been nearly retired since some time in year 1, but I haven't played him since last year GenCon.

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The Divine Hunter gets precise shot at 1st level as a bonus feat in place of heavy armor which is not a loss on an archer.

Which means a human Paladin at first level can have point blank, rapid and precise shot; deadly aim at 3rd, Open 5th, Manyshot 7th, open 9th and Improved precise at 11th. The divine Hunter Paladin because of the bonus feat will get the feats sooner than an inquisitor.

The open feats could be weapon focus at 5th and snap shot at 9th or extra lay on hands or extra channel or any number of intersting feats.

The number of stats needed by a paladin is the same or less than an inquisitor.

A paladin Archer need Dex, Str, Cha
An inquisitor Archer needs Dex, Str, Wis (because they are potential skill monkeys then cha and int help out and make them tougher to dump.)

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Thrar wrote:

I'm interested in making a new ranged character with divine powers and/or spells for PFS. Any advice on which would be (1) more combat effective, (2) tactically more interesting, and (3) better party support?

Honestly I would highly suggest looking at the Paladin archetypes from Ultimate combat. The Divine Hunter is an Archer archetype for the paladin. adin-archetypes/divine-hunter

1) I think in general the paladin will be more combat effective. (even more so with the Divine Hunter archetype)
2) Tactically more interesting this is quite subjective. They are very similar in many ways. While the judgments are more flexible they are less power outright than a smite. The bane ability is nice but the weapon bond is better I think. Both have access to the new Litany spells which I think are crazy good. The teamwork feats are not great for archery but they can be interesting.
3) better Support? Well both can be good at diplomacy and other social interactions. Inquisitor pulls a head slightly here when out of combat. However, in combat channel energy, lay on hands and good hope all fall in the paladins playground. The mercies can be quite handy and being able to use them at range with the Divine hunter pulls them a head in the combat support area.

I think the Paladin and the Inquisitor are well balanced with each other. The inquisitor gives you a bit more spell casting and general flexibility. While the paladin outputs more damage in most situations and has a strong core role and support during combat.

If your goal is to be the parties primary ranged attacker go paladin.
If your goal is to primarily support the party in any situation and be okay at archery then go inquisitor, but if you really want to focus on support then look at bard.

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InVinoVeritas wrote:

ETA: I don't have UC so I have no idea what the answer is, but would an Oracle/Ninja be a good solution here?

Ninja and oracle can be a good combination because they both benefit from high charisma. You give up evasion but there are some really good ninja tricks. Climbing and pressure points come to mind for a build like this. Though vivisectionists mutagens can be tough to beat.

Lately I have been fascinated with using combat maneuvers in fun ways.

Currently I'm liking the Cleric of Besmara (The pirate Queen, goddess of ship wrecks) She is an equal opportunity goddess in that she is famous of raiding both heaven and hell. She is Chaotic Neutral and has a strong ties to pirating but she sounds like a fun god to worship. Since she is neutral you can go either positive or negative channeling which is nice or versatile channeling. I think a cleric of her could be a lot of fun if the personality is suiting to you.

She has the Oceans sub-domain which I think is fun.
Surge (Su): As a standard action, you can cause a mighty wave to appear that pushes or pulls a single creature. Make a combat maneuver check against the target, using your cleric level + your Wisdom modifier as your CMB. If successful, you may pull or push the creature as if using the bull rush or drag combat maneuver. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

So if you can swing it you could take a 13 strength (or 11 strength plus a belt +2) take power attack, improved bull rush and eventually greater bull rush to make your surge even better. Or Improved drag etc or both! Getting the Greater versions allows the movement to provoke AoOs which is huge when you have a few friends with combat reflexes.

Also she has some other great sub-domains & domains. Deception, Storms, Tactics and protean. All of which are some of my favorites.

Now if The Queen of Pirates isn't your thing there is always Gozreh.

He is a major neutral god of balance with nature. I think he could be boring if you focused too much on being neutral. But you could go all super hard core Darwin survival of the fittest attitude. That could be fun. Any he also has the oceans domain for surge but he additionally gets the Wind sub-domain of air. Which is also very intriguing to me.

Wind Blast (Su): As a standard action, you can unleash a blast of air in a 30-foot line. Make a combat maneuver check against each creature in the line, using your caster level as your base attack bonus and your Wisdom modifier in place of your Strength modifier. Treat the results as a bull rush attempt. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

You can knock people all over the place with this combo and have a blast doing it. Now it is unclear with this power if improved bullrush would help but if it does it makes a great combo. It will likely be up to your DM.

