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My favorite book from Paizo.


This book so far has been my favorite purchase of ALL of my RPG books.
I don't know if I can explain the fervor I have for this book but I will try.

So first of all there is the cover, the ever feared Jabberwock(y) of Lewis Carroll legend. Having a tough SOB (CR23) on the cover is the best way to start things off I think. Lets me know im in for a ride with this book.

While the first Bestiary was the standard array of Monsters we have all come to know and love through years of them being reprinted for games the Bestiary 2 is where Paizo took off on its own with a whole slew of new monster and just general new ideas for monsters. A handful of new extraplanar monsters of various alignments were added such as The Aeons, Qlippoths and Daemons all have decently written history and offer a lot of inspiration for using them in games.

The two things I love best about this book are as follows.
One: New dragons, and not just more "coloured or metal" dragons, but a new type of dragon altogether: Primal Dragons. These bad boys have probably the best art in the whole book (magma, im looking at you) and they make for a nice change from the everyday.

Two: The art, while the art in Bestiary 1 is GOOD, its not near as sharp, crisp, and detailed as this book. The colours, the textures, the everything, all done very well. You will not be disappointed when looking through this book.

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Excellent, with a few flaws.


After the CRB this is now the most referenced book at my gaming table.

This large and gorgeous book home home to pretty much every time you will need for your adventuring careers. The book is easy to read through and organized in a newer, much easier to read fashion. Each chapter is a different colour and represents a different thing, such as Arms and Armor or Wondrous Items.

Speaking of Wondrous Items this chapter is probably my favorite, as it is organized into sub-sections based on what slot of the body the part takes up like Neck, Chest, Eyes ect. This makes searching for the item I want easy and quick to do.

The art in the book is Paizos standard quality, sometimes amazing and sometimes leaves much to imagination. I would have preferred if their were pictures for everything, or at least all the not-so-common items, but that would probably be expecting too much. Some of the pictures don't accurately represent the item they are for, and some even go against the very description of the item.

One thing I was slightly disappointed by was that all the extra gear from all the Adventure Paths didn't make it into here. I mean I have a nice big book with common items already, let move that junk out of the way for NEW stuff please.

Now as for the name, is this book the Ultimate? I would say no, as like I mentioned there are lots of items in Pathfinder that didn't make it into here. However it is still extremely useful and gets used a LOT more than a handful of other books I own. I would say dfinately add this to your collection.