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Raise Dead...

I noticed that Paizo has recently taken over distribution and selling of certain "award-winning" game aids - combat pad and Steel Sqwire to name 2. They accepted Pay Pal (and I bought from Steel Sqwire quite a bit).

I would like to buy more.

Is there an update on whether you will accept Pay Pal?

Drinking some coffee before getting on the local train in 30 minutes to head out to the Suburbs and my friend's FLGS to run the WotC adventures. I got requested by the group of kids I ran last year at the shop. Those kids totally rocked and they said they had a present for me.... better be good...

"Disciple of the Sun" feat?

Well, they do still need to succesfully turn Strahd - I'm assuming you know that.

Also, the cleric will need the turn attempts in the first place - I'd play off that one. Not sure of the undead denizens in the adventure - haven't seen it yet - but if there is some undead minions around, throw them in to soak up the turns.

Also, turning is ranged at 60' - Strahd may have to keep at 65' the whole fight.

Topic well hashed ove - spent 30 minutes reading it all.

On subject, and merely and anecdote, haven't seen heavy armor become useless in any of my campaigns - the highest level reaching 15. The tanks always had higer AC than the plucky sword dancers. Just realized that my 24 point buy had something to do withthis.

Off subject - Shields and material they were made of:

From my research - viking heavy BTW - center grip viking combat rounds were made of thin and layered light wood. The center grip was made of metal and included "extensions" which acted as a frame that, with rivets and washers (square or diamond shape of course), held things together. This was aided by a flat metal rim and layers of textile to hold things together. I've read felt on the inside and rawhide on the outside in some cases. This obviously was for nice shields. All this was topped off with the center boss.

I have fought in the SCA with a shield as close to the above for 3 years straight (modern safety conventions were added). It was the second most important peice of armor I wore - first being my helmet.

DitheringFool wrote:
Moik wrote:
You sound like your party is going all Rainbow Six on the poor little dungeon.

Poor little dungeon?!? Rappan Athuk is the dungeon delver's end-all. I'd roll up a dozen or so characters and just jump down the well to get it over with quick.

Efficient Quiver? Trade it in for an Apparatus of the Crab or consider some of the armoured heavies from here.

We've been at it since March of this year, one day a month. So far, my character is the only original character and I am the only original player in this game. I adopted the tactic of "retreat and study what just jumped out at you" early on and that is why my PC is still around.

Main strategy: Something I've named "Project: Cancer". We clear a level, move in hirelings and followers, start making money ... rinse wash repeat.

I've even set up emissarys in Saltmarsh (the town we are using in the campaign) to work a deal with the lizard folk to send a force to the area and secure it to build a trading post nearby. In exchange, the guild (Blacklock Loreseekers - me) will trade with them first before we make the 2 day trip back to Saltmarsh.

I'm working on the temples in Saltmarsh as well as the local authorites.

It's costing us a bit so not as many cool magic items, but we strip the secured levels clean and recycle everything we find (except the dead - we're more chatic neutral than chaotic evil). In the guild we call it: "Harvesting".

The recent Dragon article on bows and crossbows has me thinking now too...

Spider Poles... yes!

You can find them in the Arms and Equipment Guuide. This book was one of the last released books to be 3.0 (??I think??) but is pretty balanced for 3.5 - if that matters to you.

The book is actually on my DM's Resource list so yeah - spider poles.

I can't find a super model though; what resource is that in? I have some gold saved up, I may be able to buy 4 or 5 of them.

Keep it coming...

From SRD:
Efficient Quiver
This appears to be a typical arrow container capable of holding about twenty arrows. It has three distinct portions, each with a nondimensional space allowing it to store far more than would normally be possible. The first and smallest one can contain up to sixty objects of the same general size and shape as an arrow. The second slightly longer compartment holds up to eighteen objects of the same general size and shape as a javelin. The third and longest portion of the case contains as many as six objects of the same general size and shape as a bow (spears, staffs, or the like). Once the owner has filled it, the quiver can produce any item she wishes, as if from a regular quiver or scabbard. The efficient quiver weighs the same no matter what’s placed inside it.

