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Darkholme wrote:
Is there somewhere I can get such a thing? Can I throw some money at you Paizo guys and you mail me the thing I want to decorate my living room?

Darkholme, have you considered the marketing posters?

Some of them have Wayne Reynolds art, and many (all?) of them are 22 inches by 34 inches.

I have been considering purchasing most of them to hang up on walls in my house, similar to what you want to do.


I would like to see your conversions as well.

gregfoster63 AT yahoo.com

Thank you very much!

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I would love to have a copy of your Director's Cut, if you are still sending it out.



Forgot about this free Pathfinder PDF magazine:

Published by Rite Publishing. Electronic (PDF) and free.

This also looks to be Pathfinder RPG specific. t has a number of ads, but they are gaming related, so you may find out about interesting products that you and your kids can use in the Pathfinder games.

Link to get Pathways:
Pathways downloads

Jon, getting some gaming / D&D / Pathfinder related magazines might be helpful for you and your kids. Here are some good magazines (some unfortunately no longer published) that might be useful, if you can find them for a good price. If you live near a Half Price Bookstore, or any other good used bookstore that has gaming books, that would be a god place to look for out of print gam magazines.

Kobold Quarterly
Currently published by Open Design LLC. This magazine is not limited to Pathfinder RPG (recent articles include Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition and Dragon Age), but al o the articles are about fantasy role playing games and have content you can use for Pathfinder RPG.

Kobold Quarterly home page:
Kobold Quarterly

Dungeon Magazine
Formerly published by TST, WotC (Wizards of the Coast), and Paizo. Currently published in electronic format by WotC, but i only has D&D 4th edition content and is part of WotC's DDI subscription. I can't speak to the DDI electronic version, since I haven't subscribed to it.

The paper versions typically have 3 or more adventures (dungeon, city, wilderness), and the later issues published by Paizo are where their Adventure Path series of adventures got their start. Not all adventures in Dungeon are part of a series, though - many are stand alone adventures. Staring at issue 82, the content switched over to D&D 3rd edition, which is pretty close to Pathfinder RPG. These might be easier to convert with regards to rules content, since some / most of it will be pretty close to Pathfinder RPG.

Not all of the Dungeon adventures will be suitable for your kids to run at first, since some adventures will be higher level that the PF Beginners Box and some will reference monsters or character abilities that aren't in the PF Beginners Box. However, these adventures can be mined for maps and ides for easier adventures for you group. Also, many of the issues have one page maps will no related adventure that are great for an adventure that you or your kids can create.

Finally, also starting around issue 82 Dungeon Magazine has a number of one - two page regular columns that have short ideas that can be used in an adventure (non players characters, locations, campaign and adventure advice, etcetera). Some of the columns, especially those specifically related to a character class (fighter, rogue, druid, and so on) have content that is specific to D&D 3rd edition and 3.5 edition, so that may be less useful.

Dragon Magazine
Formerly published by TST, WotC (Wizards of the Coast), and Paizo. Currently published in electronic format by WotC, but i only has D&D 4th edition content and is part of WotC's DDI subscription. I can't speak to the DDI electronic version, since I haven't subscribed to it.

This is a companion to Dungeon Magazine, and is/was one o the oldest magazines related to D&D (although early issues had articles on other games).

You won't find nearly as many adventures as in Dungeon Magazine. Dragon is more rules related, but there are good articles containing new monsters, advice on game mastering and playing, reviews of books and games, and other RPG related content. I forget the issue number where they switched over mainly to D&D 3rd edition content, but it should be around late 2000 (Dungeon 82 was the September / October 2000 issue).

Currently published by Paizo Fans Unlimited. Electronic (PDF) and free.

This magazine has al Pathfinder content and has received very good reviews from Pathfinder RPG fans. Plus, anyone can submit content to Wayfinder.

Link to get Wayfinder:

There are probably more magazines, print and electronic, that also have good content. Hopefully these will b a good start, especially if you can find inexpensive copies at a local used book store - I typically find copies of Dungeon and Dragon for 50 cents at Half Price Books.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Nope... it's the cover of the Rise of the Runelords hardcover. You might want to refresh your browser's caches.

