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Yep, I think we will end up being a Party of 5

Oh with the sword and board fighter on the left I assumed the left was the front.

I was thinking maybe something like that. Or when going single file Ukh might want to go second so he can throw easier and Tor and Marra behind him?

Second spot single file is good. Front when walking 2x7 is bad.

Okay I am trying to figure out how to make it so I always answer as Anton and i am trying to figure out how to give Anton the picture you see as 2 Coppers Worth.

Crap, I hate undead
3rd time is a charm. Figured out how to roll and of course my very first roll of my very first PbP game is a 1

nature: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6


Hi! AJ Nicholson here. if you already filled my spot I understand. Covid-19 has screwed up RL so much that I forgot I signed up for this. I am also nervous as I never done PBP and with my life in upheaval I am not sure if this is the time to start

Player: A. J. Nicholson
Character: Anton Goldthimble
Faction Boon: Envoy's Alliance

So the Virus has made things actually more difficult for me and work. I am an essential employee that has been really screwed over by this. I have never done PBP and I am nervous to start now with my life in upheaval. How hard will this be?

We have had 2 sessions with 4 players and one of our regular group is returning after several weeks away for work. He is going to join and I was wondering do I need to adjust combats to make them harder for 5 people.
Two of them could be deacribed by less then generous people as Power Gamers and they will find ways to do so even though it is harder in Starfinder.

Starfinder seems to be all about getting the bigger better armor & weapons as you level. I play mostly SFS and I am worried about resource management. I am trying to figure out how to budget my credits since selling stuff back gets you so little and it is not like you can just pay the difference like you can in PFS. If I want to a upgrade my +1 Long sword to +2 All I need to do is pay 6000 gp. However I cannot upgrade my my D-Suit I (2980) to a D-Suit II (6900) by paying 3920 credits. With such a low sell back value I am worried it won't balance. Are my fears justified?

My experience in ship combat is mostly with 4 people crews. 2 Gunners, a Pilot, and Usually a Mechanic or Technomancer jumping between SO and Engineering. Not enough people for someone to be Captain. When we have had 5 we would have a SO to balance Shields and a Engineer who usually spent his time boosting the shields.
The only time we had a Captain he was playing the Pre-Gen Mystic who, while good at diplomacy, didn't have the other skills to really make the Captain shine.

Doc Jhon Henri Hegira's instructions for Disposing a body in Absalom Station in 3 Easy Steps.
First step: Make sure you UPB on hand as well as credit. Why? UPB is untraceable. Duh
Second Step: You just have to find someway to discretely get the bodies to the Vat Gardens in the Downlow.
Third Step: Give said UPB to the Yoski at the entrance of the Vat garden and make sure you throw in enough for "No questions asked."

My "Doc Holiday in space" character took the "thief" so I will use sleight of hand to try to obfuscate exactly where the shot is coming from when he makes a trick attack.

You could always just not min-max and put a little something in either Dexterity, Intelligence, or Charisma. Then you can still use gunnery, engineering, or Charisma skills.

David knott 242 wrote:

The main thing I have seen so far is people buying flashlights and trying to use their batteries as ammunition for powered weapons.

And why would this not work RAW?

Absolum Station would have High levels of gun related suicides, moderate levels of individual gun related homicides, but low levels of public shootings by legal gun owners. You know just like in the US ;-p


According to the timeline it has been approx 26 years since the Swarm attacked ending open hostilities with the Vesk. My question is how long has it been since there has been a serious incursion of Swarm in the system?
I would like to make a human veteran of the war with the Swarm but I really would prefer him to be in his late 20s or 30s and not 40+years old.

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Heck I am going Blitz Soldier for my "dip" of 4 levels for my SFS 702 RANGED Small arms character. It is going to be Doc Holiday in space. Icon 4 levels of Blitz Soldier/8 levels of Thief Operative at second level I will have 9+dex to Init and moving 50 ft. Max ranks in Profession Gambler, Pilot, Intimidate, & Slight of Hand. High Culture & sense motive. Enough ranks in the other sciences that I am trained in to maybe occasionally remind the smart people some obscure thing (i.e Aid other)
It is a work in progress but this is what I have so far.
1)Fighter - Quick Draw, Improve Init
2)Operative -
3)Operative - Weapon Focus (Small arms)
4)Operative -
5)Fighter -
6) Fighter - (With my gear focus being the one that improves projectile damage-don't have my book in front of me)
7) Operative
8) Operative
9) Operative
10) Operative
11) Operative
12) Fighter

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"Wireless Hack" (lvl 5 ability) says "Instead of Combat Tracking,your exocortex" can hack computers within 20 ft as a standard action.

