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A new set of items to spice up your campaign


#30 Badges of Faith consists of 13 pages (when one excludes credits, advertising, and cover) detailing a new set a magic items tied to the divine domains.

After an introduction describing the history and game mechanics of the badges, this work presents individual badges to coincide with each domain. The badges are presented in an organized and easy-to-read format, alphabetized by the name of the badge.

Badges of Faith does not merely present new items for your next treasure hoard; the badges are more likely to be tied into the story of your adventure or campaign. Their features are unlocked by successive quests, making these the type of rewards that lead to new challenges for the PCs. For those running campaigns with divine characters, the badges present an opportunity to send those PCs on a quest of faith. They are flexible enough that they can be easily integrated into one's own campaign story arc and can motivate PCs with an interest in the divine.

The powers granted by the badges are useful enough that PCs will want to unlock them, but at the same time aren't likely to unbalance a campaign. Generally speaking, these items find the sweet spot of effectiveness without being overpowered.

This work should provide useful campaign hooks for GMs looking to add the feel of a divine quest to their campaign, and provides a method of rewarding divine PCs beyond ordinary magic items.