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My husband and I are arguing the working of swan boat

"A token that forms a swan-like boat capable of moving on water at a speed of 60 feet. It can carry eight horses and gear, 32 Medium characters, or any equivalent combination. The boat lasts for 1 day."

I say it holds 8 horses, gear AND 32 medium people or equivalent

My husband says 8 horses, gear, or 32 medium people or equivalent


No where does it say how long the pressure pill lasts. It says it takes one full round to adjust to the pressure. But for 75gp does it really just last as long as you are underwater? %20pill

I had not thought of having my Eidolon carry the gem since she uses her claws to attack and doesn't really have pouches. I thought any gear on an Eidolon dropped to the ground? They way we understood it was the Summoner wears the magical gear and designates for the day either she gets its benefits or the Eidolon does. If Eidolon goes away, she can't just switch it over. Maybe that was a house rule I read somewhere. The Eidolon wears nothing, no gear besides what you imagine it to have on it. Unless you give it evolutions to use weapons and such.

When my summoner uses Magic Jar and posses another creature does her Eidolon disappear?

Now does a feat like Versatile Summoning Feat work on Mad Monkeys? So I could have Augmented Fiery Monkey Swarm?

Yeah, you could start there. But, I would love an official one. Something with pain and shadows.

I see no one responded. I wouldn't go dagger unless it is for role playing reasons. I am making an Inquisitor NPC, DM here, and was debating what to do as the weapon. And I understand not wanting to min/max. Sometimes you do stuff because it fits the character.

Are you going repeating crossbow? Inquisitors have access to that, and they are cool. If you are going to rely on long range point blank shot and precise shot are a must.

Also, have a mace as a backup weapon maybe? Hit those pesky undead that need to be smacked with bludgeoning like skellies.

What the subject says. ^_^
I would love to see one made.

Are there feats to help you cast a spell AFTER you have taken damage? Not defensive casting.

Wraithguard wrote:
I would probably just take it as the glaive-guisarme. Sounds like it performs the same role.

:sniffs at the talking squirrel and pounces:

Yeah, that's probably what I will do.

On the back of the Dragon Empire Primer the art shows the character holding a Qinglong Ji- (took me forever to find what it really was)

Spear with the crescent blade. I am curious, how would you do the stats on this sucker? I am the DM, so it is my call, but I want it balanced so I figured I would see what people thought.

Dragon78 wrote:
I agree that witches need more hexes, especially ones themed on elements, concepts, etc. that would fit the various patrons out there. Stuff like fire, plant, light, shadow, time, space, weather, etc.

This would be awesome. Since I am the DM I have tailored some things to fit her patron. A few extra spells and such. But Hexes for specific patrons would be cool, or that change depending on your patron. Even a few more patrons ideas. Not that they are hard to come up with yourself.

And someone mentioned clerics. I agree they too are also unloved. I play them, a lot. No one else ever wants to so I do. Back in DnD I would get so made at the lack of cleric prestige classes, there were some, they stunk. I do love oracles as an option to spice things up. But, becoming a healbot during battles is sadly boring. I make up for it with fun character ideas.

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One of my players tried playing one and complained about the spell list and lack of options. He traded the character out for a new one. So, in a new game I decided to tackle one and see how it is.

I have to agree. They have so much potential, but I feel that they are not nearly as fleshed out as the other classes. Some more spells that only they could cast would be nice. Or if you want them relying hex, some more choices.

And all the classes, when they reach 20 get this cool thing that happens. Witches? Not so much... doesn't measure up to the other classes at all.

So Paizo, will they be getting any love any time soon?

Note- I have been to the threads

[link] g[/link]

Is there anyone else who has done some conversion on the monsters in the the adventure that are not easily found in the Pathfinder beastiaries?

HolyInquisitor wrote:
Balsamic Dragon wrote:
Sinvel Menter wrote:
Balsamic Dragon wrote:
This is sort of an old thread, but I am in the process of converting Expedition to Castle Ravenloft to Pathfinder now, if the original poster had any questions or suggestions! I would say I'm about halfway through the book. I'm revising a lot of things as I go, and plan to start running in a few weeks.
Very cool. We are running this next. Any way I could get the PF conversion from you?

Sure! I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't converted everything yet, but I've been running it for eight sessions now and it has gone very well! Two questions:

1) can you please just confirm for me that you own the 3.5 book?

2) I'm assuming you just want stat blocks, yes? I've done some substantial rewriting of the module itself.

You can email me at balsamic [no space] dragon [at symbol] gmail [dot] com.

Balsamic Dragon

I also own the book and plan on using PF to run a mini-Ravenloft campaign in the not so distant future. What sort of modification have you done to module itself?

Ohh if you are willing I would love to get my hands on these! Email sent! I am working on converting this for my group.

Brother Willi wrote:

I love the module! But when I've run it, the fear of the curse has kept the PCs from doing a lot of exploring. Keeping it from being an instant death could add some nice drama.

What about a souped-up Mummy's Curse? The PC who sees the symbols is infected with the Curse and, instead of every day, has to make a save every hour. They are slowly turning to sand and, if they succumb to the disease, turn into a mummy themselves. That way the curse is imposing, but not impossible to deal with.

Also, as for the Pharoahs, I would say 8 and 9th level is pretty bad-ass! I never saw the Pharoahs in line with the epic villains of the land - such as Spawn of Rovagug, the Runelords of Thassilon, or the like - so it felt appropriate to me. If you prefer otherwise, I would say the Pharoahs misjudged the effects of undeath, and their power is greatly diminished. If the PCs fail to stop them, however, perhaps their power would return and their threat would do the same.