Interpretation 1: You no longer have the ability to use Combat Tracking. This however makes no sense considering the lvl 7 ability lets you track to targets at the same time.

Interpretation 2: At any particular round I must choose to use either combat tracking or Wireless hack.

It seems the Obvious RAI is the second interpretation. However I have met rules lawyers that will use the "Instead of Combat Tracking" language to say that you no longer have the ability to use Combat Tracking. At least during levels 5 & 6 which would make no sense.

Could we possibly get a FAQ clarifying the language?

Soldier-1st and Kajehase Captain and Lieutenant are the only two ranks given in that story. Considering the size of her company I think it would be in line to go with standard military ranking.

Does anybody have any idea of the command structure of the (Druma Mercenary League) Blackjackets? Is it organized with what would consider as Army (US) ranks? Are the soldiers group like an army structure i.e. fireteam, squad, platoon, company, battalion, etc?
My Dwarf was going to take a two level dip into fighter with the first dip being at first level. The way his backstory started to play out the Blackjackets were an obvious choice. He is a scout type character. Strictly for roleplaying purposes I was going to asign him the rank of Corporal but I don't know if that would be correct for the structure.

First of all I am not trying for an optimal build. Just trying to imitate one of my favorite characters from modern Urban Fantasy.
Bloodrager is perfect for the character but to truly capture her I would like a 2 lvl dip into Flesheater Barbarian.
So my question is how does Rage and Bloodrage work together?
I realize that the FAQ says the benefits don't stack but what if I take Extra Rage Feat to gain extra rage rounds for the Bloodrager? Do I just put on my character sheet that I wish this to apply to Bloodrager and not Barbarian?
I only take the the -4 to Int if I am raging so if I switch to Bloodrage after running out of rounds for the Barbarian do I gain the Int back but loose the Flesheater bonuses?

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I am humbly submitting a request for a FAQ after a debate in the Facebook Pathfinder Society group.
I was wanting to get some durable Shurekin for my monk but when I asked about it on Facebook a debate sprung up because while all items are legal one person in the group argued strongly that because only arrows are statted only arrows are allowed in PFS.
The other side says it should be allowed because on page 20 of the Alchemy Manuel it says
"While Kyonin archers prefer alchemical arrows to other missile weapons,
characters can infuse other ammunition and thrown weapons that deal piercing damage (such as crossbow bolts, darts, and shuriken) with alchemical effects."

That fact is they nerfed it to much. I could see them going +1 dmg per every 2 levels but a max out at plus 5 damage makes a one time cool ability useless. I was planning on starting one on Sunday at my local PFS game but I guess I will just stick with my current avenger.

Thank you all for your responses. The link was helpful Weren Wu Jen

I am trying to create a back story for Aasimer. According to ARG they don't reach adult hood till 60 making it a 1:4 Aasimer:Human ratio.
I am wondering is that a exact even ratio or do they develop normal as infants and/or toddlers and then slow down latter.
It would suck trying to raise an infant for 3 years before they are even ready for solid food.
Also according to Blood of Angels many aasimer children think they are human. This would not be possible if their childhood friends are aging 4x as fast.
How have others handled this in their campaigns?

No FLite that thread is about why an Unchained Ninja should be allowed. I don't care about that one bit. But if Ninja is an alternate rogue than I should be able to use this rebuild to rebuild my Ninja to the Unchanged rogue. Not the same issue.

There is difference between Alternate class and Hybrid class. A Ninja has always been considered an Alternate class for Rogues but still a rogue. Now they are saying it is not. A Hybrid class is a combination of two class. Core Rogue and Ninja are Granny Smith Apples compared to Fuji. Hunter and the like are another fruit all together

How can I move it there?

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I understand that "There is no Unchained Ninja."
I also understand that a Ninja is a rogue for Multiclassing and Archetypes.
If that is the case I don't see why they just can't make the ruling.
There is no Unchained Ninja, however you can rebuild your Ninja into Unchained Rogue during this free rebuild time.
Why is this so hard?

