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So my white haired witch just reached level 4 and can now use her hair to trip people. Now my question is when I hit an opponent with my hair can I attempt both a grapple and a trip? Both state I can do it when I strike someone with my hair. I do not think I can do it but I am honestly not finding any rule saying that I cannot. Can anyone weigh in on this for me please.

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Ok so I have a question concerning XP in adventure paths. Sometimes you may see something like "If the players manage to save all the NPC's award them 2400 bonus xp" Now the question is this 2400 per player OR is it 2400 divided by the number of players?

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So just wanted to get some advice and other peoples thoughts on this build.

Bringing in a 4th level character to a campaign and am playing around with a Brawler/White Haired Witch build. We were doing rolled stats and the key ones of importance are after human racial bonus I will have a 20 int and a 16 dex.

First level Brawler (Strangler Archetype)
Feat 1 Weapon Finesse
Feat 2(human bonus) Weapon Focus Hair

Second Level Witch (White Haired Witch Archetype)

Third Level Witch

Feat 3 Improved Unarmed Strike (loose it as strangler archetype in return get bonus to grapple and sneak attack on grapple damage)

Fourth Level Witch

But going forward I will take 5th level as brawler so I get another d6 for the grapple sneak attack and the feat will be Feral Combat Training. (this will allow me to use feats that require improved unarmed attacks with a natural weapon instead)

6th and 7th level will be witch and the 7th level feat will be Boar Style.

This is what I have so far but by 7th level my hair has a 10' reach, I am hitting for 1d4+5 damage and if I hit I start a grapple, if grapple succeeds then I do another 1d4+5 and if the target is susceptible to sneak attack then that grapple damage does another 4d6 (2d6 from the Strangler archetype and another 2d6 from the Boar Style).

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So can a white haired witch take the extra hex feat in order for them to get a hex?

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Just wanting to figure out how burn damage works for a Kineticist when they have temporary HP from spells such as False Life or Death Knell. From my understanding by RAW you would loose these temporary HP first.


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So this came up in the game last night and was hoping to get some clarification and if you could give me sources of where I could find this information that would be great. I have not GMed in years so am just getting back into it.

So last night the party ran into a group of troglodytes who have the stench ability. Now the question is, do the PC's have to make a save for each troglodyte's stench to avoid the effect or is it just one save for the entire encounter.

Also another encounter the players ran into giant spiders. One player got poisoned and then bit again, does the player have to make another save or is he just already poisoned? Does the poison effect stack?

If you can please refer me to the rules where these questions are clarified that would be great.

Thanks a lot for the help.

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So I am new to the Kineticist class and had a question about the Gather power ability.

The power states it reduces the cost of a blast wild talent by 1 point. Looking through all the wild talents I cannot see any that are listed as blast type, they all seem to say Utility.

Am I missing something here or does it just lower the cost of all Wild Talents?

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So I was looking over the spellscar oracle. mysteries/spellscar/

And I had a question about the Animate Primal Force revelation. It says that the elemental lasts a number of rounds equal to your Cha modifier but how many times per day can you use this?? Once it goes away can you just summon another?

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On page 182 and 183 of the main book it talks about the Wound critical hit special effect. The chart talks about the hit locations and the type of saves they require but I cannot find anything about what the DC of the save is or what the location effect does.

Can anyone help me out please.

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So a dragonkin has a reach of 10 feet normally. If they are using a dragonglaive which has the reach special property does this mean they now threaten squares up to 15 feet away?

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Was wondering if Enhanced Resistant feat can be taken multiple times. Each time with a different resistant type that is.

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So the armor storm fighting style at lv 1 you can treat your unarmed attacks when wearing heavy or powered armor as if you were wearing a battle glove of your level or lower.

When I go to the equipment guide I only see 4 battle gloves listed, lv 1, lv 10, lv 13 and lv 17. Does this mean you only get damage upgrades at those levels? Are you stuck doing 1d4 till you are lv 10?

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Does the extra 0.5 damage boost from this gear boost stack with the Vesk claw weapon specialization? Normally class get 1.5x your level as bonus damage starting at 3rd level, would this boost it to 2.0x your level as bonus damage?

