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Champion Voter Season 6

CouncilofFools wrote:

[/]Bracelet of Versatile Summoning[/] I never saw, but I'm definitely interested. Anyone have a copy of that for a PM?

Should be in your box.

Champion Voter Season 6

Duskrunner1 wrote:

(I believe my item, Fiddle of the Dance, was culled).

No I saw it several times after the cull.

Never saw Farouq's Lamp after Christmas Day though.

Champion Voter Season 6

Kris G wrote:
Anyone see the Paint of Discerning Demise?

Yes it survived the cull.

Wildebob wrote:
I never saw my item once, though I saw several of the items asked after in this thread so far. The circlet of precognition anyone? Let you "see" 3 rounds ahead...

I'm 95% sure I saw it at least twice post cull.

Champion Voter Season 6

Congratulations looking forward to your archetype.

I though this was way under priced with a standard scroll of clairvoyance at 375 GP and lasting for 5 minutes and extended as a 4th level spell for 10 minutes at 700 GP and a standard potion at double the price.

The soap will "normally" be prorated and used 25 times with a 1 CF Window for up to an hour in play each time.

I liked the concept but voted it down about half the time because it is mechanically game breaking for it's price and effects for a disposable when a single shot is comparably priced and less effective for 5 minutes at 750 GP or 1,400 GP for 10 minutes. IMO the soap has much more utility in most campaigns checking for monsters inside a room or outside a room with the option to use it more frequently.

Champion Voter Season 6

Drejk wrote:
It won't work on extended mansion because mansion does not target a creature. Nor will it work with mind blank as its duration is not based on caster level. It will work on foresight.

Thanks for pointing that out Drejek. I have deleted that post and amended it.


Interesting item but it basically is a variant Improved Greater Rod of Extend Spell CL17th which seems more easily abused in play especially at higher level play or games where day long spell effects can be managed rather routinely. In many ways it works better than a Greater Rod of Meta magic Extend Spell with a daily mechanic usage that can be slightly gamed since it works for all PCs not just a spell caster after the fact. I thought it was odd how it could tell the difference between a spell cast my a non magic item, supernatural ability and spell caster.

Could be pretty major party buffing item and kind of broken in that capacity at the price when there is a way to get extended spells and "spell effects" with long durations in play could basically make some of them semi-permanent to permanent at the cost of use each day.

Usable less often reliably, but in more situations by every party member.

The way it seems to be written up it will extend a spell that is already extended. Again and again for lengthy duration day long spells.

Usable 1/Day and 2/Day doable pretty reliably with a "Luck" spell, Luck Feat(s) and or Luck Stone by Anyone without the Extend Spell Feat or even actual spell caster.

IMO it will primarily be used on the high level spells and more expensive spell material component spells like Stone Skin if it is renewing the spell it should reset total damage. Not limited to the caster casting the original spell. IMO it is cheap for what it does.

An Extended Foresight of 3+ Hours with a Rod becomes 6+ Hours. With the right magic spells, items and or feats. Someone like a Rogue can have Foresight Up for 9+ Hours a day so no party surprises and "Safe" adventuring.

I expect your archetype will be interesting.

Champion Voter Season 6


Interesting but seems like a pretty expensive niche item for Resistance 3 or 4 for a minute to deal with a minor elemental obstacle or challenge like a flaming pool or magically cold doorway.

I thought the resistance should be a little higher and fixed say Resistance 5 for 3 - 15 Minutes for more utility every time I saw it. Mostly depends on the campaign or adventure path regarding general utility. Looking forward to your archetype.

Champion Voter Season 6

I thought it was a pretty interesting concept but to much of a nautical theme niche item, however it normally won out in the voting pairings.

I figured there is some mechanic trick I am not aware of to retrieve it after each monthly usage despite the high 40 DC or it was designed as a very expensive disposable or disappearing emergency plot item turning up and disappearing in an adventure not something one would normally pay to have crafted.

I expect your archetype will be interesting.

Champion Voter Season 6

Very nice item I am really looking forward to your archetype. Glad to see you made Top 32 Super Star. I have enjoyed reading your postings over the years.

Champion Voter Season 6

Very nice item I saw it quite a bit and it did well in most pairings. Looking forward to your archetype.

