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Hey folks, having a bit of a mid-life crisis with the direction I want to take my Ranger mechanically from this point on in our game.

We are playing through the Emerald Spire, and most likely some extra stuff after that, but it is a Dungeon Crawl through and through.

I went with a Deep Delver Dwarf and I am currently a level 10 Deep Walker/Skirmisher Ranger. So far this has given me fantastic bonuses while underground. I have also gone with a Constrictor Snake animal companion, another thing that has been going very well so far down here.

Feats-wise he has: point blank shot, precise shot, weapon focus (longbow), endurance, rapid shot, boon companion, improved precise shot, manyshot, deadly aim.

Short of Clustered Shots I feel like I have pretty much gotten all of the Archery Feats I need to be effective, I also feel like while the continuing underground bonuses of being a Deep Walker would be nice I am already sitting at +11 Init and +23 Perception while underground.

So without blabbing on too much longer I am looking for advice on what to do for my next 10 levels, I am not married to any ideas so whatever could be both interesting and effective. Stick with Ranger? Switch to Archery Fighter maybe? Unchained Rogue?

Hello everyone, my crew should be finishing up Chapter 3 very soon and i'm pretty stoked to start chapter 4, but there is about a 2 week travel time gap between where they are now and Sandpoint. Since there is obviously some urgency to their travel I was wondering what you guys did for those two weeks? Hand wave the travel? Roll a few random monster encounters? Describe and detail each and every city and town on the way?

Tell me of your travel.

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Hey guys, I don't normally buy PDFs of RPG stuff and prefer the Hardcovers, but recently I come across a few smaller 3rd Party PDFs have I have fallen in love with, specifically:

Spes Magna Games: Making Crafting Work


Zombie Sky Press: Incantations in Theory and Practice

I am curious to know if you guy have any more recommendations of stuff in this vein, inexpensive alternate rules or good additional content that is easy to print out.

Hey just noticed today that if I google anything Paizo related and it comes back with link to the PRD or anything that they all end with "Ultimate Magic Playtest—Round 1"

Picture of (bug?)

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After spending what seems to be way too much time on the rules and advice forums I feel that there is Flag option that is severely lacking: Flagging posts that are clearly (or not so clearly) just made to stir up arguments and rile people up.

There is a big difference in posting something that people can discuss and even debate the merits of, but posts soley to be annoying should have no place here.

An example of this is The continuation of the magic shop thread. While it may have been his intent to actually talk about magic shops if you read through the thread it is basically just an argument on whether or not the OP likes pathfinder or if he's spamming the boards with anti-magic threads.

I am about to run Foxglove Manor in a few hours and was wondering how everyone handled this section.

Did you run the whole thing in initiative or did you just roll initiative for each Haunt?

However you did it, did it work out the way you intended?

Also, please, general advice on running the part if you would be so kind.

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So I am currently flanking an enemy with my good pal and I decide to go into Total Defense.

So I can no longer make attacks of opportunity, nor can I attack as I have given up my Standard action.

Am I still threatening the guy I am flanking?

PRD wrote:
Threatened Squares: You threaten all squares into which you can make a melee attack, even when it is not your turn. Generally, that means everything in all squares adjacent to your space (including diagonally). An enemy that takes certain actions while in a threatened square provokes an attack of opportunity from you. If you're unarmed, you don't normally threaten any squares and thus can't make attacks of opportunity.

I can now no longer make a melee attack.

Hey everyone, currently running RotRL and my players seem to have an overabundant desire to build bases and whatnot throughout the land of places they have conquered. They plan to build on Chopper's island and on Thistletop so far.

So other than using the rules from Kingmaker does anyone know any official, or 3rd party rules or guides on building structures and stuff? So far they have only asked for a Drawbridge to be built, but they are planning to do a fortress at the very least and I would like something that has lots of options.

Something along the lines of the Stronghold Builders Guidebook for D&D3.0, but perhaps a little newer and geared towards pathfinder?

Also I know Ultimate Campaign is coming out and its on my list of things to get, but I would like some rules sooner than later.

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So in 3.5 both "fighting defensively as a standard action" and "fighting defensively as a full-round action" are both a +2 dodge bonus to AC.

However in Pathfinder the full-round version is STILL a dodge bonus, but the standard version is no longer a dodge bonus, just an untyped bonus.


Why is this?

As the title suggests, when choosing "any one feat" from applicable knowledge secret does the Loremaster have to meet the prerequisites for the feat?

I know it says "any one feat" but generally when a class can take a feat without meeting prerequisites it will specifically mention it.

Hello everyone!

So I am looking for some advice on where to take my fighter from here. I am thinking I have got what I came for from being a fighter and due to some party issues its time for him to change career paths.

