The Lost City (4e Paragon)

Game Master Rev Rosey

Open Design's Lost City adventure for Paragon pcs.
Starting level 13.

Useful stuff to know:

Kadralu - formerly flying city you are exploring.

Kadrana - the race of giants who used to inhabit it. The oklu refer to them as the masters. Died out 500 years ago when the city crashed. Cause of crash so far unknown.

Kaima - the goddess in whose honour the city was built by the Kadrana

Trignotarbs - outlandish parasitic insects who aren't supposed to exist. Recently undergone a regime change courtesy of the PCs.

Oklu - servitor race created by Kaima to serve the Kadrana. Or so they (mostly) believe. They imprint strongly from those they percieve as worthy. i.e Cronin and to some extent Kevaras have been very successful with them, Don noticeably not.

Malsalix - unpleasant plant