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So I am new to the Kineticist class and had a question about the Gather power ability.

The power states it reduces the cost of a blast wild talent by 1 point. Looking through all the wild talents I cannot see any that are listed as blast type, they all seem to say Utility.

Am I missing something here or does it just lower the cost of all Wild Talents?

You would be missing the infusions, metakinesis, and composite blasts ;). Utility talents are different, and can't be reduced with Gather Power.

Here's how to calculate the cost of a Kinetic Blast-

-First select a blast (basic blasts are 0 burn, composite blasts are 2, or 1 with composite specialization). Choose any metakinesis you have available, including no metakinesis.

- Next, choose up to one substance infusion and one form infusion, each has an accompanying burn cost, sum these numbers and reduce them by your infusion specialization (to a minimum of zero).

Add the two numbers together and that is the burn cost of your blast, this can be reduced by gathering power or one's internal buffer, otherwise you take this much burn.

Utility powers cannot have their burn cost reduced.

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There are two types of Wild talents

1) Infusion ( under the explanation of infusion it is a wild talent)


(pg 17 Infusion Wild Talents

Infusion wild talents change the way kineticists use their
kinetic blasts.)

It is usable on a blast so it is a " blast wild talent". This I think is the confusing point.

2) Utility wild talent.

Gather power allows you to lower the burn for a blast wild talent AKA a n infusion.

The nomenclature is a bit confusing but, in essence, an effect (infusion (blast wild talent)) that alters the blast in some way can be lowered, If it is a miscellaneous effect ( flying, healing, moving earth etc) it can not be lowered.

Metakinesis is just meta magic for blasts which costs burn to use.

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