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David knott 242 wrote:
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Is there any requirements for the Clockwork kineticist talents? What does Spark of Innovation do?

For Mythic Guardian, any hints how Energy Conduit and Guarded Gathering?

Thanks for any help

The clockwork talents are earth talents with a prerequisite of metal blast in addition to level requirements.

Spark of Innovation summons a clockwork earth elemental.

Energy Conduit lets you take some of the energy damage you would have received from an attack against you and use it to reduce the burn cost of a kineticist utility wild talent instead of taking it as damage.

Guarded Gathering gives you a bonus to AC while you are using the gather power class feature of the kineticist.

Thank you

Is it a specific type of AC bonus?

Is there any requirements for the Clockwork kineticist talents? What does Spark of Innovation do?

For Mythic Guardian, any hints how Energy Conduit and Guarded Gathering?

Thanks for any help

Other than Bowling Infusion, is there any substance infusions compatible with the Many Throw form infusion? Aether seems very lacking in substance infusions.

If a person is inflicted with Wendigo Psychosis and is killed before the final stage of killing and eating someone is completed, what happens if they're brought back to life?

Trade routes from the Inner Sea to Tian Xia

Dragon78 wrote:
Dragonhide armor for kineticist rules?

If I recall correctly, it was mentioned as material we almost had in Pychic Anthology and hopefully will see in a later product.

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Is there any kineticist specific items ?

One, but it has many...facets.

** spoiler omitted **

It bears mentioning that this is an expanded form of the kineticist's diadem found in Occult Adventures. The original was inapplicable to wood, void, or other new elements; this gives them access to the same tools.

Is the extra damage to added to the physical and energy blasts of a specific element like the original diadem or is it further restricted to one or the other? Also is it future proofed in the rare event we get additional elements added?

What's the new bloodline?

Is there any new cleric subdomains?

Is there any weapon enchantment or specific weapons that do nonlethal damage but also have a safeguard to stop damage before it turns lethal?

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Couple questions about Aether Architect, can it be used to make a guardhouse with a portcullis and drawbridge?

Also could it be used to cover preexisting walls and castle defences to strengthen them? Or is aether considered thicker than a wall of Force?


Would a kineticist qualify for the +3 bonus or just the +2? And would the feat Kinetic Invocations affect this?

Theoretical Magician
Source Cheliax, Empire of Devils pg. 19
Category Basic (Magic)
You’ve studied more magic than what you can actually perform. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Spellcraft checks, or a +3 bonus if you aren’t a spellcaster.

Noble scion, Is there any way to get the house bonus without the full feat?

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What options are there for increasing leadership score and using stats other than charisma?

Would it work if the item already combined abilities from multiple items before legendary?

Such as if you made a ring with the properties of Ring of Protection (upgrade to Ring of Splendid Security) and Ring of Energy Resistance Cold (upgrade to Ring of the Drake - Frost)

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Verzen wrote:
??? Can you explain that combo a bit???

If you can craft magic items, but don't have much by way of spell prerequisite meeting, it would be awfully nice to have an ability that allowed you to ignore magical crafting spell prerequisites and the associated crafting DC increases…

(There's a Sorcerer bloodline that gets just that.)

Also at a higher level completely ignore being in your own reverse gravity if you're a void kineticist

Is the Kinetic Crafting feat compatible with the Spontaneous Generation (Impossible bloodline) gained through the Eldritch Heritage feat chain

Any kineticist material?

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If you could choose two classes to feature in a future Pathfinder Tales novel, which two would you choose and what sort of personality would you want each to have?

Isabelle Lee wrote:
That's another way to think of it: as a racial benefit for elemental/other races, which others can access with a feat. You don't even need Racial Heritage first. ^_^

Would it work if you had the Element Infused Template?

Dragon78 wrote:
Thanks for the info everyone, I got my PDFs, now it's time to start reading.

So now you can tell us what feats kineticists get now ;-)

David knott 242 wrote:
CookietheFerret wrote:

Also is there use of Aether Architect considered to have a duration of instantaneous or Permanent?


Aether Artifact creates a structure that lasts as long as you concentrate, or until the structure is destroyed if you accept burn.

Sounds a little like the Resplendent Mansion spell

What does the Absentia void talent do?

Also is there use of Aether Architect considered to have a duration of instantaneous or Permanent?


Skeld, PDF Prophet wrote:

That's enough for me for now. I have other matters to attend to. :)


Thanks Skeld

Do you need craft skills to use aether architect?

Can Ride the Blast be used underwater?

Also how well would Greater Eyes of the Void underwater?

Wish amazon shipped faster for new books

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Any chance of a ">>Ask *Dark Yoon* All of your questions here! <<" thread?


How far north would Mantarin be from Icerift Castle in Mendev?

Do pencils or crayons exist in any form on Golarion and how much would they cost?

And if they don't exist yet would they're invention be worth getting Shelyns notice?

If a kineticist with the Elemental Whispers talent replaces the talent with a different talent using Omnikinesis, what would happen to the familiar?

How do you think one would react when the talent switches back?

Gallant Armor wrote:
Jonas Seaborn wrote:
For magic items that benefit the owner when carried, would they still give benefits when stored in the pockets of a Endless Bandolier or Handy Haversack ?

The only item that fits that description that I could think of off the top of my head is the Rod of Escape: "The rod's owner does not need to be holding the rod to gains this bonus; it must merely be on the owner's person." Are there any others you are considering? I would say this is up to GM discretion. I think it would depend on what the item is and how it is meant to be used. I would probably allow the Rod of Escape since that is such a situational item that might never be used, but other more useful items I might require to be tucked into a belt on in a mundane backpack.

Is the weight the issue you might want to consider upping strength or adding muleback cords to your cloak.

Some others are

Gun with No Name

Black Soul Shard

Rod of Splendor (it makes note that it works while being held or carried)

It's been said that the Overflowing Rod doesn't the ability to use Gather Power and Supercharge, so if Overflowing Rod and another rod like Rod of Spellsight were combined would it still allow that ability?

Any chance we'll see you in any comics soon?

Would a ship or other vehicle be a valid target for teleport and plane shift spells if animated by Animated Objects or Aether Puppet?

Also would the maximum load for cargo be calculated by strength or left to the capacity of the original object?