Moderate conjuration; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, secret chest; Price 1,800 gp;Weight 2 lb.

Now, game background:
My PC is a Ranger/fighter, trip monkey with a pole arm (guisarme) backed up by sword and board 2 weapon fighter skills. We (the adventuring guild) are in Rappan Athuk. We've secured and set up base on levels 1 and 2 and are about to go into level 3. We have hirelings backed by cohort/followers combo to offer us support (they stay above while we delve below).

I got one of the above mentioned quivers. Obviously, I can load it with arrows, javelins, short spears, 10ft. poles, another pole arm and such.

I'm looking to fill it with other handy things:
a portable ram?
some 5 foot long 2"x4" planks with nails in it already to brace up a door incase we need to escape?

Not looking to break rules here but looking to make this thing as handy as possible. any ideas out there?

Just imagine having the quiver and a handy haversack! Just don't put the quiver in the haversack.

Heathansson wrote:

"A real American Hero."

"Mr. Dungeon Master guy or girl."
This bud's for you.-

*back up singers*

"can you pass the Cheetos"

d13 wrote:

You play D&D?
Hmmmm. You must've dressed up and camped in front of the theatre for the Star Wars movies.
You probably have never kissed a girl.
Can you tell me how to make a chainmail braissiere?
Dont cut me up with a samurai sword, ha ha ha!

. . .shakes head in dismay. . .
Are there any other hobbies out there that are subject to such an immediately implied prejudice?

SCA or any kind of historical re-creation/recreation. It is worse for DnD players though.

**"He played Dungeons & Dragons and was obsessive with games of fantasy, anything that helped him get away from people and hide from them in his own little cocoon," Roby said.**

Anyone else notice the above quote?

When I play DnD, 4 to 5 of my frineds usually show up too. I'm not sure how one can " get away from people " while playing DnD.

Also, they need to stipulate whether he was playing video games or what? (not that it makes a difference - crazy is crazy).

I have run across people who say, "Oh, you play DnD? ... Me too!" and they describe some online game or even DnD miniatures or something that is not DnD pen and paper.

The darkside in me must also say: Maybe the other guy should not have made fun of the crazy dude.

Lilith wrote:
Carnivore wrote:
I collect pin-up art.
Rock on! Any Vargas stuff in there? Vargas is good stuff, along with any of the Bomber nose art stuff. :D

The only Vargas stuff I have is an incomplete collection of Vargas trading cards. I do have a full collection of Elvgren trading cards, some lithographs from Elvgren and a couple calendars.

I have a coffee table book called "Bomber Art of WWII" that I got last year at Powell's for real cheap. It's great stuff and contains art other than chicks in bikinis.

Other than the norm here (books, DnD stuff); I collect pin-up art.

Started with Betty Page while in the US Navy. I was a machine gunner in Persian Gulf Senior and named my M2 "Betty" and had her painted onto the back of my body armor. I prefer the glamour and bikini over nude and other stuff though. I have a pretty good collection and even some originals that cost me a tad of cashola.

From there, I went to other pin-up stuff including some real old (WWII era) posters.

I have a collection of propoganda from wars too.

Ragnarock Raider wrote:

...and if ANY of you guys should come to Qatar (Tiny peninsula of a country in the persian gulf off of Saudi Arabia) then please let me know!

Until then...be safe all.

Is it still 70 billion degrees f there? Or did it cool off since the last time I was there in 1993?

My gaming report:
Lanny Mac and fellow Guildmembers cleared level 2 of "The Dungeon of Graves" and found the way to the deeper areas below. We also discovered the trap that almost TPKed us last session (due to black skeletons hitting us on the other end) was avoidable via a back door we did not check yet. We took this door and hit the black skeletons who were waiting for us to come back the "trap way".

We got some sweet filthy loot too.

Ragnarock Raider wrote:

Lets see....being the only gamer in the ENTIRE country of Qatar (at least I haven't found any others in like 6 months)...I will be surfing the web....reading other players campaign logs...and sobbing myself to sleep...hope you're all happy you sods! J/k

Be safe all.

