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Calth wrote:
Special abilities from bestiary write-ups are not racial traits, so no, this wont work.

Then what is a "racial trait" if not a trait applied to members of the race?

(note: these are clearly different from "race traits" as the feat specifically mentions the trait can't be the racial ability score adjustments or size)

It says "A shadow giant is proficient in all simple weapons, all martial weapons, and one exotic weapon of its choice."

This "special quality" (not ability) seems to be 1) inherently possessed by this creature and 2) due solely to it being the specific race as called out in the description and not gained from class levels.

The English definition of this would be, therefore, a "racial trait."

Any rule as written issues with these?

All Paizo material allowed, no third-party.

Meeting all these criteria should work:

Human, Half-Orc, Half-Elf, Aasimar (scion of humanity)
Wizard (Divination/Scrying) 1 or Arcanist (School Specialist Divination/Scrying) 1
L1 Feat: Racial Heritage (Shadow Giant)
Mythic Tier 1 Feat: Mythic Racial Heritage (Shadow Giant: Militant)


Aasimar (scion of humanity)
Sorcerer (any)
L1 Feat: Racial Heritage (Shadow Giant)
Mythic Tier 1 Feat: Mythic Racial Heritage (Shadow Giant: Militant)

To be honest, there's no real reason for a normal character to make themselves of the giant subtype (a.k.a gnome fodder), but mythic racial heritage opens up a world of new options when you realize humanoid includes giants and trolls...

Valid ways for me to do this? Making a few characters for a game tonight and want one able to capstone by 11 just because.

So, no answers to level 1 entry using mythic racial heritage to pick up martial weapon proficiency from any humanoid race.

Any unique directions this could go using the mythic tier?

Thought the armor did but I can't find the text to back it up. Will read before posting next time.

Adamantine Armor should stack with that...

1/-, 2/-, or 3/-, take your pick.

I am looking for a very fast way to qualify for Eldritch Knight, pushing even beyond the existing level 3 (Wizard/Arcanist 1/some martial class 1/EK 1).

I am looking for ways to get >technical< proficiency with all martial weapons at level 1 with a 9-level arcane caster class.

1) This is a non-PFS game, but everything must be printed by Paizo (i.e. no 3rd-party) and Pathfinder compatible.
2) I have one mythic tier to work with.

The goal is to either:
a) Enter EK at level 2 with a full caster class.
b) Enter EK with a unique but power combination impossible to do without the mythic tier.

I had thought about doing Aasimar Scion of Humanity w/ racial heritage (some humanoid with martial weapon proficiency) plus mythic racial heritage, but I only found two humanoid type races with martial weapon proficiency and they were both by Frog God Games and thus excluded (no offense FGG, they were good monsters).

I am not interested in a Magus or Skald.

My plan Bs are an Aasimar Sohei Empyreal Sorceror or a Shaman's Apprentice Half-Orc Verminous Hunter 1 / Arcanist 1 with Endurance, Diehard, Fast Healer, and a decent Con.

Better ideas?

Duncan888 wrote:
If you are a sylvan sorcerer and u had robes of arcane heritage and mythic bloodline would u have a +5 lvl pet?

I think you forgot the trait ascendant bloodline...+1 level to bloodline.

There was a designer comment which recommended house-ruling the pet HD to cap at your level -1 (like a cohort).

You can do the same thing with the Lunar or Nature Oracle revelations that provide a pet (Elf/Aasimar FC bonus is +1/2 level to the revelation) and combine with mythic domain to get an effective druid level of 34 at 20th.

Your DM would have to pattern it out or just let it cap at druid 20 by level 11.

Tarantula wrote:
Arksangiel wrote:
Tarantula wrote:
Dafydd wrote:
And I think it should be Brawlcher.
I like Archwler myself.
Archler seems more pronounceable.
But Archler just reminds me of the Onceler from the Lorax.

Which is totally appropriate. Arrows are usually made of wood, and half the time he speaks their words right into your heart.

Markov Spiked Chain wrote:

Ark, they need Int for Arcane Enlightenment. 13 should be a good place to start, if you think +2Wis->+2 Wis/+2Cha->+2 I/W/C headband is a likely progression.

I'll second Witch Doctor if you want to be channel-focused.

You can also just wandering hex it and use a headband to get the int you want.

Edited this some

Phasics wrote:

I just can't seem to break out of this little design loop.

It goes a little something like this, Reign of Winter Campaign
16,16,15,13,11,10 rolled stats

So I see Hex Strike and say that's be nice to do
I see Shaman and that can make use of Hex strike with decent BAB
I see a monk dip to ease the feat burden

Spell casting delays are bad because Lore shaman can pickup wiz spells.
Then I start seeing access to fun spell like create pit, acid pit, hungry pit
Then I'm looking at ways to push people into pits


Thanks in Advance

I think your problem is you have two themes going here...

1) Hex strike
2) Pushing things into pits (why pits? blade barriers work too)

You need to pick the primary focus, 'cause you can swap out Hex Strike for Domain Strike, or perhaps you can focus on pushing things into walls or area effects--wall of fire, entangle, etc.

I mean, I'd do a Half-Elf Warsighted + Ancient Lorekeeper Oracle of Battle. It's your only way to do this at full BAB with the sorcerer spells:

One revelation (at 3rd level) to grab Improved Bull Rush and Greater Bull Rush and treat your oracle level as your BAB.
3rd level feat for extra revelation (weapon mastery).
You have the ability to introduce other combat feats with Martial Flexibility to maximize your bull rush, or when faced with something you can't move, optimize the weapon.

You can cherry-pick sorcerer and wizard spells 1 level below your max with the Ancient Lorekeeper ability to pick up those pits.

Now, do you have hex strike? No, but you've got one heck of an easy time pushing stuff into pits, walls of fire, and out the door of the inn when they're about to cause trouble.