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So I have had the CRB for less than 2 weeks now. I was a subscriber and have mostly been using my free PDF but with as little as I have been using the physical book it is already falling apart. This is not what I expect for a $60 book, very much unacceptable.

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So I just got my pdf access today and have been reading it over and I had a question.

In pathfinder you got extra attacks as your base attack bonus got higher. Did they take this out of Starfinder? I was not seeing anything about it, but then again I only have my pdf so far so searching can be troublesome.

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Taking offers on DT account.

First character has all harvesting skills at rank 7, Engineer rank 6 and 30k xp to spend

Second character has Spellcraft at rank 9 (yes not in game yet but you can still buy it, was trying to prepare for when it came out) and 55k xp left to spend.

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So I was wondering about the Archaeologist's Luck. You get 4+Cha bonus in rounds per day like normal bardic performance but does this also increase in rounds as you level like bardic performance does?


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My fiance and myself are looking for a new pathfinder game to play in. Our current GM is getting ready to move to Big Bear so we are about to be gameless.We are looking for a Saturday or Sunday game, preferably every other week. Maybe more depending on our schedule. We live in Winnetka CA and would like to find a game near us.

As a side note we are also looking for a GURPS or Champions superhero game.

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So when do I get to start downloading all those wonderfull PDF's?

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Ok So I had an idea. I am currently getting ALL daily deals. There are some people who are not. With this new Shieldmate option where we can link someone as a friend and they could get the same daily deals as us it might be nice for people to post here and organize it.

Here is what I propose. If you are getting all the deals you post here. Once you do then someone who needs the daily deal they send a private message to you with their e-mail and kickstarter and paizo board name (covering all bases here) so that when the KS end you both get all the deals and the Shieldmate benifit.

Once you accept someone and let them know you will use them MAKE SURE YOU EDIT YOUR POST TO LET PEOPLE KNOW. This way you do not get 100's of private messages

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So after looking around at all these other charter companies I keep seeing the same thing....guilds devoted to good. But there is more to the game than just being good there is the other side of the coin.

Company Name - Doom
Alignment - Neutral Evil

Our purpose - Sometimes you just want to be a bit dark and play a character concept that uses dark magic or is not a nice person. In Doom we welcome you all. I got the idea for this company because I very much want to play a necromancer in the game. But because of the alignment restrictions of guilds the very act of creating undead would make your alignment push towards evil and thus be unable to participate with the "good" guilds.

So the idea hit me, we all need a place we can call home. A place were we can hang up our hat and just be ourselves. Doom and its settlement will be devoted to providing that haven of "safety" for those non good players.

Now some may ask is this a guild of RPK players, no it is not ment to be that. While I myself am not into that aspect of the game it is there and if that is your choice then play the game how you want. The only things I expect from members of our guild is to leave other "evil" guilds alone unless they start something first. From the boards there are more than enough players out there wanting to take down RPK players we do not need to fight among ourselves. The other thing is no griefing. While RPK is a part of the game there does come a point if you keep picking on one person this will not be allowed.

I will be seeking an aliance between other "evil" guilds so that we may be able to have our settlements closer together for better protect of our freedom to choose how to play.

There is no website at this time and if enough people express an intrest I will get something set up.

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Ok having a discussion with someone on feat requirments, to be specific Crane style feat.

Prerequisites: Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +2 or monk level 1st.

I take that to mean a first level monk can take the feat and doesnt need anything else, he keeps saying that the 1 level of monk only gets rid of the +2 BAB nedded.

Can anyone clear this up and support the rulling please.

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So was wondering how crane style works with characters who are taking a full attack. Can you use it while charging? Therules seem a bit fuzzy to me.

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OK so in other MMO games I love playing "pet" classes. The only way I could really see this happening would be with a necromancer in PFO. So I want to know if you guys have given any thought to how the create undead type spells will work in the game.

Will you be able to have the undead hord following you around or will it be limited to just one undead at a time?

Will the guards in cities automatically attack your undead minions as undead in the Pathfinder universe are inherantly evil?

More information on this topic would be great to know.