I've been to Qatar - that place is HOT! Too hot for DnD even.

Me? Sunday, Rappan Athuk, Lanny Mac and his Blacklock Loreseekers push deeper into level 3.

I've ruled the followers make their own money using the rules on skills for craft/profession/etcetera. No need for the PC in charge to have to pay them - they are loyal beyond hirelings. No need to supply them with food, shelter and equipment... and no need for the meta-micromanagement headache for DM and players.

Remember, followers are not hirelings.

10 war1 followers won't get vaporized if they are not were vaporizing will happen. Many other uses for 10 war1 (exp1,adt1) followers: guarding the base camp, providing a place for PCs to rest and recuperate, gathering info so PCs can go about PCing, making alchemical items, running supplies between "town" and adventure sight, and hundreds of other things which create a more focused environment for the PCs to thrive in.

Also, if you start rampaging across the land and start losing followers and cohorts, your leadership score goes down and you lose more. Let's not forget any RP issues that come up in some games when "rogue armies" (PCs with cohorts and followers) sprout up in the land. Kings, Queens, barons and so on will have something to say about that and they have better resources sometimes (Gran March and The Theocracy of the Pale in Greyhawk comes to mind).

Meta-wise, this would also change the game to a war game and if that is what the players want to do - let them if you want to as DM.

Wars bring different rewards then dungeon delving. It is also a whole new dynamic to RPing.

I am a HUGE proponent of hirelings, mercenaries and taking the leadership feat with followers and cohorts.

Here are a few rules of thumb for my games:

DM controls hirelings (mercenaries, specialists, et al.).
Player controls followers/cohorts (since it is a feat - let them have it).
Cohorts can have character classes - I shy away from them taking PrCs though.
Followers and hirelings keep in the NPC classes mostly. Just easier to manage that way.

Hireling cost = 1 silver piece per day per level of hireling (base cost). Danger pay doubles this... danger = a fight of any kind.

So, your war2 bodyguard would get 2 sp per day hanging out with your bard. This will get the bard noticed for having a bodyguard, can order the bodyguard to do *basic duties (under DM discretion of course - diplomacy skill helps) and if a fight breaks out - bard has an extra guy around to do some fighting (danger pay!).

Also, read up in the DMG. Some major differences in cohorts, hirelings and followers.

As far as balance goes, war2 hirelings will die real quick if brought down into a CR 10 dungeon. In a dynamic game world, this evens out when the PCs keep coming back to town and hiring more warriors to replace the lost ones. Sooner or later, hirlings will just not show up to work for them/be hired by the party anymore.

*basic duties = standing guard outside the door while principle rests, go into a room first, report "going ons", etc.

from SRD:
Level: Brd 2, Clr 3, Sor/Wiz 2
Components: V
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Target: One living creature
Duration: Permanent (D)
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

You call upon the powers of unlife to render the subject blinded or deafened, as you choose.

It does say "Target: One living creature", so I'd say blindness blinds both ettin heads.

Spiked gauntlets are pretty neat too. Especially coupled with armor spikes, a half-ogre barbarian and sent in the direction of your PCs.

What's up with all the children?

I can understand the psychological impact of the stock "baby crying in the background to illicit emotion" that is used in cinema so much - but c'mon... lay off the children.

Next time you are watching a movie and the "something must be done scene" comes up, listen for the crying baby.

The old lady trying to fix her garden is good.

Temples of good gods completely removed - only evidence that they were there was the fact the PCs saw it earlier last time they were there.

Children in the militia/guerilla groups. Armed and armored (ill-fitting) but lacking skill - ready to go though.

Villagers in RHoD conscript units; Forced to fight against the PCs and allies.

Not knowing what makes up the armies of RHoD - villages may still be standing. If the RHoD is occupying, they need the resources from the surrounding villages to upkeep an offensive/occupation. They may not need leaders, elders, local militia and clergy - but they need the villages and the folks to work them to keep grain, lumber and "basic services" for the occupying army.

There are some distinct reasons to destroy a village or local population (IRL) and a few more open up in a medieval fantasy world.

