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channel energy: 10d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 6, 4, 4, 3, 1, 5, 1, 1) = 31


Greater Cleave is my stage name.

Alaina. One of my first OTD avatars


Moorluck wrote:

Now I can't get the thought of a all Halfling game where the PC's are all modeled after movie murderers out of my head.

"It puts the treasure in the basket!"

I like where this is going ..

Finished with my woman
'Cause she couldn't help me with my life
People think I'm insane
Because I'm frowning all the time

Channels positive energy


There are a lot to go through

I just have to hire someone to do the stats for me


Congrats on the nuptuals!!!


Priestess of Calistria wrote:
You might be a Paizo nerd if you free-form roleplay down in the OTD threads .

And if you ever had your own thread down there.

Alaina opens her eyes. They are emerald green again

Lyn, I tried to avenge them. I can't carry the strain. The goddeess tired ..

She begins to fade against the soft pine-needled floor

Alaina screeches when the Mask disappears. She pulses a wave of energy and vaporizes every undead in the room.


The occupants of the room can almost feel the crushing force of whatever power possesses Alaina's body. She spins and disappears in a burst of blue-white energy. The pyramid begins to shake as if caught in a hurricaine. Large slabs of stone begin to fall from the throne room's ceiling.

Alaina ignores the roiling chaos that has erupted around her, focusing on the Mask. She sends pulse after pulse of Divine energy arcing through her whip to the raven. The power wraps her body in a fierce nimbus, standing her strawberry-blonde hair on end, the red locks twisting like snakes striking.

Alaina rises above the running lava, her eyes wreathed in an unholy glow. She gestures, and the many undead approaching her are blown to dust.

FOOL! You think you are safe because you didn't order their deaths? I FELT my charge's flesh rise to your jackal howl!

Alaina gestures and the zombies of the Club Calistria patrons ignite in a searing fire, burning to ash in seconds.

You are a skulker, a coward, a feaster on dead flesh! I shall make you regret ever crossing the Wasp Goddess ...

Alaina snaps her yellow-and-black chitinous whip at the raven, the barb sinking into his flesh. Arcane energy crackles along its length, wrapping the Mask in its power.

As the little deception play organizes, there is a sudden commotion at the entrance to the throne room. The ancient stone doors explode outward, peppering the crowd of undead with shards of rock.

A female form emerges from the dust cloud, dressed in a chainmail bikini. A large whip snaps and pops in her hand. Her eyes are a solid black color.

As she advances swarms of undead mob her. She screeches and the undead vaporize into dust.

The woman stands alone, a swirling gout of corpse dust settling about her. She turns to the Mask.


Alaina wrenches away

I FELT them all die! I FELT that b*tch kill them! Their blood poured out of every pore in their bodies! Then that sniveling zombie creature came by and STOLE THEIR CORPSES! I felt their flesh rise to his CALL!

She stands apart, her huge yellowjacket-colored whip trembling


Alaina runs to the omniportal and dives through it

lynora-Jill wrote:

LJ runs to Alaina, and grabs her arms.

Alaina, please listen to me! You have to snap out of this. We're going to help you. We're going to find who did this and we're going to stop them. Please, just calm down.

Alaina turns to Lynora-Jill, her eyes opaque, her teeth bared in a snarl

Oh I am going to stop them. I am going to find those two and rend them into small pieces!

Alaina graps for her Wasp whip, the alien whip unfurling and snapping in her grip


Alaina starts to foam from the mouth. Her pupils have widened so much her Eyes look totally black.

So much pain ... My girls ... She was Serafina all the time ... That jackal snickered as he raised their dead corpses!

Alaina starts to scream again


Alaina looks wildly about

Innocent Blood and the Mask! They did this! They defiled my temple!

Alaina starts to go into seizures again

Alaina's screams become words


Alaina starts suddenly, her back arching in a seizure.


Her eyes open and she screams

Alaina still lies in a coma, unchanged.

Alaina suddenly collapses, falling into a coma


Alaina tries the portal

Something is very wrong ..

Alaina frowns

That's odd. The clubhouse line is going straight to voicemail and Acme's is just flatlined. He ALWAYS picks up, he's his own cell phone!

Alaina smiles at Nimora

That looks wonderful, thank you so much!