So there are a few reasons I want to do this, the main one being that our entire party basically went melee combat specced with a Battle Cleric, A Rogue, A Monk and a 2-Weapon Ranger. And with their particular stat rolls and choices my Fighter steamrolls all enemies before they get a chance to do squat about it and while THEY haven't said anything about it I feel like I'm doing the party an injustice by having my character be better than everyone else's at the same thing.

So my Character::

Level 7 Human Fighter
STR 20
DEX 16
CON 16
INT 15
WIS 14
CHA 16

Yes, I got freakishly good rolls. That is part of the problem.

Improved Trip
Greater Trip
Weapon Focus Glaive
Weapon Specialization
Combat Reflexes
Power Attack

Noteworthy Gear:
+3 Mithral Fullplate
+2 Glaive
+1 Buckler

Yeah this is over the recommended wealth level by a fair bit, but we all are, were were all given an item of our choice worth 18k at level 6 as a reward for a quest.

At this point at level 7 his + to trip someone is:
BAB 7 + STR 5 + WF 1 + Glaive 2 + WT 1 + IP/GT 4 + Outflank 4 = 24

There are very few non flying things at a CR level for this party and a bit higher that I cannot trip pretty quickly.

With power attack I do 1d10+18 dmg so while I can chew through things with DR/10, by party cant even scratch them all that often.

So far I have three ideas and would like to know what you guys think.

First is going Paladin, as my character is a devout follower of Iomadae alongside the Cleric, almost to the point of paladinism already so it would be someone of a logical progression even through it doesn't sound very fun or useful.

Second is going Stalwart Defender, this will be give me some awsome defense and DR and hold back my damage a bit from now on.

Sorcerer1/Dragon Disciple9: So far this sounds the most fun, though it doesn't look like ill get weaker with it, with the +5 Natural armor and the Resists and the +4 STR. Actually sounds pretty darn good for a fighter. Oh and dragon breath and dragon transformation. My BAB will drop but my HP will go up.

So what do you think of these options or what have you done with fighter that was good and fun?

Hello gents, I am running RotRLAE and in the next couple of sessions it looks like the Shatter spell will be coming up a few times and I have never actually seen this spell in use before.

I searched the forum and found a few posts about it but with no resounding final answer so I will ask again for clarification:

When you cast Shatter against an attended, non-magical object and the wielder of said object fails his will save does the Item instantly get destroyed?

No choosing to leave it 'broken' or anything, no roll for damage to perform the 'sunder' action or anything like that, just straight up destroyed.

Hey all, was just looking through this class when I found the steel scarf ability, which at a glance seems pretty awesome, but I think I need some clarification on somethings.

Is the swift action just to make the scarf hard as steel or does this include the attack action as well?

If it does include it, does that mean I can attack twice at level one without doing a full-round action? Swift to hit them with scarf, move to go up to them and standard to attack with my melee weapon.

The scarf is treated as a weapon I'm proficient in and is a melee attack action, so does that mean I get to add my strength modifier to its damage in addition to the 1d8+Blah?

If I do get to add my strength modifier then does it count as a one-handed weapon, two-handed weapon or an off-hand for calculating added strength?

Hey folks, looking for a little feedback and a few answers here if you could be so kind.

I have been wanting to make a Bard/Arcane archer for a while and will do so the next time one of my current characters bites the bullet so I have been playing around with that. I completely forgot Words of Power even existed so when I was reminded of it a lightbulb went off. I think a Bard using his poetic prowess to conjure magic oozes delicious flavor, however I have never used WoP or ever seen them in play. So A few questions to those who have:

Are Words of Power any good? Seems limiting, especially for a Bard but does tend to have some of the 'Effect' words I would need/want.

Would WoP be good for use with the Arcane Archers Imbue Arrow (Sp) ability? This is what interested me most, shooting a chain of debuffs or damage to a burst area at the tip of an arrow.

Any good ideas of awesome wordspells to use with Imbue Arrow?

Two rules questions too:

Just to clarify, a level one bard can Boost meta word something once per day for free correct? So at level one I can potentially summon 5 Eagles at once with a level 1 spell? Thats some hot 16 attacks action goodness.

The chart shows what you would do if you want three words per wordspell but I didn't see that 3 was the limit. If I wanna make a 5th level spell I can do 3/1/1 Effects, could I do 0/0/0/1/1 as a 5th level spell instead? or is 3 the max.

Hey guys, i'm about 2 weeks away from finally starting this AP and was wondering if any of you guys knew of any actual play podcasts of it being done?

I have found podcasts for lots of other APs but not this one, I have also seen that really long lasting one on Youtube but there is so much background chatter that it's very hard to hear whats happening.

How exactly do you run a blinded character in combat?

I mean I understand the -2 AC, Concealment ect. But Im not sure how to run the "The creature cannot see" portion. There do not seem to be rules for how a blind character goes about finding an opponent.

There are decent rules for locating an invisible opponent which seems like it would be similar to a blind character locating a visible creature.

