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Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsbo)

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Hard Mode activated!

Belantria returns to the Perplexity a year after his first visit. He hopes this one will go better but knows it won't.

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Thurston Hillman wrote:
Dracomicron wrote:
I loved the 1-31 practice of having variable DCs based on the size and level of the party, as well as building scaling success into the checks.

Do people agree with this sentinment? I've had a lot of feedback in PMs/messages/conventions that points me to believe that GMs prefer all their DCs listed inline in a scenario.

So, I'm curious as to what the prevailing majority would like to see...

I think the scaling DC info boxes work great as long as the inline text has a clear reference.

On a related note, I really like it when there is a single page “GM aid” in the appendixes that consolidates all the information the GMs need. What the DCs are, timelines for in-scenario events, how areas connect, checklists of possible success conditions, etc. People sometimes make these and post them on, but there has been some experimentation with putting them directly in the scenarios (such as PFS 10-01).

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Does anyone know of a trait, feat, racial ability, etc. that will allow a druid to be LG?

I though an Exalted (prestige class) of Erastil with a druid base class would be a pretty cool theme to play with. But Exalteds have to match the alignment of their deity exactly and druids have to have a neutral component to their alignment.

So far all I’ve found is the planar extremist archetype, but the “outer planes” motif really doesn’t mesh with Erastil as a deity.

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I know I saw a sidebar in a Paizo book that gave a bunch of examples but I can’t for the life of me remember which one.

“A frying pan is a one-handed weapon, a chair leg is a light weapon, etc.”

Anyone remember which book?

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It’s driving me nuts and I can’t stand it any more. Paizo has a habit of saying the things like “you can close up to 25 bulk in this device’s pocket space, a 3-foot cube.” (Mk1 null-space chamber) But “a 3-foot cube” doesn’t actually mean anything! Is that 3 cubic feet or a cube 3 feet on a side?

Based on the amount of air contained within (assuming a medium creature - like a modern human - uses 11000 liters per day), it appears that 3 cubic feet is the right answer. But that falls apart when we look at higher Marks. If a Mk3 is only 9 cubic feet it should be enough air for one medium creature for 30 minutes. If, however, it is a cube 9 feet on a side then the listed two days is about right.

In the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal. Bulk is bulk. It just bothers me. BTW, the discussion that led to this was “can I put a police cruiser (10’ x 10’ x 5’) in a Mk4 null-space chamber (12-foot cube)?”

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Specifically I’m trying to be able to prepare good hope as an arcanist spell.

So far, I’ve come up with “be a Samsaran” but I’m hoping for other ways.

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Several items are unclear in this one. Sorry for the length, but here are the questions:

1. In part A there are 5 beacons. There are 8 different checks the PCs can make to find the beacons. Am I correct in assuming that the first 5 successful (unique) checks turn up a beacon and the others are just additional options?

2. The map in Part B shows 4 enemy craft. But there is only one. (Not a big deal, I’ll just choose one as the starting location.) But where are the PCs supposed to start?

3. Does destroying a civilian ship carry any penalty?

4. The map of the bridge in Part C burned my brain for a long time. Even after reading the text multiple times. I think I have it right now. What is now the “floor” was the forward wall/viewscreen when the ship was in flight. Can anyone confirm that?

5. For the Hazard in Part C8; what is the speed of the wind? That determines the penalty to ranged attacks. (CRB page 400).

Saw most of these questions elsewhere, but no answers. Thought I would consolidate here.

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Noticed a couple of things that are going to affect my characters, so thought I would post a list of changes that may catch out a few people if they don't read AR. Just changes, not new material.

- UW snowball is now the only snowball.
- Read the FAQ on the website for how fitting armor works.
- UW Viking is now the only viking.
- Vine strike spell is legal but text is changed.
- Grizzly bears count as bears.
- Orc hornbows are neither shortbows or longbows, they are their own item.
- Yes, a magus can use spellstrike and spell combat with Dervish Dance. A spell doesn't count as a shield or weapon for purposes of having an empty hand.
- Alchemical allocation can now only affect potions and elixirs with a value of 150 gp per caster level of alchemical allocation, maximum 1000 gp. (Time to finally say goodbye to my CL12 barkskin potion I've drunk about a dozen times.)