I like your ideas. And yeah, I fear would hamper enjoyment.

Thanks for the ideas, both of you!

I want to run this, but I do not want a curse that would remove/kill a character from the game, at least not without sometime to be able to remove disease or curse. So, I would like some ideas on something else I could do, that would still leave the PCs wary of it.

Also, The Four Pharaohs, IMO, should be epic level not level 8/9ish. They were suppose to be super bad ass. I was thinking maybe it is actually a pyramid of faithful priests to the Four Pharaohs or maybe a child of theirs? Rivals they locked away?

Mortagon wrote:
Here's my Asylum adventure. I've used some stuff from the Gothic compendium but most of it should be easily replaced or ignored. The adventure was originally meant to be used as an interlude in my old Crimson Throne Campaign hence the references to Korvosa and Shoanti's,but it can easily be ignored or replaced with something else. I never got to play this adventure myself so I hope someone here might want to give it a try.

I think I waited to long to try and get this. The link doesn't work. Sorry!

I am running the Crimson Throne module, we are on the last book. The asylum is for a different group, for when one of the members can't play.

Anyone know any good adventures I could run for my kids? My kids are 8 and 11 years old. They have become very interested in Pathfinder and just made two characters. I figured I would ask the community for help while I dig through sites.

Side note: I run two games for adults, so I do know what I am doing. I just lack kid friendly adventure material.


I would love a copy of your conversion as well!
You can email me at
kittyhmommy @ gmail dot com

Thank you!

mplindustries wrote:

I'm having a hard time figuring out any formula you could have used to determine the cost of this item that leads to 36k.

The big chart o' costs doesn't have energy resistance on it, and counting it as a constant spell effect (the spell Energy Resistance) comes up as SLxCLx2000, which is 2x3x2000=12,000.

Being slotless doubles the price so, the ring has a purchase price of 12k, and your tattoo would have a purchase price of 24k. For the crafter, that means 6k and 12k respectively.

I don't remember... oh wait... there was a notation about the length of time for the spell causing the 2k to be multiplied by a number, which increased the spell cost a lot. Again... I may have just rolled a 1 here on doing that math. :p

Thank you everyone for helping

I am looking to get the effect of :

<url> nce</url>

But as a tattoo. The ring only costs 6k, but when I do that math from

<url> html</url>
It comes out to 36k. Now I know it is going to cost more, but that seems a bit much.

Also, I am the DM, so I only need to run this by me.

Can someone help clarify this for me? Am I doing bad math?

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
There was a computer game called Sanitarium. It's not exactly what you're looking for, but you could refer to it for inspiration.

I own this game and I love it.

Tom Knauss wrote:
Years ago I wrote an adventure called Where Madness Dwells that is set in an asylum. It's a 3E adventure, but it is free.

Can I just google it to find it? Hrm well I suppose there is one way to answer that.

Thanks everyone. I am going to look into these. Except Runelords, I ran that whole adventure. ^_^

Pupsocket wrote:
KittyH wrote:

About to run "Curse of the Crimson Throne" and there is a rogue who wants to be able to steal from shops and merchants. Does anyone have any rules for rolling this? Or do I need to create general stats for every merchant?

I was kind hoping to find a chart that had skill level, difficulty of target your are stealing from and either % chance of success or some bonus/penalty to be added to sleight of hand rolls.

I have a comprehensive ruleset for this:

** spoiler omitted **

Wow not helpful. The other characters wanted the rogue to help steal stuff they could hand out to people who needed. So, it wasn't the rogue wasting people's time.

Thanks for those who did help.

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Anyone know of an adventure or mini adventure set in a sanitarium? Level doesn't matter. The group is just starting out so I can plan it for whenever. It could have undead, haunts, crazy humans, doesn't matter.
Any and all suggestions welcome

Thank you

Victor Zajic wrote:
boring7 wrote:

Devil's advocate: Zon-Kuthon's "conversion" (and his Hellraiser roots) are heavy shades of Lovecraft, possessed and twisted and driven mad by horrors from beyond space and time. Those horrors are almost always listed as Chaotic (usually evil, though Azathoth is straight-up chaotic neutral because it doesn't HAVE a will) in Pathfinder's material.

Actually, the developers have very explicitly said ZK's conversion was not at the hands of the Lovecraftian Elder/Outer Gods.

It has been recently implied that his conversion is more related to the Dominion of the Black, which is more inspired by the Borg or the Reapers from Mass Effect than from Lovecraft. Both of which are textbook lawful.

I don't have a problem with LN worshipers of ZK. As at least one other person also stated, such faithful tend to internalize the suffering part of his dogma, inflicting pain upon themselves instead of others. Unless the other want the pain inflicted on them, which is not uncommon in ZK's faith. They just don't take pleasure in inflicting pain on others, but will do so if ordered to do so. That's how I play my LN Kuthite. He's much more "M" than "S" in terms of "S&M"

But Zon Kuthon wants to cover the world in flayed flesh. And torturing others is an art form. It just doesn't seem very LE, more CE. In my game world he's CE.

I cannot find anywhere how much damage an Emberstorm does if players are caught in it.

thenovalord wrote:
I think many of the 3pp writers on here are players, me included

Is there an easy way to find the adventures 3PP have made for Pathfinder? I am currently looking for level 8-9, short Urban setting stuff.

Does anyone know of a website that has a collection of player made adventures for Pathfinder?

I will bump this, because I would also like to know.