In that context - are troops from RHoD "evil" humanoid? If they are - instead of "goodly races" bodies lying about or mass graves, how about the PCs coming across an abandoned enemy camp. They search around and find the remenants of "the mess hall" and the refuse pits nearby. In the refuse pits are the remains of gnawed on bones in which a track or heal check reveals are bones of human, elven and halfling origin.

Yep, very old quote (very old = a couple of years).

We use a variation of that quote on our local gamer forum.

Two of my players own a variation of the T-shirt; I have the bumper sticker (as well as the "Don't make me roll initiative" and and "beholder on board" ones); and my buddy who owns a FLGS sells them and makes quite a bit of money on them.

It's chainsaw oil


Shroomy wrote:
Carnivore wrote:

Third: Russian Imperial Stout 2002. Frikkin blacker than night. I held the glass up to the sun to check for translucency and the sun stepped back in fear of it's darkness. It oozed out during the pour like sentient motor oil. Delicious but heavy. 10.9% alcohol by volume. Most the people at the BBQ were gamers so talk of drow started while drinking this beer.

Yez comrrrrade... you drink now! .. er... I mean... go for it!

One of the worst beers I ever had was a Russian Imperial Stout; I had it a big beertasting festival and after one sip I had to pour it out and move on to something a little lighter. However, not only is your description of hte beer hilarious, it makes me want to try another Russian Imperial Stout. Never thought I'd say that again.

Yeah, big fan of either cheapies (PBR and Hamms) or high end IPAs here.

Just at a BBQ today, friend of mine who is a high up at Widmer Brewing, and had some Widmer exclusives.

First: Ur-Alt 2004. A light and crispy Ale with a hint of hops. Left out to breathe a bit and you get that "peat" note like from scotch.

Second: Barley Wine (*add a name here - I forgot) 2002. Very heavy and looked like maple syrup. Was expecting it to coat my mouth and throat as other Barley Wines I have had did. Actually pretty dry and clean. Enjoyable.

Third: Russian Imperial Stout 2002. Frikkin blacker than night. I held the glass up to the sun to check for translucency and the sun stepped back in fear of it's darkness. It oozed out during the pour like sentient motor oil. Delicious but heavy. 10.9% alcohol by volume. Most the people at the BBQ were gamers so talk of drow started while drinking this beer.

I then washed all those down with a PBR and had some crackers and grapes.

Reddan wrote:
Vanilla is an empty canvas, waiting for the personal thoughts and imagination of the artist. I love it in every way.

Another analogy - and related to ice-cream:

Vanilla icecream is like a base vehicle for many other flavors. Delicious but not over the top, it carries all added flavors such as hot fudge, nuts, cookie crumbles and MnMs. It is the glue that holds all the other combos of flavors together.

Back to DnD:

I have never run ito problems running fighters and wizards. I've had players, after a long fight against a major baddy or BBEG ask, "Wow, what was that guy? A Dragon Blooded Kinetic Mystic Blade?"

Little do they know, it was just a fighter with some RP quirks and red painted platemail.

When out at a show or just in a bar (which Portalnd has one every 3 feet on any street) I drink PBR and Hamms. Cheap - save money for good scotch.

When it's time to get snooty and I have some cash to burn, I'll get a Guiness and follow it up with a Fat Tire or Bridgeport IPA. I also have been digging Terminal Gravity IPAs lately.

I go to McMennamins and will have 1 of their micros before returning to cool and cleansing PBR in bottles.

Durring winter I will look for and get some Tannenbaum Ale. Forgot who makes it (somewhere around here) but it sure is spicy and crisp.

I kinda' liked this guy and enjoyed some of his shows. Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter, is killed by a stingray.

http://www.nytimes.com/2006/09/04/world/asia/04wire-irwin.html?ex=131502240 0&en=f131a6db0de9cde1&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss

If you search around, you can find plenty more articles about this.

James Keegan wrote:
Sir Kaikillah wrote:
Maybe what paizo should do is sponsor the hotest gamers of the year calendar.

