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CG Human Cleric (no archetype) 10 of Cayden Cailean
LG Human Wizard (Universalist) 5/ Fighter (no archetype) 3/ Eldritch Knight 2
CG Peithean (homebrew humanoid) Bard 13 (3.5 campaign)

Basque Garess: Human Cavalier 9 (Gendarme)/Battle Herald 6 LN from Brevoy - Grand Duke and Founder of Anatoray, Count of the Kamelands, Baron of Sancere, Knight of the Order of the Sword, General of the Hippogriff Dragoons, Reclaimer of the Stolen Lands, Savior of Varnhold, Conqueror of Pitax

Rook: Dwarf Cleric 7 (Separatist) CG - Battle Cleric of Sarenrae from Windsong Abbey, who worships Cayden Cailen on holidays

Sevia: Fetchling Gestalt Sorcerer/Ninja 1 - Champion 1 (Simple Advanced Template) N Fallen Goddess of Death and Darkness, awoken after 3000 years of rest in mortal form following her own near death at the hands of her sister Sarenrae, Goddess of Life and Light.

In PF only because my last 2 characters have been from classless systems

NG dwarven fighter (foehammer) 5 / rogue
CN half-elven fighter 2 / inquisitor 7+
LG halfling paladin

Last three characters who I played and are currently retired.

Human Alchemist (Ragechemist)/Barbarian/Master Chymist NG/CN

Kobold Druid (Pack Lord, Saurian Shaman) 3 who started neutral but soon fell to neutral evil

Half-Orc Witch (Scarred Witch Doctor) 9/Archmage 3 CN

Inkeyes: Lawful Neutral Nezumi Mystic Theurge/monk gestalt in a completely bananas Monster Mash campaign (I was the *normal* one).

Rodjilon Bucknel: An elven Wizard (currently 9) who was turned to stone back before Earthfall and found fairly recently in a disused elven ruin. Yes, I am terrible.

(I forget the name, call him mike) the well-crafted human fighter 10 with No Alignment rolling with his other pre-gen compatriots including a CN cleric with no buff spells, a CN wizard with 5 castings of Black Tentacles prepared or on scrolls, and a CN rogue without weapons.

I still enjoyed that game, just because it was fascinating in how badly prepared it was by the GM.

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Annalis Vortk- LG Aasimar Female Crusader Cleric of Iomedae Hierophant
Arkenis Thorad Trueleaf - NG Elven Male Wizard Archmage

And do not remember what my third character was.

FancyZergling wrote:
As the title says! Say then Race, Class, Archetype(s), and Alignment!

Aasimar (Garuda Blooded) Qinggong Zen Archer (AKA, Death on a stick)

Human Lore Warden/Maneuver Master (Trip and Demoralize setup, ridiculous)
Half-Elf Sacred Shield Paladin/Ancient Lorekeeper Oracle (No one Dies.)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

CG Wyrmscourged Dwarf Barbarian 1/Magus 6 in Kingmaker.

CG Half-orc Inquisitor 3 of Desna in homebrew Golarian gritty 2nd Editiony 15 point buy (eaten by owlbear).

LG Human Paladin 5 in homebrew Golarian gritty 2nd Editiony 15 point buy (uber-healer build).

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Abandoned Arts wrote:

Huh. There's an an interesting trend, here.

Not counting my own submissions, 7 out of the 42 characters listed here so far are fighters. That's 1 in every 6 characters (out of 19 core and base classes, not counting the ACG). Just as interesting, 8 of the 42 characters listed here have no spellcasting capabilities whatsoever.

I feel like this lends credence to the notion that - in practice and in actual play - Pathfinder's "martials" aren't the dull, underwhelming, un-fun characters that certain tabletop subcultures make them out to be on paper.

The only thing it suggests is player preference, not balance.

We may have to agree to disagree - I think player preference is an indicator of balance. Not the only indicator, surely, but if fighters - in practice and actual play - were the dull, powerless, underwhelming, and un-fun class that a vocal minority of Pathfinder players seem to insist that they are, then I'd expect to discover that fighters constitute a less-popular-than-average class choice (less than 1 in 19), not a far more-popular-than-average one (1 in 6).