Vic, I don't see a graphic either, and I have reloaded my page multiple times.

However, if I click on the link it does open the correct product page, I just don't see the graphic of the product on this page.

Would there be a subscription for this one production plans get finalized? I realize this is too soon to officially say anything about this, but I would love to see a subscription.

And yes, I know almost every other Paizo product type has a subscription, I just want to show support for being able to subscribe to these products. :^)

With the exception of the Adventure Paths and the Fiction, I get all of my Pathfinder products from my local game store (The Guard Tower in Columbus, OH). However, I would subscribe to this to ensure I didn't miss any - I suspect these will see very well, especially at first.

Curaigh wrote:
Cthulhudrew wrote:
Why can't it be GenCon already? Need... more... Paizo... news!!!!


or at maybe a podcast :)

Since 2011, 3.5 Private Sanctuary / Know Direction have been making available podcasts of Paizo seminars at both PaizoCon and GenCon.

I suspect they'll have podcasts of the GenCon 2012 Paizo seminars.

The seminar podcasts from 2011 were very good, and I have just started listening to the 2012 PaizoCon seminar podcasts - so far, so good.

Thank you very much to all of the people that make these podcasts available for those, like me, who could not attend.

I have very much enjoyed the Know Direction podcasts for PaizoCon (2011 and 2012) and GenCon (2011).

Congratulations to all of the Volunteer of the Year award winners.

Thanks Cosmo, I just pre-ordered the deluxe collector's edition

I would like to cancel my preorder for the "normal" Rise of the Runelords hardcover (order # 1911278) since I want to get the limited edition hardcover instead.


darth_borehd wrote:
I played the original Deadlands, but I lost track with all the various editions of the game. Is this the latest edition? What other books do you need?

It is the latest edition, for the Savage Worlds rules.

In addition to the Marshall's Handbook, you will also need:
Deadlands Player's Guide
Savage Worlds rules

You can get both of the Deadlands books in hard cover as well, if you don't want the smaller trade paperback size:
Hard cover Marshal's Handbook
Hard cover Player's Guide

I would love a Tian Xia specific adventure path - as in an adventure path that entirely takes place in Tian Xia, instead of ending up there.

Not that I mind that the current adventure path starts in "the West" and goes to "the East" (Tian Xia), I understand why that was done.

Man, that is a scary picture in the linked blog post. I hope things are gong better for you now.

Legend of the Five Rings has an adventure concept called Challenge Focus Strike (CFS). These are short adventure nuggets giving you the setup (Challenge), the initial events / investigation (Focus), and the action / final events (Strike).

Here is a link to a discussion on the Alderac boards about GM inspiration. Scroll down to the third post (first post by Isawa Nazomitsu) - this post has a list of 172 CFS scenarios. Additional posts in this discussion may have other scenario ideas of interest

Here is a link to another discussion on the same boards that has links to PDF compilations of the first 100 CFS scenarios from the first discussion linked to above.

Although these are for the L5R RPG, there is little to no game statistics since these are brief scenarios - they would print out in one page. There will be references to Rokugan, the L5R campaign, but again they will be brief and you should be able to easily put these in a Tian Xia campaign if you like the scenario idea.

Joana wrote:
Have you seen this thread? It's full of conversions to Pathfinder rules a GM made; I've used these statblocks extensively in my own game.

Here are more conversion discussions that may be of use:

Second Darkness - Conversions to Pathfinder RPG

SECOND DARKNESS - Conversions to Pathfinder RPG Beta (Final)

I would love to see a Swords & Planets AP, since ER Burroughs was one of the first authors I heavily read.

However, I definitely can see how this might not be a mainstream AP, and would be risky to do, even if the Distant Worlds book does well.

A couple of modules that can be stand alone as well as having modest ties between them would be nice - if the first doesn't sell well, then you stop there, if they do sell well then you basically have a mini-AP.

I have been having trouble deciding what I want to read next. This discussion has me thinking I need to read some ER Burroughs. :^)

Hired Sword, I would like both the first document and the additional pages if they are a separate document.

