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Game Master John Napier 698

AD&D, 1E-feeling campaign. PC's start at Level 1. PF basic rules.

Don't get comfortable.

Character creation:

Either: 18, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9


One 18 and roll the rest, 4d6 drop the lowest.

Build a 1st level commoner. PF standard is max hp at 1st level.

Commoners get 1 feat for their class and one more if they are human.

The commoner's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Perception (Wis), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), and Swim (Str).

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The commoner is proficient with one simple weapon. He is not proficient with any other weapons, nor is he proficient with any type of armor or shield.

The above is rescinded. Characters may be any class. Bear in mind that I don't have every book. *Gasp. Sacrilege!* If you choose a class from a book I don't have, you'll have to explain things as we go.

Any in the CRB, but this is a humanocentric land. Non-humans are not treated particularly well. (Don't worry, you can handle it)

100 gp of gear - anything listed here: Starting Gear

  • You get one outfit free, as usual.
  • If you have a profession or craft, you can be in possession of required tools that will reduce your penalty to -1 (it's -2 without proper gear). This reflects the portability of your tools, since you're on the road and don't have anvils or sawhorses or sawmills or...
  • If you have a perform skill, you can have one of the appropriate musical instrument - not masterwork. You are even on Perform checks.

The above is likewise rescinded. PCs get average funds and may purchase from the CRB

Religion is a seriously backwoods mixture of misunderstood cant from a couple of major "city" religions and complete superstition, with a sprinkling of nature deities. There's nothing like a huge storm to make you feel small and helpless, and where you grew up, such things happened enough to be feared. After all, a year's crops mean life and death, or at least a decent year of meals instead of scrounging and hunting for food all year round. People make sacrifices to spirits of hearth, home, harvest, moon, sun, and whatever else comes to mind for the needs of the moment.

If you want to be a religious class, you can either pick domains based on your character's inclination, or we can develop a particular god that might actually have a church and support structure.

The primary Deity is Aurora Starshine, NG Goddess of Creation, Time, Life, and Magic. Her domains are Fire, Good, Healing, Magic, and Sun. Her weapon is the Rapier.

Demon lords take the place of Evil deities.

Other stuff

No traits. No backstory required. Not Golarion. No standard pantheon - that'll be revealed as we go. Making it all up as I go. If you want to make up some sort of commoner, peasant, low-life backstory, feel free.

Just so's ya knows, my schedule is a bit odd. I am usually working from 11:30 pm - 3:00 am Mountain Time, then randomly during the day. If I'm not working during the day, I tend to post then, which should work out for those who post evenings.

No posting requirements, but be prepared to be botted and for things to move along without your participation if you don't keep up.