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Neither! This little gem is taking place in Grapevine, Texas, on the north side of DFW airport. Last year was the first year of the convention and we had a great time. Big enough for plenty of play, but small enough to get to know everyone.

Once again we'll be running the PFS season kickoff (10-00: The Hao Jin Cataclysm) and the SFS special (1-99: The Scoured Stars Invasion). We'll also be running the latest PFS and SFS scenarios, some repeatable scenarios for both, and a few tables of the Pathfinder 2 playtest.

GM signups: GM two sessions and get free admission to the con, free copies of the scenarios you are running, and special SFS or PFS boons. Sign up for more than two sessions and get fed during the sessions you are GMing! E-mail me ( with your name, messageboard alias, what times you are available to GM, and what system (PFS, SFS, or PFS2) you prefer to run. I'll respond and get the scenarios dropped for you.

Player signups: are done through the LSGE website at After you buy a badge, you can sign up for games. If you are GMing, a badge will be assigned to you, after which you can sign up for games.

More event details are on the event page for Lone Star Game Expo 2018

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It's getting ridiculous how little agreement there is on this. Can we please get some official guidance?

At PaizoCon last weekend I played three SFS scenarios. Each GM filled out the Reputation section in a different manner. None of which were the way I fill them out. And I heard of at least one other way of filling out the reputation. I know some of these are clearly wrong, I'm just including them for completeness.

Method 1: Player writes current reputation to left of bar. GM or player writes new total to right of bar.

Second Seekers (L. E.) 29|31

Method 2: Player writes current reputation to the left of bar. GM writes reputation gained to the right of the bar.

Second Seekers (L. E.) 29|+2

Method 3: GM writes reputation gained on both sides of the bar

Second Seekers (L. E.) 2|2

Method 4: GM writes new total on both sides of the bar.

Second Seekers (L. E.) 31|31

Method 5: GM writes reputation gained to left of bar, player writes new total to right of bar.

Second Seekers (L. E.) +2|31

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The Constitution Poison Track on page 415 says that once you are weakened "Every time the victim attempts a Fortitude save against the poison—whether he succeeds or fails—he loses Hit Points as per on initial exposure." Is this only damage specifically from the poison, or does it include a damaging effect (such as a creature's bite) that delivered the poison in the first place? Should this damage apply to Stamina Points first or directly to Hit Points?

More information:

  • None of the constitution-track poisons on page 419 deal damage. Neither does the irradiate spell (which uses the constitution track.)
  • In fact, I can't find any poison that has it's own damage effect.
  • If it's the damage from the initial effect, that could get to be a pretty high amount (a soldier with an injection glove can easily do 10 points of damage at 3rd level).

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Questions on one of the chronicle boons:

Morlamaw Admittance (Personal Boon; Limited Use): During your mission to the world of Arniselle, you encountered a group of local lifeforms called morlamaws and convinced them to assist the Starfinder Society. Some of those morlamaws look to you as inspiration and intend on leaving their homeworld and eventually joining the Society. You can use this boon only if your character has a Reputation Tier of 3 with the Wayfinders faction or a Reputation Tier of 4 with other factions.

Particularly this sentence:
You can use this boon only if your character has a Reputation Tier of 3 with the Wayfinders faction or a Reputation Tier of 4 with other factions.

1. Does this mean you can only receive this boon if your character meets those requirements or can only use this boon once your character reaches one of those Reputation Tiers?

2. Does "Reputation Tier of 4 with other factions" mean all-factions Reputation Tier 4 (sum of reputation) or reaching Reputation Tier 4 with an individual faction other than Wayfinders?

Yes, I know the first one is being pedantic. You haven't met all of my players.

