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I think meshing cleric and brawler is a great idea because you end up with a new class that you can call the "Crawler". Or, if you prefer, the "Clawer".

baggageboy wrote:
You are going to be attacking DCs be sure to max out your int as you really need your spells to land. Also looking for ways for force rerolls would be a good idea.

This, many times over.

Your one advantage as a solo player is that your encounters should be CR-1 on average, so your enemy saves are going to be a step lower than normal.

If your GM is willing to entertain it, a gestalt approach can help a lot. Though it puts a strain on feats, your overall survivability is going to go up. A gestalt wizard/cleric is going to give you access to healing and spells for status removal, boost your HP, and give you more options in general.

Entymal wrote:
One of the advantages of solo is faster combat.

That's a pretty reasonable argument, so I'll run with it.

The best way to survive a fight as a solo wizard at low levels is to bypass them entirely. When Sleep and Color Spray stop working, there are the pit spells as a single- or multi-target lock-out. Invisibility coupled with Summoning can get you pretty far, as you distract the target with an enemy while you sneak past them (added bonus: you are back to solo combat with that approach, too). Illusory walls and Fog spells let you block ranged attacks while you withdraw. Add Command Undead to that and most low-level opponents become a non-issue.

Conjuration specialist with the Teleportation subschool gives you nice tricks for getting out of bad situations, and Dimensional Steps really opens up options for sneaking past people (Dimensional Steps in particular is pretty vaguely worded: if your GM agrees it's more like Dimension Door than Teleport, then you to have the ability to do short-distance, blind teleports to get into or out of places).

Why would you want the character to handicap themselves? If you aren't going to blast, then why wouldn't you try to use the other resources at your disposal? If you keep excising legitimate class features and spells, then at some point this stops being even an academic exercise.

But, to work under these added restrictions, at low levels I'd load up on the borerline-OP level 1 spells: Sleep and Color Spray. And then cut everyone's throats.

Matthew Downie wrote:

Are stage magicians popular in Golarion?

Magician: "And when I say the magic word, abracadabra, the rabbit disappears! Amazing, yeah? Like, where did it go?"
Audience member: "You probably cast Invisibility on it. It's a pretty common spell."

Real stage magicians use Summon Monster.

Magician: "And the rabbit will disappear in 6 ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ..."

"That's a really nice consolidated financial statement you've got there. It'd be a real shame if someone added an adjusting journal entry to it."

blahpers wrote:
There's no real reason a wizard has to wear robes

...once someone on Golarion invents fanny packs.

blahpers wrote:
Aotrscommander wrote:
Pathfinder wiki wrote:
She is involved in a polyamorous relationship with Sarenrae and Shelyn,
The hell did that become a thing?
Going by the citations and the fact that I don't remember it coming up in The Skinsaw Murders, that leaves Planar Adventures.


This is why we can't have nice things.

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Colette Brunel wrote:
they are fatigued until they rest for 8 hours, because walking alongside a cat is so exhausting.

Clearly, you have never owned a cat.

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Adjoint wrote:
Alkenstar City lays partly in an a dead magic zone, and partly in a primal magic zone. I don't think that in the primal magic zone magic is completely outlawed, but I suppose it may be strictly regulated, as it can have wild results. Possibly only acredited people are allowed to use magic, and only with utmost caution.

If you can get magic to work reliably in the Mana Wastes, clearly you are Up To No Good.

Don't make me start The Lurker's Lurking Thread thread.

Klorox wrote:
Yeah, even though the race in itself is not game breaking, I have a difficult time imagining the character not being slain on sight/lynched depending on whether it's the local military/constabulary, or the populace... gnolls really have an evil reputation.

Kind of like Goblins.


SomethingRandom wrote:
We roll for pointbuy.

Caharcter 1: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 4) = 8

Character #1 gets an 8pt build. Go!

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Most campaigns end when the person responsible for the pizza moves away.

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Step 1: Invent indoor plumbing.

This maneuver works best if the party has a bard on hand to play "Dimensional Boogie".


Reksew_Trebla wrote:
I’m looking at ways to get a breath weapon

Eat lots of garlic.

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Took a correspondence course.

Assembled hundreds of fortune cookies into words of power.

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The thing with Tower Shields is that people realized that they could get their shields online for less money. Now you just don't see them anywhere.