Champion Voter Season 6

Nice Item. Interesting Concept. Looking forward to your archetype.

Champion Voter Season 6

Congratulations. This was one of my favorite items.

Champion Voter Season 6


Champion Voter Season 6

59 Minutes :)

Champion Voter Season 6

Thomas LeBlanc wrote:
Feros wrote:
He seems to have the most experience and was far more dedicated in voting than even CHEERS and myself.
I still only saw my item in ~.23% of all votes cast and my favorite item almost twice as often.

That sounds like Top 89 Material to me. Just a few more hours. :)

Champion Voter Season 6

Mikko Kallio wrote:
Cheapy wrote:
Yep, I believe that's the case. If you're in the top 32 (and possibly alternates), you'll get an e-mail.
Yea, the alts also get an email. It begins with "I have some good news and some bad news for you..." or something along those lines. Or at least it did back in 2011.

Don't forget your Downloads Box. Two New, Bright Shiny PDFs.

Champion Voter Season 6

Will McCardell wrote:
The curse of the Champion voters is that they really can't say if any of them got in due to there only being 3, and that would narrow it down quite a bit.

I would not be surprised to see Thomas and Feros.

IMO mine was to improvable with an hour after what I learned from from voting giving actual context examples for the Judge's comments. Expect I will learn a great deal more from the actual Top 32 and Clark's Comments yesterday.

Hindsight is usually better than foresight by a d--- sight.

Champion Voter Season 6

Sean said there were quite a few Marathon Voters in another thread.

Champion Voter Season 6

Trialbyfireent wrote:
Damnit cheers.

Bummer I thought the boards were dead. I was going to let you take it at 14. Congrats to Correlon.

Champion Voter Season 6

14 Hours and 4 minutes :)

Champion Voter Season 6

Jacob W. Michaels wrote:
Hmm, trying to remember if there were any heat-related items that really grabbed me. Nothing's coming to mind -- a couple cold ones, but no heat -- though I guess we wouldn't really be able to talk about it yet anyway, even if I could think of one.

There was a container and another item you wore with a few gray items.

Champion Voter Season 6

Man I never saw the abacus. :)

Champion Voter Season 6

Steven T. Helt wrote:
I'd rather see a higher CR monster that isn't another dragon/tane/new category of outsider...

Meteor Baby.

As your party is traveling through the wilderness you witness a falling meteor shower in the distance.

Remembering how valuable star metal is your party makes a beeline towards the impact site.

Tiny rampaging baby in blue with a red cloak and a Sowilo rune on his chest has just defeated the Tarrasque.

Thankfully he is susceptible to the Sleep spell and other magic.

Champion Voter Season 6

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Congratulations Thomas Voting Super Star.

Star 59,200 Votes, Dedicated 115,000 Votes, Marathon 84,000 Votes and Champions 18,500 Votes making The General Paizo Voting Public without a Tag the largest voter block at 222,300 Votes with a Half a Million Votes.

Rough Order of Influence from Top to bottom with half a million votes:

General Public without a Tag at 44%

Dedicated at 23%

Marathon at 17%

Star at 12%

Champion at 4%

The more I voted the more flaws I saw with my own submission which was quite improvable with an hour of effort after getting to vote. Best luck to all.

Champion Voter Season 6

Public perception and comments should play a big impact.

Does the archetype feel like a natural fit for the River Kingdoms?

Champion Voter Season 6

Short of public voting being weighted equal (50%) to the judge's voting impact like on some television entertainment shows.

Voting only provides a first look ranking from the Paizo tech posts.

Champion Voter Season 6

Tels wrote:
I wonder if CHEERS (Champion voter) still sees new items?

Last one was a few days ago but my voting has been tapering off.

Champion Voter Season 6

agirlnamedbob wrote:


Note to self: Next year submit a design for The Levitating Dog Leash of Nostradamus...

...Except not really.

So will it levitate without being attached to a dog?

What about zombie, construct and were-dogs?

Does it work for other animals or monsters?

Does the dog need to named Nostradamus or did Nostradamus just make the first one?

Champion Voter Season 6

10% or so Disqualified.

25% Lower Cull.