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Since the first previews of Starfinder Society I've been obsessed with the concept of "slotting" boons. When the Roleplaying Guild Guide was released I went to work making a physical product that would track what boons I had available and which would physically slot which boons I was using for a particular scenario. I've been using it for a few months and it makes things so much easier to understand. Now that the Starfinder Society logos are a part of the Community Use Package, I can release the files for anyone else who wants to make their own!

The front has areas for tracking reputation with every faction, infamy, and fame, as well as cutouts to display the six boons you have slotted for a given scenario (and two Slotless if you need reminders). The back has the basic rules of fame and reputation, descriptions of commonly used slotless boons - such as Basic Purchases - and room for you to make note of every boon you buy or otherwise gain in the course of play.

The files for the Tracker and the Boon Cards to go with it can be found here in both ANSI A and ISO A4 sizes. I welcome any feedback.


So, if I understand this correctly you cannot upgrade an Augmentation by paying the difference between the two models. If I have Dermal Plating MK2 and want to change to Mk3, I can’t spend 11,025 credits (the difference in the prices), I have to spend the full 17,975 for Mk3 and the Mk2 gets taken out (not reusable) in the process. Ditto for upgrading a Wyrmling Dragon Gland to a Standard Dragon Gland.

The only exception is a Personal Upgrade, which specifically says you can boost it by paying the difference.

Have I got that right?

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I am attempting to download the sheets for next weekend's convention (Event #155,720), but the link does not appear in my GM/Event Coordinator tab. Literally no link and no option to download.

I tried the workaround of creating a "dummy" session and reporting it but there was no change.

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Season 8 and 9 PFS Specials, Season 1 Starfinder Special!

This year's convention schedule meant we weren't able to offer these specials right as Season 9 kicked off, but we're bringing them to you in blazing style! We're going to offer every special in one weekend, October 27th through 29th, at the Lone Star Game Expo at the Grapevine Convention center.

If you want to attend as a player, head over to Registration is open and is only $40 for the whole weekend, $35 with the early-bird special. If you want to attend as a GM, we have got a great deal for you:

  • Free admission if you GM two slots.
  • Food vouchers for every slot you GM. GM's shouldn't go hungry!
  • GM-only boon
  • Bonus chances at rewards - the more you GM the better your odds.

If you want to help out as a GM send an e-mail to with your name, e-mail address, forum Username, and the slots you area available. We need people for the Adventure Card Guild all weekend and GMs for the following slots:

Friday afternoon (Evergreens)
Friday evening (Evergreens)
Saturday morning (Evergreens)
Saturday afternoon (Starfinder Special 1-00)
Saturday evening (PFS Special 9-00)
Sunday morning (Evergreens)
Sunday afternoon (PFS Special 8-99)

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Couldn't find any mention of it in the guide. It makes a difference for a few things. Off the top of my head:

- Faction boons that you only get if you have a Champion boon for that faction slotted.
- Acquisitives Social boon (Known Quantity) that increases your Day Job income.

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In the first printing of Ultimate Magic taking a Vow of Silence gained 1 ki/6 levels.
In the second printing of Ultimate Magic taking a Vow of Silence gained 1 ki/level.

However - the PRD (which contains all the other changes) still lists it as 1 ki/6 levels. Also, the errata document for changes from first printing to second printing does not have the Vow of Silence listed as a change to be made.

So, which is correct?

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So this weird weapon is from Giant Hunter's Handbook.

I got the part about only threatening a cone figured out but it's the first part that's stumping me.

A sarissa provides extended reach—tripling your reach rather than doubling it. A Medium wielder would threaten spaces 10 to 15 feet away, but not adjacent squares or squares 5 to 10 feet away (as with a typical reach weapon).

Do you threaten a square 10' away or not?

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I couldn't find a thread specifically for posting editing or formatting problems with the Campaign Clarifications document, so I decided to start one.