Similarly, if one was to design a feeble, mechanically-shaky, dull base class with poorly-designed class features and no mechanical "fun factor," you wouldn't expect the theme or flavor of the class alone to carry it to widespread popularity.

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You'd be surprised how far "it's in the core rule book and is brain dead to play" can take a class in terms of popularity, AA.

There are many things that are popular without being any good.

Human Cleric of Asmodeus, Lawful Evil

Human Bard, Chaotic Good

Lizardfolk Barbarian(Invulnerable Rager), Chaotic Evil


Silver Crusade

* Human Cleric (Evangelist) of Shelyn level 10, a beastly tankish combat monster (Magda).

* Human Wizard played GURPS-style.

* Human Reach Cleric level 5, specialized in Summoning.

Current Campaigns:

Flibbin - CN Grippli Savage Skald Bard 3: Flibbin is the mono buffing focused party mascot who is working on turning the party's adventures into a series of books. I have plans to make him a Pathfinder Chronicler.

Kai Kupahu - LG Gillman Tactician Fighter 3: This game has no classes with casting above 4th level spells and rare magic items. I'm considering retraining him as a Vanguard Slayer, by I'm waiting until he actually kills someone before he decides to make that change.


Astrafel Mildr - NG Half-Elf Hunter with a bear companion: I used the playtest to try out rebuilding my first PC from AD&D (multiclassed Cleric/Ranger). It was decent then, but the full book definitely makes this character much better and I'm looking forward to rebuilding him. I used him for some pseudo-PFS one of my fellow players runs.

Tiefling (pitborn), inquisitor (cold iron warden), Lawful Good
Human, wizard (evoker), Chaotic Neutral
Human, fighter (shielded fighter), Chaotic Neutral

Liberty's Edge

- RotRL : Human (Chelaxian) male, Ranger/Paladin, Spell-less Ranger/Oath of Wrath + Shining Knight Paladin, Lawful Good

- Darkmoon Vale : Human (Chelaxian) female, Cleric of Pharasma (Death/Healing)/Oracle (Bones), Black-Blooded Oracle, True Neutral

- Serpent's Skull : Halfling female, Sorcerer (Arcane), Strega (3pp archetype), Neutral Good

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Name: Farran.
Race: Angel-kin aasimar.
Class: Oracle (haunted curse, metal mystery).
Archetypes: None.
Alignment: Chaotic good.

Name: Sorin.
Race: Shackleborn tiefling.
Class: Occultist.
Archetypes: None.
Alignment: Lawful neutral.

Name: Adina.
Race: Half-fiend (with modified spell-like abilities) elf.
Class: Antipaladin.
Archetypes: None.
Alignment: Chaotic evil.

Human (Shoanti), Inquisitor, Spell-breaker, Lawful neutral.

Human (Taldan), Warpriest, Chaotic neutral.

Half-elf, Summoner, Master Summoner, Neutral good.

Sovereign Court

Current character: Willow, LN half-orc druid 10 (Erastil)
Gone to the Boneyard:
Walder Fitzroi, CN Cavalier 6 (Order of the Cockatrice)/ Aldori Swordlord 4
Viserys Visnocens, NG elf Alchemist 7
Sprenkel Spatturban, NG gnome Barbarian 4 / Fighter (mobile fighter) 2

Silver Crusade

N Half-Elf Cavalier.

LN Human Zen Archer.

LN Human Fighter.