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Mark Moreland wrote:
An FAQ entry has been made on reading lips and what the consistent, campaign specific interpretation of the RPG rules should be:
PFS FAQ wrote:

What does a deaf oracle (or other deaf PC) need to do in order to read lips?

In Pathfinder Society Organized Play, any PC may learn to read lips with a rank in Linguistics as if they had learned a new language. When reading the lips of a speaking creature within 10 feet in normal lighting conditions, the reader need not make any skill checks. In situations of dim lighting, extreme distances, or to read the lips of someone trying to hide their words from the reader, the reader must make Perception checks (DC determined by the GM based on the situation). A lip reader may only understand spoken words in a language it knows.

What about the Pathfinder Society Sign Language that appears in the novel “Price of Wolves”? I believe that there were some other references to the Society having their own sign language but in the novel it is how one of the main characters (who is an oracle) communicates.

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Just be fair warned that Urgathoa is going to be a challenge. She is an evil deity and as a goddess of undead and diseases her minions are occasionally your enemies in a module.

That aside I have a friend playing the Deathlord Archetype and he worships Urgathoa and uses his negative energy to great effect. He is not a primary healer and is significantly hampered in his abilities when he has to act as one. When he does have to heal he makes good use of his undeath sub-domain ability to make us respond as undead to his negative energy channeling. He also often finds it difficult when playing with people who do not respect his characters religious views. Some of whom are his friends as we often accidently kill some of his minions. He has hard a hard time at several tables with peoples expectations of what a cleric does.

He only wears light armor and is more of a caster than a Channel Smiter. Moving 30ft each round helps him avoid people he can't safely selectively channel around. He has spell focus Necromany and Gspell focus Necromany, selective channel, improved channel and extra channel as his feats.

I also have a 11th level Cleric of Gorum who channels Negative Energy. I have an effective Charisma of 20 (Rod of splendor) so I can exclude 5 people. However, Extra people or Animal Companions often suffer. Dr Smite does not make apologies often, but I as a player do so ahead of time. I just took Versatile Channeler at 11th but I have not had the chance to use it quite yet. I have often run into people being very disappointed that I’m a negative energy cleric and I that I actually role-play Gorum’s religion. Since that happened I started telling musterers that I’m a fighter with an ability to use a cure light wands or a dps caster ;) I do take one cure spell at nearly every level just in case it is needed. I even pack a Heal if I have a low ac barbarian along.

I love my phylactery of negative channeling. I highly recommend it over a headband of wisdom or charisma. Invest in an ioun Stone for a +2 wisdom and a Rod of splendor for a +4 Charisma bonus item. While this is pricier than some options I have found it extremely effective.

I went with power attack, Channel smite, Heavy Armor, selective channeling, extra channeling, Improved Channel and versitle channel I think. It has been a bit since I played him.

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Organizing a convention as large as Gencon is a HUGE undertaking. All in all I think things went remarkably well.

The boons were a huge hit, the interactive was better than previous years. However, the ending of all persons rolling a 20 turned sour in many people’s eyes. There were many tables that were rocking the event and accomplished way more than others but that is not recognized with a random winner ending. *note that my table was not rocking the event so I was never concerned for us winning* It would have been nice if there had been a winning table per tier, but no answer will please everyone.

One of the greatest difficulties was actually trying to play with friends who all attempted to get tickets for the same events. But were unable to because there were only 12-18 tickets per event. In order to correct that I would suggest a slight variation on how you schedule events for next year.

I would highly suggest Running an alternating schedule format. So instead of running 10-12 different events in every slot each with 3 tables. Run 5-6 events with 6 tables each. This will foster a lot easier mustering and allow friends to more readily be able to get tickets to the same events. Also this will minimize the complexity of judge arrangements and likely ensure more often having appropriate apl tables. Also this will allow you to send One game to each marker in the room instead of two or three games to one Iconic marker.