Legacy of Dragons wrote:
Page 4—Replace the second sentence of the second paragraph under Energy Types with the following, "For the purpose of the dragon resistance bloodline power, you gain DR that is bypassed by the two damage types other than the damage type that your breath weapon deals. For example, if your breath weapon deals bludgeoning damage, you gain DR/ piercing and slashing. The amount of DR you gain is equal to half the energy resistance you would normally gain against all attacks of that specific damage type.

Pretty sure the bolded word (bolding mine) is supposed to be "or" not "and."

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It's coming...

Just two days away now!

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Just started prepping this for GenCon and came across a few questions:

The Crowd Rules in sections B and D (first time I've seen them used, BTW!):
1. The CRB says that "If crowds see something obviously dangerous, they’ll move away at 30 feet per round at initiative count 0." However the scenario describes the individuals in the crowd (especially in Part B) as taking a variety of actions including fleeing and falling to their knees. What does this mean for the crowd as a whole? Does it effectively mean it stays in place unless directed by a PC?

2. What effect does reducing a crowd's size (due to perishing crowd members) have? Does it just decrease the space it takes up or does it also change the DCs?

3. Lyheri might offer to sell the PCs a partially charged holy staff at a reduced price (subject to some conditions) however it appears on the Chronicle Sheet at full price. Does this mean the PCs must buy the staff before the end of the scenario if they want to get it at the reduced price?

4. There's no mention of what the PCs must do to earn the first boon on the chronicle sheet. Is it won/lost based solely on the primary success condition?

5. I want to make sure I understand how the Spoils of the Siege boon works.
a. As long as at least one player has a Spoils of the Siege (Shohiraj) boon, Kitio gets to use the special item during the scenario. The Spoils boon doesn't have to be on the character playing the scenario, someone just has to have it on any of their characters.
b. At the successful conclusion of the scenario, any players who have the Spoils of the Siege (Shohiraj) boon can buy the item from the chronicle. Is this only true if the Spoils boon is on the character who played Ageless Ambitions, or can the player have the Spoils boon on any character? And any players that do not have a Spoils of the Siege (Shohiraj) boon have the item crossed off this chronicle, correct?

And some very minor errors:
1. The map on page 11 has two locations for creature G1 and none for G2.
2. The map on page 19 should be a map of area "D", not "A" as indicated in the title.

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In this month's Pathfinder Society Scenario #7-26: All for Immortality, Part 2: All the Gods Beyond, editor-in-chief F. Wesley Schneider and developer Amanda Hamon Kunz have teamed up to deliver a Tier 12-15 terror (complete with a bruising, just-for-bragging-rights hard mode option).

giggle...cheer...groan...giggle...clap...snort...snicker...moan...c hortle...sigh...cheer...

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Get ready for the largest Pathfinder Society presence North Texas! There will be over 75 tables of Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild games and ongoing tables of Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Play. Multiple tables of the newest adventures will be offered, 4- and 5-star GM exclusive scenarios and the kickoff of Season 8 with the Saturday night multi-table special 8-00: The Cosmic Captive. Also fill in your missing Season 7 scenarios and play some older favorites!

August 12-15, 2016
Sheraton Dallas Hotel, downtown Dallas TX

Badges for the convention are $50 until June 30th. $55 from July 1st to July 15th. $65 from July 16th until the start of the convention.

Tier 1 GM or Volunteer (5 slots)
- Free lodging (1/4 of a hotel room)
- Free Badge
- Special GM boon

Tier 2 GM or Volunteer (3 slots)
- Free Badge
- Special GM boon

Tier 3 GM (1 slot)
- Special GM boon

If you wish to volunteer, please send an e-mail to with the following information:
Your Name e-mail username
Tier requested
Are you are a 4- or 5- star GM (or Venture Officer equivalent for purposes of the exclusives)?
Any days you are NOT available
What is your area of interest? RPG, ACG, or HQ? (Note that there are very limited slots for ACG and HQ volunteers.)

Important note: Free hotel rooms are provided by the convention on a first come/first served basis and are only available until June 15th (if they don't fill up sooner). If you have not volunteered by that date you will not be able to get a hotel room.

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