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What a crazy random happenstance.

Just happened to acquire a graveknight in our last sessions, curious to see where this thread goes before my next session.


I am very vanilla.

Bestiary 2 is actually my favorite book that Paizo has released, so I recommend that one.

The art in it is great, the dragons in it are my favorites of all the books and I feel like this had a lot of the pent up creativity in it being the first bestiary that wasn't just a bunch of Pathfinderized restats of 3.5 monsters, but a bunch of new unique stuff to Pathfinder.

Java Man wrote:

Haven't used it personally, but the snap shot tree looks like a hoot. Point blank master might be handy. Out side of archery steel soul would beef your saves, spirits gift is a nice, variable, buff for your snuggly snake,

Seems a shame to not keep advancing your snake, so if I were to switch or dip I would keep to classes/ archetypes w an AC. Wildchild brawler would add a layer of versatility, while keeping your bab and snake at full power.

Hmm yeah the snapshot tree looks alright, though a 3 feat investment is a bit hefty. Steel Soul has been on the menu for a long time I just keep putting off, certainly will take it.

See thats exactly the kinds of suggestions I was looking for with the Wildchild Brawler. Not a big fan of how it seems melee focused, but the fact it keeps going with AC and also with the skirmisher stuff is really cool.

avr wrote:
Eh, animal companions tend to fall off in effectiveness late anyway. Going with something that doesn't advance it isn't that great a loss, and boon companion could cover it until L14 if desired. Horizon Walker has some fun abilities and qualification is easy for you.

Yeah Im not married to keeping my AC going, its really strong right now, reliably out damaging a few party members even, and feel it will stay strong for a while.

Not feeling the horizon walker though, I already purposefully gave up all the favored terrain stuff for the Deep Knowledge, so going back to using it now seems wasteful.

Hey folks, having a bit of a mid-life crisis with the direction I want to take my Ranger mechanically from this point on in our game.

We are playing through the Emerald Spire, and most likely some extra stuff after that, but it is a Dungeon Crawl through and through.

I went with a Deep Delver Dwarf and I am currently a level 10 Deep Walker/Skirmisher Ranger. So far this has given me fantastic bonuses while underground. I have also gone with a Constrictor Snake animal companion, another thing that has been going very well so far down here.

Feats-wise he has: point blank shot, precise shot, weapon focus (longbow), endurance, rapid shot, boon companion, improved precise shot, manyshot, deadly aim.

Short of Clustered Shots I feel like I have pretty much gotten all of the Archery Feats I need to be effective, I also feel like while the continuing underground bonuses of being a Deep Walker would be nice I am already sitting at +11 Init and +23 Perception while underground.

So without blabbing on too much longer I am looking for advice on what to do for my next 10 levels, I am not married to any ideas so whatever could be both interesting and effective. Stick with Ranger? Switch to Archery Fighter maybe? Unchained Rogue?

Hey this sounds like it might be really useful for my Kingmaker game. Too bad it's so far away.

More excited about this book than the last couple though.

Man I got excited when I saw stuff from the second book, and then sad again when no Mud Bowl map.

I am having a lot of trouble finding a good Mud Bowl map.

Our group has just started Rivers Run Red and basically spent the first session just sorting out leadership roles.

Gaius Valandil Human Paladin of Erastil - Baron of Valandor
Geof Half-Orc Skald - General
Del Half-Elf Slayer - Spymaster
Dak Dwarven Cleric of Shelyn - High Priest

I will second a Dwarven Reach Cleric, I could see that being quite good in Emerald Spire.

It's hard to offer too much advice on whats good for that specific module without giving away stuff.

What I do know is that my Deepwalker Ranger is amazing, a rogue specializing in poisons and bleeds absolutely sucks and it would have been really nice to have a wizard or sorcerer.

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Perrams Spellbook

Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:

Rise of the Runelords Defiantly has many TPK opportunities and many Nasty bosses. Very epic adventure as well.

