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Can you please close my account please?

Thank you!

Hey all!

I saw that Abomination Vaults will be getting the hardcover treatment next year. I was curious what led to doing this and is this something that might happen with more 2E APs in the future? For me personally I have a preference for hardcover than softcover (primarily for durability) so I'm really looking forward to getting it.

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After everything that was initially said and current and former Paizo staff weighing in on their account of things, I’m kind of wondering where everything will go from here. I think some positive outcomes that occurred is the love and support the community and employees have shown for each other, those that took and critical look at themselves and appeared genuine enough to voice that they will do better (which is not easy to admit). I suppose the only thing I can think of is how upper level management will treat their employees going forward. I hope some internal initiatives are taken to address what has been said and that their is some transparency to the community as a form of goodwill. Because despite loving the content that is produced, we all love and care for everyone that works at Paizo

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Finally, a chance to share my (tasteful) Lethal Weapon inspired adventure set in Absalom

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Man, look what happens to the forums when CS is gutted and CS morale is low. Makes you wish someone would step in and remind everyone to be civil with each other instead of needless bickering.

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After all that I've read, I think I'm going to stop buying Paizo products both online and in store. I don't like the excuse of continuing to give Paizo money so that creatives, developers, warehouse, customer service, etc. can keep their jobs. That line of thinking to me makes it look like the consumer is the bad guy if we don't keep buying. I think instead I might divert that money to the above's Patreon or whatever platforms they use to help support them. The onus should be on Paizo leadership to fix the issues that are prevalent.

Please treat your employees with professional respect. They are adults and not children. Please do not harass or make an employees life miserable. You will chase away good talent and make the company suffer. If they have to work overtime, please give them a bonus for meeting a deadline. Please give your employees higher and equal pay so that they don't have to constantly do side hustles to keep afloat. If you have to up the price of your products to accommodate that, make it happen. I will gladly pay a higher price for your products just for that. And lastly, please be a industry leader in inclusiveness. Keep pushing the envelope and nurture and support creatives, developers, etc. in promoting inclusiveness. This is a hobby for everyone.

If all the above is met, I will gladly support you.

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Sometimes the scope of a project is changed and it gets delayed, and that’s alright. I’m happy that my portion was able to get this project fully funded and allow additional products to be created. I trust the professionalism of these two companies and I hope that no one overworks themselves that it starts to overlap into their personal lives or that the comments of others ruins their day and stresses them out. All of you do awesome work and I’m excited to see what the products will look like when they’re done!

Also yay Sandpoint Devil :)

How do you pronounce qlippoth? Is it similar to eating a spoonful of peanut butter and saying clippers?

Jeff Alvarez wrote:
Delirious2019 wrote:
Will there be announcements on future products or will that be a wait and see?
Yes, those will occur in the various seminars our staff will be running on Tuesday thru Friday.

Awesome, can't wait :)

Will there be announcements on future products or will that be a wait and see?


Please disregard my request.



Can you cancel the subscription linked to this account?


Misroi wrote:

Quick non-mechanical question - roughly how many wagons are in Bort's caravans? There's at least two, since the PCs ride along in the "last wagon," implying there's a first. I'm thinking three, since Bort is a moderately successful legitimate businessman (and whether he's a successful illegitimate businessman is left to your discretion), so I can't imagine it much larger than three.

Any thoughts?

I think the first paragraph on page 4 has the number of wagons in the caravan (I think six total). I've been assuming that all Bort's employees (including Cooky) are each driving a wagon in the caravan.


Can someone tell me where in the queue my order is to be sent out from warehouse? It's been in pending for a week.


Noven wrote:
When will the SF AP line catch up with the PF2 AP line? It seems out of wack with book 6 coming out this month for SF and book 1 for the PF2 line.

I think I saw a video that indicates this is intentional and it won't be changing (for now).

GM Wayfinder wrote:
For the Caustic Wolf's jaw Strike, if it is successful do I have to expend another action to do Knockdown or is it all done in one action?

A bit late, sorry (I came here since I am running this in PbP and killed one PC and have another who might die now... out of a 4 PC party, all this vs. the Bloodlash Bushes. But it seems no one else had problems there).

Seems it is one action to use Knockdown, which automatically puts the target prone.
You have to have a successful Jaws strike just before (it does not specify that this is in the same round, could carry over to next round?).

Awesome! Thank you!

Quick question. I subscribed to the Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription today. Will me order be rolled into authorization?

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Feros wrote:
Is that...a herd of bulettes?!?!?

I wonder if the collective name is a magazine of bulettes :)

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I like the new cover :)

For the Caustic Wolf's jaw Strike, if it is successful do I have to expend another action to do Knockdown or is it all done in one action?

Is Lower Spite's Cradle supposed to be 1 square = 5 feet instead of 10 feet?

The Sash-Ringing, the Trash-Singing, Mash-Flinging, The Flash-Springing...

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I can’t get over how cool that Khoumrock Blackthane illustration is.

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Rysky wrote:
… what in the hell kinda slug is that?

The giant kind :)

Will all future adventures be hardcover or will it be a mix of softcover and hardcover?

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I would like anadi too and I hope there will be a charau-ka ancestry someday.


I'm relatively new to ordering from Paizo and I tried sifting through the July Release thread sticky to answer my question but I couldn't make sense of it. So apologies for a possible duplicate question.

How long is the expected wait for an order to be authorized and the product sent out from the warehouse? I'm trying to figure out if my order will be sent out before or after the August 1st release date.


Thank you all for your responses!


A bit of backstory to lead up to my question. I've recently entered the TTRPG hobby since July of 2018 and I've only done DMing for D&D 5E. One of the things that I like about this edition from a DMs perspective is that I can just use the core books (PH, MM, DMG) for any of the adventures WOTC releases without needing other sourcebooks (VGtM, SCAG, etc.) to reference.

My group is getting ready to try out Pathfinder 2E when it releases and we're going to do the Age of Ashes adventure path. I don't know anything about how adventure paths were done in the past for Pathfinder 1E, but for future 2e adventure paths can I just use the Core Rulebook and Bestiary like D&D 5E or would I have to purchase additional sourcebooks?


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