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Ok here is a question for you people over at Goblin Works. I read on your blog about the capstone ability and how if you stick to one "class" and keep to only its skills by the time you max it out you can get a capstone ability. But if you branch out before then you will not get the capstone.

Now here is my question. Once we reach capstone a capstone can we then branch out into another classes abilities and train exclusivly with that class in the attempt to reach a second capstone? Or would I have to create a totaly new character if I wanted another capstone?

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Ok from reading the core book using a ki power is a swift action. But what happens if you take the Qinggong monk archtype and loose slow fall and pick up true stike? Is it still treated like other ki powers and thus only a swift action to activate it?

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So just wondering if a magus could take the extra arcana feat at level 1. Its prereque is the magus arcana class feature. A magus does not normally get any arcana choices till 3rd level. Was wondering if you could spend the feat to get one early.

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Wondering why the RP value for the android race is 16 RP in the book.

It lists them as the following

Humanoid (Android) - 0RP

Size Medium - 0RP

Stats-Standard(+2Dex,+2Int,-2Cha) - 0RP

Constructed (not to be confused with Construct, new trait listed in their description) - 2RP

Linguist - 1RP

Skill Bonus - Perception - 2RP

Dark Vision 60' - 2RP

Low Light Vision - 1RP

Nanite Surge - 3RP

Emotionless (-4 sense motive)- -1RP

By my count that should only bring it up to a total of 10RP. I am wondering if the 16RP is a typo or am I missing something?

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First off if anyone knows the module I am talking about please refrain from saying it. As I do not want to give away spoilers .

So my players are going to be running into a lake of Blackfrost poison (this is in the module)

Type poison, contact; Save Fortitude DC 15
Onset 1 minute; Frequency 1/minute for 6 minutes
Initial effect 2d6 hp damage (half acid, half cold)
Secondary effect 1d2 Con damage; Cure 2 consecutive saves

So here is my question.

The players just may get bull-rushed off the bridge and into the lake, it will take some time to swim back to shore. Now as it is contact poison will they be exposed to it every round and have to make an initial save? Will the DC also go up every time per the poison rules?
What is the correct format for running this situation?

I want to make sure I run this by the rules because it so has the chance to kill off some characters. Add to this the critters doing the bull-rush are immune to the poison and very well just might try to grapple them in the lake. I do not want to kill a player off because I made a mistake with the rules.

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So what do you do as a GM? Going through the hungry storm right now and there is a VERY good chance that Ameiko will die or be carried off by an ogre mage.

The party had 2 people die in the dragon encounter so they decided to open the ward box and raise one member then sit tight in the town for a month till they could use the seal again to raise the other party member. Problem is they have alerted the powers that be where they are and then decided to stay put. So I am sending a ogre mage to try and kill or capture Ameiko.

How would you other GM's handle this situation? Just looking for some advice for my game tomorrow.

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So I was wondering if there was a list of the spells out there that do not allow for spell resistance. Combat effect spells that is, looking for stuff to get around high SR or construct type critters.

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Just wondering if trait bonuses stack. We are about to start the Carrion Crown adventure path and one of our players chose the Chance Savior campaign trait (gives +2 trait bonus on Initiative) and the Reactionary combat trait (also gives +2 trait bonus on Initiative).

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So I have been running my party through the Jade Regent adventure path and we are on the 3rd book where they have the chance to go up against the young adult white dragon. I have made it VERY clear to my group that this was an optional encounter and if they decide to pursue it I will use EVERY dirty trick I can within the rules and not hold back. My belief has always been that dragons should be tough and you do not mess with them. Being your typical group they have decided to ignore me so I get to pull out all the stops. =)

That said I already have some dirty tricks in mind but I was quite interested in the Ice Shape spell like ability. The rules say that it works just like stone shape except it only works on ice and snow. Can you use the ability to say encase someone in ice if you touch the ice around them and activate the ability? If so how would this work? I am assuming that they would begin to suffocate and other party members would need to somehow break them out before they die. How would a situation like this be handled by the rules? While I plan to mess them up as much as possible even tpk if it happens but if it does I want to make sure I am not messing up the rules to their disadvantage.