I've heard Iron Gods can be rather difficult but have not played it as of yet.

Reign of Winter has some good difficulty to it.

3rd Party Rappan Athuk has really good reviews.

While there are a couple encounters that can be lethal, Rise of the Runelords up to book 4 has been pretty easy.

With so many low will save humanoids throughout the game there are just so many easy ways to beat most combat encounters.

I went with the constrictor snake myself.

High strength, grab, constrict, climb speed, swim speed, decent natural armor, and with the Narrow Frame feat this guy has it all.

Rise of the Runelords AE has probably been one of my favorite RPG purchases so far, and was my first adventure path. I really excited for this to come out.

Joey Virtue wrote:

Part Four: Under the Jorgenfist

+5 Furious Halberd


Not sure I would want my players to have a +6 weapon this early. Thats quite the upgrade from her original +3 shortspear.

Joey Virtue wrote:
So is there a collection of all the non map things created for this AP hand outs journals and things like that?

Every once in a while a brave soul will go through the thread and compile it all into one post and weed out all the dead links and stuff, looks like you will have to scour back a bit to find the last one.

What fantastic timing friend.

My 5 players have just started Stones over Sandpoint and glad to have this for tomorrows session.

Hello everyone, my crew should be finishing up Chapter 3 very soon and i'm pretty stoked to start chapter 4, but there is about a 2 week travel time gap between where they are now and Sandpoint. Since there is obviously some urgency to their travel I was wondering what you guys did for those two weeks? Hand wave the travel? Roll a few random monster encounters? Describe and detail each and every city and town on the way?

Tell me of your travel.

Hmmm Barbarian or Ranger....

I think Barbarian, always a fun time.

Saveordie wrote:
Kolyarut wrote:

If you're looking for a pathfinder AP I would suggest Council of Thieves.

** spoiler omitted **

That sounds exactly what my players want. Also what do you mean by "Dark Territory"?

Only problem is thats a 3.5 ap right? Do you know any tools and resources for conversion to the pathfinder system?

It is updated to pathfinder rules.

I dunno why, I dunno how, but Caulborn

Well, if anything you certainly convinced me to read over that chapter again.

I been using the one Ravingdork sent me that he uses for his NPC collection pretty much exclusively since. I am a big fan of one-page character sheets when possible.

Thats one loooooonggggg ogre fight.

Keep it up!

I would utilize the Monster Codex to make combats a bit more interesting, especially with the large amount of goblins and ogres. Lots of the fights can feel samey.

I would also put a LOT more effort into bringing Sandpoint alive and introducing more of its citizens.

Any update or clarification on how the Feral Focus ability works exactly?

Does a Feral Hunter just get the one permanent focus?

If you choose just the base Hunter and your animal companion dies, you get 1 focus that lasts minutes and 1 permanent focus that you can change whenever correct?

An 8th level hunter, with a dead companion, gets 2 focuses it that last minutes AND 2 focuses that are permanent that he can change with a swift action, for a total of 4 on him?

Crypt Breaker Alchemist

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What a frustrating book, I don't need it at all in any shape or form, but it's now the only hardcover pathfinder book I don't own.

Gotta collect them all.

I think I will get more use out of the Monster Codex than the NPC one.

It came out just in time for me to revitalize my Rise of the Runelords game, so certain areas will now be MUCH more interesting than 30+ basic Ogres.

Not sure how the addition of all those magic ogre hooks and chain shirts will affect the game.

So far I really like the magic armors in this book the most, cool items.

Anyone else page 25 blurry as all hell?

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I adore this product, thank you for making it.

I think the only 3.5 material that was mentioned in any of our pathfinder games was Monkey Grip which was immediately laughed away in a sweeping "nope" and then the allowance of my Fighter taking the Chevallier Prestige class which was allowed.

Nefreet wrote:
Actually, inspired by this discussion, I just created THIS as a visual aid for my future games =).