It wasn't going to be gaming related, but I did have plans to make a calendar with a friend of mine. I believe "Twelve Months of Passion" was going to be the name and my pseudonym was going to be "Thud Mancake". Thud Mancake cuddling a kitten for Teen Beat. Thud Mancake in cut off jeans and sweat bands washing my '91 Ford Contour. Uh Oh! Captured by Pirates! How will Thud Mancake escape?!


Maybe it's a good thing we didn't make this calendar.

Hey! I was going to do a calendar under the "nom de plum" Burly Manly.

Seriously though, one of my good friends who owns a game shop is still planning on putting out a 2007 calendar of some of his female customers. He came up with this plan a few months ago and so far has gotten four women to pose for the calendar. He even did a radio spot for his shop for using the whole "hot chicks come to my game shop" tip.

I never really had a system for this. Here are some of the things I remember having said:

"There are two layers of protective dweamor upon this armor."

"The sword is enchanted with the first circle of enchantment."

"This dagger, named *Backup*, has 2 circles of enchantment and, as indicated by the etching of a stag upon the handle, allows the user incredible speed in attacks."

farewell2kings wrote:
James Keegan wrote:
Carnivore wrote:
"No, I don't read books."

There's a great aside from Henry Rollins on one of his spoken word albums about the red flag that comes up when women he takes out on dates say they don't read.

"So...what are you reading right now?"
"Well, I'm not much of a reader..."
(Car comes screeching to a halt.)
"Well, I'm not much of a dinner buyer GET THE F*&% OUT OF MY CAR!!"

A bit severe, but it works! It's a jungle out there!

ROFLMAO....oh, that reminds me of someone I went out with ONCE....I didn't make her get out of the car, but during dinner I just wanted her to shut up and quit talking about pop culture bulls%%%. I went to the bathroom, pretended that I got a page from work, and took her home.

Rollins. I have that CD (as I have all his spoken word). Believe him.

On another note and related to F2Ks anecdote:

I was on a date November of 2004. I met my lady at a sushi place, this was to be our 3rd date. She did not know about my gaming and as I liked her very much, I felt it was time to go beyond the "talking and giggling" phase and really get to know each other. Plus, I was about to ask her to my Law Firm's holiday party - sorta' a dress up affair.

I told her about my hobbies which include mountain biking, volunteering for hot-spring clean ups, hiking, cooking, wine and DnD.

"DnD.... ? Ya'mean Dungeons and Dragons?"

I answered, "yes".

I then got a 10 minute tirade on how stupid it is for a 33 year old man to play a game like that. Blahblahblah. Finally I asked if she would settle down fore she was causing a scene. She kept going.

I dropped a $20 bill on the table and walked out on her.

Probably one of the coolest things I ever did.

Group 1 -
"Vagabonds of the Standard"
Me (DM) 35
5 players are all male - 24-33

Group 2 -
"Blacklock Loreseekers vs. Rappan Athuk"
DM is 30
4 players (me included) are all male - 28-35

Group 3 -
currently in hiatus
DM (me again)
5 players, 4 males and 1 female - 28-39

I've been playing since 1979. My 1 female player has been playing the least amount of time (4 years).

farewell2kings wrote:

Tell her it's poker night. You're just in it for the sex and you're not going to end up marrying a slutty one anyway (if you do, Pelor help you) so that'll shut her up, answer her questions and who cares whatelse.

That's what I do, it works.

... but ...

If you do stick around with a lady for awhile, and you forsee this, it may back-fire on you.

Look for red-flags like:

"OMYGAWD, those Star Wars guys are sooo stupid!"
"No, I don't read books."

I've been around, the above quotes I have heard and they lead to them not liking and understanding what you do.

oldcoast wrote:

But the most expensive Fig in DDM is Drizzit and he can readily be found for $100.00, but here at Paizo he is $200.

*does spit take*

really? - crap...

*poors out "good guy" tub, pulls out Drizz't figures... hides them.*

Saern wrote:
Well, the article sounds interesting, and no, I don't have a subscription to Dragon. While much of it sounds very interesting, I'm not sure I want to even open the door on all the different class options and feats I hear are inside it. However, I may look into purchasing back issues of specific ones, so what is the number on that particular magazine, if anyone knows?