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Ok do I have this right

Wizards are always able to enchant their bond items as if they had the correct enchant item feat even if they do not actually have the feat. If I choose a staff at level 1 as my bond item can I then enchant the staff as if using enchant staves feat to make a staff that can cast burning hands? 400gp x spell level (1) x caster level (1) would = 400gp?

Am I missing something here about this that seems pretty awesome for a low level wizard to have and 400gp is not that hard to acquire.

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So the girlfriend wants to play a catfolk rogue for our game and is thinking of taking the claws. We are trying to figure out how the natural weapons work though when she gets to a +6 base attack bonus and a couple other questions.

So here we go.

1) A catfolk can get 2 claws does this mean they would have to use a full round action to attack with both claws? Or is it treated more like twf?

2) When attacking with both claws do they take a penalty like with twf?

3) Once the catfolk gets a +6 attack bonus does that mean they get 2 attacks at primary bonus and one attack at the +1 bonus?

Feel like there should be more questions here about this so if anyone can come up with some other useful info that I might of missed I would appreciate it.

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Ok I know that the Ultimate Magic has a couple of special spell books in it but I was wondering if there were any rules for creating your own spell book like there used to be in d&d 3.5. Currently making a wizard for our game and I want him to have a really "nice" spell book. Something with maybe dragon hide or a minor resistance to say fire etc. If there are any rules anywhere could someone please point me in the right direction.

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Ok I have a question about spell like abilities. I know spells are obvious, they have somatic, verbal and material components. A spell with a verbal component makes it obvious to tell what is going on unless you have silent spell feat.

Now how does spell like abilities work, specifically a fog cloud spell like ability. Can it be used while in stealth without giving yourself away?

Example party is in a white dragons lair, it is on the ceiling 60' above the party using stealth to hide. Party is using light spell so 20' normal vision and 40' shadowy. One party member has low light so he double's the range and has a chance of spotting the dragon on the ceiling (+6 DC for distance and +2 DC for unfavorable condition). One has dark vision (so only gets the +6 DC for distance since he can see fine in dark).

So in the above example will they get a bonus on spotting the dragon when it uses its fog cloud spell like ability? The plan is to use it behind the party first and every round use it again to make it look like the fog is rolling in over them.

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So how do people handle perception checks for things such as secret doors or hidden compartments? Do players get a free chance to spot them or is finding them something the players have to say they are doing?

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Ok so I have a player who wants to inscribe on his shield text stating the names of his fallen enemies or some battle hymn. Now add to that he wants to have Sepia Snake Sigil then cast on his shield.....As a player I started giggling over the implications. As a GM I have no idea on how to rule if people seeing it in combat read it or not thus activating the Snake Sigil.

The book states that when anyone reads the text containing the symbol the speia snake sigil springs into being. It does NOT say they have to read the WHOLE text.

Thoughts? Ideas? Or maybe some fair rules mechanics I can use. If I allow something like this you can dam well bet that I will use the same thing against them at some point. =)

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Ok I have a player in my game who uses a heavy repeating crossbow who asked me to come up with a cost on a magic item.

He wants to enchant the clips for his repeater (which are considered their own items) so that whenever he loads them (each clip only holds 5 bolts) the bolts that come out of it would be + 1 Flaming, maybe another clip so the bolts loaded into it would become +1 Shocking etc. He wants to be able to change out clips depending on what he needs. When the clip runs out of bolts all he has to do is reload it and those bolts also gain the benefit when shot also.

I was wondering if I should just charge him as if each of these were a +2 weapon enhancement (8,000 gp plus the cost of the clip and such)or should the price be something different.

Thoughts? Ideas? A breakdown of price would be great if you think differently.

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Is there a way to create non-evil undead? I know skeletons when they are made are considered evil and casting the spell is an evil act. I thought I read somewhere that there was an Oracle mystery or something that allowed a player to make undead without that evil alignment or something, but now I cannot seem to find it. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

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So I have a player in my game who has been doing research into the undead. He has spent a good amount of gold to fund this research and is now working at creating a variant skeleton. The party has just killed an ogre mage and he decided this would make a good first case for creating a Bloody Skeleton variant. I have been going over the skeleton template rules and most of it is very straight forward. Now the one part I am having trouble with is the Natural Armor bonus. The skeleton template keeps all the base stats and stuff of the base creature except where noted. Under the Natural armor you look at the size (large) and it says Natural Armor Bonus +2. Now does this mean the ogre mages skeleton would have a +2 natural armor OR is that +2 on top of the normal +5 natural armor that an ogre mage normally has?

