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thegreenteagamer wrote:
I don't have a super high post count, but my posts made to posts favorited is a pretty good ratio. It's not even all ones that are favorited by Tacticslion (though hanging out in the same threads as him is a pretty good way to get that ratio up).

Why, back when I started they didn't even have a favorite'd by others option, you typed +1 and that was that!

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You gotta plug the hole! Otherwise it'll keep filling up.

It's piracy 101 (I lost more ships that way). :-)

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The 23rd Yesterday regiment was truly ahead of it's time.

Alas, nobody remembers those that show up for battle a day early and spend the battle celebrating their already assumed victory.

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It's a bit obvious, people will figure out it's me.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

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I'm still grateful they've gotten 5 bestiaries deep and nary a Drow Ninja to be seen, so great job!

Maybe, if I use a different alias, they won't know it's really me

Edit: D'oh!

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The Green Tea Gamer wrote:
What is the best animal companion when taking in the following factors equally: loyalty, uniqueness, power from a metagame perspective, and coolness?

I actually prefer domains for Druids, especially the Frog Domain. but if i did go with an animal it would depend on the approximate climate.

South: Dinosaur, doesn't matter what kind.

North: Bear, Badger, or a big cat of some sort, or a big f~*~ing bird (we have burgeoning hawk family and an owl that are rampaging thru the local animal populace in our backyard and i must say they are effective!

Pirate: Domains all the time.

I actually try to discourage animal companions and don't allow leadership, not a fan of Entourage

Aniuś the Talewise wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

Viking-Ninja-Pirate Karaoke and Dance-Off.

The ninjas get crushed in the singing part of the competition, but no one can compete with their dance moves...

hmm if we're going to be doing historically authentic vikings (which is without question because honestly horned helms and ragged pelt tunics and so forth are boring and way overdone) then we'll have to do historically authentic pirates and ninjas as well...

Y'arr!, gimme yer Rum or I'll make ya dance with the sharks

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Which is actually a Goat I guess, eh, what are you gonna do, not everyone can afford Korean minors to do it for me :-)

Do you want me to flood it with aliases, I'm up to 104 :-)

Y'arr! Gimme yer best shot!