Phil. L wrote:
William Pall wrote:
Phil. L wrote:
The great thing about Boccob is that he doesn't care that you find him boring.

But, the poor thing about it is that if the player or the DM find the deity boring, they are less interested in using them in game. Say our friend Saern wants to make a mystic theurge, it just makes sense to me that a mystic theurge would worship a deity of magic. Now, say you didn't want the MT to be evil . . that rules out Vecna 90% of the time if not more. Also say that you don't want any connection to undead or death . . Wee Jas is out. So then we have Boccob and the player might want some flavor text about the deity that would help flesh out his character.

Saern, I'd help you out if I could. The Core Beliefs article I'm sure would helpya out and if i had the issue on me I'd give you an idea as to what it has in it. But, that particular issue is lent out to one of my players who's using one of the articles in that issue to make a staff a familiar.

I was actually being sarcastic. one of Boccob's main titles is Boccob the Uncaring. That staff familiar article is cool though. I am also using those rules in my campaign.

I caught that, thought it was pretty funny.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to eat some corn on the boccob.

*ba dum tish*

Change your brush water often. Have 2 vessels for brushes too. One for first rinse and one more for a second rinse (it's cleaner).

Use differnt water when (and if) you use metallic paints. The glittery stuff loves to stay in water and mix with none metallic stuff - like when you want to paint the pants green. The glitter really screws that stuff up.

Use acrylic paints of course. The water based stuff. It all pretty much mixes up well. I use Reaper paints and slowly shifting to Vallejo. Costing me some cash though.

Buy extra brushes.

Light is important. I try to have 2 to 3 sources to decreae shadow. I use overhead, light from a window (sunlight) and a 100 watt bulb in a desk lamp. I'm old though, my eyes are going.

I assume you are painting your Iron Kingdoms minis (from a differnt thread)?? Those minis have some detail and are 30mm so the above posted advice on shadow/dry brushing/washing is extremely important for those minis.

Dragon 338, core beliefs article on Boccob. Assuming you don't have it of course.

I agree though, his temples seem like a magic item warehouse. As soon as PCs meet or are joined by a priest of Boccob, it's the first thing that pops into their minds.

Wasn't there an article in Dragon about Boccob within the last year? Let me look around.

I like his picture in Dieties and Demigods though. He's giving the: "Are you the one who just cut the cheese?" look.

I'll get back with you in a sec.

The players in my campaigns get plenty of downtime. In between adventures craft and profession skills put coin in their pockets. If they take a 10 on a craft or profession skill during 2 months of downtime, I just rule they made enough to "live it up", pay taxes, general upkeep and return to the next adventure with basic things like a new exploer's outfit and trail rations w/o spending that horde they got in the last adventure.

If they really need to know how much coin they have for the downtime phase, the mechanic exists within the skill check rules to figure it out.

Other recent uses of some skills in the last 2 games I played:

knowledge: architectre and engineering - Will the fireball collapse the chamber with wooden beams?

forgery - created a fake banner of a legendary mercenary unit which then had a magic aura spell cast on it to make it appear as said magical banner of mercenary unit. The Baddie really wants that banner. Fake documents showing that the mercenary unit had a contract that did not exist - avoiding an international incident.

knowledge: geography - coupled with survival, found out where party was at on a map. Also, figured out if 2 doors lead to the same place by looking at an incomplete map. Recognized a tribe of humans due to regional dress.

knowledge: local - "Are those the orcs we have a peace treaty with?" ... "Crap, no. TO ARMS!"

intimidate - Freaked out a tanglefoot bagged ogre making him "shaken". It then attacked the cleric, missing by 1.

profession: driver - Follower NPC (from leadership feat) has a wagon and delivers supplies on a weekly basis to PC base camp near dungeon. Uses profession skill to make some side money and hire guards to go with him.

handle animal - Found a nest of dire rats. After killing the adults, found some "pinkys" or baby dire rats. Will train them. Also, just bought some dogs and chickens.

use rope - 100ft. deep chasm. 2 50ft. ropes. DC 15 to splice them together. DC 15 to tie a special knot that will loosen after we get down the chasm so no one else can use the rope and we still have it.

appraise - DC 15 to appraise a bowl full of a powdery substance. "That's Helvatian sugar! Where did these gnolls get Helvatian sugar?!" We then gave it to a cook NPC who hooked us up well. DC 12 to find out the quality of a cobalt blue bottle of brandy. If less that 10 gp - PCs drank it. If more than 10gp, we sell or trade. It was worth 600gp.

bluff - the above mentioned bottle of cobalt brandy was sold for 1000gp.