Str 16+2Racial (half-elf)
Dex 11
Con 15
Int 13
Wis 10
Cha 16 (level ups go here)

Take the free exotic weapon proficiency alternate racial trait, grab a Falcata for no good reason (ok, there's a great reason with Weapon Mastery granting you improved crit with it) and Power Attack at first level.

The 13 int is so you can Martial Flexibility yourself combat expertise if you need defensive feats later.

Hex Strike--anyone can do that. You're a master bull rushing half-fighter Oracle with wizard pits and blade barrier.

ekibus wrote:
Talked to the gm before about moving life to wandering at level 4 (but playing with life as the main until then for the channel) I guess I could move stuff to str 8 dex 12 con 12 int 13 (so up to level 3 spells) wis 18 and cha 14. Currently took extra channel and extra hex and have chant and misfortune. At level 3 planned to take another extra hex (probably healing) then at level 4 I'll go for fetish hex then level 5 another extra hex for either evil eye or slumber Level 7 is now spirit talker :)

Shaman spells rely on Wisdom, not Intelligence (Edit: If you must have fireball etc via arcane enlightenment, set it to 12 and increase to 13 at level 4, I find enough offensive options for my shaman via other means.). You don't need the int for anything beyond skill points really, I'd drop it to either 12 or 10.

Str 7
Dex 12
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 16+2 Racial
Cha 16

If you're doing the healing thing:

Take the Witch Doctor Archetype with Life as your primary spirit.

At level 4, you get:
1+charisma/day Channel pool at your shaman level.
3+charisma/day Channel pool at your shaman level-3.

Take Quick Channel and Selective Channel early so you can heal and use a standard action (or another channel) in one round. Use the level-3 pool for your quick channels primarily.

Focus your daily spell selection on the damaging and summoning spells on your list. Here's your daily area healing output from channels alone:

Note: I am assuming all the witch doctor pool channels are used with quick channel.

Level 1: 4d6
Level 3: 8d6
Level 4: 12d6
Level 5: 16d6
Level 6: 20d6
Level 7: 24d6...

Without including headbands, the channeling phylactery item, etc.

If you're already taking feats early for channeling, you don't want the life spirit to be your wandering spirit--you'd have to keep it to make use of the feats, which would reduce your flexibility.

My archmage IS prone to that kind of action, but it's more like this:

I cast Vampiric Touch.
I use Fleet Strike (trickster attack, I'm dual path).

I attack this guy 30 feet away with Vampiric Touch.
Miss? Ok, I take my free attack from the spell cast and roll again.

Wind up back in my starting position.

And still have a move action left over.

Dual Path Trickster + Path Dabbling (Armor Mastery) = no spell failure or check penalty tower shield / medium mithral armor. Makes my craft magic arms and armor worth it for the entire party.

Tarantula wrote:
Dafydd wrote:
And I think it should be Brawlcher.
I like Archwler myself.

Archler seems more pronounceable.

Honestly, it could be quite optimized as a switch-hitter with martial flexibility.

Use the class bonus feats to amp up your unarmed strike and close combat.

Use your main feats to set up a "stock" archer.

Use martial flexibility to optimize one side or the other for whatever your circumstances turn out to be.

Kelsey Arwen MacAilbert wrote:

I really like the idea of going Beast Totem and getting Pounce later on down the line, but at the same time the claws feel kind of useless. Same with a bite. I do like the idea of invulnerable rager or raging vitality.

Any good charging or combat maneuver rage powers?

Pounce from the totem is already a good charging rage power...many argue one of the best. Full attack on a charge? Put power attack on those claws and bite and it can be a major ouch.

Guarded life and greater guarded life also work well for the impossible to take down aspect. But honestly quite a few barbarians go for the whole antimagic spell sunder thing.

Kazumetsa Raijin wrote:

Weapon Finesse + Levels of Monk + 1 level of Crusader Cleric worshipping Shizuru with bonus feat Weapon Focus[Katana] + Katana + Crusader's Flurry + 1 level of Swashbuckler + Slashing Grace[Katana].

Is this Legal[RAW]?
May I now flurry with something that doesn't stink?

I want to make an Unarmored Flowing Monk as damage decent as possible.

I wish there were a deity with the favored weapon of Elven Curve Blade >_<

Two things:

1) Yes. If allowed, add the Amateur Gunslinger feat into that (did in a home game, unsure if that specifically is PFS-legal)--now your grit/panache pool is based on your wisdom. My version of this leveled up as cleric, using the monk level to gain some extra attacks for a conductive weapon (took repose so...let's just say two hits meant sleeping target ready for a kill next round). A keen weapon virtually keeps your panache/grit full at all times.

2) Ways to flurry with things that don't stink:

Sohei archetype monk...6 levels, choose a weapon group from the list and you can flurry with it. No multiclassing required, one of the few classes that can (later) outshoot a zen archer. Able to add weapon groups later as well.

Zen Archer archetype monk...1 level. Outshoots the Sohei early and can sub unarmed damage into bow.

Weaponmaster monk...1 level. Limited to melee.

Brawler...1 level for flurry, about 8 levels for the damage to stop stinking. Can wear brawling armor.

Wasn't there a cleric archetype that granted it? Ah well, I'm rusty.

Hazrond wrote:
well then what would it DO? nothing? maybe i should just ask the DM if he will allow it

New arcana would add the spells to your sorcerer spells known, and since you can't cast sorcerer spells...

I think it's silly as well, not like you can break the game with 1-3 wizard spells or we'd all be playing elven lorekeeper.

Given your existing high strength, eldritch heritage Abyssal and grab the str bonus from Strength of the Pit. Would add nicely to righteous might.

Alternatively, grab your extra revelations early and go power attack just before you can cast righteous might.

LazarX wrote:
No there isn't. Buy a restoration from an NPC cleric or just live with the drain.

Eww. There's half a dozen ways to get around most things in the game, and only one for this? Ouch.

A wraith is a CR5 with a 1d6 con drain touch, wights do level drain at CR3 (and conveniently show up in a level 1 section of a certain module), so it's not out of the question.

