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I love you. Thank you.

Gorbacz wrote:
Don't worry, James handled worse.

- see "WotR#5 and Iomedae's trumpets"

El Ronza wrote:
Angry Wizard wrote:
El Ronza wrote:

Oh hey, I got my book! I can answer questions! :D

May I please ask you to PM me something from the book? If not, that's ok.

Ask away, but I haven't had a chance to actually sit down and read it yet. I'm happy to provide easily-found answers, though!

Had a scatterbrained couple of days; I'll answer further questions in the morning if they're still unanswered by then!

I just want to know all I can about Belimarius; what her preferred abjuration spells are, details about her weapon of rule, unique details about the personality of the "least considered" runelord, etc.

El Ronza wrote:

Oh hey, I got my book! I can answer questions! :D

May I please ask you to PM me something from the book? If not, that's ok.

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Shivok wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
samuraixsithlord wrote:
Does anyone know if they plan on listing stats for Sorshen, Zutha, and Xanderghul at their full power? Maybe in the continuing the campaign section in the last adventure path.


** spoiler omitted **

Wouldn't his full stat block not make for a nice blog post, if you already have it lying around? :)
I second this request maybe a blog that presents things that did not make it to the books and were left on the cutting room floor.

I third this request! Even if they aren't introduced proper in the canon Golarion, it'd be nice to see them fleshed out as a sort of "deleted scene(s)" in a blog post for those that have been waiting many years for the return of the Runelords.


Fair and fine. Poor Zutha, one would think he'd be the next Runelord of Envy. The shadow set provided does provide excellent bases to build off of (conductive weapons for lich touch attack, genius), and if I were to add more mythic to Xanderghul it probably wouldn't be any further off-the-walls than a canon mythic version would have been. Not a bad thing of course :). Thanks for being open and clear on this.

Spoilers for the end of this adventure and possibly a few other Runelord details.

Will we get stat blocks for the Runelords at their full power? Specifically Zutha and Xanderghul, since it feels like Belimarius, Sorshen, and Alaznist's stats will be relatively whole at the end of this adventure. I am sad to have only gotten a fragment of Zutha and not a full stat block as well for later use if events lead to his escape from the tome, if not at the very least stats for his Runelord weapon and unique ring set so I could homebrew more accurately with what we did see of his power. I'd be willing to believe Xanderghul would be a bit more fleshed out than Zutha, but it's sad to think he'll down a few power levels without comparison to his peak.

Is there a better place for me to post this...?

So, my players and I want to run the Waking Rune adventure after we finish up with our current adventure to get in the mood for more runelords coming soon. Looking at season 4 there are a tremendous amount of adventures, and I wanted to know which ones would be necessary to run to get the basic story down and the necessary macguffins leading up to the fight with the BBEG?

Zelgadas Greyward wrote:
Angry Wizard wrote:
I know it's kind of silly, but would you consider stating up a Giantdad enemy? It would be interesting to see him as a barbarian or bloodrager with the fire bloodline.

GiantDad is a PVP build right? I avoid PVP (and basically all online multiplayer in all games, not just Dark Souls) so I only know of GiantDad in a fairly vague sense.

Also, wouldn't a GiantDad technically be a PC build in a tabletop game?

Ahh I suppose so then.

I know it's kind of silly, but would you consider stating up a Giantdad enemy? It would be interesting to see him as a barbarian or bloodrager with the fire bloodline.

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IonutRO wrote:
Or are arrows now a weapon instead of ammo?

Finally, I can play the Yondu character I've always wanted too.

Dragoncat wrote:
james014Aura wrote:
re 51: so, is she a Vampire, a Succubus, or a Calistrian? (And do any of those answers affect how doomed you are?)

That'd be left up to the DM's discretion. :)

She could be any one of those.

She could be all of those.

No mention of Spaceballs? Tragic.