No comments whether Paizo did an upper Cull or Ongoing Culls in conjunction with the lower cull.

Champion Voter Season 6

Shadowborn wrote:
Pedro Coelho wrote:
I think this is just the human mind looking for patterns in randomness, which is a known behavioral phenomenon.

You're the third person I've seen say something similar to this. I see a pattern...

Seen my item four times. Twice before the cull, twice after.

It may be random chance just like in Video Poker where one has the same odds of getting dealt a Royal Flush each time.

So when lightning strikes on a second and third consecutive hand despite the odds which are normally against that it is an observable phenomenon.

Champion Voter Season 6

Thomas LeBlanc wrote:
mamaursula wrote:
Given that there are several accounts that an individual voter has seen a single item 5 times maximum (at this time and only to my recollection of having read some of the boards) while they have voted over 1,000 times, you're talking less than 1% of their votes are addressing any one individual item.

In list format (cause lists can be fun occasionally):

  • I have seen my item 7 times.
  • I have seen many items over 20+ times.
  • Today alone, there is one item I have seen 6 times.
  • I have spotted the item leading my list of favorites 16 times.
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are items I rarely see and barely recollect them.

    EDIT: There is an item I have not seen since the cull. Before the cull I saw that item at least 30 times (since I started counting how many times I had seen it). Once, I saw it 3 pairs in a row...

Mirrors my voting experience but I am not keeping accurate detailed records. My voting has tapered off but I believe I saw a single "new" item I really liked for the first time on Friday.

Champion Voter Season 6

Kuruni wrote:
Guys, where do yo see that post? I mean, the one where states how many votes you need for each title. Thanks in advance! te#discuss

Champion Voter Season 6

Ariax wrote:

After nearly 1,000 votes, why is it that...

...the items I've loved the most, the ones with a real spark, I've only seen one or two times each?

...whereas lots and lots of other items have appeared over a dozen times?

Does the logic of the voting system naturally show middle-tier items far, far more often than "top" items?

I am guessing others are seeing at the same time based on couple voting posting together at the same time.

I believe it is weighting the item against similar weighted items and occasionally testing it against higher rated items.

Not all items will be up voted by all people who have different criteria so there will be some breakout. With 20 votes some will have 12 better and 8 not better. Some will be equally weighted 10 better and 10 not better and so on. I believe this gives an item a weighted mathematical average since items seem to float up and down.

IMO doubtful the top 10 have 100% better votes based on the audience size.

Say there are 1,000 items or more IMO Paizo is probably looking for a primary initial judge's pool of 20% +/- 5% to be safe this year. Start at the top computer ranking group and work their way down probably with a Golden Ticket or Two for each judge.

There is some room for an item to climb based on posts in the first few days if it just had bad luck initially at the voting table.

Champion Voter Season 6

MicMan wrote:
CHEERS wrote:
...Mostly single paragraph descriptions in the Core Rulebook...
Yes, but the vast majority of core items is far less than 300 words while the vast majority of superstar applicants is above 200 words.

For your convenience, the following text contains all the necessary message board formatting to make your submission comparable to those in the Core Rulebook. You may copy this text to help format your submission, but are not required to do so. Remember that improperly formatted entries may be disqualified. You should not use ALL CAPS for any part of your wondrous item submission. "ZZ" is a placeholder to indicate you should replace that text with appropriate information for your wondrous item.

Aura ZZstrength ZZschool; CL ZZth
Slot ZZslot; Price ZZ gp; Weight ZZ lbs.
Requirements ZZfeats, ZZspells, ZZotherrequirements; Cost ZZ gp

NOTE: You must use the above format from the Core Rulebook, not the graphical magic item format used in Ultimate Equipment.

Champion Voter Season 6

PF GRD breaks up text, but Core Rulebook only indents for a second or additional paragraphs for the majority of items with the odd dot to differentiate. Mostly single paragraph descriptions in the Core Rulebook.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. To enter, submit an original wondrous item using the format shown in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook (available for free in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document). The entry must be no more than 300 words long and must include all of the proper mechanics and flavor (see pages 496-532 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook for examples).

Champion Voter Season 6

Samuel Kisko wrote:
The rules prohibit employees entering as written. Personally I would like to see judges do so, and if they 'win', it would allow them a golden ticket item into their slot.