Now for multi-round modules that is not always best but for the ones that are single round events it works fine. So it is not by any means a solve all your problems kind of approach. However, in my experience as a con coordinator, and judge at previous conventions and gen cons it makes things a tad less complex and much easier to manage. I think it will save your players and mostly your Muster Captains a lot of work. It will also give a greater chance for groups of friends to buy tickets for the same event each slot.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Paladins are lawful good. They can still be Hellknights, because not all Hellknights worship Asmodeus. In fact, I'd say most Hellknights do NOT worship Asmodeus. Paladin Hellknights would generally probably worship Iomedae, Torag, or Abadar, I would venture.

Also it seems plausible that they could be part of the Godclaw order and work things out that way. I'm not entirely sure what those implications are entirely yet but I'm exploring them as I go with my low level drill sergeant (err I mean Fighter/Paladin) soon to be Hellknight.

Though it is nice to see someone from paizo state that most hell knights do not worship Asmodeus.

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Speaking of completely groundless speculation I was expecting a certain major company to say oops, that last edition seems to have cost us the lime light. Next year we will also publish our campaign worlds under the d20-pathfinder license. This will give us the possibility to republish everything again.

However, that did not happen. Though I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

One announcement that did happen though was that on Thursday when I went to buy my inner sea magic book it was sold out. So it seems sales were going well!

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I would say that about 85-90% of the people who play wizards create a standard spell list that they prepare every day. Then leave a few slots as variables depending on the situation. But each wizard has their goto spells. This list changes very little in normal situations.

If you look at the previous wizards you play and the spells that they always select - Magic Missile, Shield, Mage Armor, Mirror image, Glitter dust, Haste/Slow, dim door, solid fog etc.. then those are likely the spells you would pick as a sorcerer.

Figure out what your go to spells are going to be and plan accordingly.

I often think of Sorceress that follow a theme as old Specialist wizards IE a necromancer.. ray of enfeeble, ray of exhaustion, false life, command undead, enervate, etc... Most specialist wizards more than generic wizards have an even tighter spell list that they choose daily with likely even fewer variations. So if I do a themed sorcerer I plan those out.

If it is easier for you to think of building a wizard spell list then do so. Take a 10th or 15th level wizard and build their spell list. Identify which spells you cannot do without. Then work backwards to fill in a sorcerers known spells. Eliminating any non-essential spells, or spells that don’t feel like go to spells.

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Todd Lower wrote:

I have been looking at the magic items available but am unsure how to best go about boosting my channeling. As a starting point for this discussion let's assume that I have about 35,000gp and no more than 1/2 can be spent on a single item. So far the only 2 that I have come up with are:

The Phylactery of Positive channeling (11,000)
The headband of alluring charisma +4 (16,000)
Unfortuneatley they are both head slot items. Anyone else have more suggestions?

My suggestion is buy a Rod of Splendor. It is +4 Charisma for I think 25k? Plus you get a neat tent and all that other stuff too.

The Phylactery of Positive Channeling is great and if you are focusing on channeling it is the way to go. 11k

So that is about 36k which is close to what you have to spend.

Otherwise you are looking at buying Ioune Stones which get really pricy. +2 Charisma for 8k or if you have seeker of secrets I think there is a stacking Charisma one but I don't recall what it is off the top of my head only that it is expensive.

Edit: This is what I did for society play.

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I could be wrong but point blank master is not like other combat style bonus feats as per its text it still does have a requirement of weapon focus. So eventhough this contradicts the ranger text I think it stands as a special rule.

From the srd
Point blank master
Prerequisite: Weapon Specialization with selected ranged weapon.

Benefit: Choose one type of ranged weapon. You do not provoke attacks of opportunity when firing the selected weapon while threatened.

Normal: Using a ranged weapon while you are threatened provokes attacks of opportunity.

Special: Starting at 6th level, a ranger with the archery combat style may select Point Blank Master as a combat style feat, but he must have Weapon Focus instead of Weapon Specialization in the selected weapon.

I would replace vital strike with boon companion or weapon focus. As you had stated you don't feel the need for point blank and your short range is 110ft. The only times you should have to move is to get line of effect to a target. Otherwise you will almost always get a full round of attacks.

I find if I have to move I often cast a buff spell with the move or double move into a position that wont require further movement.

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Boots of levitation, winged boots and horseshoes of the zephyr can defeat tremor sense. As stated above, flight beats tremor sense.

The negate aroma spell from the APG deals well with scent.

Blind sight/sense are difficult to beat because of the non-specific why it is describe. Other then sonar effects and silence it is pretty hard to do without.

