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A trumpet sounds, then a regiment of light cavalry gallop over Vidmaster7, swords drawn

Now he's *in charge*!

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Sorry to hear about the job loss, Kjeldorn.

However, we may need a farrier or two for our next invasion of Norway, so bear that in mi-

Balls. That was supposed to be a secret.

If either side require our droopy services, we are available for only 12 guineas a week, plus fodder and pies.

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lynora wrote:

Another knitting needle has gone missing out of the small knitting bag in my purse. I've already had to replace my point protectors since the last needle that went walkabout took one with it. I'm getting really tired of buying size 2 double pointed needles all the time. :/

I may have to make myself a new project bag to work from. Or a bag to put my project bag in so that I stop losing needles. One of these things.
I have a hunch I know what's happening. I think when I shove the shopping bags into my purse and then pull them out later to load groceries in them that the handles are somehow snagging the needles and pulling them out. Since I almost always lose needles on shopping days. Of course the more obvious solution would be to stop shoving the shopping bags into my purse, but that's just silly!

At ease, you halflings! Sergeant, issue the shorter members of the regiment with their new lances, if you w...

oh s+$% she's noticed they're missing.


Freehold DM wrote:
the abductacar (which is now the namr of the Prius. Prius Abductacar III. I will affix a monocle on the left headlight) runs on gamimg laptops. One gaming laptop per abductee.

I'll take your abductacar and raise you around 120 Escapeyhorses.

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Sharoth wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

Sometimes it's good being the technical lead for your division:

VP in distress: The fnord tech group can't get this portion of the application running, and the deadline's in a week! Call NobodysHome!
NobodysManager: NobodysHome, I have an urgent mission for you!
NobodysHome flies in, cape billowing, and saves the day.
VP, Manager, and Tech Group (in unison, with sparkly eyes): Thank you, NobodysHome!
(That's how it plays out in my mind, anyway.)

Sometimes it's not.
NobodysHome: OK, I just wrapped up the updates to the FOUR classes you assigned me, two full days ahead of schedule, and by tomorrow I'll have taken care of all your action items. Considering the next-most-senior team member only got 2 courses done, I was thinking of taking Friday off.
NobodysManager: I'm afraid we've been asked to decipher this 120-page tech document and reproduce it in a second environment, and I'm pretty certain no one in the group can do it except you. Sorry about your Friday.
NobodysHome: Grumble. Cracks open thick technical manual. Sees free Friday float away...


Too late, too late, by several centuries. Where would my Droopy Dragoons be without their nice smart capes, eh?

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Scintillae wrote:

The children be bloodthirsty.

"Based on the accounts we heard in the videos, vote whether or not we should declare war [in 1812]."

...87% yes.

O well. More droopy work for us, then.

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gran rey de los mono wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
lisamarlene wrote:

Trick-or-treating in my neighborhood is excellent. It's a bit of a hike up and down the hill and the houses are spaced pretty far apart, and only about a third of them have their lights on, so you'd think it wouldn't be worth the bother.

But the people who *do* have their lights on are mostly retired people who've lived here for decades, or recent immigrants/homeowners really excited about celebrating holidays in their new home, so both camps tend to go all out. And if you show up at their door, and remember your manners, you will be rewarded with *handfuls* of loot because no one wants the depression of a bucketful of leftover give-out candy the next morning. It means no one wanted to come to your house and you're going to die alone, your face half-chewed by your cats before someone finds you.

Or maybe that's just my brain.

see, this is why you just took Christina Hendricks place.
I'll take Ms. Hendricks off your hands. That's just how nice a guy I am.

You infernal bounder, I saw her first! I challenge you to a duel!

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I'm sorry. We tried to stop him, but we're just too droopy.

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CircuitousCerval wrote:
Now they're talking s~@! about the British (and the guy who played Finn in The Force Awakens).

To Wisconsin, men! Our national honour must be defended!

Ford Prefect wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Involuntarily stabs face with towel.
Just one of their many uses!

How very true that is.

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Kajehase wrote:

Handy chart for how to differentiate the different branches of Napoleon's cavalry.

...and for some reason I feel I should point out I have a moustache and am of a small build...

Tell me about it.

[Shivers under thin blanket}

Come on, you can spare one of those twins. Don't be greedy.

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Kajehase wrote:
I hereby declare war on Australia.

Agh! Agh! Agh!

This cannot stand. My Droopy Dragoons are at your service for as long as it takes to vanquish this Menace to Civilisation.

Now all we need to do is to teach the horses to swim...

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Toxic Yesterday, Earth Avenger wrote:

Why would you put raisins in anything is beyond me.

If mother nature wanted you to shrivel grapes she wouldn't have made wine.

Remember kids shriveled grapes can't make wine! And they're icky!

Do not so Insult Christmas Pudding, Spotted Dick, Fruit Cake and Peshwari Naan, Sir, or you and I will have to arrange an Affair of Honour as soon as Decency and/or Droopiness permits.

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It's a good pistol.

A good pistol.

If I can miss a Lithuanian Tatar that many times at point-blank range with a good pistol, heaven help me if I ever get a bad one.

Explanatory note: I am playing 'Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword'. I haven't got a pistol, and even if I did, I wouldn't choose to shoot Lithuanians with it

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Get out, get out, of Colonel Longears' Droopy Dragoons! Bare thighs = horrible saddle sores and frostbite, and I'm damned if I'm salving you.

Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:
My third-party friends, you've gotta have ammo to sell it. ;)
I just watched episode 4 of Taboo the other night. They showed what is needed to make gunpowder. It doesn't even sound that difficult.


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Let us in to Vilna, you gits. We have a Mysterious Priest to find.