Most are gone after the cull so not to "compete" possibly just submitted for data voting analysis of a new system.

Champion Voter Season 6

I thought some of the gag items which have mostly disappeared after the cull and seemed pretty spot on the "What to Avoid Guideline Suggestions" with perfect formatting were one or more of the judges. It did not stop me from voting them up when they were better than the item they were paired with.

Champion Voter Season 6

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Formatting seemed like a major hurdle this year IMO in the first round of voting. Kind of like a reality show. The judges will probably review all submissions for a Golden Ticket Diamond in the Rough or Two IMO but probably concentrate on the top 10 - 25% since it is Paizo's bread and butter working their way top down from what has been voted up. Judges only have to look at a item once or twice to put it in their own keep file and see which make the Top 25+ Consensus or equivalent. :)

The Actual Top 32 after the judges are done evaluating along with the Actual Top 16 advancing to the next round after public voting will probably be the actual standard for 2014.

What did those 16 items do better than All the other items you saw voting? One of the best reasons to vote this year. To see lots of actual submissions.

Fine line appealing to the public and the judges?

From the items I saw before and after the cull an item seemed to need some kind of mojo that resonated with large numbers of the public with correct formatting or overcoming minor formatting flaws.

Major mojo with formatting problems probably got some items voted down on formatting since it was a voting criteria and not many survived the first cull.

Expensive items tend to have more initial Wow factor since they usually utilize more expensive and more powerful spell effects.

Most names are middle of the road. A Good Name seems to help an item more than a bad name hurts an item since both make an item stand out from the pack.

Wow items seemed to have an initial edge making the first hurdle if properly formatted but get tougher looks after the first cull with pricing becoming much more of a factor especially if way off.

This includes rule breaking and game breaking infinite wealth items. I'll be really curious to see if the judges advance any of those items.

My standard for those items is "Do you want the BBEGs to possess those items but not the PCs in a game?"

The first 50 - 100 votes are probably the harshest while everyone gets a feel for the submission quality.

Cost is a factor in many but not all games. From the posts in general the minor niche items had utility to price using the default wealth by level. More than a few would you craft it or keep it for the price or sell it for half price.

Not everyone is equally familiar and knowledgeable of the setting so that actually seems to be a strike from some of the posts I have read. Correctly citing PF campaign material still reads like home gibberish to people not familiar with that campaign aspect.

Although there seem to be exceptions. In general items that possess one or two clearly understood core item powers that do not make the game more difficult for the GM or Players seem to be faring better.

Basically can you read it once and get a good handle on what the item does?

The more complex or needlessly complex an item was the more it seemed to be a negative strike or vote down from a lot of the posting.

Brevity just one to three sentences of fluff describing item and item operation seemed to do the trick. Most back story seemed to be more of a negative strike against an item than a positive from the posting.

SIAC almost every magic item in the game is a Spell In a Can IMO. Everyone has a slightly different standard for what constitutes a SIAC.

Fine line but Items that do something just a little different from a standard spell seem to be faring best.

Interesting I have seen numerous items that have items doing things that have nothing remotely connected to the spells used to create the item effect when numerous other spells exist along that theme. Probably costs a few votes to some degree which just seems like a SIAC dodge.

Champion Voter Season 6

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
GM_Solspiral wrote:
9) Less time in round 1, a month is too darn long.
This was an experiment for us—we honestly had no idea how many votes people would cast, so we didn't know how long it would take to get a statistically appropriate number of votes to push the best items to the top. Next year, I wouldn't be surprised if the submission start and end and the voting start and end dates changed a bit to accommodate the level of enthusiasm we've seen in response to the open voting.

I'm sure the winter holiday break helped a lot.

Champion Voter Season 6

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Breelo Babblebock wrote:
I wonder if the person who voted 3,690 times before the cull is a champion voter yet....

Just did it a few minutes ago.

I like playing Video Poker for 12 - 16 hours and voting was similar.

Had to make the push for the tag bling bling.

Paizo please do not make a Super Champion 10,000+ Vote Tag :).

