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We will begin carrion Crown in a couple of weeks and I'm planning my new PC: he will be an Inquisitor for Pharasma. I already have in mind great part of the fluff background (I actually thought about it for some months, I really enjoy that part). Now I have to write down some of his mechanics so he won't suck in combat. Here are the ingredients:

  • 20 points abilities.
  • He is ~40 years old, so the stats are modified by age.
  • I don't care if he is sub-optimal. Some intelligence is required in an investigative environment and I want an experienced PC who knows some good tricks. Plus, he will probably be an important (if not THE) face of the party.
  • I want him to have a typical Pharasmin characterization in combat, possibly with ranged tactics to keep him safe while buffing, casting and coordinating the party (intelligent PCs stay back; right, wizards?).
  • Spellcasting is a secondary ability, mainly for buffing and defensive tactics than for offensive purposes, so high WIS is probably useless.
  • My party is composed by a Paladin (Iomedae), an Arcanist and an Investigator.

My ideas until now (human +2 bonus to DEX; age modifiers applied):
STR 13
DEX 17
CON 12
INT 10
WIS 15
Primary combat style: crossbows! I know that crossbows are considered inferior to bows in mechanical terms, but I hope to get a good result, especially with the help of Ranged Tactics Toolbox I just bought. Moreover, this choice would allow me to dump STR in favor of a higher DEX. I don't know if Pharasmin inquisitors have a typical combat style. Inquisitors seem to be pushed towards ranged tactics by weapon proficiencies, but are they really good at it or would they be better at melee?
Secondary combat style: dagger? This is tough, I'd like him to use a typical Pharasmin weapon, it's sad that the dagger sucks so much. The clergy probably use it just for ritual purposes. Albeit this would allow me to take Weapon Finesse and use my high DEX to hit. I feel the need of a secondary weapon, especially to gain advantage from the powerful Teamwork Feats, but I fear that it will be almost useless without a good STR score. Other ideas are a longspear (reach!) or a morningstar (cool!). I like the longspear because it would give the PC a smart tactical characterization even in melee.

Originally I thought it would have been cool to use two weapons, a morningstar and a dagger, but it is an impossible path for an inquisitor.

Feats: I still have to think about it.

I'd like to hear your thoughts about it. Do you think he may be effective in combat? Ability bonuses during the campaign would allow me to grow his STR, DEX and WIS during the game, allowing me a sufficient spell casting ability, a good ranged hit and some strength for melee combat. Do you think I should go full ranged/melee and completely dump STR/DEX? My greatest fear is to build a ranged inquisitor who looks very beautiful on paper but is frustrating in combat.

I see no one responded. I wouldn't go dagger unless it is for role playing reasons. I am making an Inquisitor NPC, DM here, and was debating what to do as the weapon. And I understand not wanting to min/max. Sometimes you do stuff because it fits the character.

Are you going repeating crossbow? Inquisitors have access to that, and they are cool. If you are going to rely on long range point blank shot and precise shot are a must.

Also, have a mace as a backup weapon maybe? Hit those pesky undead that need to be smacked with bludgeoning like skellies.

Inquisitors get some teamwork feats and there are some good ones for ranged archery you should look at!

Liberty's Edge

Hmm I don't think it's spoilery to say that carrion crown can be pretty brutal as written.

Melee saves a ton of feats, and can easily be equal to bows in that regard, especially as str buffs are easier to get than dex buffs, and one stat to hit and damage is easier than two. That said, I have no idea what's in ranged tactics toolbox or what teamwork feats people are thinking of.

I'm surprised your character might be *the* face with a paladin and investigator in the party.

I predict if you focus on crossbows without being a bolt ace you will be very frustrated. Unfortunately, without houserules, sneak attack, or other exceptions crossbows go past "sub optimal but fine" and into "completely useless" territory. For example, at level 1 you can do 1d8 a round giving up your move action and taking a -4 65% of the time, vs a simple melee weapon (unless your party / the paladin are *really* good about not getting in the way). At level 4, maybe you have rapid reload and a bumped dex, but you can't have deadly aim so now you can hit (maybe) but still do 1d8. After 5th level you have some limited bane rounds...but you have to spend ALL your feats to have rapid reload *and* rapid shot, and still don't have deadly aim.

If you want to use a crossbow, dump str entirely to take advantage of the one thing it has going for it, and then save up for an agile dagger :)

To be the face, I'm assuming you wil ltake the conversion inquisition? That's fun.

In conclusion I think *unless* you min max the crossbow style, it's not really going to work and mostly *despite* putting a bunch of feats into it you're still going to be better off picking up a mace or a longspear...

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