He's still, technically, got the restoration prepared (he had it prepped before the drain, and has yet to cast it). I think he can cast Owl's Wisdom on himself to have a high enough wisdom to cast it, which will allow him to prepare it the next day and fix the others.

I find myself in an undesirable situation our cleric is unable to use restoration (or any spells over 2nd level right now).

I was searching both this forum and a few others places for ways to fix ability drain, the stuff that doesn't heal back like damage.

The only ability, besides restoration, that I located, was mythic heal.

Is there a list somewhere that I'm just too blind to find? Did I roll a 1 on my search check and you have the link?

oddsprout wrote:

The campaign is set in an ocean world, so much of our time is spent on our ship sailing around (lots of "downtime" makes crafting a real option?). We're currently level 6 and the party has 2 druids and a barbarian. One druid is healing/support focused and the other is an archer? (Not sure yet.)

This is my stat array from highest to lowest: 18 17 16 13 12 11. Before racial modifiers and level 4.

I want to play a martial tiefling, one who kicks down the doors, charges in, and leads a boarding party, but I'm really flexible on class. I've never had such a strong stat array that could support the more MAD builds before and wanted to find suggestions.

Several Options,

the most basic:

Fighter (Viking) 4-->X, Str/Con 18/17, rest as you see fit.

Gets rage powers or fighter bonus feats, and defensive bonuses from shield use. Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush, Bull Rush Strike etc will help clear a path for things to follow you onto the ship. Armor is Medium, tends to use shield-based TWF with an axe.

the strongest:

Demonspawn Tiefling (+Str/Cha -Int), Str/Con 20/17, Cha 15, rest any

Bloodrager (Abyssal) 4--> up
anytime before 7: Skill Focus (Knowledge: The Planes)
anytime before 9: Eldritch Heritage (Abyssal) (Benefit: Select one >sorcerer< bloodline)
11: Improved Eldritch Heritage (Strength of the Pit)

At level 20, without gear, this thing automatically runs +22 strength from size, inherent bonuses, and morale while bloodraging. Won't be a door left after you open it up.

an unusual twist:

Black-Claw the Ripper
Devilspawn Tiefling (+con/wis, -cha), Str 17, Dex 18, wis 18, Int 13 Con 14, Cha 9)

1: Toughness, MB: Combat Reflexes, Imp Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist
2: MB: Deflect Arrows
3: Boar Style (req: 3 ranks in intimidate)
4: +1 str (all points go into strength)

5: Power Attack
6: MB: Mobility
7: Improved Bull Rush
9: Quick Bull Rush
10: MB: Spring Attack
11: Greater Bull Rush

This guy will be awesome for bull rushing targets straight off the far end of the ship, consider going hungry ghost monk for punishing kick.

Kelsey Arwen MacAilbert wrote:
I get overwhelmed very easily, and I think it comes down to a general lack of experience combined with having never really played under a particularly skilled GM. I can write a campaign setting and play with mechanics well enough, but presenting that setting, writing campaigns and adventures, and running an actual game session are the things I don't know how to do. I'm looking for the advice new GMs need to hear, especially PbP GMs (I just don't have the long, uninterrupted time block necessary for a face to face game).

First, thank you for trying. So many people want to just sit on the player's side of the table.

I've been running games or coaching the DMs for almost 20 years now and here's a few pointers:

1) Don't be afraid to look up rules. In a dispute, I rule in favor of the player in the field and then look it up at the end. After that, we run it by the book.

2) Be flexible. I've only ever given up on one DM, I was playing an Arcane Trickster and he gave us a quest to break into a mansion and retrieve a particular item we'd previously had in our possession. I proceeded to get 35 "no, you can't do that" statements when trying to do everything from 1) Cast Locate Object, 2) Cast Dimension Door, 3) Cast Fly, 4) Use a rope to climb the wall, 5) Break in through a window, 6) Avoid guards while under nondetection, silence, and invisible.

3) If you want the players to do something (in the case above to walk in the front door and talk to the guy before retrieving the item), tell them. You shouldn't have to do this often.

4) Print out a weapons table, armor table, some spell tables. When you need an item in a chest, decide what you want it to be then roll a d%. Most table have two columns, go about as far down as your result, and use the left column on an odd number and the right column on an even number. Very quick way to generate loot and you can always fudge up or down a line to either provide something the players want or avoid giving the same guy all the gear.

5) Ask your players how you're doing, what they like and don't. Careful, mine didn't shut up for two hours afterwards once...

Hope that's at least somewhat helpful...oh, always always always add traps and encounters when people ask "does anything happen?" They'll stop questioning you about every watch shift while camping and just assume they wake up in the morning unless you say otherwise. Makes life much quicker, and rogues stop checking every inch of a dungeon for traps. Just "I check the door for traps then open it."

Zwolfe124 wrote:

Hello all, Looking at starting a character for PFS and also perhaps the next campaign I can get in.

<I deleted some stuff>

I'd like to be able to get into the class ASAP but not sure if MAgus 1 is a good start, or how I would be able to go from Wizard/Fighter 1 straight in. IF anyone can explain the process to me, and perhaps give me some pointers on which one is "best" or what the benefits to each set is i would REALLY appreciate it.

Thanks all,

Home game: Aasimar Monk (Sohei) / Sorceror (Empyreal) --> Eldritch Knight

Bases your casting stat and ac off of your wisdom. The only downside is you can't use your wisdom to AC in armor. You can use spells like chill touch with flurry of blows for 1d6 fist + 1d6 cold + 1 strength damage.

PFS: Anyrace Wizard (Diviner) / Hunter (Verminous) --> Eldritch Knight

Don't use your companion, just apply aspect of the worm to yourself. Added benefits of permanent fast healing, and ability to use wands of all level 6 and lower druid and ranger spells, plus a tiny amount of divine casting. 12 wis recommended for an extra first level spell slot and +1 will saves, entangle really doesn't need a high save.

