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Great paints and sculpts....scuplts don't hold up well under shipping


Great looking as always, these miniatures are extraordinary.

I'll be a cautious buyer in the future, I had five pieces that were broken.

1. Clockwork Reliquary (Large) Is held into tiny slitted areas, completely fell off. I managed to work it back in there but I don't know how well that'll hold up.

2. Numerous small pieces from the mites on spiders, these guys have been through war it seems, both my mites are fighting with stumps and their spider mounts all lost a limb it seems.

3. Tongue broke off one of my two hounds

4. Shrexix? (spider thingie) Once again, busted legs.

Very distressing to hear pieces rattling around in the boxes when we open these up. I love these miniatures but I'll definitely have to re-think buying a case in the future. Wizkids needs to take less chances on their sculpts or need to use slightly softer plastics on the ones that have a lot of tiny spindly pieces poking around--I'd rather have a bent spider limb over broken off ones.

Bottom line--for the price of these miniatures I would expect much better care being taken in the design and manufacture of these. Long time D&D miniature fan never had this happen with those.

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First Impressions


Quality is top notch, loving the production values put into this meaty book. I can't speak to how great it stacks up to the previous editions, but well worth the price of admission from what I've seen thus far