I like it.

Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Half-Giant (or Goliath), Wolfen (Palladium), Planetouched

Man...forever GM here.

Homebrew campaign Fighter 8/Chevalier 1 - Neutral Good.
Homebrew campaign Cleric 6/Radiant Servant of Pelor 2 - Neutral Good (3.5)


Fighter, Wizard, Cleric, Rogue, Druid, Monk, Druid, Magus.

I am a fan of the classics for the most part. I think almost every other class could have just been some kind of archetype of the classics.

Did some searching for you and...

PRD wrote:
Indirect Attack: To fire an indirect-fire ranged siege engine, the crew leader makes a targeting check against the DC of the siege engine. This check uses his base attack bonus, his Intelligence modifier (if not trained in Knowledge [engineering]) or Knowledge (engineering) skill modifier (if trained in that skill), any penalty for not being proficient in the siege engine, and the appropriate modifiers. If the check succeeds, the ammunition of the indirect attack hits the square the siege engine was aimed at, dealing the indicated damage or effect to any object or creature within the area of its attack. Creatures may get a saving throw to limit the effect of the attack; this is typically based on the type of ammunition used.

So 14 Dex + 5 Ranks in Knowledge(Engineering)

I'm guessing a dex bonus falls under "an appropriate modifiers" since its a ranged attack.

What a hassle to look though, man.

Happen to have a direct link for the page containing all of their free modules?

Your dirt and grass bases always look so much more vibrant than mine.

I feel like I fail at the most basic of things >_>

Caulborn - Bestiary 3 p48

Ugly-ass neutral telepathic historians that travel the planes setting up camp in places of interest until they have absorbed all the knowledge there is to gain from said place.

Perfect library encounter.

oooOoooOoo folk magic.

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Dhampir Bard that becomes a BBEG

Be the best liar, have the best lyre and live in the best lair.


Dhampir's get a bonus to Charisma and a +2 bonus to bluff.

DM_Blake wrote:
I already did that, and have never regretted it. Neither have any my players over the last couple alignment-free decades.

When you remove alignment from your game, do you just get rid of all of the alignment based spells and abilities or do you adjust them in some manner?

I have a game upcoming where one of the players wanted to play a Paladin of Abadar and bring civilization and jazz to the wilds.

Totally allowed him to be Lawful Neutral and have Detect Chaos and Smite Chaos.

*Khan* wrote:

So you make the volume of the ghostsound rise so it fits the silent image at round two?

- Khan -

Essentially, it seems to be the only way you could do it since after round 2 your attention will be spent concentrating on silent image.

Thats a good question.

I think if the combat went the way you beautifully described it I would let it fly simply because it essentially was just moving up and attacking, but with narrative flair. He wasn't getting any extra mechanical advantage without actually rolling appropriate checks or anything.

EDIT: How long does it take a 50' tall creature to eat a sun? Based on your title and creature I had assume that is where this was going.

*Khan* wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:
LazarX wrote:

A silent image of something that should by all rights have noise on it means either an auto chance at the saving roll or outright not effective at all.

That's the time when you need ghost sound in the mix.

That's probably it yeah. However, they both have standard action casting times, so that's pretty hard to do.

Yeah I always wondered how people combine those two spells as a single caster, when concentration is a standard action.


Cast Ghost Sound first, its just 1 round/level.

The only Mythic Weapon and Armor feats appear to be 3rd party feats.

They do however just say they require the proficiency under the prerequisites, which the fighter have, whether its a feat or not.

Logan1138 wrote:
Slatz Grubnik wrote:

I love OSR.

I love Pathfinder.

I'm not sure I've ever seen those two sentences uttered in the same breath (or, in this case, typed in the same paragraph).

Certainly isn't common it seems.

I've recently been on an OSRIC and Palladium Fantasy (OS, no R) kick lately so a hodge podge of OSR and Pathfinder would be pretty cool.

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