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48 hours currently played on Stellaris (admittedly a couple tabbed out checking the wiki).

After Genetically modifying some of my humans to help with habitation of different planet types, I settle some of the less desirable planets. Few months/years game time later and I'm getting events and pop ups how those people are now genetically modding themselves, getting traits like rapid breeders and strong and calling themselves "Trans-Humans", furthering to terrorist escalation against regular Humans..and terrorist actions back. At this point i realise that with 39 other space faring own people have killed more of my population than "aliens" at this point.

I love this game.

Coincidentally, I'm hoping to one day have the dangerous research triggers happen at almost the same time. I want to see who wins when it's AI uprising Vs Creatures from the Warp.

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Not a serious reply and possibly a bad reflection on my sense of humour.

As the master goes about his morning bathroom routine, as he steps towards the toilet have the robotic Vacuum cleaner be underfoot causing the Master to fall head first into the toilet. As the master is falling use my remarkable AI smarts to calculate the best moment to be lowering the toilet seat so that his head will be trapped in the ring as he suffers from concussion. Now as one of those very fancy toilets usually associated with certain countries, Constantly apply the water-fountain feature into the masters face while playing soft classical music at low volume with a carefully calibrate light in the bowl display.

All in all a tragic drowning accident or just another reason not to trust toilets that squirt back.

Yeah. I'm just going to say with no rules backing at all - I find as successful Spellcraft as 100% proof to be a lacking argument. To me it's just like an art appraiser "This is a piece of work in the style of Vincent Van Gogh" as compared to a failed check "I have no idea, this is art maybe? Could just be splatter on canvas".. I mean no disrespect to Van Gogh there it was merely the 1st name to come to mind.

Then I'd be even more concerned about deception. Even experts can be fooled by clever forgeries, I'm certain there must be some methods out there that make a spell seem to be of another school, magic items to radiate a different aura etc.

Anyway, the subject identifies it as an illusion - Unless the subject is the most egotistical person ever surely they must have some doubt but good grounds to attempt to disbelieve but not automatic in my mind.

Just another person chipping in on the Anxiety front mixed with a few other lesser things. Signs of mental health problems started showing (so I'm told) at age 17, by age 21 I'd become downright reclusive with a touch of paranoia. I honestly thought everyone was out to get me (not in a violent pop-me-off way, just to ..hard to explain). I would stay awake all night and sleep in the mornings without talking to anyone. The paranoid stage passed in a month, no longer did i feel like everyone was out to get me but I still had no desire to socialise.

Jumping forward a few years. Age 25 I first agreed to see a professional about the problem, mis-diagnosed as depression even though I wasn't and still aren't depressed. That put me off seeking medical dianosis and aid for a while. I tried again 8-9 months later and was placed on a CBT course. CBT didn't agree with me, I felt patronised on an intellectual level and it made me angry. I dropped out from CBT after two months and left it again.

Age 27, new Doctor, new approach. Diagnosed with Anxiety disorder based on current symptons and ignoring the paranoid month as irrelevant from years ago. Recommends Group Therapy, drops that recommendation when I explain that outside of the anxiety and panic attacks I'm quite a misanthropist. Get prescribed medications that currently stop the panic attacks and physical symptons and seems happy to leave me at that (as am I happy) because I'm functional within my life. It's not a normal life, I dont/can't deal with people. Answering a random phone ring or the doorbell is something I dont do, I don't go to the shops myself either. I do the physical things my partner requires as they have physical disabilities (impairment, whatever the current correct term is) and they deal with social interactions.

I know my family is..regretful I'm not a social person. They believe I'm missing out on a lot and constantly recommend seeking further help or just encouraging myself to go out more but they don't force me to. I've had some stange reactions when I've revealed the condition to people, they can't quite believe it at first, I apparently look like the rougher more "mouthy" sort of person and not the type that can't really say anything to anyone without bursting out into sweating, itching and fast breathing.

For me, it's just something to accept, it's a part of me and I'm quite willing to ignore people who can't accept it. Family still loves me, partner loves me, life goes on and I'm just glad I don't have things worse.

Sorry for the incoherantness and rambling.

Alternative deity table for Paladins and Anti-paladins based on the "faiths of X" line.

Roll 1d6 on the appropriate table for your class.