My problem with the ruling that "There is no unchained ninjas" is not that I want an unchained ninja. Ninja's suposedly count as core rogues for purposes of Multiclassing and Archetypes. If that is the case then all I ask is the free rebuild from Ninja to Unchained Rogue. However people keep YELLING at me cause I am "Beating a Dead Horse." I am just trying to clarify why they won't give me the same rebuild that everyone else has who made a "Roguish" character.
In other words I am asking for a totally different thing the the guy who wants an "Unchained Ninja"

I have never said I wanted an "Unchained Ninja," If a Ninja is the same as rogue for the purpose of Multiclassing and archetypes I just want to rebuild my Ninja into an Unchained rogue. I don't see how that is unfair or game breaking.

I was told that I could not multiclass into rogue because a Ninja is a subclass of rogue. Now they are saying I can't rebuild my Ninja into an Unchained rogue because they are different classes. Fine if that is their ruling then there should be no reason I can not multiclass into unchained rogue.

I was told that I could not multiclass rogue with Ninja because they were the same thing. If that is so can I rebuild my Ninja to be an Unchained rogue using the rebuild allowed this week with the release of the new book?

I have a few issues with Ninja myself.
The main one is I hate the fact that the Ki pool is based on Charisma. The whole idea of a Ninja is to blend in. I have been in PFS parties where I ended up being the face cause no one else had any Charisma and the only reason I had was because of Ki. That is uncomfortable for me as I designed it after Kato from "The Green Hornet." If I was building it I would put Ki based on Wisdom as it should be and then either make it a class feature or a Ninja Trick that you may use Wisdom for Disguise Self, and Bluff.

A couple of Questions
1. My build has me at a 19 dex and a 16 int. It looks like rules as written I will be taking a hit to my disable device check cause the wording of ceaseless Observation is that "At 2nd level, an empiricist uses his Intelligence modifier instead of the skill's typical ability for all Disable Device, Perception, Sense Motive, and Use Magic Device checks." Am I correct or can I choose to use the original ability?

2. Alchemy says that it can use any thing from the Formula list in Advanced Players Guide pg 32. Can I use other Alchemist Formulas from other books

So I have decided to play a Rogue/Wizard Arcane Trickster for the Core Campaign Here is my original post.

http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2s1ei?Seekinhg-help-to-build-an-unconventional- CORE#3

Since I am going to go Ranged Rogue/Wizard I am having trouble deciding on a school.

I was thinking Illusion as an option so I can use them to gain advantage of sneak attack.

Since I am already used to shooting arrows with point blank and precise shot I was thing Evocation for the use of the most rays.

Also considering Conjuration for Grease and Glitterdust.

I have never played a Wizard before in any Campaign or system. So any help would be much appreciated.

That is good advice thank you

So here is where my line of thinking started. Let’s face it some CORE classes are just awesome like the Paladin. Barbarians rock as well, even if going down without a healer will pretty much mean instant death if they don't have max con. Clerics are pretty much standards even without the ability to selective channel. Fighters are always a good classic choice. However I have always had a hard time enjoying coloring between the lines. So I want something different.
I was talking to a GM friend who has been running a lot of CORE since it came out and told him that I was thinking about build a skill build. I decided rogue.
His response was that would be great because I am so tired of these characters that don't even have the skill to find a hole to defecate in.
My next thought was I want to be knowledgeable so my Tertiary stat will be Intelligence. Then I thought even that it would be hard to have skill trained knowledges where I want them. I thought I could dip into wizard. That led me to think why not just go with Secondary Intelligence do Arcane Trickster.
Of course Core rogues in pathfinder are not going to be a top damage dealer. Yes I could play a brute (Str) style but that would tie up a lot of things that would be counterproductive to a skill build.
My final idea with this character is to start it as a Human Ranged (Archery) rogue since I am focusing so much on Intelligence and Dex so I am thinking
Str 12
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 16
Wis 12
Cha 8

Str 12
Dex 16
Con 14
Int 16
Wis 10
Cha 8

Why 12 strength Composite bow with Str 1. This is not a set in stone idea as I will talk about in in a minute.

