Should I introduce gestalt to my group?


I am planning out a Curse of the Crimson Throne, and we have 3 players in the group. Would you think that Gestalt would be good idea for this campaign? Also, are 3 players too many for gestalt rules, because it's supposed to be for really low groups like 2 or something yes?

Also forgot to note, I have 0 interest in running GMPCs.

Gestalt is fine with three players. The limit remains on their action economy. It makes them a bit heartier, but they still need to choose what they do. Also it can be really fun and create unique builds. If they are wrecking things you can always up the action economy against them. If it's not enough, consider permitting the Leadership feat. But ultimately I think gestalt rarely makes players too overpowered because they can still do one or two things at a time during combat and often gestalt can be used to make characters effective out of combat.

I have seen gestalt with three players before and what worked well was that the GM assigned the "other" class to everyone at character creation. So it was, play whatever you want and gestalt with ranger." (We were playing Kingmaker) it worked really well because we were all able to play a little bit squishier characters and stretch out a bit with our concepts rather than trying to fill certain roles. Ranger is actually a really good choice no matter what campaign because they have high skill ranks, good class skills, can use a wand of CLW so no healer is needed. The high BAB/HD is a bonus so the party can soak the damage that was meant for 4-6 players. But the ranger is overall a low powered class so you don't have to be to concerned with exploit builds. Plus, Rangers come with built in buddies to help on the battle field.

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I played in a gestalt campaign in 3.5. It would have been really fun, except the DM reduced the class selection so much we had a rogue//fighter, a scout//fighter, and a ranger//rogue. I tried playing a bard//cleric to mix it up a bit (I was playing a scout in a different campaign in the same group), but we had to do 3d6 in order, so that character didn't survive long and I ended up making a Halfling ranger//fighter dog-rider, but by then, I was getting really frustrated with all the PCs being pretty much the same and quit. There were some trust issues with the DM. I was afraid to go into buildings without my dog because I thought it would be stolen.

Gestalt could have really fun if we could swap ability scores around or had full access to all the classes so we could make really fun and exciting combinations.

Hopefully someday I can play in a really fun gestalt campaign.

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