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Enemy in Shadows - Warhammer Fantasy

First published in 1986, Enemy in Shadows is an updated version of one of the most iconic campaigns in RPG history.

GM Dak - Ruins of Azlant

Chapter 3: The Flooded Cathedral
Part 2: Exploring Zanas-Tahn

Talmandor's Bounty OL Map / Island OL Map / Combat Map / Loot

Starting Day: Oathday, 3rd of Arodus 4717 AR
Current Day: Wealday, 1st of Neth 4717 AR

Qstor's Post gameday PFS #10-20: Countdown to Round Mountain

What's That Under Nuln?

Sewer Jacks in Nuln are disappearing. Representatives of Emmanuelle von Liebwitz, (Grand Countess of Wissenland, Countess of Nuln, and Duchess of Meissen) have sent the word out for experienced adventurers to explore the Undercity of Nuln and find out what happened to the Sewer Jacks. Rewards are promised.

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