Fighter...provides too many things that don't work with casting, like tower shield and heavy armor proficiency. If you do anything arcane / fighter 1, trade as many of your useless proficiencies out as possible through archetypes.

Edit: Someone just told me verminous wasn't allowed--in that case, normal hunter with some aspect you'd like applied to yourself.

Diekssus wrote:

There is not going to be a FAQ on this as existing faqs already cover it to a satisfactory extend. (the "do similar class abilities stack" one)

I know full well that on this forum the problem of "I want a rule to be like this, so I'm going to question the established rules until they judge on my personal grievance specifically" is the norm rather than the exception, however, this has been going on since the playtest. Its been enough :P

The problem is really confusing though, especially when you look at existing FAQs (like for Weapon Training).

Is the "Bloodline Class Feature" the "Bloodline Class Feature"? As written, a Bloodline is not a Bloodline--one belongs to a sorcerer, the other belongs to the blooodrager, and even though you must make the same choices and the abilities have identical names, they are not the same thing. This is akin to a prestige class that "stacks with your rogue level for determining the number of sneak attack dice" when used on a hybrid class which gets sneak attack but doesn't have a rogue level.

The design team (SKR specifically) said they minimize confusion by either having an identical ability with an identical name, or a different ability with a different name. I.e. Rage and Bloodrage are different abilities, obviously. Could they not have named it a "Lineage" or "Heritage" instead of a "Bloodline"?

This is one of those poorly thought out things like certain sorcerer bloodlines with feats requiring a +8 base fortitude save...

And thanks for the necro.

Ok, so the tail terror feat strengthens existing tails, and humans don't have tails, so while they qualify with racial heritage, it doesn't give them anything. However:

Human Fighter X

1: Racial Heritage (Kitsune), Magical Tail (You grow an extra tail...)
3: Racial Heritage (Kobold)
5: Tail Terror

has a tail, so Tail Terror works. What happens when:

7: Magical Tail
9: Magical Tail
11: Magical Tail
13: Magical Tail
15: Magical Tail
17: Magical Tail
19: Magical Tail

Does he now have, as rules would indicate, have 8 "tail slots" for equipment?

How many legitimate attacks can you create with this?

Pendagast wrote:
Arksangiel wrote:
DM Jelani wrote:

Hello advice boards peoples,

I am trying to make a character for an upcoming game that fills the party roles of skill monkey, party face and party healer. I'd also preferably be putting out decent damage either at melee or range. 1

Well, it looks like you've seen an inquisitor and like it. Can I throw out two other options--I think you'll like the second and the first is just food for thought since you can really mess with things at no resource cost with hexes.

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **...

hows your half orc get two feats at level one?

Because you have orcs on your mind--they are both half-elves.

Well, no...that sucks. Try this instead!

Str 17 (15+2) Increase at level 4.
Dex 10
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 08
Cha 16

Bloodrager Abyssal 1
Sorceror Abyssal 1
Arcanist X, First exploit is Bloodline Development.

Now, you can still use your heavy armor and claws and all that jazz...

Primarily select spells with no arcane failure (True Strike, Blur, Ghost Sound, etc) for the first few levels, and generally rely on your supernatural abilities and high strength. Add points to Int after level 4 because you want 6th level spells at 12. Get one of those amulets with the +1 full plate that vanishes on command.

Now, at level 16, with this build, you'll have a +10 morale bonus and +4 inherent bonus to strength while bloodraging, and free claws. Ouch!

Otherwise, keep the plate armor folded up and play full caster until the spells run dry.

The best way to do this, if you have an aasimar with 1xp:

Aasimar (Scion of Humanity)
Sorceror (pick something) 1
Fighter (unbreakable) 1
Eldritch Knight --> 10, then sorcerer

Keep the folding plate cheese until you hit EK 10, make sure to specialize with a keen large crit range weapon so you can cast a spell as a swift action on criticals without worrying about spell failure.

Extended Infernal Healing with the Fast Healer feat before you open your plate tremendously increases survivability.

Zenxzen wrote:

I want to melee when it the right thing to do and not because my build forced me too. But, I still want the ability do so.

So here is my build and any suggestions or the order in which Feats should be taken would be most helpful.

Pathfinder Society build
Starting Traits:
Suspicious to get Sense Motive as a class skill
Then either Indomitable Faith for the +1 to Will or Armor Expert for the -1 to Armor Penalty checks. I think the Will save but asking.

Racial is +2 to Strength

Abilities: 20 point build

STR = 16 +2 = 18
DEX = 15
CON = 14
INT = 10
WIS = 12
CHA = 7 (yep, gruff guy)

Feats and class abilities:
Lvl 1 - Power Attack and Quick Draw
LvL 2 - Rapid Shot with Archery Combat Style
LvL 3 - Point-Blank Shot
LvL 4 - + 1 to Dex gets me the +3 Animal Companion WOLF (yep, Iconic)
LvL 5 - Weapon Focus"Longbow" OR Precise Shot

Ok, so you want a switch-hitter ranger? For PFS you have to own the books in question, which may limit your options. That said, if you have Ultimate Campaign, you can take the trait Blood of Dragons from page 62 to gain low light vision if you really want it.

Quick not as necessary as you might think. You certainly don't need it before level 6 with this build (move action to draw a weapon and no difference in number of attacks between a full and standard at this point, so when the enemy closes, 5ft back (free) shoot one bow shot (standard), switch weapons (move).

Level 1 - Power Attack and Deadly Aim
Level 2 - Precise Shot with combat style* (unless you pull your longsword and charge in these situations)
Level 3 - Point Blank Shot
Level 4 - good choices
Level 5 - Weapon Focus: Longbow
Level 6 - Rapid Shot with combat style* (see level 2, if so, swap)
Level 7 - Quick Draw

DM Jelani wrote:

Hello advice boards peoples,

I am trying to make a character for an upcoming game that fills the party roles of skill monkey, party face and party healer. I'd also preferably be putting out decent damage either at melee or range. 1

Well, it looks like you've seen an inquisitor and like it. Can I throw out two other options--I think you'll like the second and the first is just food for thought since you can really mess with things at no resource cost with hexes.