I am not currently running a Savage Tide campaign, but I have been reading through the AP.

My email is gregfoster63 AT yahoo DOT com

Thank you!

'Rixx wrote:
I think I'm going to do a lot of running in the Basic Box, and as such I made a Google Docs template useful for converting monsters from the full game, making custom monsters, or NPCs. I'd like to share it with all of you!

Thank you Rixx, this is great! I am glad you have shared this with the community. :^)

cibet44 wrote:
I hope this is not a new level in "helicopter parenting" where now they play their games for them to. When my kids are old enough I'll point to the D&D books on shelf and tell them to go nuts with their friends if they have the interest.

As Sean Reynolds has said, some of these parents have played D&D themselves, and want to share something they enjoy with their kids in the hopes that their kids will also enjoy it.

I can't count the times I have seen people say in an online forum that they want to introduce their kids to RPGs, and that is most likely what is happening with the Pathfinder Beginner Box, which is in fact one of the reasons why Paizo created the Beginner Box set - to introduce new players to RPGs in general and PFRPG in particular - why is this helicopter parenting?

Do you really think that parents have never shared something they enjoy with their children before now?

Although my parents did not play RPGs with me when I was a kid, my father did share some of his fantasy / science fiction books with me and both my parents encouraged my reading, which in turn led to RPGs - was that helicopter parenting as well?

I think it is great that parents are using the Pathfinder Beginner Box set with their kids to get them involved with an imaginative and mentally stimulating hobby - go gaming parents!

Sunshine Rat! wrote:
Amusing that he called the 1983 Red Box the "original".

You may have misunderstood- he didn't claim that the 1983 Red Box was the original version of D&D - he claimed that he played the original 1983 Red Box - as opposed to the recent Red Box for 4th edition D&D.

So I think he was accurate in what he said.

I like that KQ has articles for multiple systems, even though I do not have AGE and although I have both PF and 4e I prefer PF.

However, there is background luff and ideas in the other system articles that I can lift and modify for use in another system, so I can get use out of any o the articles if I like what I see.

And like others have mentioned, I liked seeing the articles in Dragon about Top Secret, Gamma World, Star Frontiers, and Alternity. I am not saying KQ as to have the same range of systems covered, but I don't think it needs to be "One System Only".

Wolfgang Baur wrote:

I'm curious to see what people think of James Jacobs preview of the Dragon Empire, and Richard Pett's archdevil for that part of Golarion. Does anyone want a followup adventure or monsters for PFS set in Tian Xia?

I'm always unsure how Asian content is going to work: some love it, some hate it.

I would love to see more Asian content in the future. Not an overwhelming amount, because I do like the traditional / European-inspired fantasy content that has already appeared in KQ and others don't like Asian content at all, but some more article would be nice if you receive good submissions.

At the risk of sounding like "me too". I do like the Paizo catalogs. thank you for adding them to the subscription shipments.

Lisa Stevens wrote:

I got three chapters myself, doing the "Introduction to Roleplaying Games," "How to Make An Adventure," and "How To Use A Published Adventure." When the book got canned for some reason, TSR gave me back the rights to the articles. I then sold the latter two to Dragon Magazine, and they came out in issues #198 and #200. The Introduction to Roleplaying Games was on the WotC website for a while, though I can't find it now. Pierce (our Sales Manager) has used it to educate buyers at the book stores. Maybe I will see about getting that Intro article posted on paizo.com. It would be nice to have a repository for it and perhaps it will serve a purpose when the Beginner's Box comes out.


Based on the article/chapter titles, it sounds like al three would be useful to beginners (and not so beginners, too). I think it would be a god idea to post them at the Paizo website, and link to them from the Pathfinder beginner box product page.

Stewart Perkins wrote:
Also any 3.x pirate goodies are welcome as convertible or mixable material. I already plan on using chunks of serpents skull for ideas and one shot chunks. Any other goodies?