Catfolk, Bard, none, CN

Elf, Witch, none, N

Catfolk, ninja, none, NG

Sylph unarmed fighting rogue chaotic neutral

Human (gnome adopted) arcane sorcerer chaotic neutral

Human Druid feral child and wolf companion neutral good

Locke: Garuda-blooded Aasimar - Zen Archer - LN

Elf Evoker wizard/Fighter - CG

Tazaar: Human Arcane duelist bard/Fighter - N

Human Crossblooded Sorceror 10, Chaotic neutral. Former mercenary that participated in the next crusade into worldwound as the queen promissed lordship of reclaimed areas as reward. Proud man even to the point of slight arrogance. Tried his best to let logic determine his coarse. Had a temper that flared when certain buttons were pushed. (Game died)

Human Dread Necromander 2(WotC class conversion), LN. Karn who devoted his life to unlock the secrets of undead because of experiece with mortality when he was young. Very scholarly look in regards to his craft. Veteran of the last war, didn't adjust to civilian life so became adventurer. (Still going game)

Tiefling(with few alternative racial traits) Aegis(DSP class) 7/Champion 4, CN(with some habbits on the evil side of things). Born in Abaddon as some sort of experiment, regarding mortals potential in coming a daemon. By chance got into Material plane, most likely has price on his head because of his escape and as such wandered around as mercenary/adventurer.(game still going)

Current characters:

CN Gnome Barbarian/Summoner (Synthetist, Serpentine base form)

CN Human-Snow Leopard Lycanthrope Cleric of Bast

CG Dwarf Ranger/Fighter (Lore Warden)

NG Human Cavalier/Fighter (Dragoon) (believes he is a paladin of Caiden Cailean)

NG Half-Elf Rogue (Scout) (doesn't believe in stealing)

Mutai Ho (PFS character).
LG human samurai level 1.

Ironhelm (RotRL).
LG dwarf paladin level 2.

"Bluebell" (PFS Character).
CN human fighter (weapon master) level 6.

Man...forever GM here.

Homebrew campaign Fighter 8/Chevalier 1 - Neutral Good.
Homebrew campaign Cleric 6/Radiant Servant of Pelor 2 - Neutral Good (3.5)

Sovereign Court

Human Bard 14 Chaotic neutral (they laughed at chargen only original PC to live through KM AP as the baron no less!)

Hafling 2barb/4rogue(scout)/3pathfinder delver Chaotic good (alive and well but serpent skull AP burned out at book 3)

Human Cavalier2(emissary) Neutral good (currently just launched JR AP)

Scarab Sages

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Taria al-Sama: Human Wiz (Generalist: Arcane Crafter Sub) 5 / Fighter 1 / Eldritch Knight 1 True Neutral
Shar'ala Fieldson: Elf Fighter (Calistrian Hunter) 6 Chaotic Good

hrm... biig gap between played in games... GM too much...

The Lost: Elf Barbarian 2 / Fighter (2H) 5 / Ranger (2H) 2 Lawful Neutral

Paizo Employee Organized Play Developer

Macsen Wledig- Ifrit Soulknife, Lawful Good
Delfrigger Wandershot- Gnome Paladin (Oath of Vengeance), Lawful Good
The Hawk- Suqur Magus (Snake Dancer), Chaotic Good

Silver Crusade

Yoshi Yamamoto - Tien Angelkin Aasimar Paladin of Shizuru (LG)
Molos Pinktusk - Oni-spawn Tiefling Fighter 1 (N)
Qassir - Halfling Dawnflower Dervish Bard 1/Rogue 4/Halfling Opportunist 2 (NG)

Josiah Hallowburn:
Oni-Spawn Tiefling Conversion Inquisitor of Shelyn (CG) Level 9 (PFS)
Brother Holden Holywood:
Ulfen Human Tetori Monk (LN) Level 5 (PFS)
Alec Dunmore:
Varisian Human Mind Chemist Alchemist (CG) Level 1 (PFS)

Sovereign Court

Neutral Half Orc Cavalier (from Lastwall!), Order of the Cockatrice, Level 11 (PFS)

CG Dwarf Druid, Fire Domain, Level 1 (PFS)

LG Human Paladin, Hospitaller Archetype, Level 3 (PFS)