Awesome healing, damage later, meets skill requirements:

Half-Elf Shaman (Witch Doctor) with a Life Spirit
True Neutral

Str 10
Dex 10
Con 10
Int 14 +2 Racial?
Wis 16 +2 Racial?
Cha 16 +2 Racial?

You get two pools of channel energy, 1 at 4th level for cleric = shaman level - 3 (3 + cha/day) and another at 1st level for cleric = shaman level (1 + cha/day) for a massive amount of channel healing. Take Selective Channel first. All your spells go to battlefield control, summons, and damage.

Take Quick Channel and if the DM allows Versatile Channel. A phylactery of positive channeling or whatever it's called will add 16d6 to your positive energy pool. You won't see any undead, ever. I don't care if the adventure path is "nothing but skeletons" because they won't be able to get anywhere near you without getting fried.

Provides 6 skill points at first level, 7 with FCB or racial, 8 with both. Just use traits to pick up a couple skills you want and drop the free skill focus on that.

Hits like a truck, Capable Healer, capable trap disable:

Half-Elf Oracle (Seeker, adds 1/2 level to disable device attempts)

*Recommend Lore or Nature Mystery for Cha to replace Dex revelation
Str 16 +2 Racial
Dex 10
Con 13 (+1 at 8)
Int 14
Wis 10
Cha 15 (+1 at 4)

Level 1: Power Attack, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Katana/Bastard Sword/anything that you can use in two-hands) Bonus, Sidestep Secret (Revelation from Lore*)
Level 2
Level 3: Racial Heritage (Kobold), Revelation (Focused Trance)
Level 4
Level 5: Scaled Disciple so we can go into Dragon Disciple for the d12 hit die, free strength bonuses, con bonus, and int bonus. It takes a bit of investment, but you basically get +1hp and +1 skill point per level by level 8. Skip 9 and 10 due to the caster level loss unless you really want wings and the improved dragon transformation.
Dragon Disciple 1 Level 6
DD2: +2 strength, Skill Focus (Knowledge The Planes)
DD4: +2 strength, Eldritch Heritage, Abyssal
DD6: +2 con, +2 strength from Improved Eldritch Heritage, Strength of the Pit
DD8: +2 int
Oracle 6:

At level 1, you have +3 to hit with your primary weapon for +9 damage or +4 to hit for +6 damage. You automatically get all cure/inflict spells added to your list, and have 7 skill points for the first 5 levels. After you can afford a headband, it drops to 5 until DD retro-actively increases your skill points through the int boost.

You wind up as a decent face due to the charisma-based casting, and have a scaling increasing strength. Works wonders with Righteous Might and dragon form.

Edit: Corrected stats on the second one. Had a 26 point build.

Grond wrote:

The background:

My wife and I and a few friends are starting a new campaign. The other classes in the group are as follows:

human 2 hand fighter (meat shield)
gnome bard (vanilla)
elf witch (vanilla)

So I am left thinking of ways to fill the disable device/disable magic device void in our lineup.

My first thought was human ninja and taking the trap finding trait from people of the sands which gives disable device as a class skill and it enables it to also disable magic device.

Well, if you can take the trait from people of the sands there's no issues on class at all. You just need to put skill points into it, which would be perfect for a Half-Elf Ancient Lorekeeper Oracle (of Lore if you want a "free skill points from int boost" revelation, otherwise go Life for the channel positive revelation and grab free inflict spells).

For 30-pt:

Str 13
Dex 10
Con 14
Int 14 (increase every level)
Wis 10
Cha 20 (racial +2)

1: Bonus: Skill Focus (Disable Device), Revelation: Sidestep Secret, Combat Expertise
3: Revelation: Focused Trance, Improved Steal
4: +1 int (You did take the spell pilfering hand, to use disable device at range and steal things, right?)
5: Deft Hands
7: Revelation: Mental Accuity (+1 int and increasing), Skill Focus (Sleight of Hand)
8: +1 int
9: Greater Steal
10: Now you've got (with 10 ranks and a 0 stat or gear mod) +20 to both disable device and sleight of hand which can be used at range.

You can use the favored class bonus to either increase the rate of int gain, add extra spells if you need them, and wind up (from the bonus int) with effectively 6 + int skill points per level.

You could also use the wrecker curse to disarm the traps by touch. And the ability to make your own traps with the symbology revelation is nice too.

Gilarius wrote:
Anzyr wrote:
In a regular game, Eldritch Heritage is a strong option because it is one of precious few feats that actually gives you options.
Which bloodline(s) (and why) are worth picking? I'm curious because I have a wizard with a high charisma which I'm designing and I was wondering if the this feat chain was worth taking.

Well, Abyssal provides a nice free weapon you don't have to carry, up to +6 strength, and can add extra free summons.

Fey provides a spell-like greater invisibility and flight.

Aberrant allows you to use touch spells effectively at short range.

And Shadow can effectively give you hide in plain sight as long as you can cast darkness on your self...

revaar wrote:

Relevant FAQ here

The important part of this is the last paragraph.

FAQ wrote:
An unusual case of the handedness rule is an ability that allows you to treat a two-handed weapon as a one-handed weapon. For example, the titan mauler's jotungrip (which allows you to wield a two-handed weapon with one hand) allows you to wield a bastard sword in one hand even without the Exotic Weapon Proficiency, and (as the ability states) treats it as a one-handed weapon, therefore it is treated as a one-handed weapon for other effects.
Going by this, I would say that the Kapenia Dancer can slashing grace a bladed scarf, and the Phalanx Soldier could also slashing grace a polearm, if it did slashing damgage.

With Weapon Versatility, it does. Just like a club or any other "weapon" for that matter.

Ruske Bell wrote:
If we really want to get technical about RAW the dead condition says nothing about having your character get right back up and continue going about his/her day.

