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Fala's scream was cut off by the shock and pain she lost her grip on the platform and fell. She was tangled int he spider's webbing so she ended up dangling by a strand upside down swinging haphazardly back and forth.

"I can't jump! It has me pinned! F&!%! Help!"

Fala's frantic yells could be heard from the half-finished staging room that had once been part of the spider's den.

"Ohf+#+! It'sonthelift! It's on the lift!"

Fala's scream rang through the catacombs.

"F@%#! Oh hell! It's in here! IT"S IN HERE!"

Most of the torches are down here! Fala said over the ear cuff. This damn lift is too damn slow! I'll try to toss some up out the top! Tell the guys to head to the top of the hill and catch some!

Nisfeollyn, the Spark cantrip will light things that are made to burn, essentially removing the Survival check necessary to start fires. It is not powerful enough to catch the webs, but it could definitely catch a torch or lantern, which could then be used to catch the webs.

Fala took one look at them and said "Clear the lift! Surveyors coming up!"

She gave them a nod as they waited for the crates to be cleared from the platform.

Fala chuckled. "I'll see what I can find for you."

When you go back to stash your loot, a palate of supplies are being lowered down into the room. A staging area is about half built and Fala has her crew working fast to finish it. She leans in the doorway watching Bladud work, looks at your singed and acid burned equipment and smiles.

"Looks like you boys are having a good time. Whatever was happening sounded pretty messy from here. Glad you're all in one piece. Want me to have Noros appraise anything for you?"

"I know Noros has a few potions on hand. How many do you want?"

Check the loot sheet to see what specialty items the quartermaster currently has in stock.

Fala nodded. "We should be all set up to receive finds down here in about an hour. That rickety ground up there is making it hard to use the regular pulleys. We're having to build a reinforced platform. Sorta like a big raft with a hole in it."

"Oh no? Then why did you drop the book down here and make us rig up the tackle early to get it back to you?" the sharp-tongued crew chief called back up to the surface.

"You need anything?" she said to the surveyors, "We're not done getting set up here, but we have a couple supply crates prepped. Anything you want added in the first load, we can probably do."

The spearmen on the other side of the archway relaxed.

"Good. Lets get this webbing cleared." Fala says to the workers who brought over torches and quickly burned an opening.

"How are you all holding up? Heard about the scorpion. When it showed up in the book I think Jonas about pissed himself."

The work crew stopped at the sound of the the door crashing open and two guards leveled spears toward the webbed over archway.

Fala wiped around at the sound. "If that's a survey team, you have two seconds before we start with the stabbing and burning."

"On it, boss!" Fala called down, taking off at a careful run back down the hill.

Fala looked to the others who hadn't moved, who seemed, like her, unsure of what to do.

"Any of you familiar with unstable ground? Know what to look for? Where's the most stable side? We need an approach."

Knowledge: Dungeoneering DC 15 or Perception DC 20 to spot the stable parts.

If anyone wants to move near the sink hole it will require Balance checks based on weight and how fast you decide to move.

Spotting the stable areas first and/or moving on a plank will give significant bonuses

Fala shook her head and rubbed her face as though pained.

"You alright down there?" she called out.

As the group comes running up, Fala stops abruptly, holding her arms out.

"That ground doesn't look stable."

As she spoke, a large chunk of earth near the big man on the ground collapsed into the hole.

"Bal, you alright?" she called to the man on the ground.

"It's about damn time you all showed up." she said, unwittingly echoing the dwarf.

"I'm Fala. I'm your crew chief for this expedition. You just met Noros, your Quartermaster, but I doubt he bothered to introduce himself."

She holds a portable work table made of two peices of flat wood hinged together. She opens it, pulls out a manifest and starts calling names.

Once everyone was marked off as accounted and the gear was stowed she looked everyone over a little more carefully.

"Afternoon meal is in a quarter of an hour. Be in line if you want to eat. After that, we're going to move to the survey site and-"