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Savage Tide Adventure Path

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Topic Posts Last Post
"Tides of Dread": Aquatic encounter questions

Has a 3rd Party did a full FR Conversion?

DM Help: Tides of Dread Finale (SPOLIERS)

Savage Tide Synopsis

My Savage Tide Journal

New 5E game built on a stripped down STAP, anyone got good stuff...

Demongorgon Down - The World Saved!

Converting Savage Tide to Pathfinder?

Savage Tide Pathfinder / Eberron Conversion

exotic pets

No PDFs Available for Savage Tide Parts 2 - 12 (Dungeon 140 - 150)?

How Big the Victory in Tides of Dread?

Bullywug Gambit Levels

Download Request: Savage Tide Encounters PDF

Savage Tide Glories (opposite of the Obituaries thread)

Is there any where I get get the full Savage Tide adventure path?

Need help altering some villains ***spoilers***

Demogorgon's stats

Forol suspended by chains in Demogorgon's Shrine

Olangru's Harem

Fun With Avner

Inappropriate touching

The Iron Chest of Hathruman

Animating the Wreck

Treasure from Serpents of Scuttlecove

Divideds Ire - Detecting the Forbidance Zone

Masher Poison in Pathfinder

Starting new Savage Tide campaign, looking for advice (**Spoilers**)

My model of "The Wreck" (pictures)

Missing Taxidermist Guildhall Area

Death knight for dummies (advice wanted)

Dungeon 148 Online Supplement?

Savage Tide Obituaries

We've finished! (minor spoilers)

Black Sails?

Meravanchi crest

Possible situation regarding Into The Maw

levelling up?

Does anyone know

A change of tack / pace with Serpents of Scuttlecove, and foreshadowing EomE

*Spoilers* Running the Wreck and its denizens

V's Savage Tide Campaign Log

Totemic Demonslayer - in just 5 levels

Patman's STAP campaign

Mass Combat rules and Savage Tide

Allowing for breathers in the adventure path

Mythic and the Savage Tide

Wow..I must be bling...I cannot find the level progression anywhere

Tonatiuh Twice

Handling Golismorga

Map spotted on Kickstarter

Quick question on Savage Tide Pritate City

Irgzid coming back to life...

Major Enderan, What is he?

St. Kargoth - updated for Pathfinder (and then some)

Ahazu (spoilers)

human cleric in savage tides and favored class

Finding true names in Savage Tides

Rowyn Kellani 4th edition stats - Advice?

Converting "Into The Maw" to Pathfinder

Pathfindering the Tooth of Ahazu

Savage Tide character point buy

Did anyone stat out the phanaton war party that can assist in Tides of Dread?


Savage Tide: d20 Past Conversion

Jade Ravens after Savage Tide

Straight to Scuttlecove!

Embarking on the journey to the Isle of Dread, players spot something I did not

Wells of Darkness question (major spoilers!)

Savage Serpents: Serpent's Skull Crossover [SS Spoilers]

Conversion of STAP to 4e?

Using Styes or Saltmarsh in the STAP

More allies for Farshore

Tides of Dread - CAPTAINS of the crimson fleet

Savage Tide humor

Ammet / Cathezar in STAP?

Inconsistency found in Wells of Darkness

Would a Master Spy be useful in Savage Tide?

How many players in Savage Tide?

Advise a PF and Savage Tide beginner.

C1 in Wyvern's Wake

Savage Tide, Eberron, and Maenads

Problem with monsters ITM room 27 - spoilers!!

Want to run Savage Tide, need help!

Changing the Shipwreck in SWW

Help me build a character

Orcus Prince of Demons

New to D&D, need help with my character

[3.5] DMing Savage Tide in Eberron- Advice?

Changing the Nimbus Bow

Lavinia after ITM (DMs only - spoilers!)

S'Sharra assassination attempt(s)

Into the maw - replacement for Azael (minor spoilers)

IOD Rebuild Quest - Heironeous ?

Vanderboren Family Crest

ST ship conversion to PF rules

Vanthus's Escape from Kraken's Cove

Mathalay Meravanchi - Stats?

Which favored terrains?

Post Savage Tide Adventures

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