How about the Savage Tide adventure path, the last AP published in Dungeon? There were also supporting articles in Dragon as well. The AP was published in Dungeon 139 - 150

3 of the issues are not available at this link, although one of them (the first issue of the AP) appears to be available in PDF. You may be able to find the missing issues from online dealers or eBay.

Here is the link to the sub-forum about this AP -> Click here

Dexter Dunbar wrote:
Do I need any other books like Rule of Fear to run this campaign to it's fullest?

This isn't a product, and you may already have found this, but there is a sub-forum here for the Carrion Crown adventure path:

Carrion Crown sub-forum

This is true for all of the adventure paths, and there is a lot of good information and advice to be found.

Lisa Stevens wrote:
Bill Dunn wrote:
I think 1984 was my second Gen Con, the first I spent all 4 days there. I was probably at the same campground if it was the one a very short distance away from Parkside
Yep, it was the campground right near Parkside. You know, the one with the ice cold showers. :)

Very cool. I went to GenCon twice in the early 80s when it was still at UW Parkside, and the group I went with had a camper/trailer and we probably stayed at the exact same campground.


Black Vulmea's Vengeance, by Robert E Howard. Three pirate short stories. Out of print and possibly hard to get, but it _is_ Robert E Howard. I just started re-reading this book this weekend, before I came back to the Paizo site and found out what the new AP is going to be about. So far, the first short story (I am about two chapters into it) is very good.

ZenithTN wrote:
golem101 wrote:
I prefer to express my appreciation, encouragement and enthusiasm for the writers, developers and designers work. Thanks.
Send them a personal note/email/text. There are alternatives.

And you can scroll past the posts that have no interest for you. There are alternatives.

For now, you want short posts to not be posted. What will be next on your list of things not to be posted? Sorry, but this forum is for a wild variety of people (some of whom express themselves differently), not just you.

KaeYoss wrote:
meabolex wrote:

Kind of like a nasty, snapping alien baby. . . does that mean I get thrown out with the bathwater? ):
Nope. Out of an airlock.

Well played, sir, well payed.

And then afterwards, take and nuke the planet from orbit - it is the only way to be sure. :^)

(I know, not the exact quote from Aliens)

Dark_Mistress wrote:
Twin Agate Dragons wrote:
Dark_Mistress wrote:
Twin in the product description it says it will be a 300 page book. So I assume it will end up being around that.
I'm an idiot. Don't know how I missed that. Thanks DM.
Not a problem it was my pleasure. :p

Especially since you are now in her debt.

And you never want to be indebted to someone named Dark_Mistress. :^D

Colin McComb wrote:
CaptainTrips wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:


Actually, the "ulfen" that the humans are fighting is in fact supposed to be a frost giant.

Very cool, as the first thing I thought of when I saw the new cover was the "Frost Giant's Daughter" Conan story.

You mean this?

My first thought, too. Fantastic cover.

Yes, that art was what I though of when I saw the Humans of Golarion cover. Not to say I think that the Humans of Golarion cover is a ripoff, merely that both are very good and happen to have a similar theme.

Colin McComb wrote:
CaptainTrips wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:


Actually, the "ulfen" that the humans are fighting is in fact supposed to be a frost giant.

Very cool, as the first thing I thought of when I saw the new cover was the "Frost Giant's Daughter" Conan story.

You mean this?

My first thought, too. Fantastic cover.


Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking of. :^)

DM Aron Marczylo wrote:
2. A a lover of eastern mythology I'd love to see what creatures come out of this, like a Kitsune or a the undead creature which is a flying head with organs hanging from it, which it uses to choak it's victims. Saw it once in a 3.5 book for a "legend of the five rings" adventure and I know it's from mythology, but don't know the name. Would love to see creatures like that in there.

That would be the Pennaggolan. At least, that is the name of that creature on a card in the L5R CCG.