Though I have never understood that because to sonar having a silence zone move towards you is like a sighted person seeing deeper darkness moving towards them. It is blatantly obvious there is an area that we can't see into.

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To answer a previous questions I need to start at first level, and I'm not interested in being a fighter/witch to take levels in EK. I'm looking at being no more than 1 non witch level. Though an EK witch has some great potential so I'll think on that more.

Noteleks wrote:

I am kind of with Jeremiziah as I would take Witch at first level and join the legion to satisfy your father. But I would continue on with the witch concept and try to prove to your father and the rest of your company that you may not be the strongest Dwarf in the group but you have STRENGTHS of your own that you provide and these unique abilities make the group better because....

Doing both of these will make for a interesting character, kind of reminds me of the Dwarf in R.A Salvatore's novel "The Cleric Quintet" his name was Pikel I believe and he believed he was a Druid. Made for a very entertaining group

I loved the Cleric quintet books actually, one of the few salvatore novel's I really liked.

I think this is what I'm going to do. Wear armor w/o being profficent and take extra hex at first and 3rd level to have more things to do. I'll have to make sure to play up the ill fitting armor and work out saluting so that my helmet falls off etc.. should be fun.

I will try to get a wand of ill omen, enlarge person or ray of enfeeblement asap to help casting while wearing armor and still contributing beyond hexes.

At 5th I think I'll go with still spell unless character development has lead me away from wearing armor then... maybe spell focus or look out teamwork feat maybe or something... dunno yet.

If my group does decide to mandate shield wall then I will take caviler for a mount (as some one pointed out is handy) and bonus teamwork feat, and still spell, it is a few more skill points than fighter and still 2 feats since I would take a teamwork feat anyway.

What do you all think the best Witch patron is for a dwarven legionaire group. Darkness seems like a good buff spell for a whole group of dwarves.. but I'm not sold on the rest of the spells of that patron.

I was thinking of going with the scorpion for the +2 init but not sure it's very dwarfish... even though it has dark vision and tremor sense.

For my first 4 hexes I was thinking between Fortune, Misfortune, Cackle, Slumber and Evil Eye.

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Velderan wrote:

Hrmm...well...on one hand you might consider going bard. That would still allow you to fit the 'arcanist' niche while allowing you to wear armor and it's knowledge based enough that you'd still be able to be a dwarven nerd.

One of the players is already going to be a bard so I don't want to double up that way. Not to mention 5 charisma on my stat array spread really goes against being a bard, sorcerer, or oracle.

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Kyle Baird wrote:
Doctor Smite wrote:

I want to thank you for my best gamming experience all of GenCon.

Dr. Smite aka Witch-Hunter (Morris)


Kyle I had an awesome time at your table too... but I didn't gain a harem of goblins!

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Okay so I need some help in making a character concept work and not completely suck. A dwarven Witch that will wear armor and use a shield.

My Friends and I are building a party of dwarves. We are going to be from the Five Kings Mountains in Golarion and are all part of a dwarven military unit. The Shield Wall (teamwork) feat is virtually mandatory for all of us ideally at first level. We intend to play them like legionnaires and will attempt to fit in as many teamwork like feats as we can. However, my conundrum is that I am playing the “Cadre Mage” and therefore I am not proficient in Armor and Shields by default.

My dwarf (yet to be named if anyone has a good one let me know) is from a very conservative family of dwarven warriors. All the dwarves in the family for generations have served in the dwarven militia. He himself is rather a misfit nerd and unlike the rest of his physically intimidating clan. So his father decides to send him to military school to make him into a real dwarf. His father is fond of such phrases as “A dwarf without armor is a dead dwarf!”, “Real dwarves wield hammers and drink by the keg ”, “Books are for elves, if it’s not carved in stone it’s not worth reading” Etc… He is afraid is son is too wimpy and wants to “man” him up so others don’t think of him undwarvish like. While my dwarf is not very warlike at heart and wants to explore the world of magic.

20pt build to keep it simple Pathfinder Society rules. No more than 1 non-witch level I don’t want to be a magus wanabe I want to be a witch. Here are the stats I was considering.
Str 10 Dex 12 Con 16 Int 18 Wis 12 Cha 5

One option is that I could wear all the gear but not be proficient and just suck up the arcane penalty until I grow out from under my father’s influence and switch to mage armor


Take a level in a class that is proficient in armor and shields and then qualify for the Shield wall feat and possibly other teamwork feats like shielded caster or others.