But it's usually compounded on top of one of the following, which does:

1) Unconscious/dying due to hp loss.
2) Turned into a pile of dust (inanimate object) via a finger of death or disintegrate-like effect.
3) Held / Slept etc for the coup de grace setup.

As written dead does not preclude you from taking actions, it's the other effects that normally cause it.

aceDiamond wrote:
Arksangiel wrote:

3) If "you" aren't the owner of the effect, a single level in Bones Oracle, since you decide who the spirits attack, will allow you to heal from negative energy and you can thus have the spirits attack you for free healing.

Or if you don't want that level of investment and have a decent CON score, you could just pick up the Necromantic Affinity feat.

Even easier...

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Date of Lies wrote:
I'm playing a one-off session with no hope for longevity. Any help would be appreciated!

Aasimar Sohei Empyreal Sorceror Eldritch Knight...

Because, Prestige Class at level 3.

Actually, it gets Wis to AC (plus mage armor and shield if you want to waste spells on them), great saves, if you happen to live to level 4+, casting and BAB increase quickly.

Use a composite longbow and switch to a halberd/glaive/other reach weapon...since you have improved unarmed strike.

Feats: Power Attack (1) Pick One Monk Bonus (1) Cleave (3) Pick One Fighter Bonus (3). Enlarge Person--now you can attack anything adjacent to anything else within 20 feet. Nothing in Great Cleave requires you to use the same weapon for each attack.

Magical Knack(Sorceror) will give you full caster level for your limited number of spells. Oh, and you have a free alignment detection blast, if it hurts they're evil, if it heals they're good, otherwise neutral.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

There really isn't any way to pump them though.

See this FAQ.

Yes, there is.

1) It's called multiplication:

Summon 1d4+1 (empowered, superior summons, blah blah blah) monsters and you get 1d4+1 extra attacks, 1d4+1 extra area damages at level 10, etc.

2) If "you" are the owner of the effect, a single level in Bones Oracle for the bleeding wounds revelation (which affects negative energy damage inflicted by effects created by "you" vs the spirits themselves) can cause a massive bleed.

3) If "you" aren't the owner of the effect, a single level in Bones Oracle, since you decide who the spirits attack, will allow you to heal from negative energy and you can thus have the spirits attack you for free healing.

John Compton wrote:
To be a little cheeky, the answer to your question is

That a very annoying suspiciously similar recurring villain will be coming up in the next adventure path!

You know, at least in the Paizo system this is harder to do than (3.5 follows)

Gheden (template) Dwarf Commoner 1 (Feat: Troll-blooded), CR 1.

Regeneration 1 (Fire/Acid), all damage that isn't fire or acid is converted to nonlethal damage.
Immune to nonlethal damage, plus death effects, death by massive damage, coup de grace, stun paralysis poison list goes on...
Gets diehard as a bonus feat.

Convert it to a lich later, and the stat block effectively reads:

Immune to any effect that deals numerical damage, affects either humanoids or undead, or does not affect either humanoids or undead.

And if you do figure out how to penetrate that, it comes back to life 1d4 days later if you don't kill the phylactery.

midgardinruin wrote:

The interaction I'm uncertain about is between the sensei's mystic wisdom ability and the monk of the four winds slow time ability.

When using slow time in conjunction with mystic wisdom, when do the sensei's allies gain 3 standard actions? On the sensei's turn or on each respective ally's turn?


Or with a Qinggong scorching ray...

Le Petite Mort wrote:
Let us imagine our character, Thogg...been told that this is me as a player metagame thinking, but it seems to me more like a character using meta-cognitive thinking.

I had a PC beat my cleric's +27 sense motive with a bluff to convince me someone had stolen an item from him. My character then proceeded to follow the matter to it's logical conclusion "Did you at least Arcane Mark it?" "No." "Then how am I supposed to prove to the guards it's yours?"

This seems like a great opportunity for Thogg to tell the guards that Eldris is an elf with a special evil disease (which will probably immediately convince them he's a drow). In fact, Thogg may get so worried about the contagious horrible disease that he has Eldris quarantined, for example.

On the other hand, if Eldris previously told Thogg that he was a Tiefling, you can simply tell the GM "Nope. He said he was a tiefling earlier. Thogg doesn't really care what race he is; Thogg is very worried about the horrible disease Eldris said he has. Eldris needs to see a priest and have that cured."

And yes, if someone tells you "I killed three cats" and then "I did not kill three cats" it doesn't require a sense motive check to know they lied. Determining which of the two is true, however, does.

Hazrond wrote:
also what should i take for the extra feat?

Just use it to push your schedule to the left, I wrote the list based on you taking the extra revelation feat.

It's a decent place to slot in the skill focus.

Rylden wrote:

I'm starting new in a game, with everyone at level 3 to start. I want to model this character off of Sasuke Uchiha. At level 3 of course many things he does over the course of the show are impossible. That's fine, I'm looking to grow into the character now just be a gun show off the start. This will be move flavor based, then cruch based.

Well, I'm seeing a few things you could do from your stats, exotic races aside for a second...

Half-Elf (for EWP: Katana)
1: Monk
2: Monk
3: Swashbuckler
4+ Warsighted Ancient Lorekeeper Oracle with either the life or bones mystery (you'll get one revelation at character level 6 use it to channel energy solely to optimize the katana).

I would push your cha to 17+

This allows you to take the following feats progression, while using the monk bonuses to simulate his martial arts training:

1: Weapon Focus (Katana)
3: Slashing Grace (Katana)
5: Free (maybe take Amateur Gunslinger just to double your Panache Pool)
7: Crusader's Flurry (Katana)

Sasuke was notoriously bad at learning the Uchiha clan's signature fireball, which can be simulated through the lorekeeper's ability to pick up wizard spells a level higher than normal.