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Trying to figure out how to cancel my Pathfinder Campaign Setting subscription and cannot seem to find a way to do so. Was hoping for some help. Got a rude awakening today when you guys tried to charge my account today lol. It is JUST the Campaign setting one I am cancelling at this time.

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Ok so this came up in our game yesterday. When a cleric channels energy for healing do doors and walls stop the effect? I have not been able to find anything in the rules that says a wall or door will block the effect so I am trying to find out some sort of official ruling. I personally torn on this one, part of me wants to let it happen but then that brings up all sorts of other complications.

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I am looking to do a Hungry Ghost Monk for our pathfinder campain and I am looking for some advice with builds. We use a 4d6 drop the lowest system for our stats and I ended up with 16, 17, 13, 13, 9, 13. I was thinking of Dwarf or Human for the race, and would prefer to stay away from graple builds (not fond of the fact that you can only flurry in a grapple if you are the one being grapled and not the grapler).

This will be a LE character and will take some craft alchemy to do poisons with shurikin. Shurikin will most likely be a first attack as he charages in to weaken an opponent but not something he relies on all the time.

With that in mind I am looking for some build ideas if anyeone is willing to take the time and toss some at me.

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Just a question about the Hold Person spell. I know it says that it affects humanoids but does that cover monsterous humanoids also? Would say a bugbear, goblin, lizardman all be effected or would you need hold monster for that?

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I love the warforged race from the Eberon world setting so I thought I would try my hand at making a living construct race. It is based off of the warforged but there have been a couple minor changes to it.

Peoples thoughts on it would be great.

Living Construct – 10PR total

Living constructs are immune to sleep, paralysis, disease, poison, fatigue, exhaustion, energy drain and effects that cause the sickened condition. 8PR

Living constructs only receive half the healing from positive energy effects and resting (minimum 1), they also only take half the damage from negative energy effects such as inflict spells. -4PR

Living constructs do not need to eat, breath or sleep but can benefit from the effects of consumed spells and effects such as heroes’ feast and potions. A living construct spell caster still needs to “rest” for 8 hours before preparing spells. During this time the living construct can take no strenuous activity. 3PR

Living constructs have a +2 Natural Armor bonus 3PR

Living constructs cannot wear armor, robes or other items that occupy the body slot. A living construct can have their body and natural weapons enchanted as a magic item but must remain with the enchanter for the entire process and can do no other actions. 0PR

Living constructs have an unusual physical construction that makes them vulnerable to certain spells and effects that do not normally affect other living creatures. Living constructs take damage from spells such as heat metal and chill metal as if they were wearing metal armor. A living construct is also subject to spells such as repel metal or wood as if they were wearing metal armor. The metal in a living constructs body also makes them vulnerable to rusting grasp, taking 2d6 pts of damage from the spell. A living construct takes the same damage from a rust monster’s touch. Spells such as warp wood and wood shape affect objects only and thus cannot be used on a living construct. -1PR

Living constructs due to their highly magical nature are vulnerable to areas of no magic. For every hour spent in such an area a living construct gains 1 negative level. If a living construct is reduced to 0 levels they cease to function till they are removed from such an area. Once out of an area of no magic negative levels are removed at a rate of one per day. -1PR

Living constructs are hardy and receive +2 Con. 0PR (variation of human heritage except stat is always set to Con)

Living constructs have a standard language array 1PR

Living constructs have low light vision 1PR

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Looking through the playtest rules and I am wondering where abilities such as immune to sleep, immune to disease, immune to poison, does not eat/drink, does not sleep, etc fall. These are some of the ones I was wondering about. I love the idea about being able to make our own race but if you are going to put a book out on it please make sure you do it right and put all those uncommon things into the book also.

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