Ever Last The Night

Game Master Orthos

A tale of warfare, espionage, mystery, and heroism in a post-apocalyptic, subterranean world.

"And now the dreams and waking screams that ever last the night;
So build the wall, behind it crawl, and hide until it’s light."

Player Information Document link.

Map of Finiens's Black Below

Campaign Starting Information:
All your life, all you have ever known was darkness.

The sun is a legend, its light long forgotten. The moon a myth, empty and vain. The cycles and patterns they established, more habit or tradition than fact. Years, months, days are as they are only because they always have been.

The year, such as it is, is 887 SA. Which stands for “Surface Abandoned”. 887 years - or so the sages have reckoned - since the Above was devastated by the Catastrophe, driving the survivors deep below ground. None - even the long-lived elves, ael, dwarves, or arachnes - still live that remember that world firsthand, but the earliest years of exile below were filled with the records of the escapees. They tell stories of devastation and loss, cities reduced to ash in seconds, magic setting the sky aflame, summer turning to winter in an instant, people turning to stone or smoke or water on the spot, or - worse - warping into insane, hungry monstrosities and devouring their friends, family, and countrymen without hesitation.

This is where you were born, grew up, lived, learned, and worked all your life, never having once seen the surface in anything more than books and paintings. Such dangers are lost to you except as part of history - now, you simply have to deal with warring neighbors, natural dangers, the occasional earthquake, rampant lycanthropy, lurking unchecked vampirism, and the hidden dangers of the dark imprisoned within the stone.

You're an adventurer, tradesperson, wanderer, or whatever you choose to call yourself, currently located in Galadae. You've had some historical success, a few minor adventures of your own or with friends and allies you've since parted ways with, and gotten some practice under your belt (hence your characters beginning at Level 2). You are in Suir, a city in northern Galadae. You're looking for work or money, bored and looking for adventure or entertainment, or perhaps feel it your civic duty to assist the powers that be when a notice for help catches your eye at a local inn, tavern, bulletin board, or waystation:

Wanted: Adventurers, Bounty-Hunters, and/or Trackers to locate and return missing person. Meet Captain Milton at Station Dair on 19 Ianuwary 887 at Noonturn for details. Payment offered.

Thanks to the Grangoban, the massive clocktower erected in the center of Suir, knowing the current time is far from difficult, and any native of the city can point you in the direction of the various troop stations on request, so finding your way to your destination is simple. Station Dair is a secondary facility for Galad soldiers - a training hall, medical facility, and fallback point should ground be lost against the Anhuri in the conflicts along the northern border. Thankfully it has been years since the Sand Empire gained ground so swiftly, so you do not fear having to worry about a sudden influx of wounded or retreating soldiers during your meeting.

Further information about the city, the region, the ongoing Galad-Anhuri conflict, or other world details can be ascertained with appropriate knowledge checks, gather information, and such like.

Our story begins with your arrival at Station Dair. An aide ushers you into a large, spacious waiting room with several chairs and couches as you arrive, informs you that Captain Milton will be arriving shortly, thanks you for your patience, and returns to his post.


Character Creation:
Character Creation Information (Posted here for easy reference, also available in player info document.)

* Stat Generation: Roll 3d6 for each stat, reroll 1s. Replace lowest roll with a 6. Arrange as desired.
* Starting experience: 2nd level. Fast XP (1300 XP currently), 1300 gp starting funds.
* Alignment: Any non-evil please.
* 2 traits (any); ask GM about waiving race restrictions on traits, favored class bonuses, archetypes, feats, and such like. I tend to ignore most of these that don’t rely on the physical properties or anatomy of the race, especially due to the high presence of homebrew and/or non-standard races in my world.
* HP: Max 1st and 2nd lvl, 1d4 + difference 3rd and beyond (d6 = +2, d8 = +4, etc.)
* Skill tricks (3.5 Complete Scoundrel): free and unlimited once prereqs are met. Note that the +3 class skill bonus counts toward prereq requirements, due to 3.5>PF conversion.
* Ruleset: Pathfinder. While much 3.5 content will be allowed, the core rules of the game will be PF, and conflicting sources will use PF unless specifically requested or declared otherwise.
* Available Content: Please list source for all non-Paizo or non-Pathfinder content!

  • All official Pathfinder content.
  • All 3rd-party Pathfinder content available on d20pfsrd.com.
  • Core Prestige Classes to Archetypes Conversions.
  • Other 3rd-party Pathfinder content by request.
  • All official Wizards 3.5 books.
  • All 3.5 Paizo content (Dungeon, Dragon, etc.).
  • Other 3rd-party 3.5 content by request.

