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What a crazy random happenstance.

Just happened to acquire a graveknight in our last sessions, curious to see where this thread goes before my next session.

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Perrams Spellbook

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What a frustrating book, I don't need it at all in any shape or form, but it's now the only hardcover pathfinder book I don't own.

Gotta collect them all.

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I adore this product, thank you for making it.

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Dhampir Bard that becomes a BBEG

Be the best liar, have the best lyre and live in the best lair.

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Jason Nelson wrote:
Good things.

Oh hey while your here.

Download includes TWO files: a full color version AND a stripped black and white version for easy printing, both versions hyperlinked internally and to online Pathfinder resources for easy interactive reference.

Much love.

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Hey guys, I don't normally buy PDFs of RPG stuff and prefer the Hardcovers, but recently I come across a few smaller 3rd Party PDFs have I have fallen in love with, specifically:

Spes Magna Games: Making Crafting Work


Zombie Sky Press: Incantations in Theory and Practice

I am curious to know if you guy have any more recommendations of stuff in this vein, inexpensive alternate rules or good additional content that is easy to print out.

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Berselius wrote:
How DOES one go about treating insanity (via the Pathfinder rules system)? Is there rules for curing it? Does a Heal spell cure one particular type of madness or would you have to rely on more powerful magic (aka Miracle or Wish) for it to work?
PRD, Gamemastery Guide wrote:
Lesser restoration has no effect on insanity, but restoration reduces the current DC of one insanity currently affecting a target by an amount equal to the caster's level. Greater restoration, heal, limited wish, miracle, or wish immediately cures a target of all insanity.

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Well, I do get ridiculed for this one quite a bit but.

Background: Were on some giant cliche fantasy tree trying to get a magic nut for some reason.

So I am faffing about looking at spells and whatnot while my compatriots are figuring out how to get one of the nuts at the end of the long tree branch.

I miss the part where they tie themselves to a branch in-case they fall.

So the half-ling rogue easily makes his way to the nut on the tree which is a part I heard clearly

easily. makes it. to the nut.

And he tries to cut it, but his mundane weapon will not sever it from the tree, we deduce we need a magic weapon to do so. Hey I have a magic scythe I proclaim and I saunter over there. Someone says "Hey you want a rope?" to which I respond "naw, s'all good". Walk halfway to the nut and told to make a balance check. "Wait what? Is it slippery or something?" and then I am told "Uh yeah, and less than a foot wide, remember?" Okay, well I am a cleric in half-plate...attempting to I slip, okay reflex to grab on, And I fall to my death. And as I fall all I hear from the rogue is:

Hey you want that rope now?

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Donjon makes a very cool random dungeon generator if you want something that lacks sense but is needed in a hurry. I usually take the dungeons and edit them a bit in photoshop myself.

Strolen's Citadel has a very good article on the "5 Room Dungeon" I recommend you read over.

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I know I have skimmed Horizon Walker in the past and never really thought much of it, but this thread made me read over it a bit more carefully and wow. That is certainly where my Fighter/Chevalier is headed next.

PRD wrote:
these benefits apply to the horizon walker at all times whether or not he is in the relevant terrain.

That line, which i clearly missed in the past makes all the difference.

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My local dollar store had about 15 different colours each bag being about $2 (silly mislabeled store). They also had bags with an assortment of colours.

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Don't mess with CR2 hazards.

Had a party wipe from Purple Moss before. No one left that game happy.

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PRD wrote:
Some spells allow you to redirect the effect to new targets or areas after you cast the spell. Redirecting a spell is a move action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity

Since the spell doesn't say specifically I would rule it defaults to this general rule.

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In my setting there isn't really an existence of classes, for the most part.

I can't see any reason why a Cleric or Ranger couldn't be called a Druid based on the definition of Druid and not the class description of one.

Ditto for Barbarians, Paladins, Cavaliers, Monks and Rogues all being just forms of Fighters.

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Just hose'em down.

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This thread made me brush up on the alignment descriptions. What I walked away with was that a Barbarian can fall for being truthful and honoring tradition, jeez. Wonder if that has ever happened in any game.