The same kind of thing happened in Camelot.

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I think so. That John Mechalas guy must be some sort of genius.

Well, there are always the classics, like Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Paul van Dyk and Above & Beyond. There's absolutely nothing wrong with going the safe route, especially when you're introducing it for the first time. But, I'd definitely make room for some lesser-known names, like Jason Ross, Nifra and MaRLo, so you don't end up with the same mix as everyone else.

I've always found that the class really suffers from a terrible name.

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Another option for you would be to switch from Pathfinder to Paranoia. This has several advantages:

1. Your deaths will be capped at six (though they may all happen in the same game session).
2. It doesn't really matter whether or not you are familiar with your character, or the rules, or the game setting, so the newbies will be fine.
3. Dying is a lot more fun than living.
4. Having a TPK every game session is more or less a goal.

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tieflingwizard wrote:

Best Class for the Stargazer


8.282J/12.402J Introduction to Astonomy

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How about a few gag items?

Potion or Scroll of Feather Fall
Potion of Hold Person
Potion of Gentle Repose
Scroll of Read Magic

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Can you pick a new GM?

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Thought over acronyms, didn't find results overly gratifying.

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Flesh to Stone should keep you young indefinitely.

Half-elf/human Country Folk Imperious Bloodline Sorcerer of Sleep.

Because all those other character descriptions are too damn short.

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Ouachitonian wrote:
So why are there no half-dwarves?


My best Archer Build: Gunslinger with the Drunken Brawler, Drunkard's Recovery, Accelerated Drinker, and Iron Liver feats. Maybe dip into Monk to get Drunken Master and Fast Drinker, too.

Don't forget your tactical turtleneck.

Coidzor wrote:

How any of us feel about it is not relevant in the slightest, I'm purely interested in this from a rules standpoint.

So far I only see two interpretations of the spell which are not just someone making up a houserule and then pretending that they are not making up a houserule.

Well, you could try going over to the Paizo forums to ask for some free assistance from people who are volunteering their time trying to help others answer questions about a complex rule system when a specific rule doesn't exist.

Be sure to cop an attitude when responses fall short of your expectations, though. That added touch is always appreciated by the community there.

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halfdragon62 wrote:

In The Lands of the Linnorm Kings, rulership is decided by proving your worth and slaying a fey dragon.

So what happens when a ruler dies?

A linnorm gets its wings.

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I just came here to announce that I agree with the opposite of what everyone has said.

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John Compton wrote:
Noting that your character is the secret lovechild of Marcos Farabellus and A. X. Adrius of the Aspis Consortium, though, would be a very dramatically risky claim.

So don't make it a secret, then?

I am feeling very left out.

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Triune wrote:
Coquelicot Dragon wrote:

The entire history of gaming.

Some people post to contribute to a topic.

Some post to try to prove how clever they are.

Some post to bait total strangers because...

Huh. You know, I don't really know why some people do that.

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Bearserk wrote:

We have an all female ...

Did i miss something?

The entire history of gaming.

I'd let you trade BAB for the Run feat. Get the former down low enough and the latter will really come in handy.

Give then ranks in Profession (grocer) and they can start a Haggen.

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My favorite autocorrected PrC's:

  • Aphasic Dancer
  • Beekeeper
  • Broodmare
  • Collegiate Arsonist
  • Diagram
  • Master Chai Mist
  • Rose Garden

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Mary Poppins wrote:
avr wrote:
Chris Ballard wrote:
Umbrella Court Agent
I'd play this.
We are pretty bad ass.

I hear it plays well in The Sodden Lands but elsewhere it's just meh.

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
But I have never personally found LG to be problematic in practice.

Obviously you haven't seen our refrigerator.

Can someone make change for a silver piece?

The short answer is "never".

The slightly longer answer is, "What? You want yet another thing to keep track of?"

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  • What toppings do you want on your pizza?
  • Where should we get our pizza from?
  • Why don't you like pizza and what's wrong with you?

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Removing Karzoug really pares it down.

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fretgod99 wrote:
When you sheath your flaming longsword, the next time you draw it, it will still be flaming. So that helps with some of the time issue.

This would be a good trick for the Decanter of Endless Water, too.

Do you have ranks in Profession (cordwainer)?

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