Hexes have no arcane spell failure since they are supernatural abilities.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

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Azmyth wrote:

This is the Official Azmyth Shout-Out to all my GenCon players thread!

Morris the Witch-hunter

I would love to see who equals whom, on the forums!

Thats me! Elixars of love and goblin tribes make a good story!

Witch-Hunter had a ton of fun in that module. I want to thank you for my best gamming experience all of GenCon. Hope to see ya next year and I'll keep listening to your blog!

Dr. Smite aka Witch-Hunter (Morris)

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Scribbling Rambler wrote:

I run 3 slots Thursday, and will be unable to get my hardcopy prior to those sessions. And there is no way that I will have time to read/digest the pdf prior to my packing & travel to Indy. I suspect many of the 8+ slot GM's will be in the same boat.

Maybe Josh or Con Organizer can work out a deal with the Paizo booth at Gencon to help the thursday judges get their books. If not I'll happily lend my copy to any Judges who want to look through it.

I too am waiting to level my Barbarian to 6th level I'm sure there are some fun rage powers.

If the Fates and Gods of Time are kind to Josh he'll have finished looking at the APG from internal sources and already has a good idea what will and wont work for the Society and begin compiling documentation to be released at the same time as the book (or maybe a few days before so travelers can print it out).

I'm sure he is working on it but I imagine a lot of other things have to get done as well in time for Gencon and for the org play craziness that Gencon is known for.

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Sigurd wrote:

The Pathfinder Savant is an interesting class. In the last 6 levels of the class a player may take a spell from any spell list and add it to his own arcane list as a spell one level higher.

What 6 spells between level 1 and 8 would you add to the wizard spell list if you could?

I'm very curious.

1) Faerie Fire - It negates concealment... Glitter dust does not per raw.

2) Death Ward
3) Freedom of movement
4) Greater Spell immunity (it is nice to be immune to Holy word, power word stun, maze etc...)
5) Fire seeds ( I'm a fan of this spell)
6) Spell staff... cause it should be a wizard spell


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Races of Destiny from Wotc had a healing spell called insignia of healing.
While only healing 1d8+CL it could be used very effectively due to its very large range and ability to cure multiple targets. This was often combined with augmented healing and similar feats/magic items to make it a very potent 3rd level spell.

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The easiest way to enhance this armor is to cast Magic Vestment on it with a high caster level. So buddy up to those handy clerics and ask them nicely for a magic vestment.

Otherwise if you want to increase it to +5 just add 9,000 - 25,000 = 14,00g to the price of the armor.

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Sean K Reynolds wrote:

Some things are not as effective as other things, even in specific situations. That's actually why they invented prestige classes (making the "whipmaster" a viable choice was the original example of why you'd have a prestige class, before prestige classes became corrupted into ways players power up their characters.

I really liked the "whipmaster" prestige class and was sad to see it never converted to later editions. That class made the whip fun to use, and having a third hand and some of the other abilities were great to have. The poor whip is such an unfortunate weapon the only thing going for it is lots of thematic flair and pop culture movie references. So feel free to bring it and other pclasses like it back Sean!

In genneral I like the idea of "weapon" master prestige classes, in which they sacrifice versatility for perfection in a single weapon or make a difficult to use or a less optimal weapon into something fun.

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hmmm I am a bit suprised that you did not include feint and improved feint for the bard.

Feint being based on bluff makes it ideal for a bard.

Also I think its success ration of improved feint will be better than imporved trip.

Improved Feint denies a persons dex bonus for a whole round for all people. This means free sneak attacks for rogues, a lower ac etc. Vs trip which is chancy that it will work at higher levels.

I typically think a bards bluff will be better than their CMB.

I have seen a bard in action with improved trip and improved feint and the feint was often more successful.

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My theory is that it has to do with ducks.


So I float.. does that mean I'm a Witch? When is this play test comming out? I think Lisa said something about a friday... last week so here is another friday? has anyone seen any play test information?

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Erik Mona wrote:

I've heard people requesting more linkages between adventures, more of a sense of "something going on" in the campaign beyond the events of a given scenario.
Do you feel this way?