1: Abadar
2: Erastil
3: Iomedae
4: Sarenrae
5: Shelyn
6: Torag

1: Calistria
2: Gorum
3: Lamashtu
4: Norgorber
5: Rovagug
6: Urgathoa

On the alignment results and conflicts. I think I'd "fudge" results of conflicts so the results give the class alignment of the class determined unless the result of class on Ravingdork's table was multiclass, I think then I'd accept any alignment/conflict differences as the reason the character switched classes. Could be quite cool.

Any chance of a religion table with just paladin acceptable deities? I figured at 1st I'd just keep rolling until a deity came up with has a paladin code...

Undecided, Norgorber, Undecided, Gorum, No Deity, Gozreh, Cayden, Lamashtu, Norgorber, Calistria, Lamashtu..
I gave up for now.

Then again, I'm considering that if a deity with an anti-paladin code comes up while class is paladin maybe just make an anti-paladin.

Of the major deities my favourites are: Desna, Calistria, Pharasma, Asmodeus.
That said, I find that i can play many worshippers of Cayden, it's just such an easy comfortable fit.

Not the deity herself, but I the Low Templars make me happy Iomedae is about. I wouldn't want to straight up play a goody-goody worshipper of hers.

Forget all the safewords. TMI? :-)

Invest heavily in scissors and nail clippers.

Drink, drink alot, just to check that it works on the organs of course.

102: Your father raised you at least when he wasn't away for days on end or locked up with his studies in the attic talking to himself in tongues. You'd asked around the neighbourhood about your dad but the other villagers would just look sad and ashamed, they told you your dad was a good man and no your family isn't cursed.

Your father has passed away and all that's left to you is a scroll, you're certain it's not magically because dad didn't do magic and it's written in his hand writing. On it is the longest word you've ever seen, you don't know how to pronounce it nor even what language it's in. Beneath the word however in simple common "My child, this is the name of the fiend that possessed your mother, the TRUE name of the fiend. The fiend alone isn't important, it's the Hero of [famous name/title] that is, they ran your mother through when she was possessed. It stopped the demon for a while it ended your mother forever. It's taken me all this time to identify the fiends true name and now I suspect I do not have time to finish what needs to be done. It is my wish that you summon the fiend, force it to possess that so called hero and run them both through. It is a momentous task that shall not be easy, do so, for your mother."

You inherited vengeance and revenge, will you be villainous or a better type of hero.

The Hordes Hoard.

Stop, Eat & Role.

Goblin Grub.

The Orc, Pie and You.

Dungeons and Desserts / Dungeon of Desserts.

THE Starting Tavern.

"You know how you never talk about your past, the tragedy that happened in your village? Well you're spinning out of control and I thought it was time to resolve these issues, so I've been doing a little digging..."

"You're bone tired? I'll see about that."

"I sent message to the Order of Gravekeeper Paladin's. I discovered some thief had been stealing family heirlooms from the dead during my assistant recuitment meetings and I thought they aught to know, I told them to meet us here as my newest assistant would appreciate any help in the safe return of his belonings."

Bumping this thread again. With the news that TSW has dropped it's subscriptions as it wasn't working out so well for them. Are you all still playing or did it turn into a short term fun romp? I'm interested but I keep hearing that it has a lack of staying power and folks seem to think it'll eventually go completely F2P anyway.

Gift recieved, now to thank Berik with the power of my mind...hmm seems I need to level up before that works so this text will have to do. Thank you Berik.

If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to state my hope for Psionics Expanded: Master the Battle. Please and Kindly. Also Happy holiday Season to all.

I think it depends on why the stranger is asking. Is it off the cuff bit of friendly conversation or because they've noticed that you're displaying some noteworthy wealth in some method.

Either way I certainly wouldn't tell strangers I've won the millions.

Joke Answer: R&D of Landmines for a private defense contractor - Now get off my lawn, if you can!

Wealth Signs Answer: House Sitting for the Rich, Present from relatives for jewellery, Rented a supercar for a party...some plausible excuse for whatever really.

Core Races: Most often a Human, all that versatility and it's rare a human isn't suited for any particular region. Next out of the core races it'd be a tie between Half-Elf and Half-Orc, Truely enjoy them both. In 3rd place would be Dwarves. I tend to fall into a select few personalities when playing dwarves and it can get a bit samey-samey.

I don't ever play Elves, Halflings or Gnomes.

Featured Races in the ARG: Ratfolk, of which so far I seem to be their only fan. Sylphs and Tieflings. Ratfolk are infact the only small race I'd consider for PC and both the race archetypes for them seem interesting to me and worth trying.