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I would love a campaign about the great old ones and the elder gods. Really make use of Nyarlathotep's presence in the core 20 gods and really expand on their influence in the deepest reaches of space. Hoping for a little bit of Azathoth somewhere in a future campaign too. Beyond that I'm just hoping adventure paths similar to these:

Rise of the Runelords... IN SPACE!!! (Need my evil wizard BBEG fix)
Wrath of the Righteous... IN SPACE!!! (For the glory of Iomedae, and holy plasma cannons!)
Kingmaker... IN SPACE!!! (I want to own a planet, several if possible)
Skull & Shackles... IN SPACE!!! (Starfinder spaceship fighting looks fun, I want a whole campaign about it now the Besmara is core 20)

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14 above average intelligence goblin mechanic that flies around with their drone dropping grenades on their enemies.

15 icon soldier, a space cowboy musician exploring the vast reaches of space looking for inspiration for his new country album. Pilot, singer, heavy weapons enthusiast.

16 android mystic (maybe solarian) who only speaks in "wise sayings" in relation to The Cycle.

Looks very fun! Definitely going to throw some cash at it when I get my next paycheck.

For a conjurer, or any caster for that matter, Chains of Light is incredibly OP if you're into holding someone down while the Fighter or Rogue slugs them in the guts.

Of course, when all else fails my favorite spell at this level has always been Disintegrate. Casters and dungeon walls beware!

For utility I would recommend Greater Dispel Magic and Contingency just because they're always useful for any character.

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I always enjoy being a white mage type, casting heals, buffing and debuffing, divine divination, etc.

As for personality, I always like to play my clerics like this, especially the Pharamsa worshipers: Link

If I preorder all the Starfinder products I'm going to buy through paizo, will they arrive by the release date or will they ship on the release date.

Do you guys benefit from people buying your products on Amazon? If so, does Amazon ship to arrive by release date or ship on the the release date? Their suggested release date says September 5th, so it worries me that ordering through Amazon will cause my products to ship far later after the release.

Based off the name "Cult of the Devourer", I'm hoping the major villains have some form of association with retrieving the missing MLG (major league god) Rovagug, or at the very least his currently misplaced prison cell. Dead Suns' purple worm-looking creature on it's 3rd book cover have me hopeful for the disciples of the great destroyer. I'm speculating that among all the worshipers of the divine, they are the most concerned about The Gap and the disappearance of Golorian since their god disappeared with it.

If not Rovagug, then at the very least perhaps some elder god or outer god worshipers for some Lovecraft galaxy devouring goodness. At the very least not Deskari, as The Swarm's cousins the Shirren are quite bug/locust-like, and I don't The Swarm to be a result of Deskari because he's such a BORING demon lord.

Don't have any strong speculation on how the Akatas will be related to the main plot, if they're not just neat one-and-done enemies for Book 1, nor The Swarm for that matter.

Thanks! Curses, their twitter pictures are so gosh darn fuzzy and my desire for starfinder knowledge is so HUNGRY.

Shisumo wrote:
Voss wrote:

SP (Stamina points) come from class. (8, in this case, or everyone just defaults to 8 maybe?)
Operative only gets 6/level. Can't tell if Con mod is added to that or not though.

Do you have a link to where this operative stamina point info comes from? I haven't seen anything that says that so far, although it's possible I just missed something in the blog posts...

The Rusty Dragon (Formally known as the Silver Dragon)

Tom Kalbfus wrote:
I don't even know if there will be an official nobility.

Maybe. There will definitely be social classes if the first iconic's story has anything to go by. Maybe it will be like Star Wars nobility where the levels in aristocrat help princess leia much less than her levels in envoy did outside alderaan. I wonder if she was allowed to retrain those aristocrat levels after alderaan went the way of the space dodo.

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Do you think the Starfinder NPC classes will have the same names just with updated skills, or will we have new class names for our commoners and aristocrats?

I'm personally hoping for "commoner = nerf herder".

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So, I’m finally going to start this campaign with my group after buying roughly 8 months ago I believe (Dang college, ruining my gaming life). When I GM, I enjoy playing music to suit the environment my players are in. I especially think this is important in this campaign, as each area is strikingly different to the previous one. While for some of these levels I have a good idea of what to play, and for others not so much, I would love get some input on what sort of music, if any, helped inspire all these levels. Anything that you would do music-wise for this campaign is greatly appreciated.