Yes I do, I think a meta-plot is essential for character buy in. Giving some of the modules tie-ins creates a more complex world and our opportunity to be part of it. I have worked in administering several living campaigns and found that people really crave the meta-plot or multiple story-line modules. Anytime we published a module that was a one off or dealt with an old unresolved issue we got a bit of grumbling that they wanted to be involved in the current themes of the campaign. This enhances their ability to roleplay gives them additional hooks and buy in to the story. One off modules really only allow you to develop shallow rp shtick, where as when a player is faced with an ongoing storyline/plot the things that happen may influence them to grow more depth and become more involved.

You are releasing 36 modules each year? That is really quite a bit. After 36 random adventures I think things would begin to become stale, it lends itself to frivolous and seemly meaningless assignments. It becomes hard to make changes in the world or create consistency when things are not related and may lead to some odd inconstancies in the future. What is the impact of our characters, what is really developing in the world. These are important questions from an rp standpoint and a character enjoyment standpoint. Currently there is none, which is somewhat disappointing.

Being part of a story that is unfolding has far longer lasting impressions on a player then one off adventures. Pathfinder has amazing supplemental information rich detailed world books, complex religions and fascinating political content. A one off module really only lets us dip our toes into the wonderful world that is created. A longer story path will delve deeper into issues, explore things that can’t be done by single modules and give us the sense of depth and wonder that reading the pathfinder books do. The more time invested in a story increases our commitment and investment in its outcome. People will want to save characters for various storylines so they don’t out level content, they may create specific characters inspired by an ongoing story line. I think that a meta-plot is essential for continued growth of the campaign and to retain interest beyond the basic game play enjoyment.

I was really hoping that when season 1 started the modules would be more on the lines of the adventure paths. Those are amazingly good, detailed rich stories that are a campaign. What we have now is a series of games and fails to feel like a campaign to me.

Erik Mona wrote:

Do you wish your in-character actions had more of an impact on the overall "plot" of the campaign?

Should the campaign have an overall "plot" at all?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Actually I think that with 36 modules a year you desperately need one. Otherwise you may end up with a world that doesn’t really make any sense when people try to put the modules together to understand the world.

I would suggest that you have 4 or 5 main story lines and devote 4-6 modules to each story line every year so there are still room for the one off adventures that can be used to explore smaller topics. Now some of those story lines may complete after a year or two but just create more. The 4 or 5 main story lines will tie into the meta-plot or the direction you want the overall story /campaign to go.

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Okay as people pointed out it is not always the best rogue feat. However, I think it is an AWESOME bard feat. I saw a bard 8/fighter 1 or fighter 2 not sure if he was 9th or 10th (I think that was his build) with greater trip and greater feint. He traveled with a rogue (combat oriented) and a sorcerer.

Round 1
Sorcerer enlarged bard
Bard sang, move action feint bad guy, 5ft step
Rogue move up and power attacks bad guy with sneak attack because he is denied his dex.
Bad guy swings at rogue some

Round 2
Sorcerer haste
Bard (now enlarged with whip), 5 ft step, Free action sang, Move action feint, standard action trip (greater) provoked an AOO
Rouge took AOO (still power attacking from previous round) then improved two weapon fighting, power attack with haste on prone sneakable guy. Then 5ft closer to next target.
Bad guy dead.

The rogue got in 7 sneak attacks in 2 rounds, the bad guy acted once.

I saw this combo used over and over again. It was devastating and in a dungeon crawl where the fights are back to back there was no need to recast enlarge.

I had also seen Feint move action, then feint as standard action. Rogue got sneak and the sorcerer's scorching ray spells on second target hit a lot easier when there was not good time or reason for enlarge/trip.

Also Feint is the only ability that trumps uncanny dodge when trying to sneak attack a creature with uncanny dodge like other rogues or barbarians.

So while it is a decent feat for a rogue I think it is an awesome feat for a bard.

Sovereign Court

So in a similar theme the PRD says the following...

Chaotic, Evil, Good, and Lawful Spells: A cleric can't cast spells of an alignment opposed to her own or her deity's (if she has one). Spells associated with particular alignments are indicated by the chaotic, evil, good, and lawful descriptors in their spell descriptions.

Can a CN Cleric of Gorum (which is a CN god) cast good or evil spells or would they be both opposite? Obviously lawful spells would be considered opposite. For example could they cast align weapon (good) or (evil)?

Sovereign Court

I didn't see any mention of the optional class features that are presented with each class in the Campaign book. Can these be used in creating characters or in conversion? There are some very interesting options with several of the classes and they could be a lot of fun.