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So I just got my pdf access today and have been reading it over and I had a question.

In pathfinder you got extra attacks as your base attack bonus got higher. Did they take this out of Starfinder? I was not seeing anything about it, but then again I only have my pdf so far so searching can be troublesome.

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The attack roll penalty for full attacks is -4, not -2.

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Ok thank you for answering that.

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also be aware that weapons and armor scale differently then they did in pathfinder so instead of doing 2d6+20 4 to 5 times in a round you will be using a weapon that does stuff like 10d10 or 12d8 or on and so 2 attacks with that is basically throwing half a mountain at something.

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I have a question:

pag 248 wrote:
You can spend a full action to make two attacks, each with a –4 penalty to the attack rolls. These attacks can be made with the same weapon or different weapons, though certain weapons have a firing speed so slow that you can’t shoot them more than once in a round, even with a full attack.

Can i target two objectives different?

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Yes, you can target two different creatures with the two attacks of a full attack action.

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