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Dead Suns

I would like to present to you, my conspiracy theory about the plot of the first AP.

I'm basing my predictions on several key clues that have been dropped so far.
First, on the cover of the first book, it's clear that the players are fighting off a horde of Akatas. For those not familiar with Akatas, they are these cute little things:
From that and what was disclosed about the plot of the book so far, it's reasonable to assert that Akatas are what you find on the deserted spaceship, which makes one think how would they end up there, especially given that the spaceship is the plot hook and it's mentioned that it's the first sign of a major chain of events.
Second, it was mentioned that one of the villainous factions of Starfinder is a mysterious group called The Swarm, which feels reasonable to connect to the Akata infestation, especially given that Akatas are vaguely xenomorph-themed.
From these as the baseline, here is my gut feeling on the plot of the first book and how it integrates in to the rest:
You go to the deserted spaceship which brought an asteroid from the drift.
On it, you find a bunch of weird cocoons. As you approach the cocoons, they burst into Akatas who attack you.
As you delve deeper into the situation, it turns out said Akatas are pretty much just scouts of The Swarm which now decided to go on the offensive and devour the galaxy.
You then recover that something along the following lines happened:
The spaceship was scouting for material-rich asteroids somewhere in another solar system. It grabbed one of them and went into the Drift to bring it back home to sell it there. However, the asteroid turned out to be a scout outpost with several Akatas hybernating in it, who were awoken by the spaceship. Them being awoken alerted The Swarm of hostilities, sparking a full-blown war.

Based off the name "Cult of the Devourer", I'm hoping the major villains have some form of association with retrieving the missing MLG (major league god) Rovagug, or at the very least his currently misplaced prison cell. Dead Suns' purple worm-looking creature on it's 3rd book cover have me hopeful for the disciples of the great destroyer. I'm speculating that among all the worshipers of the divine, they are the most concerned about The Gap and the disappearance of Golorian since their god disappeared with it.

If not Rovagug, then at the very least perhaps some elder god or outer god worshipers for some Lovecraft galaxy devouring goodness. At the very least not Deskari, as The Swarm's cousins the Shirren are quite bug/locust-like, and I don't The Swarm to be a result of Deskari because he's such a BORING demon lord.

Don't have any strong speculation on how the Akatas will be related to the main plot, if they're not just neat one-and-done enemies for Book 1, nor The Swarm for that matter.

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Paizo has clearly been spying on me. Over a year ago I started a space pathfinder game that started with fighting akata in a deserted space ship connected to a mining station so i think time travel and corporate politics will be involved if they continued to spy on my games. If the if theres a psionic hybrid akata or a flumph secret agent I want money.

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