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Tacticslion wrote:

Google is my friend!

Seems they are, in fact, a miniature.

Image Search!

I'm guessing he means these.

Heh, those are Mantic Orcs

West Wind makes the Dwarf Wars series and their orcs are shown HERE

Mantic makes the Kings of War series, which those Orks are from and they can be found HERE

Also that is a drumstick, not a mace :)

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Hey, I don't suppose any of you guys still have this and can re-host it eh? All of the links seem to be dead and I think a flow chart would be the bees knees.

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I don't necessarily BAN books, but since I am the only person that owns them all I just choose what books to bring.

There are certainly classes that are not used, summoner and gunslinger and alchemist. This was a combination of people agreeing to not allow them, not just me as GM. The only book that I don't like people using for new character creation is the Advanced Race Guide, player groups of rare demi-humans and monstrous creatures rubs me the wrong way.

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Nynphaiel wrote:
Hard work and awesomeness

Great work Nynphaiel, glad to see the work is being continued. I don't run RotL anymore and just came back to see if this list needed some more work. Glad you took the reigns and greatly improved upon it.

It was a pain in the ass eh lol

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Bizbag wrote:

Since you can enchant ammunition, could you use arrows with your improvised weapon feats? You bypass the "can't enchant non-weapons" bit, and I haven't seen anything that says item qualities go away if you use the item differently - for example, they don't stop being Cold Iron if you use them in melee.

We know the magic isn't tied to the bow, because the bow doesn't have to be magic to benefit from the arrow's enhancement bonus.

They'd be the exception rather than the rule, of course.

As I mentioned earlier in the thread, as far as I can tell, yes.

Arrows can be made from various materials.
Arrows can be masterwork
Arrows can be enchanted
Arrows are improvised weapons when used in melee and act as a dagger of the same size.

I would assume the arrow still loses its enchantment when you hit someone with it though, so grab the quickdraw feat so you can pull another out of your quiver as a free action

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So If I were to make a Quick Draw, Improved Disarm, Catch Off Guard, Improvised Weapon mastery Rogue for some sweet sweet sneak attacks the best thing to use sounds like Arrows, is this correct?

Arrows when used in melee are improvised weapons that can be masterwork for the +1 to hit instead of a +2 to a skill, Adamantine AND enchanted normally?

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A cleric being able to heal all his allies is hardly cheesy.

Selective Channel
Command Undead
Control Undead

Least thats the way I would go, big ass undead armies lead by vampires for the win?

Also if your party members get lippy you can command them >_>

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Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Drachasor wrote:
Given that FAQ response seems to be from today, I'm not sure much thought was put into the answer.
We really, really, really appreciate this sort of comment.

Ill balance it out, thank you very much for the swift FAQ response.

I love what the Pathfinder Design Team is doing.

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If there is anything to take away from all those posts its clearly:

SKR wrote:
humans need to pee and poop

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Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Let him do it and even sell the eggs. Them have his customers find him and want their money back because he sold them human bird crossbreed spawn babies. Plus they should come at him with an angry mob because clearly he is an agent of Rovagug/Lamashtu.

Yes! SOMEway Lamashtu should get involved in this.

Guys this is plotline gold in the making.

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After spending what seems to be way too much time on the rules and advice forums I feel that there is Flag option that is severely lacking: Flagging posts that are clearly (or not so clearly) just made to stir up arguments and rile people up.

There is a big difference in posting something that people can discuss and even debate the merits of, but posts soley to be annoying should have no place here.

An example of this is The continuation of the magic shop thread. While it may have been his intent to actually talk about magic shops if you read through the thread it is basically just an argument on whether or not the OP likes pathfinder or if he's spamming the boards with anti-magic threads.

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Lamontius wrote:


I think you mean rouges :P

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Closest thing I can find is THIS

Note: It's third party.

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One day ill actually be in a game where 8th level spells are used...

When that happens, mind blank will be used.