Pick mostly combat buffs and stat increases for spells, and grab mystery spells off the sorcerer list like Vanish, Mirror Image, Invisibility, and maybe Fireball. Admonishing Ray is astoundingly good (bypasses Diehard because it's non-lethal) and then you can walk up and finish them with the katana. I seem to recall most of the battles ending up with someone unconscious instead of dead during his early years in training.

You'll be able to use Righteous Might and the like to mimic the activation of his cursed seal, burn a monk bonus feat on combat reflexes to allow you to spam Opportune Parry and Riposte, and from experience a Keen Katana will keep your pool almost completely full. I'm running the same thing with cleric instead of Oracle right now.

Oh, did I mention you'll be able to add your dex, wis, and charisma (from swashbuckler dodge or gunslinger dodge which you took from Amateur gunslinger) to AC? The only thing you might run a little short on is skill points.

Hazrond wrote:
ok so i think these are my feats, Extra Revelation, Skill Focus (Knowledge: History), Eldritch Heritage (Arcane), Power Attack, Eldritch Heritage (Harrow), Improved Bull Rush, Greater Bull Rush, Improved Eldritch Heritage (Arcane), Greater Eldritch Heritage (Harrow) and Dazing Spell, at level 1 i am taking Extra revelation, the question is what order i should take the others in?

Honestly, I wouldn't grab Extra Revelation at first level--I'd take Power Attack and use a Longspear from behind the melee.

You can hit pretty hard at level 1 (with a 13 str, it's a minimum of +4 damage per hit and will on average one-shot anything without 2HD). Go ahead and grab Starlight Agility first, then pick up Solar Wind when you get it naturally. You can't take Eldritch Heritage twice (the feat does not specify that you can do this), so you can only pick one bloodline.

At 5, grab Improved Bull Rush, Dazing Spell at 7th, and Greater Bull Rush at 9th. Then go up your Arcane Heritage of choice now that you have the level to get the +6 from skill focus for 10 ranks and have a sorcerer level with some appreciable effects.

Imbicatus wrote:
Instead of barbarian, how about Undead Bloodline bloodrager? I know you said no spells, but it would make a great flavor addition. You spent so much time in a haunted graveyard that you absorbed the necromantic energy directly into your blood. It allows you to not need to take the adopted trait, and the undead bloodline gives you bonuses to fighting undead.

Spelleater might work to make that make sense.

Nerdtothe3rd wrote:

He would be a long term baddie so level 5 on would be good as I dont plan on him dieing soon (I have him given a few free escape routes)

Fencer's Grace after taking Inspired Blade (For INT focus) and allowing me to take that at level 1 means at level 3 I can take Combat Reflexes

Trouble is this leaves me wanting for Feats. Focused Shot requires Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot. I get a total of 4 feats by level 5 (Without Flaw Shenanigans)

Kirin also requires IUS which I have no room for on this build without just giving him feats.

Well, if he's a long-term baddie then every time he comes back he could have an new take on the same thing:

Level 5, I'm smarter than you!
Level 10, I'm smarter than you and my brains cause me to hit harder than you!
Level 15, I'm smarter than you and my brains can make you bleeeeeed!!! Hahahaha.

Also has the side effect of giving him tons of skill points and the ability to be a bit of a skill monkey allows for disguises and bluffs and all sorts of drow-like things. Especially if he tries to split the party with words and take characters individually. Your party will get paranoid about every NPC they see.

Josh-o-Lantern wrote:
Holy crap man... you know how to take something and RUN with it... I'm going to need...

Thanks. This build is proficient with, and can flurry in, mithral medium armor. You don't lose much in it, and could even consider dropping the Wisdom to 10 to pump something else.

I forgot to include the bonus feat for Sohei at character 12--you've got one more to make use of.

One could take Quick Bull Rush at 11, and use the monk bonus at 12 to grab the feat I chose at level 11, and then you'd flurry of (bull rush), spade, spade-5, spade-10, which you could use to clear off flanking undead or preclude full-round attacks by more than one opponent.

To totally min/max this, you'd want to go Inv. Rager 1, Sohei 6, Inv Rager X with a half-elf that has a free Exotic Weapon Proficiency instead of Skill Focus. Dump wis and charisma (good monk saves plus rage bonus plus still mind plus superstition...) to pump Con and/or Strength adjust feat progression according to BAB requirements, and use Monk 6 to pick up Improved Disarm without needing 13 int. Skip Throw Anything and use the first two monk feats for Combat Reflexes and Improved Grapple, take Fast Learner with the freed feat slot so you can have +2 hp (toughness) and +1 skill point per level, every level.

With an 18 con, you'll be looking at 143 average hp with DR 3/- at level 12. You can flurry in light armor, so a good Mithral Breastplate will do just fine, and you don't really need wis to AC or most of your other monk powers with the concept, but you're not defenseless when unarmed either.

And he could pick up superstition because now he REALLY doesn't trust casters...

Hmm, on a 20-pt:

Str 14
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 10 +2 Racial.
Wis 14
Cha 10

This is, for all intents and purposes, your slightly better than average Joe.

Human or Half-Elf with the ability to grab a weapon proficiency.
1: Invulnerable Rager, Power Attack, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Monk's Spade) (Bonus) He's gotten really good with that shovel, and very mad at the undead things ruining his business, and he knows how to pound them, hard.
2: Sohei, Improved Grapple (Bonus) or Combat Reflexes (Bonus), Monk Basics. He learned a little bit of defense from one of the temple guards before he left, and is starting to understand how to make use of it when he doesn't have a shovel handy.
3: Invulnerable Rager, Supersition (power), Toughness. Because of all the physical training benefits of taking lots of hard lumps finally starting to harden him up.
4: Sohei, Throw Anything (bonus). Tombstones, rocks, tree branches (clubs), anything to keep a hold of your shovel and hit them before they get to you.
5: Invulnerable Rager, Improved Bull Rush. Keep those undead away from your friends.
6: Sohei
7: Invulnerable Rager, Knockback (power), Greater Bull Rush You know how to make the undead go away from you faster, and your allies can hit them as you knock them off balance!
8: Sohei, gets Ki Strike. Now you can throw magic tree branches at the undead and penetrate their magical damage resistance with the power of your anger? focus? are you even sure how you're doing it?
9: Invulnerable Rager, Cleave (it was about time)
10: Sohei.
11: Invulnerable Rager, Ghost Rager (power), Improved Grapple or Combat Reflexes, whichever you didn't take earlier. You're not sure how, but now you can even smack the undead which aren't there. Curious.
12: Sohei, Weapon Training (monk), Flurry of Shovels!