Before using Golarion as a campaign setting I was fond of Half-Drow as well.

I don't think my last post took my edit in time, incase it doesn't change I'll post the thought here.

That Illeosa has entered into a devil contract is now a catch 22 it seems. Hell now has it's claim on her, even if for whatever reason she did decide to do good she'd still go to hell and well if you're going there anyway you may as well be bad.

If the PC's destroy/anull or somehow steal her soul from Hells claim before Illeosa' turned to good, well that just seems to be denying evil it's just punishment if not actively helping an evil character.

I don't see Kazavon as a corruptor of Illeosa but more of an enabler atleast initially.

I think Illeosa is more than a petty little brat, she does have evil, as in genuine evil desires though most likely she doesn't see them all as evil. Illeosa without the influence just doesn't have the self confidence to enact those desires or truely percieve them on a conscious level (immortality) until she's under the influence.

If it were a cartoon I would say Kazavon would by the whispering devil on her shoulder as opposed to a possessing influence. He'd be "You know, you can do -this- you know."
Illeosa "I don't think I can... What if i get caught?"
Kaz "Of course you can, it's what you want, it's what you deserve and I've got your back, with me looking out for you what could go wrong?"

Over time I'm sure the influence does blind her to other possibilities than what Kazavon itself wants, she just becomes a puppet. Remove the crown, remove the influence and at 1st I'd say she felt it was her own personal desires defeated, over time without any PC working towards her redemption I'd say she'd still be evil and might even seek out another enabler type or alliance just to feel that powerful again. Without the crown though, IF a PC worked on it, I admit there may be a chance, no so much for redemption but atleast education of morals, I don't think alone Illeosa can concieve of a "good" path so it'd be a long journey for a PC to convince her, as with any evil villain that hey, good is actually a better way to be.

TL:DR. Without Kazavon's influence Illeosa would still be evil imo but she'd be an evil that could slowly be influenced around.

Apologies. I actually never played the original Planet Side, Planetside 2 is planned as Free to Play with the option of subscribing like so many other F2P mmo's.

As CapeCodRPGer said however, like Planet Side, Planet Side 2 is an mmo shooter. It features 3 different factions battling it out over a planet. Gameplay revolves around territory control. It's main drawing point for those that like First Person shooters is simply the scale of the maps with thousands of people to a server.

Any other Paizo folks interested in Planet Side 2 or in the beta? It's early stages yet, still quite impressive really.

STR: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 5) = 11
DEX: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 4) = 13
CON: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 1) = 10
INT: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 4) = 13
WIS: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 6) = 12
CHA: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 5) = 7

Looks like a rogue again for me. The spellcasting stats seem a smidgeon too small to be viable as a pure caster.

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Miniature giant space hamster, in cage with lots of tubing.

2 shrunk whales (keeping in mind the size of the ship) just incase you bump into any of those annoying types of space probes.

A breeding pair of skunks or similar alien animal, so you can farm the, lets say unique feature and vent it out onto the hull to repell any horny/hungry space monsters.

So far I've got to say the dlc for this has been disappointing and forgettable. Still, I think the game along was worth it, finally stopped playing after several playthroughs and reaching somewhere in the 120 lvls. It's not quite entertaining enough to keep going until 200.

Best news is that they've announced plans for a sequel. Looking forward to that.

Bit of both. I usually plan ahead on feats and such to reinforce my character's theme but events in the campaign if particulary major for the character can cause me to throw those plans out the window.

Dopplegangers. Always get tricked by them into doing something legally compromising and usually against the wrong npc.

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Player: We're high level characters, let's just take what we need. No one here could stop us, it's just commoners and militia.

Characters take what they needed.

DM: Harmless old betty...starts getting bigger, redder and scalier

Player: Polymorphed Dragon, run!

Str 3d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 2) = 8
Dex 3d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 4) = 14
Con 3d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 4) = 11
Int 3d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 3) = 8
Wis 3d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 6) = 10
Cha 3d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 2) = 6

Halfling rogue perhaps?

A towel, a toothbrush, a paranoid android crew member.

A one-person clone bay, accidents do and will happen.

A little red button hidden deep within the ship...that crew nor designers have any clue as too it's function.

Extradimensional space. The ship should be bigger on the inside than the outside.

An extra bulkhead layer - Darn decompressions.

Spare fire extinguishers, seen too many ships venting into space because of fire and really that's not for me.

"We've planned for everything. There's no way our plan can fail."