Champion Voter Season 6

Eric Morton wrote:

Just finished my first sample after generating my new list of tagged items and saw 16 of them, for an estimate of 625 items to counteract Sean McGowan's influence.

Average Estimate After 11 Samples: 884 items (1,179 items before the cull)

Sean just posted this in the JUDGES You are Iron man thread an hour ago:

Remember, if there were 500 entries, culling the bottom 25% still leaves 375 entries... and 125 of those probably are in the 26-50% range for quality.

And remember that even the 51-75% range for quality may be "maybe good enough for a book of magic items."

And we're not guaranteed an even distribution of quality. Maybe 120 are at the 26% quality and 5 are in the 27-50% quality, ya never know.

And there were more than 500 entries, of course. :)

Champion Voter Season 6

Happy New Year Guys.

This year has been very enlightening and enjoyable looking behind the curtain so to speak particularly combined with many of the How I am voting comments and what was actually cut. This year and next year should be very interesting.

There were some creative items belonging to others I had hoped would advance which do not appear to to have done so due to formatting issues.

Champion Voter Season 6

zylphryx wrote:
CHEERS wrote:
It would be nice if the Paizo Template Model is correct and properly formatted next year and not spread out over several other threads with "clues" someone could easily overlook since not in the rules or provided example. Making it clear one cannot underline their item.
What? You mean like right here? ;)

Yes you have been reviewing and observing items with formatting issues using the default template correct?

I would not be surprised if Paizo is the only place many entries have ever had to format on line despite being proficient typists or data key entry proficient.

Little things:

The instructions could have been clearer. Missing Italics. Item Name not listed twice when the entry is going to be auto formatted in the first sentence typed. Underlining not an option.

IMO there were some "creative item gems" with formatting issues which seem to have been voted down this year primarily using formatting as the criteria based on what I have seen since the culling.

Champion Voter Season 6

It would be nice if the Paizo Template Model is correct and properly formatted next year and not spread out over several other threads with "clues" someone could easily overlook since not in the rules or provided example. Making it clear one cannot underline their item.

Champion Voter Season 6

Aaron Miller 335 wrote:
One of my concepts deals with a river kingdom diety. I'm not sure if its going to be to focused in the river kingdoms to apeal to a wide audience? Any one have an opinion?

Mostly depends on how well you utilize your creativity. Freehold farmers are valued and respected. The following could be a hurdle or a boon as most people judging your arch type would be evaluating it based on the following to some degree or another:


The people that make up the River Kingdoms are a diverse lot, the only thing most seem to have in common is that they are not the sort of people any civilised creature would want for neighbours. The River Kingdoms seem to attract a wide range of rogues and outcasts from deposed princes to mad sorcerers to religious firebrands. Though the people who inhabit this land come from a huge range of backgrounds they are all self reliant and hardy, those who are not do not last long in the River Kingdoms.


The nature of the River Kingdoms cynical inhabitants means that they are often ill disposed towards religion.

Those who are prone to worship normally embrace the chaotic nature of the River Kingdoms worshipping deities of thievery, war, and freedom.

The churches of Cayden Cailean, Desna, Calistria and Gorum are popular throughout the River Kingdoms, as well as the god of murder, thievery and secrets Norgorber.

Additionally, cults of two gods forbidden throughout Avistan and Garund have found the region to be a haven for their beliefs, the River Kingdoms remain one of the few places in the world where people can openly worship Hanspur and Gyronna.

In addition to these two unpopular deities the River Kingdoms seem to attract strange cults in the same way they attract strange people and as such a huge amount of small religions ranging from unorthodox to down right bizarre make their home in the River Kingdoms

Champion Voter Season 6

Phloid wrote:

One question I have, and it may be the cause of the fact that I keep seeing about the same 50 items over and over, is the code that selects items to give a voter. Maybe it is not people using the tie button repeatedly.

I'm just speculating here, but I've noticed that if I get a new pairing and then log out and log back in later, I get the same pairing. Does this mean that these two items are out of circulation for others until I vote on them? Or at least less likely to appear?

This would also explain why I seem to get new items more often as certain times per day as internet usage increases and people vote on the items that they have been sitting on all day.