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prd wrote:
Hit Points (hp): Hit points are an abstraction signifying how robust and healthy a creature is at the current moment. To determine a creature's hit points, roll the dice indicated by its Hit Dice. A creature gains maximum hit points if its first Hit Die roll is for a character class level. Creatures whose first Hit Die comes from an NPC class or from his race roll their first Hit Die normally. Wounds subtract hit points, while healing (both natural and magical) restores hit points. Some abilities and spells grant temporary hit points that disappear after a specific duration. When a creature's hit points drop below 0, it becomes unconscious. When a creature's hit points reach a negative total equal to its Constitution score, it dies.

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Whenever my group annoys me or does something dumb I just come here and read other peoples stories...I then appreciate what I have a lot more.

Thanks for that BBT :P

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Ckorik wrote:

Early on someone posted a 'items cards' using open office - I've updated these for the AV version and have finished Burnt Offerings - all player loot that is in the module (except coins) is represented here - enjoy :)


I did something similar, might as well share them.

Libreoffice Calc Template
Page 01
Page 02
Page 03
Page 04

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I love playing the healer.

And I make damn sure my Cleric/Radiant Servant of Pelor is the best damn healer he can be!

Though i find I don't need to heal all that often now that that particular campaign has gotten a lot more political and less dungeon crawly.

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I came in here expecting this to be about how his players named their catfolk and ratfolk characters Tom and Jerry for some reason... :/

I like using Skaven as well, I have a huge dislike on for catfolk so one has never come up in my game to give a better name too.

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Jason Bulmahn wrote:
...good things...

You are a good person and should feel good accordingly.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Ssalarn wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
If we were to do a book to support a Dark Sun type setting, that book would be called "Post-Apocalyptic Adventures." Which is, as it turns out, one of the books I've been pushing for us to do for a long, long time...
You have my permission to start this project immediately.
Heh... I've got about 80,000 words written already for a post-apocalyptic game, in fact. It's a science-fiction/fantasy hybrid though (sort of Fallout meets the Dark Tower meets Lovecraft), not just fantasy (like Dark Sun).

I like all the words you just said compiled in the order you said them.

2 people marked this as a favorite. thanks.

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Section compiled by Chow'd Mouse with dead links removed

Caveat: None of this stuff is mine so not responsible for any of it in any way, shape, or form. I'm running RotR at the moment so had a reason to keep it up to date and felt keeping it updated for the community might be useful as this AP may get more interest in the next few months (though you may like your updated APs shinier.) :) If anyone sees something that should not be here let the group know.

In addition, some of this is not suitable for work (for example stuff related to Tsuto's journal) so ye be warned.

I hope the community finds this useful.

Additions, questions, comments, corrections welcome.

Cast of Characters
Some other takes on Brodert Quink (which is kind of cool IMHO) by cynarion
Town of Sandpoint and Hinterlands

Sandpoint Cathedral Interior by Chinchbug
Sandpoint Garrison: Exterio r (looking down) by Russell Akred, Exterio r (street level) by Russell Akred
Sandpoint Lumber Mill Exterior by Terry Dyer
Sandpoint Lumber Mill Interior by Evil Lincoln
General Store: Ground Floor, Upper Floor, Basement (Chow'd Mouse sez: Creator wasn't given credit in the original list but the RPG Mapshare site credits "IamGrays".)
The Hagfish by BrotherJason
The Rusty Dragon by Gr4ys: Ground Floor, Upper Floor
Simple hand-drawn map of the Hinterlands by MartinB
More detailed map of the Hinterlands but sans references to Foxglove Manor by MartinB


Tokens/Counters for Burnt Offerings and Skinsaw Murders by tonton
P layers map of Sandpoint Region by Russell Akred
Golarion Calendar 4707-4708 with Paizo artwork by fray
Basic Golarion Calendar 4707 not sure who created this but it is from the Heroes of Golarion wiki
Hi-Res (600 dpi) Maps of Varisia & Sandpoint and mods for Google Earth by Tintagel
Tintagels Educated Gamer Website Rise of the Runelord section some of the stuff contained here is detailed out below.