Azala Tenorbrys
CN Human Oracle (Dual-Cursed) 6

Unit T1-62B aka "Teewun"
N Android Gunslinger (Musket-Master) 5

CG Goblin Druid 4

Sovereign Court

Hmm from most recent to least recent

Marcus Garidian - Human Paladin 9 of Abadar LG (Kingmaker)-

A negotiator sent to the fledgling kingdom to the south of brevoy trying to make sure that all the potential trade from new resources aren't robbed/exploited. Assigned by his Banker to assist the council he has joined their recon and exploration team removing threats and negotiating with native creatures to help cement the nation

Victoria Vitrix- Human Oracle 8 of Gozreh CN (Jade Emperor) -

Seeking to make up for a devastating error in her youth which got her home caravan destroyed by bandits she needs to see the caravan she is with through so that she and perhaps the friends and family that haunt her can forgive her

Maria Cornish - Human Witch 3 CN (CoCT) -

Alone on the streets is no way to grow up but fortune favored her when she came across a female wizard being shanked in an alley. Sneaking up after the murder had left she stole the wizards belongings including his rat familiar who promised the girl magical powers, a way out of her life (if not then he was dinner). Picked up by the local guard soon afterward mistaking her for the expected wizard she has been teamed up with a band of mercenaries who offered her gold (not coppers, GOLD!) for her assistance

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FancyZergling wrote:
As the title says! Say then Race, Class, Archetype(s), and Alignment!

Human Wizard (Conjuration Specialist), Chaotic Neutral. Basically, I'm trying out the tried-and-true God-Wizard after having heard about it for the past eight years. He's 9th level and got smacked hard his first combat because I played him wrong. He did better his second combat, but I'm realizing that managing bunches of summon creatures is a pain in the ass. Having my Familiar buff everyone with wands is awesome, though. :)

Human Fighter (Two-Handed Archetype), Neutral Good. First time playing an Archetype and I wanted to play "Mr. Massive Damage." Also, my first time trying out a Falchion-wielding crit-specialist. Currently, I'm trying to decide if it's time to swap out Cleave (which is getting less useful) for Dazzling Display (which will *never* get used because it's terrible), so I can pick up Shatter Defenses. I'm already having fun with Cornugon Smash, so it's kinda tempting. Paused at 6th level until we get back to that campaign.

Human Monk (Martial Artist Archetype), Neutral. This is my PFS character. I wanted to try playing a Monk, but I don't really wanna deal with ki. Still, I like the character and it's fun trying out that whole TWF/flurry thing.

Human Wizard Conjurer, LN. God wizard.

Half-orc Invulnerable Rager Barbarian/Unarmed Fighter, CN. He is there to absorb a lot of abuse while dishing it out himself.

Human Wizard Conjurer, LN. God wizard...because the game I was playing the first one in stalled at level 6 and I wanted to do more with the character, but THIS game died, too.

Liberty's Edge

Halfling Bard 9 NG

Gnome Oracle (Heavens) 8 NG

Human Bard (Dawnflower Dervish)1/Swashbuckler 4 CN

[Apparently I have a thing for CHA-based characters.]

Pendagast wrote:

Elf Magus Hexcrafter L/E

Tiefling Inquisitor/Gunslinger (hell boy) C/G

Human Knight Errant (ronin) , Neutral

That Hellboy build is one of the coolest things I've heard in a while.

Half Elf Gunslinger (Musket Master), Neutral (team leader).
Gunslinger/Oracle build (Focused on buffing up the musket master flurry of bullets. Add in wind magic, and Elven Lorekeeper for ranged supremacy). Was for Skull and Shackles

Half Orc Alchemist (Chirugen + Internal Alchemist), Lawful Good (Team Leader).
Using Half orc, I went up to Medium Armor, with Falchion. Goal was to be a middle of the road warrior who adapted to whatever situation arose.
Was for Kingmaker (2 battle work days really help at lvls 1-4...)