Every adventurer needs one. The coolest things since, well... choppy things that make orcs be dead and treasure come out. Frikkin everburning torches. Even if you have them cool racial "abilities" to see in the dark nd such, you just gotta get one of these things for the low price of 110gp.

So, the description says:
Everburning Torch
This otherwise normal torch has a continual flame spell cast upon it. An everburning torch clearly illuminates a 20-foot radius and provides shadowy illumination out to a 40-foot radius.

Now, does it have to be a torch with the continual flame spell cast on it? I've always allowed (and taken the liberty to take) things other than torches with continual flame cast on them. For example:

My favorite - 3 ft. piece of rope with a metal ring spliced onto the end. Spell is cast on the end of the rope w/o the ring. You can hang it, loop or tie it around things, wear it "bolo tie" around your neck, et al.

I've had players just cast it into a bullseye lantern. Of course, cost of spell and cost of bullseye lantern. I had another player fit a polished piece of silver and glass into the back of a slim tube and had cont. flame cast inside to make a "slim lantern" (flash light). I gave it the illumination qualities of a bullseye but lighter and easier to carry.

I even had a player rig up his helmet (with a gnome helper of course) to have a little shutter attachment added with cont. flame cast inside of the little opening. In battle, he'd use a movement action to flip up the shutter, unleashing a flame on his head! The baddies all aimed at him obviously - the player loved it.

Can any of you guys come up with other really good uses? I'm thinking of having a specialty merchant NPC sell these things.

Oh, and a tip: good lantern bearers are monks in the party. They can hold a lantern or torch and still be fully combat effective (unarmed at least).

Lilith wrote:
Carnivore wrote:

coming next:

Camping pranks (or Stupid Viking Tricks).

Sounds like you've attended the same events I did. :)

Yeah, I was a Varangian and squuired to His Grace Duke Steingrim Stallari for a few years. I was a Varangian groupie prior to that.

With Finnagin and Atli around - I learned many Stupid Viking Tricks.

Stupid Viking Trick #1:

STICK! (it's a game)

What you need - sticks (wrapped in duct-tape preferably), consumed alcohol, darkness (night is good), a giant bonfire in the middle of the STICK! field, first aid kit with some ladies to apply the items of first aid to the stick players ... and some Vikings.

1) Somebody yells, "STICK!".
2) Everyone starts hitting anyone with a stick with their stick.
3) Keep hitting opponents with sticks.
4) Knock over some stuff.
5) One of the Vikings must jump over the bonfire - really cool if he actually tackles another viking in the process.
6) Somebody's precious item (handmade drinking stein, 9 man morris board, a longbow, et al.) needs to get broken and sacrificed to Odin (or Thor).
7) The game ends when the Ladies with the first aid kits have had enough and yell at you.

Afterwards, all the vikings get fixed up, share war stories, show off wounds and try to make bed-sports with the Viking Ladies (or belly-dancers if any are around). Oh, and drink some more.

coming next:

Camping pranks (or Stupid Viking Tricks).

edit: ha, keegan beat me!

... and some bullets, porn and cigarettes.

For real though - all the above advice is good. I will add:

Something that you can sleep on - between you and the ground - for insulation. You may think a sleeping bag and/or a blanket is good enough but a thin foam pad will make a world of difference. Thin foam pad, air-matress, something.

Week out? Go heavier on the canned food and things that don't need to be kept cold.

"Easy" food is handy. Can of chili, a tortilla and fire = meal. Can opener too.