One would also assume that his teammates would help point out the opponent to him, but does that mean he should know exactly where he is?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Is there a compiled list of all of the monsters and their numbers for the entire AP? Or at least the first module?

I would like to compile tokens of all the ones I will need when I run this.

Hey guys the game I am currently running is heading towards an undersea adventure and I would like to run it in an Aboleth city because it seems like an interesting place and the characters are at an appropriate level.

Now i've read Stormwracked, Sunken Empires and Lords of Madness and they all seem to describe the Aboleth cities with a little bit of detail, but I feel like i'm not getting a good enough picture of one to create my own city. So do you know any modules, new or old, that take place in one?

Pictures would also be awesome :)

Hey all, starting up a new game and decided to make a wizard, getting to the fun part of choosing spells and run across Hydraulic Push. here is the description of it.

Paizo wrote:
You call forth a quick blast of water that knocks over and soaks one creature or square. You can use this blast of water to make a bull rush against any one creature or object. Your CMB for this bull rush is equal to your caster level plus your Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma modifier, whichever is highest. This bull rush does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Hydraulic push extinguishes any normal fires on a creature, object, or in a single 5-foot square which it is targeted against. Magical fires are unaffected.

So If I am reading this correctly then is this not a spell that I can use to knock any creature over with no save? I don't really care about the bull rush aspect all its just the first sentence.

Paizo wrote:
You call forth a quick blast of water that knocks over and soaks one creature or square.

There is nothing else to set limits to that ability, closest thing is that it says one creature or square so you COULD interpret that the creature size would be limited to one square (<=Medium)

I did a quick search on the forum and the only non bullrush related one was from 2 years ago and Ravingdork mentioned that it was probably flavor text and the monster doesn't go prone. But I read that line as the spell ability and the bullrush section starts off with CAN be used to make bull-rush.

So what say you? Awesome spell that immediately knocks over any creature or not?

Hello everyone, I am running a high seas piratey campaign which so far has been a blast but I have a few questions what maybe you can shed some light on as there does not appear to be a LOT of discussion about the Ultimate Combat ships and siege weapons.

So correct me if I am wrong, but the DC to successfully maneuver a sailing ship going more than half its top speed so lets say 120ft (out of a maximum of 180ft)

Base 20 (due to combat) + 10 (due to sailing ship) +20 (due to 4x Acceleration) for a total of DC50 Profession(Sailor) or DC60 Knowledge(nature).

Now this may seem specific but it would be a fairly common thing to encounter in this campaign and the DC's for it seems ridiculous. I can make it higher too by adding a few more specifics.

I would also like to point out that the Game Mastery Guides own level 12 pirate captain NPC only has a Profession(sailor) rank of 10 meaning even he has NO chance of meeting some of these DC's.

So is there any explanation as to why sailing ship combat (arrrrr) is basically impossible? Or am I missing something big? lol

Currently I dropped combat DC to base 10, and removed the +10 DC for being a sailing ship. Making a maneuver during combat at higher speeds
20-40 top really.

Next are some siege firearm questions If you be so kind.

Ok so I read through the siege weapon rules (same day as ship rules my god does my head hurt) and they seem a bit more reasonable to me and only REALLY using Cannons and other Direct fire siege firearms simplified things a bit.

Cannon takes 3 full round actions to reload. (3 move actions if they have the Master Siege Engineer Feat):
is there anyway to increase the speed of doing this?
Like Rapid Reload but for Cannons?
Also you can do a double move to use up 2 of those move action reloads on one turn correct?

Please confirm my math on how to hit with a cannon.
So, 2 people need to be there to control the cannon (crew of 2)
The crew leader has Siege Engineer feat but not Master Siege Engineer.
He also has a Dex of 18, a BAB of 5 and 5 ranks in Knowledge(engineering).

So to fire the cannon and hit lets say a person with it that is on an enemy ship within the cannons 100ft range it is...

5(bab) + 4(dex)so 9 vs Opponants AC + 4 (ship provides cover) and does 6d6dmg (does it ignore armor like a gun?)

Now lets say he has no engineering ranks or Siege Engineer feat.

5(bab) + 4(dex) - 4(exotic weapon) -2 (1 size category larger) for a total of 3 to attack.

These are correct?

Last one I can think of at the moment is when you enchant a Cannon is that it costs twice the normal as a weapon (so 4000g) and it adds +1 to the attack of a cannon, but it does not say damage. If that the case whats the difference between a +1 Cannon and a Masterwork Cannon?

Hello everyone, I did a search but could not locate anything, I am wondering if there are any official stats for the Gods of Golarion, The 4 Horsemen and/or the Heralds/Avatars/Servants as described in Gods and Magic?

I would like to incorporate some of them into my game, but knowing my players I would like stats on them just in case.

Official is preferred but if someone has done home-brew ones that should work as well.