Here i a link to a wiki page on the creature, incuding the art from the above mentioned CCG card:
Pennaggolan wiki page

Apparently the Pennaggolan is Malaysian in origin:
A vampire by any other name

Zaister wrote:
Anyway I don't begrudge people who like that stuff that they get them. I just hope Jade Regent won't lead to more pointless discussions how everything needs to be better just because it's Japanese. :)

Dude, that is soooo 1980s. Now the discussion will be how everything needs to be better just because it is Chinese. :^D

I'll admit, though, that I am looking forward to the Jade Regent and seeing what Paizo does with that part of Golarion. I do respect the opinion of those that aren't interested, though.

I would say get him Pathfinder since he asked for it. Plus, he also played Pathfinder and GURPS with you, so he nows there are more games out there.

Plus, if he stays interested in RPGs, he'l check out other games son enough. So for now, get him what he wants - that will make him happier and most likely keep him interested in RPGs.

Set wrote:

Ooh, Den Beauvais, good choice! I bought the Warlock 5 comics just for his art. It was pretty bad for the first four issues or so, but he really grew into it, towards the end, and it was beautiful.

Ah, I did not know he did a comic. I'll have to look out for it. Thanks for mentioning that!

Drogon wrote:
CaptainTrips wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:


Actually, the "ulfen" that the humans are fighting is in fact supposed to be a frost giant.

Very cool, as the first thing I thought of when I saw the new cover was the "Frost Giant's Daughter" Conan story.
My first thought was this. My favorite all time cover, ever...

Good call Drogon, that is one of my favorite Dragon covers, right behind the Bridge of Sorrows.

James Jacobs wrote:


Actually, the "ulfen" that the humans are fighting is in fact supposed to be a frost giant.

Very cool, as the first thing I thought of when I saw the new cover was the "Frost Giant's Daughter" Conan story.

I'll add my approval of the goblin downtime art. I will be using that as a desktop for my work laptop (I work in IT, so it is somewhat appropriate).

Elorebaen wrote:
deinol wrote:

It's just like the original, only this one goes to 11.



So does this mean the new book now goes to 12?

Even better! :^)

On a more serious note, I just picked up the new Inner Sea World Guide hardcover, and after skimming through it I must say this is an absolutely gorgeous book. I am looking forward to spending more time reading through it.

James Jacobs wrote:

The Pathfinder Journal fiction is too popular with our customers and with employees at Paizo to be going away anytime soon.

A lot of folks DO get bangs out of their bucks with the fiction, in other words. Sorry if it doesn't do the trick for some of you, but the APs are for everyone, not just one.


That is good to hear. The Pathfinder's Journal fiction is the first article I read, after the Forward.

With regards to the two pages of iconics / pregen characters, I am neutral on their inclusion. I can see how some people benefit from them, and others could care less. Since I have all of the APs so far, I can also use pregens from past issues if I need them (I understand this isn't helpful for those without a large back catalog of APs).

Maybe some time in the future, iconic pregen characters could make an appearance in one of the blogs (although I seem to recall seeing some iconic stat blocks in some product preview articles) or a a free / low cost PDF?

Anyway, I again state my desire to see the Pathfinder Journal fiction remain in the APs. I have subscribed to the APs since issue 1, and have enjoyed all of the fiction. Yeah, we now have novels, but good short fiction is also nice to have as well.

baron arem heshvaun wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
The dead bigfoots
Great name for a Paizo indie band!

And the backup singers could be the Screamin' Harpies

I will take a copy of "Kingdoms of Legend: The Hidden Threat" if there are any left. I have a subscription order, so if it could be added to that, that would be nice.

I would like of copy sent to me as well, if it wouldn't be a problem.


Dark_Mistress wrote:
Reviewed, I have never done a magazine review before. So take the review with a grain of salt, hopefully people find it useful.

Dark_Mistress, I thought it was a very useful review. In my case, I had picked up a copy of the magazine at my favorite local gaming store the night before I read your review, but I think you did a very god job of covering the content. There really is a lot in this magazine, and your reiew made that clear.

Merry Christmas / Happy Hannukah and a Happy New Year to everyone.

Thanks to Paizo for the nice wallpaper, and for all of the great stuff you make for your fans! I just opened Christmas presents with my wife, and one of them was the Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide. ^)

You are not the only one, I too am experiencing poor load times on the message board section of the Paizo site.

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