Malfeshnekor by Russell Akred
Ameiko Kaijitsu by DMG
Belor Hemlock and Shalelu Andosana (with original eyes) by DMG
Shale lu Andosana (with James Jacobs approved eyes) by DMG

Burnt Offerings
Tokens/Counters for Burnt Offerings and Skinsaw Murders by tonton
Audio file of the Goblin Song with screams and without screams for Goblin Pyros by PandaGaki
Barett House for the Monster in the closet event by Gr4ys
Wolves of Sandpoint Charter by one of Watchers players (credit where credits due)
Tsu to's letter in Minkai by Greg Volz
Tsuto's letter in common by Greg Volz
Tsuto's Journal by Russell Akred & Greg Volz
Pictures of Nualia as a Succubus for Tsutos Notebook by Lilith
Skeletons pictures for B8 by Russell Akred
Picture of the Hermit Crab in E7 by Russell Akred
Token for the Hermit Crab in E7 by Russell Akred
Project Blog to covert Burnt Offerings to 4th edition by Scott Betts
High quality Sandpoint Glassworks ground floor combat map by Tintagel
High quality Sandpoint Glassworks basement combat map by Tintagel
Sandpoi nt rumors as PDF cards and as a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation by Tintagel
Initial Encounter Battle Plan by Twigs
Die Dog Die Battle Plan by Twigs
Glassworks Battle Plan by Twigs
Glassworks Basement Battle Plan by Twigs
Thistletop Battle Plan by Twigs
Thistletop Basement Battle Plan by Twigs
Map of Thistletop (after the poster's PCs burned down the thistle maze) by Greycloak of Bowness

The Skinsaw Murders
Cougar Creek Barn note by Russell Akred
Sandpo int Lumber Mill note by Russel Akred
Alternative Habes Sanitarium by Ruined
Players map for farmlands map without detail by tonton
Combat maps for Foxglove Manor by rironin
Foxglove Manor Haunts Description document by rironin
Updated Magnimar maps by Paizo Publishing
Clock Tower cut-away by Chinchbug
Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings 1st floor by Tintagel
Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings 2nd floor by Tintagel
Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings attic by Tintagel
Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings basement by Tintagel
Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings caverns by Tintagel
Fo xglove Townhouse ground floor by Tintagel
Fo xglove Townhouse first floor by Tintagel
Fo xglove Townhouse exterior by Tintagel
Bloody notes by Mearrin69
Deed to Foxglove Manor image|download by sozin
Ledger of Aldern Foxglove image|download by sozin

The Hook Mountain Massacre
Tur tleback Ferry (Dry) by Russell Akred
Turtleback Ferry (Dry) by Salama
Turtleback Ferry (Dry) on Hastur Gaming Wiki by TexaS (on the Hastur site)
Turtle back Ferry (Flooded) on Hastur Gaming Wiki by TexaS (on the Hastur site)
Map of Fort Rannick drawn by Vale by Russell Akred
Skull Crossing by Russell Akred
Flooded version of Russell Akreds Turtleback village for Down comes the rain by KeepIRU
Graul farm yard exterior by tintagel
Map of the Paradise Barge by Greycloak of Bowness

Fortress of the Stone Giants
Bat tlemap of Jorgenfist by Russell Akred
Giants Watch Tower by Chinchbug

Sins of the Saviors
Paizo web enhancement Magic of Thassilon
Car d terrain pattern for final scene by Russell Akred
Hug e statue template by russell akred

Spires of the Xin-Shalast
Vekkers Cabin by Chinchbug
Wendig Standee Cutout by Russell Akred
The Horror Tree by Russell Akred

Unknown but cool

Colossal Spider pattern to make 4 card spider by Russell Akred seen here, in all its glory

Stuff added since

NEW! Sherrif Hemlock by Malag
NEW! dragon icons by Cynge
NEW! Dragon Races Map by Cynge
NEW! Swallowtail Speaches by Cynge
NEW! Sandpoint Players Handout by Jacen
NEW! Choppers Isle Sidequest by James B. Cline
NEW! Foxglove House Ledger by HangarFlying
NEW! Foxglove Manor Haunts
NEW! Cathedral Interior by Cynge
NEW! Lots of Area Maps
NEW! Catacombs of Wrath Unlabled
NEW! Vinder's General Store Basement
NEW! Sandpoint NPC Random Encounters
NEW! Goblin Song by Razorstorm
NEW! Pathfinder in French

Wow that took a lot longer than I expected it would.

