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I actually avoid small races despite loving them for the same reason as Crag_Irons, most groups I have played in have an irrational hatred for Gnomes (one of the best races) and look at Halflings as jokes. Otherwise my personal favourites are probably Elf and Half-Elf. What can I say? I have always loved Elves and the tropes that come with them.

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I can't easily narrow down to three, but I like races that are cool and versatile, but also lend themselves well to a theme without always relying on the same gimmick. Not such a fan of Elves or Dwarves for this reason, but it makes me a massive fan of Androids and the various half-races.

Other honourable mentions go to Gnomes and Drow, because Pathfinder made them both so much cooler. Yes please I want a race that dies when bored so they are always adventuring and finding increasingly crazy ways to amuse themselves... and Drow are now super creepy mad scientist sadists who genetically engineer themselves into spiders and genetically alter OTHER people into... well, let's not get into that.

Well, most gnomes I've played with (I never played one, and damn few halflings or other small characters) have been more liability to the party than assets... to wit, on Gimble who's a illusionist in a campaign I'm currently playing and who is... not making us any friends, in a political campaign.


I am very vanilla.

3)Half Orc

I like characters that rise above their circumstances, and all of the fluffs just sing to me.

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Sorry I have four

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In no particular order

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1. Tengu
2. TBD
3. TBD

Scarab Sages


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1. Dwarf
2. Elf
3. Human

Honorable Mentions:

Android, Aasimar.

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1) Changeling
2) Shabti
3) Human

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captain yesterday wrote:
I've wanted to make a Samsaran Spiritualist who's phantom is a past life.

This blows my mind, and I like it!

One of my players nearly did that whilst looking for an alternative to a Druid (he consistently makes terrible druids) in the end he made another terrible Druid. I was very disappoint.

1) Grippli
2) Lizardfolk
3) Half-Elf

1 = Little Frog people?? That have good Dex and Wisdom? Very rarely bad stats to have. Amazing!

2 = I've always thought the Lizard from Marvel was so cool... and Godzilla... really, quasi-humanoid/mutated lizards are so cool.

3 = "I'm like an elf, but less of an aloof jerk! I'm like a human, but less shortsighted, less short-tempered, and less short-lived! Wait, you both hate me? But... screw you guys..."

Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:
One of my players nearly did that whilst looking for an alternative to a Druid (he consistently makes terrible druids) in the end he made another terrible Druid. I was very disappoint.

Does he only play druids? I have a player who only plays Fighters. Always the same Fighter. I got him into playing an Antipaladin and complained about having to use magic-like abilities and having faith in more than his sword. So he'd just had been better just playing another fighter xD

He once tried a ranger but it didn't last long

He gets an animal companion tries to make a character with a range of talents (consequence, it's just bad at everything) and then obsesses over the animal companion xD

Oo My Fighter guy and your Druid guy are probably the same person!!!

My Fighter guy tries to excel at combat maneuvers, archery, mobility, AoE, high Dex, high Str, high Con, not forgetting about Cha for being a nice guy, Wis for perception and Int for having some skill points. Then 1 skill point on almost all skills so he can do something of everything. And he ends being useless.

This seems like your useless characters thread now xD

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1) My spellcaster's familiars (who often have more character than the spellcaster)
2) Anything non-humanoid
3) Anything with scales/fur/feathers

...what? Why are you looking at me like that?

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Were it not for the fact I'm fairly sure we are in different countries this may well be xD

Bringing it back round I've answered my three in this thread before but I'm swapping number 3 Vanara out in place of a kind of change of thought process.

I've gone from thinking I like them best to realising that aside from Grippli and Gnome (definitely my favourite) there are a lot of races I like probably equally and will swap in for whichever fits the character concept, Elves, Vanara, Lashunta, Ghoran I see a lot of people like humans, but I only ever play those if their is like a built in weirdness or burden to the character concept. As such the only humans I've made were Oracles who were cursed and a abomination psychic who I said was haunted by the influence of the outer gods (she was pathfinder jean grey).

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Kileanna wrote:
About humans I have always created my characters with a premise: «if your race doesn't add anything to your concept or isn't necessary for the concept itself you should probably be human». So most of the concepts I create end being human. And I'm fine with it. Humans are versatility and adaptability so they fulfill most concepts.

This is kind of where I landed after years and years (in the TSR days) of snagging every exotic PC option I could find.

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Actually, if you allow for 3rd-Party races, I can probably narrow it down to three:

1: Storm Bunny Studios' Automata
2: Alluria Publishing's Relluk
3: Paizo's own Androids

Come with me, I'll show you how to be a metal man...


And is someone less lazy than me tallying this stuff?

Humans. Half-elves. Half-orcs.

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