She pours a shot and downs it quick.

I have to get in contact with everyone ..

Opens her cell and starts dialing

The Dalesman wrote:

I think Nimora can accomodate that request. I think she replenished the sake...did Jack and LJ decide to get away from everything for a while?"

Alaina smiles tiredly at Devlyn

Some Sake would be nice. I can't rest too long, the club's been without me and Acme for a long time. I hope the girls are OK. U think LJ and JH need some time to relax and sort through everything.

Looks about

Has anyone heard from Acme since we left him in the Records Room?

Alaina flashes into the portal

Gods I need a drink ..

Alaina looks at Lynora-Jill with concern.

Can I cast a healing or a restore?

Alaina stands near her friends, soot smirched and ragged.

Yes, let's go back. I could use a soak.

Alaina unleashes a wave of positive energy on the goddesses remains

Well, hopefully that will keep her from reforming.

Ashaundra wrote:

Oh, so that's how you want to play, is it? Well, then two can play at that game, she says with a smirk, dropping a small device. In a matter of moments there are two Ashaundra's, perfect copies of each other.

More to kill b1tch.

Starts to lay into both copies with abandon, insectile whip snapping and striking with poisoned stinger into both Ashes.

Alaina emerges from the portal and heads directly to Ash.

You and me have some unfinished business 'friend'...

Alaina uncoils her Wasp whip and streaks it over to the Erinyes' wings, taking feathers off

Alaina spread some healing around

I think we might have walked into a trap. We need to regroup, but first we need to shut this place down. Acme?

Alaina and Acme come porting in. They look about in confusion

We were right behind you guys, what happened?

Alaina grins micheviously

Well, I'll handle the healing, and Acme knows how to screw up a machine but good!

Alaina and Acme come running in. Alaina is in full battle bikini mode and wearing her Wasp Whip. Acme is sporting the new extras the Bard had grafted onto him

So what's the plan?

Alaina's cell phone rings. She answers and talks into it briefly. She hangs up and yells over to the bar:

ACME! We need to get over to the Jack's house pronto!

Runs to the temple to grab her combat gear.

Alaina lounges by the pool. After a bad bout of filth fever, she is not feeling up to much

I hope evil is too busy patting itself on the back today to do anything..

Alaina showers after a long day of religious instruction and weapons training with the girls. She dabs a bit of Keoghtom's ointment on a red welt on her leg.

Ach those whip lashes hurt! She hisses as the ointment fades the welt

Emerging clean and refreshed, she pads to her closet and pulls out a green silk backless gown. Pulling on some nice pumps and a few bits of gold jewelry (as well as her new amulet from LJ) she descends to meet the crowds.

Alaina takes an amulet.

Thanks Lyn! I'm sure these will most definitely come in handy!

Places it around her slender neck

Morning all. I am feeling a bit better. The damage seems to be muscular not spinal so I will count that as a win

Alaina wakes up and rolls out of her bed. It has been hard trying to keep track of who is on who's side. It almost made her want to just chuck the whole thing and go back to drinking and dancing. However, there were people counting on her.

She pads to her closet and dresses in bikini, shorts and mesh top. Tying her red hair back in a pony tail, she looks in her full-length mirror at the odd tattoo she had gotten while trying to help the Tree Emperor.

What does it mean? She wonders

She jogs downstairs to lead her girls in their morning exercises

Alaina keeps everyone well-watered and fed as they try to untangle the tangled plots of the evil-doers


Alaina gets the clubs bar rolling and gets Acme to serve everyone. She listens to the discussions and stays in the background

Alaina starts her day by dressing in formal priestesswear and doing a survey of the ground of her realm. Her altargirls follow along, holding censers, chanting liturgy and a host of other clerical things. She wards the realm with potent magics, trying her best to make sure that thse with bad intent will be shown. After a few hours she calls it off and flops down by the bar.

This is harder than I thought. I can't just bar evil, that's half my client base ...

Calling for a pot of tea, some muffins and a few magical codexes, she spreads out on a bistro table and begins researching.


It can't hurt. Listen, I'll tell you something ..


There's a shapeshifter causing trouble here. Anyone could be suspect. Anyone act weird, detect away on them ...

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