Potential jacob’s tower spoilers:
The Tavern: I wanted to use a lot of the quieter soundtracks from Undertale like “Waterfall” to convey sense of peacefulness, but also isolation as the player as trapped in this place until they defeat the tower’s challenges.

Classic: I was going to use the Official D&D Soundtrack by Syndicate for this floor, just to keep it classic.

Marble and Glass: I’m having trouble with this one. Reading it, it felt kind of Portal-ish, so perhaps some of the Portal ost. I’m not 100% sure what the atmosphere here should be.

Corridors and Chasms: I think a little less music and more haunting noise/wet earthy hallway noise would help set the mood here.

Bernard’s Prison: I almost want to put the slower brig music from Disney’s Pirates in here, but it feels it bit too dark for that. I could definitely use some ideas for music here.

Runewall: Reading this makes me think I should have some of the Enterprise ambient noise playing, but I’m blanking on something for combat that wouldn’t be too contrasting.

Gauntlet: This will be fairly easy to provide some chase music for, but I’d still be interested in what kind of songs you had in mind specifically when building this dungeon.

Gothic: Classic church organ horror, toccata and fugue, etc. Easy peasy.

Planer: Completely stumped on this honestly. Maybe I’m just not looking at it the right way, but I’ve got nothing. Maybe some Tron Legacy soundtrack, but I don’t know…

Campfire: Some nice forest ambience with some bonfire and waterfall noise, punctuated by some combat music that feels a bit more tribal. Probably some instrumentals from Tarzan.

Resurrection: I’m going to have to get something that sounds “bodily” enough for the atmosphere, but I’m not sure what to get for combat.

Mansion: Less church organ horror and more chello/violin creepiness. Danse macabre, and some Shining and Poltergeist ost perhaps.

Area: I’m tempted to find a nice balance between TV gameshow music and some high-paced gladiator combat music, ala Gladiator or 300, and just own that contrast in tone.

Sorcerer: Although I know exactly what I want to put here, I would still love to know what you would put to this if you had the chance. Name them in order if you’d like to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t bought the pdf yet.

Besides that I’ll just say this is one of the most creative dungeons I’ve seen in quite a while, being quite unique while still maintaining an air of familiarity. 101/10, great campaign just from reading it over, can’t wait to play it.

The character is starting off as a level 1 human rogue (unchained).

Backstory in progress:
He has incredibly bad luck. Every single job he has ever had has been terminated within a week, usually because of some obscenely unfortunate event occurring while he was on the job. He worships the goddess of luck, Desna, to try and ease this series of unfortunate events, but it does not seem to mitigate these disasters. His final job before getting picked up by an adventuring group was at the last place in the city that would hire him: wood-chopping. As he was chopping wood, a piece of split log flies unusually far into the street and hits a horse, which flips out and ends up upending it's cart with a large amount of food and water onto the filthy streets. He will be fired from the last place that would hire him and be picked up by the adventuring group as they are truly desperate for members and kind of pity him. The reason he is a rogue because he has picked up dozens of random skills from all the jobs he has had over the years. I plan to get him Esoteric Knowledge for random bits of trivia.

What I want help with is some weird suggestions as to what jobs he has been fired from in the past and why, within the realm of possibility for a level 1 character.

Has a feat or something come out that grants a cohort but no army of followers? I ask because one of my characters is eyeing the vigilante class for curse of the crimson throne and

if Trinia survives long enough, I wanted her to be the vigilante's wisecracking/pun-making sidekick, the silver imp!

If not I'll just houserule Leadership, I just wanted to know if there was something first party I could work with.

Also, shame on Paizo for not having a vigilante archetype/high level vigilante talent that grants you a spunky yet determined sidekick!

Huh, neat. Thanks for the clarification!

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Okay, after removing her magic stat boosting items, her template, level bonuses (assuming they all went into charisma), and her wish bonuses, this is Ileosa's original before the events of the campaign to the best of my knowledge.

Ileosa's original stats:
Str 10, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 9, Wis 7, Cha 18 (19 at when she was aristocrat 2/bard 4), generated 25 point-buy stats

I'll be honest, I'm actually kind of surprised by her lack of int and wis, she always seemed kind of cunning in her backstory, if only rather overly cautious with some of her greater schemes. Was she really this dim, or was this just to have the stats line up well enough for a tougher boss battle later? Can anyone from Paizo confirm if these numbers are accurate or if they are spread a little differently?