Advantage of the first the Wisdom will help me in Perception and Sense motives roles. As well as my beginning lousy will saves. Disadvantage is I am really uncomfortable starting any character with less than a 14 con. -12 hit points is so easy to come by. The advantages and disadvantages of the second are obviously the opposite of the first.
I could also min/max it just a bit more
Str 8
Dex 17
Con 14
Int 16
Wis 12
Cha 8

That even outs my Advantages and Disadvantages but I also hate negative str scores about as much as I hate less than 14 con score. However could make for some interesting role play. Maybe he is that nerdy little trickster with pimples and always has his nose stuck in a book. That may hit to close to the player personally.

So Feats I am thinking
1 Starting Point Blank Shot/ Human Precise shot
2 Combat Trick: Improved Init
3 Weapon Focus (Short Bow)
5 Deadly Aim
(That is as far as I got there but I would probably start thinking about magic feats at that point.)


or since I am thinking of doing this for the skill reasons

Rogue - Pick up trap spotter since I am supposed to be a skill monkey.
With 11th level either being Rogue for Skill points or AT for Spell casting level.

I am looking for advice and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism on how this concept might be improved. I have little experience with Pathfinder rogues and have never played a Wizard in my life.
What I am not looking for is a naysayer who just thinks this is the stupidest thing ever because it will never be effective. (especially if the naysayer is complaining only about combat effectiveness.)

Imbicatus wrote:

To move on to actually making Mat in Pathfinder, you have several options, but I would go with a Sohei monk.

Mat is fast, he is good with horses, he has a lot of skill with the quarterstaff and polearms, and doesn't wear armor. Sohei has weapon training, can flurry with polearms, can kick if something gets close, has a huge bonus to initative, and has bonuses to AC and mounted combat.

And they are also lawful which is definitely something Mat never was.

claudekennilol wrote:
Longbow is a martial weapon, not an exotic weapon, so taking exotic weapon proficiency for a longbow wouldn't do anything. So take the Martial Weapon Proficiency feat instead and you're good.

That is not how Exotic Weapon Training works

Exotic Weapon Training: Instead of swords, some
tengus are trained in exotic weaponry. Such tengus choose
a number of eastern weapons (Ultimate Combat 131) equal
to 3 + their Intelligence bonus, and gain proficiency with
these weapons. This racial trait replaces swordtrained.

Ultimate Combat is the one that says Daikyu is the eastern equivalent of the long bow.

How about the answer to my second question about Daikyu (Long Bow)? Do you guys have a possible answer to that.

Elicoor wrote:

Short answer : No.

RAW : It's not in the Swordtrained ability text.

Swordtrained (Ex) Tengus are trained from birth in swordplay, and as a result are automatically proficient with sword-like weapons (including bastard swords, daggers, elven curve blades, falchions, greatswords, kukris, longswords, punching daggers, rapiers, scimitars, short swords, and two-bladed swords).

Long answer : Nooooooooooooooooooooo !

Trust me I scoured the boards for about 45 minutes and even checked the Faq for Advanced Race Guide before asking this question.

There are many other weapons that have been deemed appropriate as sword like that are not on that list. Such as Falcata, Aldori dueling sword, Katana, Wakizashi so just saying it is not on that short list of examples does not necessarily negate the possibility of it being considered a sword.
There needs to be a Faq clarification of what "sword-like" means.

So my Tengu shaman I am building is a little squishy. So I was thinking if forced into melee a polearm might be nice. Swordtraining is so vaugely worded I don't know if a Tripoint Double Edge Sword counts as a sword? It has sword in the name but the description says nothing about it.

Follow up with that. If I took the trait Exotic Weapon Training can I train in Daikyu (Long Bow)?

Jadeite, can you give more details to support your supposition? I agree Andoran is probably a bad fit but the rest seems to be a little . . . strong in it's condemnation; especially for a Deific being who's portfolio is Chivalry, Duty, and Vengeance with Good, Law, Nobility and Destruction as his domains.

So I am considering building a Paladin of Ragathiel but I don't know where he would consider home. Are Empyreal Lords worshiped all over or are there specific locations?

So talking differences between Bloodrager and Barbarian. The last line in the Bloodrage states:
"Bloodrage counts as the barbarian's rage class feature for the purpose of feat prerequisites, feat abilities, magic item abilities, and spell effects."

1. So I was thinking about taking the trait Berserker of the Society but now I was wondering if it would do anything for me as Traits are not on the list. Am I correct in this assesment?

2. Barbarian Chew is Alchemical Item so it would not meet the magic item abilities would it?

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