Build complete.

Josh-o-Lantern wrote:

So, I had this idea a few years back and after a few rounds of Shovel Knight it's but picking at my brain to finally get this on the table.

The idea was that a simple gravedigger that turned adventurer after his business went under because the clients couldn't stay under. After clubbing more than a few fresh unfriendly undead back into friend dead he decided it was time to move on. Not having a whole lot of money to spend on gear, he traveled about defending himself with what he had handy.

I've been trying to think of a good class to go with this but one that doesn't really scream "super trained professional" (i.e. no casters). Hunter stuck out for me to get an Earthworm companion for flavor, but I'm already playing a Verminous Hunter in another game and then there's the whole not wanting to be a caster thing. Fighter and Brawler sound fitting but I feel some Brawler features would be going to waste and, even though the game sparked my intrest anew, I don't know for a fact if I want to go around in heavy armor. Ranger with Favored Enemy: Undead seems fitting maybe.

Really just looking to toss the ball around and see where things go.

Well, I'd start by looking at images of a Monk's Spade. Perhaps he was a gravedigger at a Buddhist monastery.

I'd personally make this character a NG Sohei Monk/Invulnerable Rager Barbarian with the trait Adopted (Enlightened Warrior). About a 50:50 skill/power split, you'd get some damage reduction and eventually (level 11 or 12) the ability to flurry with your glorified shovel in light armor.

I can just imagine him screaming DIE DIE DIE while swinging really fast with his shovel during a raging flurry...

Nerdtothe3rd wrote:

The race of this build is going to be a Drow Noble with the class being the Swashbuckler from ACG.

Which feats would be best, I am thinking a Rapier or Short Sword focus, after all they seem to have a racial affinity for those. Perhaps the Hand Crossbow as a ranged alternative.

I really like the moonlight stalker line of feats, given the ability to make things really really dark and faerie fire your opponent.

Quicken Spell-Like Ability at 11 will help to pop off faerie fires every round.

But, for 5?

Look into the Kirin Style line of feats, and Focused Shot. This will allow the addition of 3x INT to damage with the hand crossbow to start it off, and as a scheming BBEG, your character will probably have a decent intelligence. Sneak up on the party and staying hidden will allow an opening Kirin Style Focused Shot in the surprise round.

You can use the crossbow in one hand, and keep your Rapier in the other for Opportune Parry and Riposte (you did take Combat Reflexes to spam this, didn't you?)

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ShroudedInLight wrote:
What single-class Archetypes work well together?

Primalist Spelleater Bloodrager. Provides access to the barbarian rage powers Guarded Life and Greater Guarded Life, while providing fast healing to remove the damage taken at double the normal rate.

Especially potent if paired with the Fast Healer feat, and any feats/powers to improve the DR 0/- that Spelleater grants you at level 2.

You can also use the Spirit Totem powers to great effect with this combination.

Hazrond wrote:
Or are there better feats to take than eldritch heritage? if i took that feat line i would probably go for the Harrow bloodline due to how well it fits and because i like the abilities but i may be able to be persuaded towards others (also from what i read in the feats, the midde feat only needs to be taken once, then you can keep taking greater for each eldritch heritage you get from then on, skipping improved)

Well, Dazing Spell is an option...or:

Toppling Spell,
Get to 13 Int as well as strength
Combat Expertise
Improved Trip

Skill Focus: Knowledge(Nature)
Eldritch Heritage(Verdant)

Now you have a tripping spiritual weapon, tripping vines, and a bull rush blast.

If you're in a home game, quicken spell-like ability will also work on the vines, but it's not allowed in PFS.

Although, I really like the thought of Dazing Spell, Extra Traits (Magical Lineage(Flaming Sphere), Wayang Spellhunter (Flaming Sphere)).

You could even grab quicken spell, extend spell, spell mastery and some sort of elemental admixture and just make your DM sick and tired of flaming icy acidic electric spheres.

Hazrond wrote:
does anybody have any ideas?

Suli Solar Oracle?

Str 12
Dex 13
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 7
Cha 20

I think I have a great, unorthodox, battlefield control idea here:

Revelation 1: Solar Wind, increase your strength at level 4, go down the power attack and improved/greater bull rush line.

Revelation 2: Starlight Agility, so you can move around the battlefield between uses of Solar Wind with impunity.

At the beginning, you'll be a fairly mundane, standard caster. At later levels, you drop flaming spheres in inopportune places (like corridors) and use Solar Wind to bull rush monsters into it. 1d6+1/2 level + 3d6 if successful is not bad for a low level revelation, and it will provoke AoOs from your allies after you get greater bull rush.

Later, you set up a blade barrier for battlefield control, and again, bull rush things into it. If possible, I'd get strength at 14 to start so I could Power Attack and deal decent two-hander damage at level 1 (with a reach weapon).

Grab a decent number of melee buffs for your party and yourself, and play buffer/battlefield control with incidental dps. If you have some way to channel your Solar Wind through a weapon (like conductive) it works even better. Consider (for defense) taking the Cha bonus to saves feat line.

Dragonflyer1243 wrote:
Personally, I would use one of your monk bonus feats to pick up power attack and then take one of the less necessary feats, perhaps deflect arrows, at a later level.

Retrain the Monk bonus feat? (Character is already level 9) if I could do that it would slot my 9th level feat in as deflect arrows. Interesting thought, but it will have to wait until I get back to town and can do such training.

Anything else?

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