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An Opalline Tide

Celestial HealerTragon Stormblade

My homebrew world with the addition of the classic Savage Tide AP as a plot device. Might throw some Razor Coast and Skull and Shackles in too. YARR! Time for adventure mateys!!

Black Rain in the Shadows of Seattle, 2060

Celestial GMKyle "Raptor" Stone

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It's Seattle in 2060, and things are darker than ever before. The world's gone to drek in a handbasket, if that basket's woven out of tainted soy and rotting dreams. The Big D's gone, and so is most of Chicago, and what's left belongs to the bugs. The Arcology's closed up tighter than an exec lost in the Barrens 'n surrounded by a Troll biker gang... yet somehow, the rich and powerful manage to keep their wealth and power, and ain't none of it dripping down to you, no matter what D's will said. Heck, even the urban legends are forced to ask for help...

...and that's where you come in. Time to earn your cred, chummer.

Heroes of Lastwall

Costin Vasile

The epic tale of the characters who answered the call of young Lord Kalthun, the would-be heroes who seek to deal with the growing orcish threat -- to win back some of the land that has been lost, and inspire others to take up the fight.

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The Unloved Ones - Bloodlines and Black Magic

Celestial HealerNace Bishop

A modern day occult horror game. Uses Bloodlines and Black Magic PF 1 system

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