(Now for the token 3pp member)
Maenad Vitalist (Life Leech), Lawful Evil (Team leader)

I was the distant puppetmaster, spreading orders and commands to my minions, while judging how much life they needed, with a surgeon's precision.
Was for Way of the Wicked (3pp), and everyone appreciated it...even if I cruely killed an unconscious Grumble jack to siphon his life, to heal our Soulknife *Cries of guilt*

Scarab Sages

Neutral Human Bladebound Kensai 8

Neutral Human Shadowcaster 5

Lawful Good Aasimar Lore Warden 1

Liberty's Edge

N Human Inquisitor of Pharasma

CG Sylph Fighter, emphasis on mobility and reach weapons

CG Half-Orc Inquisitor of Mystra

Sovereign Court

Aasimar paladin of Sarenrae level 13 Aliyah

Half elf scout level 14 Cylyria

Human(Tian) Fighter level 14 Miku

also currently played in the last year

Half elf Inquisitor of Iomedae level 11 Patience

Human Druid level 11 Temperence

Gnome Sorcerer (Arcane Bloodline), 10 CG

First build had him as a blaster, but as I kept on making small changes he's more of a general arcane magician.

Human Slayer 6, N

Built as a jack-of-all-trades as I got screwed over by a lack of options by a previous martial character... And by my penchant of rolling a natural 1 on attack rolls, which combined with the critical fumble house rule has been the source of many frustrations. Still, having 6 weapons proved to be just enough during the last session...

Human Alchemist (Vivisectionist) 6, NE

A deranged man looking for eternal life in any possible way, no matter the consequences to his soul- he figures he'll live forever regardless.

Lined up are a Half-Orc Bard (NG) that worships Shelyn, a Half-Elf Magus pirate (CN), a Human Summoner with a penchant for dragons (LG) and a Dwarf Cavalier (LN) that has a bear as mount... I quite like my characters varied.

Human NG Witch 7
Goblin N Alchemist 6
Human NG Cleric 20

Elf CN Rogue (Sniper) 3 / Oracle (Waves Mystery) 1
Rise of the Rune Lords
Dual-wielding hand crossbows, guaranteed SA via Obscuring Mist and the Water Sight revelation. A really fun build to play, but man is it feat-starved (using both the TWF tree, Crossbow feats, and Quickdraw/Rapid Reload). Also takes a LOT of ingenuity in combat, otherwise things get really tough really quickly. Hand Xbows are primarily instruments of delivering SA damage (and looking freakin' sweet).

Human LN Cavalier 10 (Order of the Sword) / Mammoth Rider 1
Homebrew Campaign
Hits enemies like a MAC truck. Has horrible perception and initiative, is an old man that mostly either doesn't care or his old bones need to warm up when combat starts.

Strix CG Samurai (Sword Saint) (Order of the Flame) 3
Reign of Winter
TWF with Wakizashis and bladed scabbards. Insists on only drawing his swords against targets that will die, developing a reputation for such, which fits his glory-whore personality. Also disguises the fact that he is a strix via a tattoo of continuous Prestidigitation, to recolor his wings and skin. Gonna go with a crit-fishing build later on.

Human Summoner with Synthesist/Symbiot archetype. Moved from NG to CG. Currently 11th level.

Human Riven Mage. Moved from CN to LN. Currently Level 13 with mythic tier 4.

Aasimaar Time Warden. NG. Ended up level 20 with mythic tier 10.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Human, Barbarian 8, Invulnerable Rager, NG
Human, Wizard 2, Necromancer, N
Human, Godling 2, Clever, CG

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Let's see my past three.
Lolindir, Half-elf Sorcerer With the arcane bloodline, Chaotic Good
Jibril Elrick, Human slayer focusing on daggers, Chaotic Neutral
Leona Grelland, Human Whip fighter, true neutral

Liberty's Edge

Jamaal Human Cleric (Heroism/Restoration) of Sarenrae 12, NG
Calen Half-Orc Ranger 10 CG
Atropos Half Orc Inquisitor (Travel) of Desna 1, CG

Alister Kaijitsu Human Cleric of Desna 6 CG
Warg Blackwulf Human Skald 7 CN
Devon Crowley Human Urban Ranger 4 NE

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