* Please fill out this questionnaire and put in a spoiler in your character sheet. Questionnaire DOES NOT have to be complete at creation, can be edited at a later time (please notify me if you do) due to character developments, and may be used for in-game events or interactions.
  • 5 things your character fears
  • 4 things your character loves dearly
  • 3 things your character is embarrassed by
  • 2 things your character is proud of
  • 1 secret you will do anything to hide

* Please provide or suggest a picture for your character. It doesn’t have to be exact, really the face is the most important part; I will be using MapTool for when movement and such need to be tracked (such as in combat) and will need something to represent each character.

Skill Tricks:
Interaction tricks:
Assume Quirk: (Disguise 5 ranks) Familiar viewers get no bonus to see through your disguise
Group Fake Out: (Bluff 8 ranks) Feint against multiple foes simultaneously
Never Outnumbered: (Intimidate 8 ranks) Demoralize multiple foes in combat simultaneously
Second Impression: (Bluff 5 ranks, Disguise 5 ranks) Make Bluff check to reestablish blown disguise
Social Recovery: (Bluff 8 ranks, Diplomacy 5 ranks) Make Bluff check to replace a failed Diplomacy check
Timely Misdirection: (Bluff 8 ranks) Successful feint allows you to avoid attacks of opportunity

Manipulation tricks:
Clever Improviser: (Disable Device 5 ranks) Ignore penalty for Disable Device and Open Lock checks made without tools
Conceal Spellcasting: (Spellcraft 1 rank, Sleight of Hand 5 ranks) Conceal your spellcasting from onlookers
Easy Escape: (Medium or smaller size, Escape Artist 8 ranks) Gain bonus on check to escape grapple or pin
False Theurgy: (Bluff or Sleight of Hand 8 ranks, Spellcraft 8 ranks) Your spell appears to be another spell of the same level
Healing Hands: (Heal 5 ranks) Heal 1d6 damage when you stabilize a dying character
Hidden Blade: (Sleight of Hand 5 ranks, Quick Draw) Draw hidden weapon as move action; treat foe as flat-footed
Mosquito’s Bite: (Sleight of Hand 12 ranks) Flat-footed target does not notice damage you deal with a light weapon
Opening Tap: (Disable Device 12 ranks) Open a lock as a swift action
Quick Escape: (Escape Artist 12 ranks) Escape from grapple or restraints more quickly than normal
Shrouded Dance: (Stealth 8 ranks, Perform Dance 5 ranks) Use move action to gain concealment for 1 round
Sudden Draw: (Sleight of Hand 8 ranks, Quick Draw) Draw hidden weapon as part of attack of opportunity
Whip Climber: (Climb 5 ranks, proficiency with whip) Use a whip as a grappling hook

Mental tricks:
Clarity of Vision: (Perception 12 ranks) Notice invisible enemies for 1 round
Collector of Stories: (Knowledge (any) 5 ranks) Gain +5 bonus on Knowledge checks to identify monsters
Listen to This: (Perception 5 ranks) Perfectly repeat what you’ve recently heard
Magical Appraisal: (Appraise 5 ranks, Knowledge (arcana) 5 ranks, Spellcraft 12 ranks) Determine properties of magic items
Point it Out: (Perception 8 ranks) Grant ally a free Spot check to see something you’ve spotted
Spot the Weak Point: (Perception 12 ranks) Make your next attack a touch attack
Swift Concentration: (Spellcraft 12 ranks) Maintain concentration on spell as swift action

Movement tricks:
Acrobatic Backstab: (Acrobatics 12 ranks) Move through foe’s space to render it flat-footed
Back on Your Feet: (Acrobatics 12 ranks) React immediately to stand up from prone
Corner Perch: (Climb 8 ranks) Perch in chimney or corner to leave hands free
Dismount Attack: (Ride 5 ranks) Make a fast dismount from moving mount to charge a foe
Escape Attack: (Escape Artist 8 ranks) Make an attack the same round you escape a grapple
Extreme Leap: (Acrobatics 5 ranks) Horizontal jump of at least 10 feet allows 10 extra feet of movement that round
Leaping Climber: (Climb 5 ranks, Acrobatics 5 ranks) Add jump distance to start of climb
Nimble Charge: (Acrobatics 5 ranks) Run or charge across difficult surface without Balance check
Nimble Stand: (Acrobatics 8 ranks) Stand from prone safely
Quick Swimmer: (Swim 5 ranks) Swim 10 additional feet with successful check
Slipping Past: (Escape Artist 5 ranks, Acrobatics 5 ranks) Move into tight space without penalties
Speedy Ascent: (Climb 5 ranks) Climb 10 additional feet with successful check
Tumbling Crawl: (Acrobatics 5 ranks) Crawl 5 feet without provoking attacks of opportunity
Twisted Charge: (Acrobatics 5 ranks) Make one direction change during a charge
Up the Hill: (Acrobatics 5 ranks) Move up slope or stairs at normal speed
Walk the Walls: (Climb 12 ranks, Acrobatics 5 ranks) Run straight up wall for 1 round
Wall Jumper: (Climb 5 ranks, Acrobatics 5 ranks) Leap from wall as if making a running jump