Greetings everyone!

I am looking for people at Cal State University San Marcos campus to play Pathfinder with. I have been playing Pathfinder since at least 2012, and I am willing to GM or be a player depending on the group's needs. I just need to satiate this TTRPG dry spell I'm in.

I can play Friday afternoons from 2pm-7pm and anytime on the weekends. I always bring my own dice and pencils, and I have never shown up to a game without a completely finished character sheet.

With the Crimson Throne campaign on our doorsteps, I wanted to go a bit further for my players with this one and start a wiki for relevant lore, NPCs, pictures from the book, and so on.

My question to you is there anything I would not be allowed to put on this wiki without Paizo sending it's finest contract devils on my penniless butt? The wiki I'm has absolutely no advertising of any kind so I'm not profiting in any way at all, and it's exclusively for the recreational home use of my players and I.

OK, so you know how sometimes when Paizo puts out a new line a miniatures for an adventure path, they will also make a gargantuan sized pawn of something iconic or major in the adventure (Rune Giant [RotRL], Deskari [WotR], Cadrilkasta [SS], etc.)? Well if the all-powerful eyes of Paizo are paying attention, I'm casting my vote for Cindermaw the Clan Eater to be that gargantuan miniature! Off the top of my head I can't think of anything else of gargantuan size from Crimson Throne that was as memorable as it was enormous. The awe of replicating the scene from the Core Rulebook p.84-85 with actual miniatures for scale is something I dream about experiencing in my player's faces as a GM.

Anything else from CotCT that might be a contender for this?

Trump For President wrote:
There is a rage power he can pick to *not* die when he goes unconscious.

Do you mean deathless frenzy?

So, we have had a streak of bad rolls as of late with our group's level 10 barbarian. He has died three sessions in a row from his rage insta-killing him when he goes unconscious. The group has rezzed him three times now and are grumbling about the sudden glass jaw he's gotten.

I was thinking about surprising the barbarian with a new houserule to give him the unchained barbarian's temp HP mod instead so that going unconscious doesn't kill him. Normally I'd just laugh it off but three times is just too concerning for me personally and it's getting disruptive to the narrative.

Is that too soft? Would I just make him overpowered?

He's the classic invulnerable rager greatsword barbarian, but he isn't cheesed out with dump stats and rage cycling or anything like that. The campaign is rise of the runelords btw.

Martin Kauffman 530 wrote:
I assume the character multiple suicide option is in jest.

Remember, assuming always makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me". :)

Although I must reinforce that rational diplomacy should always be Plan A before it comes to murderhobo level tactics.

If rational negotiation with the GM is out of the question, then here is what you do, although it will require the sacrifice of your current character.

Give all of your wealth and equipment to your group and tell them to give it to whomever replaces you in the group. Then have your naked and broke character leap off a high enough cliff/building/bridge and die. Next bring in a new character with bare minimum equipment and all their starting gold. Join the group with that new character for about a day in game, then repeat give all of your wealth and equipment to your group and tell them to give it to whomever replaces you in the group, followed by another height related suicide. Repeat until you guys feel you have the appropriate amount of gold and end this morbid cycle on a character you want to continue with, preferably your original character's long lost twin.

If rational negotiation IS possible, then just talk with your GM as a group about your WBL concerns. Hopefully they will throw you some extra gold if it's really a problem.

Will there be anymore of the collector's edition available? I just finally got the cash together for it too. ;____;

So why Jacob? Any special meaning or reason behind Jacob's name? Is it your name?

The Sideromancer wrote:
Their leader is a gestalt mind formed by the greatest individuals of their race, forming when needed and then dispersing into its component axiomites to put the god-mind's plans into action.

So that would be some form of hive mind I suppose. Would that even be considered a political structure of any kind at that point? Maybe some form of totalitarianism?

OK, this has the potential to turn into a giant mess, but I’d like to establish the initial event that inspired this post and some rules on what is trying to be accomplished here.

