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Hey there party people!

Back 7 months ago I started a discord server and started running games for PFS & SFS.


Since then I have run 92 games personally and recruited a few GM's.

Now that I am off for the summer I & other GM's plan to run quite a few more games and hopefully a few of the special scenarios with multiple tables posted on warhorn (

. I keep trying to find a place to sign up to be at least a VA but I am missing it somewhere. The biggest reason I and my other GM's want to become one is to gain access to the special scenario recordings so I can facilitate the events and a few free pdf's for some of my gm's would be cool if we can swing that too.

I live in a very rural area( closest FLGS is over 1hr away ) so I have done the online server instead and am around 150 people so far.

Any info on what I can do in this situation would be invaluable to me and the members of my server. I thank any and all for your time addressing any of my questions.


P.S. if you like to run games especially repeatable scenarios and bounties I always have hungry players at most time zones. I always bless a GM after they run a game on my server. I will give you a voice channel if you want to run on my server or just use an open table.

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Greetings! This is Stunt from the OPO discord, I'm the online region VC for VTTs, I've seen plenty of your posts on the server and i'll reach out to you there to discuss.

Just as general advice for anyone interested, there is no direct just "apply and get VA", typically it involves either working with a current lodge that needs more help or if the area/region decides to start a new lodge, anyone interested should talk to their local VC for help, or if they're not sure who that is you can find the RVC for the whole area who can better direct you here.

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Thank you for stepping up to offer tables!

Good Luck!

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