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Two things--
First: why doesn't the plague cause undead to spawn? The original did. I debated making it do so in my game. But that just might be the straw that broke the cities back. Swarms of plagued rats and crows would be bad, add ghouls and things get super bad.

Second: My PCs are going to do doing the boat soon. They want to enlist the help of the crazy druids protesting the The Turtle & Pesh (in the guide to Korvosa). They seem adamant there should be at least one druid who could shape change and scout for them. I am leaning towards a group of low level druids with nothing better to do.

I mean I -could- make one a shape shifter who goes and scouts... and never returns. The hag would tear them to shreds.

Any thoughts?

It is not just to make lots of coin. One of the reasons is to steal alchemical medical supplies so they can be used on those who cannot afford to repair themselves. Not that the occasional useful item isn't going to end up in their pockets.

About to run "Curse of the Crimson Throne" and there is a rogue who wants to be able to steal from shops and merchants. Does anyone have any rules for rolling this? Or do I need to create general stats for every merchant?

I was kind hoping to find a chart that had skill level, difficulty of target your are stealing from and either % chance of success or some bonus/penalty to be added to sleight of hand rolls.

Yea, sometimes players think if it doesn't say you CAN, that is also an answer. I was just leaning towards, "doesn't say you can't."

I was pretty sure you could. But couldn't really find anything definitive and it was being discussed amongst my players, all who also DM their own games.

Can you cast spells on them like mage armor, magic fang and the like?

I am looking to have one of the PCs teifling character confront his "demons."

I am looking for a 16+ adventure. I would prefer one that leads to or heavily involves the Abyss.

Thank you!