My friends and I were playing and about mid way through the evening someone brought up the 2016 USA election and which gods would support which candidates. We had a good laugh about how Asmodeus would support both Hillary and Trump (Asmodeus always wins in the end), but then we began to ask questions about what Hell’s official governing style is, which then lead to discussion about whether or not the three chaotic domains are all an anarchaic government or if there was a difference between them, if Heaven was some form of monarchy/empire, and so on.

Now with this being the internet, civility is guaranteed to be halfway out the window even before politics are introduced. However, I thought it might be interesting to discuss what the political structures of each of the nine planes are, if we have evidence to support it.

Some rules for this topic:
1. This is all speculation. Unless an official paizo rep comes in and confirms that a particular plane holds a political structure or there is clear printed text stating such, everything you say is pure opinion.
2. This is about political structures and governments (fascist, democratic republic, anarchic, etc.), not political parties (democratic party, republican party, green party, etc.). Federal, not State.
3. The gods and other similar beings do not add anything to your speculation unless they ARE the governing body (Such as Asmodeus). Both Gorum and Cayden Cailean reside in Elysium, but they both hold different ideologies (See Rule 2). We are talking about the planes themselves.
4. Please cite sources if you are able, with links to paizo officials confirming anything or book pages and so on.
5. A sense of humor is greatly encouraged. These are FICTIONAL LOCATIONS and have no bearing on the real world or your personal life. Don’t be an otyugh’s ass.

For reference, the primary planes in question are:
Heaven: LG
Nirvana: NG
Elysium: CG
Axis: LN
The Boneyard: N
The Maelstrom: CN
Hell: LE
Abaddon: NE
The Abyss: CE

MODS: If there is a more appropriate forum for this, can you please move this thread there if this is not a good place for such a discussion. It is not my intent to start a shit-storm and I hope this doesn’t just get automatically pruned.

PAIZO OFFICIALS: I would absolutely love your official input on this topic, as I believe this could help reduce/end potential arguments and enlighten to some of the more glossed over “important details” of the Pathfinder universe. Other topics I consider glossed over “important details” also include when income taxes are due in particular countries in the Inner Sea and what the process for legal immigration to other countries is in the Inner Sea region (Does Sajan have a green card?).

Perfect! Exactly what I needed! Many thanks!

Are there any improved familiar templates that turn your current normal familiar (such as a raven or a bat) into an undead? Nothing else special, just a straight undead conversion.

Okay, so I'm trying to find a ruling for if the undead take age penalties and bonuses.

Situation 1: A young adult humanoid becomes a mindless zombie and manages to stick around for many centuries (somehow not becoming a zombie lord) after being created. Does it receive age penalties to it's physical stats and age bonuses to it's mental stats?

Situation 2: A young adult humanoid becomes a vampire and continues to "live" for many centuries after being created. Does it receive age penalties to it's physical stats and age bonuses to it's mental stats?

I would say that neither suffer physical penalties, but only the vampire, being a creature with a mind, would gain the mental bonuses. However, I would prefer an actual ruling or quote before going with my own house-ruled decision.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
I just can't wait for a good image of Cindermaw.

Cindermaw is a gargantuan creature, so we probably won't see him unless paizo decides to do a gargantuan & colossal pawn set of select creatures of that size. Fingers crossed though, because I'd empty all the gold out of my bag of holding for at least one set of pawns that size.

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"Done. All wishes, including your wish, never came true, which makes your wish null and void. Thanks for wasting everyone's time you jerk."

That's what I would do in my game anyways. It's either that or I'd ask that player if they were were really going to be "that guy"?

Also forgot to note, I have 0 interest in running GMPCs.

I am planning out a Curse of the Crimson Throne, and we have 3 players in the group. Would you think that Gestalt would be good idea for this campaign? Also, are 3 players too many for gestalt rules, because it's supposed to be for really low groups like 2 or something yes?

With the upcoming Crimson Throne Hardcover, I've been curious on something. Can an Arcanist attend the Acadamae, or is the Acadamae truly Wizard exclusive? They have spellbooks, they can get familiars, they can specialize if they truly need to. What's your thought on the matter?

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