This may not be a big problem if the rankings are done with a ratio, say of up votes to number of views. That is except for items someone sat on during the first day and never gets voted on. That item's ratio will never get as well developed as an item that keeps at maximum circulation.

Again, this is just some musings I've been doing, not knowing how it really works.

I see the same thing logging in and out. I am certain the system accounts for that. It should only be an issue on the last day of voting and will only be a small fraction which will possibly effect the cutoff #64 and #65 or #100 and #101 whatever the cutoff is for the judges who will probably each still get at least One Golden Ticket IMO. I have read comments that people voting at almost the same time like a husband and wife team often receive the same items to vote on.

It seems like there are two or three logic groups of items which change every day or two. The longer you vote that group the more repeat items you start seeing until the groups switch.

I believe it has something to do with consistent voting choices over time as a Marathon Voter you vote a lot and if voting consistently the network choices respond to that and your voting logic chain. A > B > C > D > E > F > G..........

One reason I believe you see an item compared to the same item on different sides verifying voting consistency.

If you vote a pair the same way 9 or 10 times out of ten while someone else votes randomly 4-6 times out of ten your vote will probably carry more weight in the logic chain.

I think some items are getting equal up and down votes as more people view them and vote them equal or up and down since we do not all have the same evaluation criteria.

I believe the computer is comparing comparably ranked and random items for it's logic weighting.

Champion Voter Season 6

Phloid wrote:
I think the removal of the bottom 25% was a good idea, but if you do this too many times it makes it easier for the marathon voter to vote repeatably for his and his friends' items. I think the items I'm seeing are vastly improved on average. I still think you can cut more items as voting goes on, but don't over do it.

It was, but IMO it seems like a lot of the really creative or innovative more format challenged items were voted down solely on formatting in initial voting and culled with a lot of properly formatted SIAC & SAK advancing at least from what I have seen before and after the cull. Quite a few I'd hoped to see and have not after the cull.

On the flip side I have seen at least a dozen comments which are usually scrubbed (Hopefully Not Disqualified for getting excited in the contest) by people who have posted seeing their significant other, roommates or friend or friend's item.

Plenty were Dedicated and Marathon voters. Two plus is a significant factor particularly if a group lucks out and has a member get that repeating item.

I would be surprised if there is not a logic loop condition preventing someone from seeing their own item more than once every 500-1,000 Votes or set number of days.

IMO for everyone who posted (about another entry), there are 10 to 20 who refrained from posting but are aware of other entries.

Human nature being what it is how many do you believe down voted their significant other, roommates, friend or friends (gaming group) item when they saw them?

Champion Voter Season 6

Steven T. Helt wrote:

Alright, saw my item and have seen a ton of newer, cooler items since yesterday. VZery excited. Tonight, I finish my archetype and develop encounters for my adventure proposal!

.....or try to beat my daughter at Rock Band. One of those two.


Champion Voter Season 6

You are sampling to late IMO.

About an hour ago I saw a good item (IMO) for the first time which I do not believe I have seen before since the contest started.

The longer you vote the more often you see certain items paired with other items more frequently. Other Marathon Voters have posted observing the same effect.

It would have been most accurate immediately after the cull IMO.

Possibly more accurate immediately after daily Paizo network reboot.

Champion Voter Season 6

Wolfboy wrote:
Jacob Trier wrote:
Shadowborn wrote:
It's getting to the point where I have to express myself exclusively through meme.

Or wear the skin, skull, or dismembered hands of something disgusting.

I never found the eye of Vecna all that enticing. Although, I am a fan of the head of Vecna.

Good Memories. First time I saw that I was a Player. Almost a TPK other Players arguing with each other over who would get their heads cut off first, second, third and fourth. Each one insisting you cut off their heads.

Ditto as a GM in two other games as a GM.

Champion Voter Season 6

Zelkon wrote:
After the winners have been announced for the open call, they'll get a PDF of the River Kingdoms. However, they only have 3 days to familiarize themselves and created an archtype. Doesn't that seem a little harsh? I know nothing of the river kingdoms and would be at a severe disadvantage, and I imagine I'm not alone.

No. Lots of resources available. IMO someone "creative" can do a great deal making a arch type to mesh with just the following cover page information without delving any deeper into any of the hyperlinks for more information.

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