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Why are you paying $14 in taxes for a $26 dollar book?

Because almost all their normal hardcovers are $26 on amazon and they have free shipping for $25 or if your paying $40 a pop your doing it wrong.

Palladium books are even cheaper...last one I bought in a FLGS (always more expensive than online) was $18 (Triax 2 earlier this year)

I think your raging at an imaginary enemy homey.

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Out of all the RPGs out there I am surprised you chose THIS to be the expensive one...the one with cheap PDFs and FREE online resources.

There are plenty of free RPGs out there if you cannot afford pathfinder.
Eclipse Phase, Burning Wheel, OSIRIC and D6 to name a few.

The Pathfinder books CAN be had for $20-30 via Amazon or just a bit more (due to shipping) if you subscribe here.

Optional materials such as battlemaps and miniatures all raise the price but they can also be replaced entirely with free or really cheap things and are totally not necessary.

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PRD wrote:

Hatred: Dwarves receive a +1 bonus on attack rolls against humanoid creatures of the orc and goblinoid subtypes due to special training against these hated foes.

Defensive Training: Dwarves get a +4 dodge bonus to AC against monsters of the giant subtype.

I just started GMing a RotRLAE game and have a Gnome and a Dwarf, both of which have those racial abilities and I don't think its metagamey at all to make your favored enemy goblins and giants even though you haven't "encountered" them yet. Hating them is just part of being a dwarf.

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I don't really think of myself as a rules lawyer, but more of just a rules database.

I'm usually the guy who the group turns too when a rule is in debate before anyone reaches for a book.

I sometimes have a habit of speaking out when someone gets something blatantly wrong but im also the first the shut up when the GM says "yes but i'm going to do it this way".

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Winter_Born wrote:

None of these are flaws to me. Class balance is nothing to strive for IMO. Back in the day, Wizards were the most powerful by far. My groups were never affected by this fact, and played what they liked.

In life, some things are inherently better than others and that's ok.

This, I don't care about balance, I care about fun. Pathfinder has that in droves.

Also I like Rifts so lolbalance.

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Just in-case anyone else was curious as to the difference between the two

Looks like a lot less Goblin Warrior 1 encounters

Previous encounter numbers:

Goblins 3
Goblins 4
Goblin Warchanter 1
Goblin Commando 1
Goblin Dog 1
Goblins 4
Goblin Ranger 1
Goblins 8
Tsuto Kaijitsu (male half-elf rogue) 1
Sinspawn 1
Vargouille 1
Sinspawn 2
Koruvus (Male mutated goblin fighter) 1
Zombies 11
Erylium (female quasit) 1
Sinspawn 1
Goblin Refugees 10
Goblin Dogs 4
Tangletooth (leopard) 1
Gogmurt (goblin druid) 1
Goblins 4
Goblin Dogs 4
Goblins 2
Goblins 6
Goblin Dogs 4
Goblin Ranger 2
Heavy Warhorse 1
Warchief Ripnugget (Goblin fighter) 1
Giant Gecko 1
Goblin Ranger 3
Goblin Warchanter 1
Bunyip 1
Bruthazmus (male bugbear ranger) 1
Goblins 4
Orik Vancaskerkin (male human fighter) 1
Tentamort 1
Yeth Hounds 2
Lyrie Akenja (female human wizard) 1
Nualia (female aasimar) 1
Yeth Hound 1
Shadows 3
Giant Hermit Crab 1
Malfeshnekor (Male greater barghest) 1

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Tels wrote:
I know it's not 'official PRD' but would this help people who want Herald stats?

Yes it would, thank you kindly.

Also yeah even 24 year old me likes the idea of war amongst the gods :D