First aid kit. Adhesive bandages are really nice. So are little pain killers. Make sure you bring something for your tummy and for "bowel situations". Nothing brings a fun camping trip to a halt faster than... well ... when the bean soup just 'aint right and you ate it.

Some tools I have found handy while out in the bush, assuming you are car camping as opposed to hiking:

small axe or hatchet
little saw

personal items:
folding pocket knife - preferebly a multi-tool type (swiss army knife, et al.)
fire making stuff
whistle (cheap)
a hanky/kerchief
hiking boots/shoe
camp shoes (sturdy slipper, sandals, et al.)

If you do, you just may recognize the proprietor - he was in the SCA for quite awhile. Depends on how long you have been active.

If you do head this way, I can make room for you (and your hubby) in one of my games as a guest player(s). Just let me know via e-mail:

ninjaelbow at comcast dot net

ohhh.... and

Valegrim wrote:
do they still sell chatty teeth; when i was a kid you could get a set of teeth that constantly opened and closed; you could put these on your eyestalks I guess; might really scare the little kids though if you have like 8 of them making a racket.

Heh... yeah they sell them still. My law firm represents a company that makes things like that.


Heh... that would be the awesomest jack-o-lantern evar!

Kresin wrote:
I'm in the Hillsboro area.

Some info on Rainy Day Games for you:

"We are in the Aloha Villa Shopping Center - NW 182nd and TV Highway just east of 185th Ave. We are next to Silver Dollar Pizza and Jan's Paperbacks. With the big Blue and White Aloha Villa sign, it's easy to see us from the road!"

Good gaming to you!

I just read a web article on inter-generational gaming though... I am interested in trying to find a way to run games for younger folks (our future in gaming) without the liability of gathering a group of young folks around. It's possible, but in today's day and age - not as easy as just running a game every other week. Another thread though.

Being an ex-Scadian, I always have a good viking/scythian/roman/saxon/sottish/landsknecht costume laying around. Most of it still fits too.

Our local C'thulu cult holds a yearly Lovecraft festival. They make side money doing paranormal investigations.

While I was stationed in Japan, I played in an Oriental Adventures campaign. Hmph.

Stay cool troop... watch yourself.

What part of Portland, OR?

Gresham, Beaverton, Portland (city), Hillsboro?

If you are in Gresham, try to get out to a shop called GameGeex - tell Dan/Otis (the owner) that Gabe sent ya'! He'll get you hooked up with a suitable group.

Portland (city)... hmmmmn... my games are rather adult sometimes (and sometimes not) but I haven't room in either. Also, try Bridetown Hobbies on East Sandy Blvd. and 33rd. They've been selling games, models, et al. for years (since I was 12-16 --- 20 or so years ago). Great place to meet fellow gamers of varying degrees.

Beaverton/Hillsboro: the only place I can recommend is Rainy Day Games. Haven't been there for awhile but they have a game schedule. Check them out.

Anyways, good-luck and good gaming.

I hate when I first opened this thread, not realizing it was 15 pages, and got stuck reading most of it. Stupid "words" with their "read me... I'll be your best friend" lies!

Actually, I cannot figure out why, having a rather extensive (23 books) resource list in my campaiign, my players still go to the FLGS and buy 'Codex Manual XVI' and want me to add it to the list while they own 2 or 3 of the books available on my list. I'm tired of new monsters with names like "cangagus ruby monkian".

Also, I too mimic some of the others regarding the DnD minis thing. I just want a large prepainted dragon. Just a dragon. I can paint my BBEGs myself, I just don't want to paint 12 trolls.

Then... we got them players that think good roleplaying is when the say: "My elf wizard, being only first level, would not know what a goblin is - I will act this way." Your character has been living all it's life, efore it's first adventure, in the same fantasy world all the other 1st level characters are in - you've seen a goblin.

I'll second flipmats. Just got the forest path one myself (and some other goodies from Steel Sqwire). Haven't used the flipmat yet but have tested it with all my felt tip markers (wet, dry and Sharpie) and they all clean off.

I use a vinyl mat (wet erase - Crystal Caste) as a general table mat and have set-ups for major encounters using Dwarven Forge stuff.

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